See Every Term the US Census Has Used to Describe Black Americans

Especially notable is that before 1960, Americans didn’t even have the option of picking their own race; it was the census taker’s job to do it for them. Which means that in 1890, for example, census takers were tasked with figuring out whether multiracial families counted as “mulatto,” “quadroon,” or “octoroon.”

It’s another illustration of how our understanding of what race is, and who belongs to which race, keeps shifting over time — even though people of every era are convinced that the racial divisions of their era are just scientific fact.

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Laverne Cox explains why the census needs to count trans people

Currently, the closest thing the U.S. has to official statistics on the transgender community is a report from May titled “Likely Transgender Individuals in U.S. Federal Administrative Records and the 2010 Census.” Accurate data and representation is an important start to erasing the stigma and actually saving lives.

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