censors what censors

wanna see my favourite thing they censored in the eng ver

in ep 21, when Candy is looking for Lys’s parents, she comes across Cas and Rosa that are kind of arguing when Cas says this to Rosa :

and Rosa gets SUPER offended… which doesn’t really make sense ? Cas isn’t saying anything bad here, it’s just a fact. so I checked the french ver to see what he was originally saying… and what he says is actually much more… suggestive in french than in english.

but at the same time, I KNEW that the ~suggestive english dialogue~ existed and not this piece of crap. I KNEW I read an english ver that was not censored. So I looked for it… and gave up when I couldn’t find it on yt. maybe it was just my imagination ?

then I finally found it, when I was cleaning my files. it’s a screen that comes from tumblr apparently. so here is what Cas originally says before they decided to censor him (??) :

and Rosa gets rightfully offended this time.

literally almost every anti-ks/’discourser’ blog is just

one brave soul hears word of a webcomic called killing stalking that’s only been referred to as ‘bad’. so they venture off to read it. they cant make it pass the first chapter as they were offended by woo calling bum a faggot (sorry i meant f*ggt) or something. they return to tumblr dot com with tears in their eyes and a horrendous tale to tell. ‘its bad’ they proclaim. hushed murmurs begin to fill the room as the crowd wonders of the horrors that have been seen. all of their followers whisper and nod in agreement to one another. despite never actually reading it,, they were too afraid too,, they could all simply come to one final conclusion. 'its bad’ their followers repeat in a chorus. koogi is then crucified and burned on a stake. 

I just really love this picture from the new Persona Magazine. I really want it on a tshirt (or have keychains for each individual character 8U). So yeah, the black blotches are me trying to isolate Anne from the rest of the group (tho Ryuji and Morgana have to be in it cause…..I’m working with MS paint and I can’t draw more of Anne’s body so…. ;w;)

Annnnyways, if you want the full version of the picture I’ll put it under the cut, cause late game party Spoilers are involved in this picture.

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I think the reason that I tend to gravitate towards some of the censored queer relationships in media (e.g. Korrasami or Victuuri) is that their writers can’t fall back on boring romance tropes like kissing or sex to support the claim that their characters are in love. Instead, we are given these intricate, slow romances that rely on soft touches and kind words and sparkling eyes and it just feels so much more real to me. I just want to thank all that writers who have faced the constraints of the censor and took it as a challenge to reinvent the way we portray love. Thank you for showing us as beautiful and visible.

Did you know that in one episode of Cyborg 009, all mentions of atheism were completely removed in the DVD release? This wouldn’t be a surprise if we were talking about the English dub, but this censorship occurred before the show even got into Western hands! (Or so I’m assuming. Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

There are not one, not two, but THREE instances throughout episode 22 that got cut out.

1) At Chang’s restaurant, a couple of guys harass G.B. and demand to know whether or not he believes that the “god” attacking all over the world is actually a god. He says he doesn’t, and they declare that he’ll be punished for not believing and demand that he apologize to God. In the remake, this conversation is skipped and goes straight to Chang yelling at them to get out.

2) I watch the DVD versions first, so I was slightly confused at how Chang was suddenly flustered - and Francoise was terse with him - when Gilmore announced that the rest of the team would meet up with them later. What was there to be upset about? It really felt as if I had missed something…and I was right. The previous scene WAS missing.

Originally, Chang had claimed that the “god” that’s being seen on the news is simply an illusion. G.B. asks him if he’s an atheist, Chang answers “Of course” (Unfortunately, my Japanese isn’t good enough to make out the reason he gives for this and the subtitle is wonky), and Francoise gets pissed and announces that she believes in God. Chang tries to apologize and say he was joking, but Francoise just sulks.

3) This last cut is short. After the city gets destroyed and the crew is wondering what could have done it, Chang says, “Maybe it really was done by a god?”, to which G.B. responds, “Aren’t you an atheist?” In the remake, Chang’s line was kept, but G.B’s was removed.

So it seems that it’s okay to talk about gods, but it’s NOT okay to talk about not believing in any. Interesting. (Jet was allowed to say he doesn’t believe in God in one of the early episodes, though… Perhaps because the context was different?)

