censorship as art

I feel like this is something a lot of people (especially on the internet) need to realize. Just because you don’t like something or if something isn’t to your taste, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t exist or has to be censored. Not everything is going to be black and white, there is a gray area that exists.

If you’re so bothered by something in fiction and see it as problematic, don’t try and censor it, just ignore it and move on with your life. And if you find yourself unable to get into something, then that’s alright.

Starting a website for black artists & those who are over looked. All forms of art is welcomed. Fashion designer, stylists, models, photographers, chefs, poets, story tellers, artist who draw, paint, act, sing, script writers, graphic designers, game programmers, etc! All is welcomed. FUBU ! - SaintHaven is coming. If your interested DM and we will talk and I want to feature you. Your work is your work, your art. No censorship. If your interested. Your art, my art matters !

My 2017 goal & project

Will Solace w/ strawberries.

Sadly, the camera refused to pick up a lot of the glitter and two of my pens died on me :’D

“The history of painting is full of graphic violence and narratives that don’t necessarily belong to the artists own life, or perhaps, when we are feeling generous we can ascribe the artist some human feeling, some empathy toward her subject. Perhaps, as with Gentileschi we hastily associate her work with trauma she experienced in her own life. I tend to think this unfair, as she is more than just her trauma. As are we all. I am more than a woman, more than the descendant of Africa, more than my fathers daughter. More than black more than the sum of my experiences thus far. I experience painting too as a site of potentiality, of query, a space to join physical and emotional energy, political and allegorical forms. Painting - and a lot of art often lasts longer than the controversies that greet it. I say this as a shout to every artist and artwork that gives rise to vocal outrage. Perhaps it too gives rise to deeper inquiries and better art. It can only do this when it is seen.” – Kara Walker on Instagram regarding the Dana Schutz controversy.


v good documentary on nazism and art censorship 

On the “Tumblr Art Style” and censorship discussion

Alright, actually, I’ve got some serious thoughts on this issue, so bear with me while I try to express them coherently.

I really don’t like to criticize artists for style choices, and I think everybody should just be able to draw what they want, but I think there are some things that need to be said about styles that purposefully feature intentionally ugly, character-warping traits, like the now-infamous Kill La Kill fanart that’s been floating around, which I will include here for reference.

(I have yet to find a source on this picture, if anyone has one please tell me because I think art needs to be credited even if, or rather especially if it is being criticized.)

It’s obvious to anyone who is familiar with the characters that this is a gross (gross as in obvious or very pronounced, not gross as in disgusting) misrepresentation of what they look like. One character has even had their race changed for no reason, which smells like fetishization to me.

Lots of people, including me, have expressed that they think this style is ugly, and said they don’t like it. To which others have responded, “THIS IS LITERALLY CENSORSHIP!” It’s not. 

Everyone is well within their rights to draw what they want, and everyone is also well within their rights to criticize art styles they do not like.

Now, there is a bit if a soft rule in the art community that if you don’t like something about someone’s art, it’s probably best to just move on and not voice your displeasure, to avoid upsetting or discouraging artists, who very often struggle to stay confident and motivated (a feeling anyone who knows me at all is well aware I struggle with.)

However, this style is intentionally provocative. It is clear from looking at this that the characters being unattractive and strange-looking was a mindful choice on the part of the artist. It’s a social statement - the characters have almost all been placed into some minority group they aren’t canonically part of, and intentionally made to look, well, pretty ugly. 

So it’s kind of stupid to say that it’s censorship to criticize an artstyle that was crafted to attract criticism. Unlike some other incidents that have happened with artists here on tumblr, no one (that i have seen) is demanding that this be taken down, doxxing the artist, or telling them to die/kill themselves. They’re simply expressing that it’s ugly and they don’t like it.

And that isn’t censorship.