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A proposed statue with a Chinese face sparks resistance and debate in Monterey Park
By Frank Shyong

The founders of Equitable Vitrines, an arts nonprofit, proposed temporarily placing a Chinese artist’s statue of biblical Eve with a Chinese face near the Athena statue.

Backers see the sculpture as a commentary on the housing development’s racist origins and celebration of the city’s more diverse present — it’s now 63% Asian and 30% Latino, according census figures — and future.

But a group of residents collected more than 100 signatures opposing the proposed project, and on Wednesday the City Council rejected it unanimously.

The proposed statue, by artist Xu Wang, used stone from the same quarry in China as the current Athena statue. Wang gave his Eve the face of a worker at the factory where the Athena statue was made.

Hispanic term and the racism in itself

I can’t even begin to explain why the term “Hispanic” makes me cringe on so many levels.
The term was coined in the 60’s during the Nixon administration who felt the need to add the term to describe and categorize the growing population of people from countries in Central and South America. It derives from the Latin term “Hispania” meaning Spain. People from Countries below the U.S. are not just Spanish, they are Mestizo of Native and other European countries. Hispanic connects back to Columbus and what he founded, Hispaniola, which was an island in the Caribbean, never did he actually settle in the actual American continent.
Hispanic is a term coined to us by our oppressors. What does Hispanic look like when we are a complete mix? We know what White, Black, Native, and Asian look like.
The problem with many places asking for your race and/or ethnicity is the option of “Non-White Hispanic”. This brings racism into people that are already being oppressed. It makes those descending from Central and Southern American countries believe that there is a privilege in being light skin and brings racism and oppression towards those who are not. Racism in an oppressed race.
As the daughter of a light skin Mexican and a dark skin Mexican, I’ve seen my parents struggle in filling out papers such as the census, and when it comes to me being a mix of both and my rejection of the term “Hispanic”, where do I stand? My father is a mix of the Chichimec tribes and other things as well as my mom despite having very different skin colors. I am not White. I am not Black. I am not Native. I am not Asian. Maybe I’m a mix of all.
The term Hispanic connects those that descend from countries south of the U.S. Border to Spain when we have been too mixed and too removed from it, where the only thing we probably hold from it is the language and describing us as “Spanish people” is even more incorrect.
The absence of even considering those from countries in Central and South America in things like the census is even more racist. Experts need to come up with a correct term. Maybe Brown or Mestizo. This just needs to be addressed and solved. At least this is my perspective and feelings towards it

Latino drug offenders has been unchanged. Gang members are more likely to be Latino. Latinos currently have the highest teen pregnancy birth rate. The percentage of Latinos of the age of 25 obtaining at least a HS diploma or more is 52.4% vs 85.5% as for Caucasians in the 2000 census. The Latino dropout rate remains the highest in the US, yet in the college campuses, Latinos are the largest minority demographic attendees. Here I stand, forget the master scripting curriculum that this educational system provides and indulge in your cultural competence that will make you excel and provide value in your life. As for demographic comparison, living by my senior quote: do not label me as a stereotypical Latino statistic, because I will prove them wrong. It’s 2016 and I’m a proud first generation y sigo pa delante 👊🏼🎓🇲🇽 SFSU16 #IsItMayYet #MayDay

- Jilian Gomez

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Today’s Feature: LATINEGRO, an interview video to raise awareness of Afro-Latinx existence:

In 2010, the census bureau reported that Latinos comprised 17% of the U.S. Population. About 3% of said population are Black Latinos — that’s about 1.2 million. This number doesn’t include the 11 million undocumented immigrants in America and some 36% of Hispanics reporting themselves as ‘other’ in race.