Naming John Hamilton
  • Eliza: It's a boy, a beautiful baby boy. Oh, Alexander, what should we call him?
  • Hamilton: Well, we've named our first after your father-
  • Eliza: Philip, yes.
  • Hamilton: Our second son shares my name.
  • Eliza: Our little Alexander.
  • Hamilton: Our third son is named after my father. *pause* why did we do that?
  • Eliza: yes, but our James is different.
  • Hamilton: We need a strong name, someone who stood up for his beliefs, a powerful but gentle soul... I've got it. We'll call him John. John-
  • Eliza: After Angelica's husband! Oh that's perfect! John Church Hamilton!
  • Hamilton: *clutches chest* Right.

seeing home stuck posts talking about how imperial propaganda would influence trolls about different things, has given me an idea for an Imperial Propagandist/Censor. I just can’t decide: diehard imperial fanatic who practices what they preach? or reluctant cog in the machine who joined to hide coded rebel messages in their propaganda?

someone was talking about miracles the other day, and my mind somehow drifted back to gamzee makara.
um?? what year is this, 2012??

Shit Abled People Say #277

“my sister looks so disabled in this” - boy whose sister is not disabled. He and his friends then started to call each other sp*zzes, I got annoyed and asked them if they could please shut up. They said it didn’t matter because nobody in the room was disabled, but I am.

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe...

“Rvpph1r3 can’t become canon because Ruby and Sapphire have only had one episode surrounding their relationship. Obviously Pearlruby is going to be the endgame ship. They have more chemistry and interactions!”

“Rvpph1r3 can’t become canon because their personalities just aren’t compatible. Ruby is too angry for Sapphire, and Sapphire is too nerdy for Ruby.”

“Rvpph1r3 can’t become canon because it interferes with my other ships!”

“Rvpph1r3 can’t become canon because Ruby is too fat for Sapphire. They just don’t look right together. Now, Lapis? Lapis is sexy. That’s why Lapphire should be and is canon.”

“Lapis and Sapphire are LITERALLY living together! They have a pumpkin dog son! Are you guys fucking braindead?! Lapphire is canon!”

“The drill scene was just a joke. Ruby and Sapphire are friends, and ONLY friends.”

“Sapphire only respects Ruby for her soldier status. That’s not love. That’s why Rvpph1r3 isn’t canon and never will be.”

“I hate Rvpph1r3 because the ship is too popular.” (meanwhile, the Rvpph1r3 tag is filled with nothing but hate and people saying they prefer different ships)

“Rvpph1r3 shippers need to kill themselves. Their ship will never be canon!”

“I don’t like Rvpph1r3 because Ruby isn’t sexy enough for me.”

Now, read all of those quotes and read them good. Aren’t those rather rude and ridiculous things to say? Yes, they are. 

Now, replace all instances of Rvpph1r3 with “Amedot”.

Replace Ruby with Amethyst. Replace Sapphire with Peridot.

If these wouldn’t be okay things to say in a parallel universe where Rvpph1r3 isn’t canon, then they aren’t okay things to say to Amedot shippers in this universe.



In the new episode of Barry and Ross’s Undertale Genocide run I found it really funny when Ross started reading out bad skeleton jokes in Papyrus’s voice : D

Thus, have drawing of my favourite joke during the episode.
It nearly makes up for the fact that this was happening while Barry was attempting to murder Sans.

The paper background is by StressedJenny on DA!

my lil bro is asking me to look up gender neutral names on my phone to pick out random ppls’ gender neutral names and its the cutest thing tbh. hes so accepting??? like when I reminded him again that im genderqueer he was like “whats that” bc he forgot and I explained that, for me, that a part of me is a boy and the other part a girl, he said “oh. ok. sorry, I forgot” and that was that. hes literally the only person in my family im out to as both bi and genderqueer and this is why. I trust my 11 yr old brother to take me srsly on my gender identity and not my 2 grown ass adult parents. is that not the pettiest thing??? ………….anyways my brother is the best. thats literally all this post is