censorship project


More student-created Art from the Spring 2013 Youth Corps Censorship project

“We researched Nazi Germany and the PMRC and learned phrases like'Entartete Kunst’ which translates to ‘degenerate art,’ and a list made by the Parents Music Research Center called the Filthy Fifteen which included songs they thought should be labelled with Parental Advisory stickers. Three artists went before Congress and defended their work, and  people listened to them.”

-Carina, Youth Corps Phase I


Mahmoud Salameh is a Palestinian refugee from Syria who was in Australian detention centres for 17 months and is currently living in Sydney. He worked as a professional cartoonist in Syria and is a fascinating exponent of the subversive tradition of Arab political cartooning. Mahmoud is currently working on an animation and is selling selected prints of his work to fundraise for the project. See also: Damascus

Titles (top to bottom): Long Live the Regime, Syria, Censorship

 Refugee Art Project