censoring of free speech

I don’t care if I offend anyone with my atheism, but this makes a pretty good point, even though the list could be much, much longer. https://m.facebook.com/WFLAtheism

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Memo to "you're ignoring the First Amendment" anon: the First Amendment protects US citizens from the GOVERNMENT censoring free speech by citizens. Even then, there are some exceptions. Hate speech can be censored by the governmemt because it poses an immediate threat to people of a certain group. The First Amendment does NOT limit a private citizen from acting to limit another citizen's speech. Fucking educate yourself on the law if you're going to use it as an excuse for your bigotry.

Thanks for reminding us about that!  Like we said previously, there’s an important distinction between advocating for the government to silence people (denial of free speech) and attempting to deny fascists’ access to public platforms like mass media, lecture halls, or public spaces.  Anti-fascists are not commonly found to be calling for state censorship, but they are found to call for institutions that control platforms to use those platforms responsibly and not hand them over to people that advocate for apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and genocide.  Having free speech rights does not entitle fascists to spew their bile without consequence or to expect others to provide them with a platform to disseminate their filth from.

These fucking “muh free speech” warriors didn’t give a shit when a neo-nazi leader & others physically assaulted a black woman exercising her free speech rights at a Trump rally this past spring.  Or when it happened again this past October.   Or when a fascist waked into a mosque in Québec City in January and shot 25 people as they were praying, killing six of them?  Or this week when a bookstore was forced to cancel a book launch by a trans comic artist because of the deluge of violent threats both they and the artist received.  The only time they care about “muh free speech” is when fuckwads like them get pushback for advocating for racist genocide.  

  • Popular Youtuber: Hey, tubeheads. I know this video is different from my usual stuff but that's because it's very important. Youtube at this moment is trying to censor my 1st amendment rights. That right, they're taking away my free speech. They made a slight change to algorithim which means I'll get slightly below $10,000,000,000 in ad revenue on every garbage video I make now since the algorithim no longer favors them. This is a devestating loss to me as a """""content creator""""". As you all know, I need to put a downpayment on my Ferrari by the end of this week or I'll be forced to drive a normal person car. This will have a horrible effect on my ability to make videos screaming over someone else's content. Something has to be done about this now. Free speech and my incredibly luxurious Ferrari are on the line.

and you know it’s not really censoring free speech if a privately owned place’s owner doesn’t want to let a bigot use said privately owned place as a platform for said bigots hate speech

lmao like it’s literally part of your free speech to not have to say or give voice to shit that actively harms you.

its kinda fascist u kno to force people to give voice to those advocating for literal genocide. 

“it doesn’t matter if you own it, and you don’t want to spread the word of genocide, you’re going to have to do it because their hate speech is more important than your rights and other’s safety.” is literally what yall are saying.

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I don’t think feminists should be censored. I don’t think conservatives should be censored. I don’t think fundamentalists should be censored. I don’t think science should be censored. I don’t think neo-nazis should be censored. I don’t think terrorists should be censored. I don’t think communists should be censored. I don’t think anarchists should be censored. I don’t think atheists should be censored. I don’t think muslims should be censored. I don’t think “curse words” and “slurs” should be censored. I don’t think individuals should be censored.

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When conservatives still whine about "le free speech" while censoring science, attacking journalism and ending net neutrality

>censoring science

Being skeptical of your conclusion =/= censoring science

>attacking journalism

Calling journalists out for their blatant and deliberate bias =/= attacking journalism

>ending net neutrality

The internet worked fine before “net neutrality” rules. ISPs didn’t use “fast lanes” because they knew it would hurt their business more than help it. 

The “net neutrality” rules were not a reaction to something that was happening, but rather a set of unnecessary rules for a problem that basically didn’t exist except for like two incidents ever.

We Live In a Snowflake Generation

Its only since I have thrown myself in to the world of politics, have I realised that we live in a society where people are too scared to speak out about the things that really matter. We live in a society where people are judged and ridiculed for having different opinions to each other. We live in a society where people are too easily offended and where free speech is censored and selective. Well let me tell you all that I am not a snowflake. I will speak the truth and I will stand up for what I believe in. When buzzwords were first chucked my way, I used to believe them, but once I met other people who were on the same receiving end as me, I knew that I wasn’t the problem and that it was the special snowflake generation that were; lacking resilience and taking offence too easily. Why is there so much political correctness nowadays? Why are there now a million and one different gender identities? Why is there so much appeasement and justification towards Islamic terrorism? Why is free speech selective and censored? 

I disagree with safe spaces and political correctness because it has all simply gone too far. Its like we’re on constantly treading on eggshells around each other wondering what word or statement is going to offend someone. Yes, there are derogatory terms that should be avoided, but words that offend these days are becoming beyond ridiculous. For example, I was called a toxic fascist for using the word Feminazi online. Feminazi! Can you believe it! 

Why has our generation come to this?! I have no idea, but overly done political correctness and safe spaces need to stop!

An Example Of How I Am "Arrogant" If Want To Speak To Another Black Woman
  • Me: "Hey, Black women with 4C hair, I have a question about genie locs and how yarn may start to lock into my hair if it is wool yarn versus acrylic yarn."
  • White woman: "I use yarn in my knitting!"
  • Black man: "I don't like natural hair."
  • Black man: "Yarn is still weave so obviously you like White supremacy."
  • White man: "Why are you excluding non-Black women from your conversation? All women face oppression, even White women."
  • Non-Black woman of colour with 3A hair: "You should ignore the hair typing chart altogether! Us women of colour have to stick together."
  • Random men in my DMs: **inserts unsolicited sexual images**
  • Me: "I kinda need replies from Black women, specifically here."
  • Black woman: "Hey I think Black women with 4c hair should..."
  • White woman: "Not to derail or interrupt, but don't you mean ALL women?"
  • Assorted Whites: "Obviously you are entitled, pretentious and arrogant and shouldn't use the Internet if you want people to be respectful because they have the right to derail. You're censoring free speech in a public place. Also, it is not conducive to discuss oppression while excluding people. And obviously a comment about your hair for another person with similar hair is discussing how structural oppression impacts all PoCs and all humans equally and the same at all times. You are a race Fact Portal after all, without an actual interior life. We mean, just have your conversations with other Black women in DM at all times. Problem solved! Stop complaining. Meanwhile us Whites will continue to use our timelines as we please without dealing with any of the fucking horseshit that you do since well...we are White after all, hahaha, and our follow counts are like 237."
  • White man: "Ooo, I loooove Black women with natural hair. Wink wink."
  • White woman: "Hey did you see how Cosima on Orphan Black has locs! That's appropriation! I noticed! Good allies always do. Let's discuss cultural appropriation right now for an hour, at least. I'll get it started with 14 replies to your original tweet, including racism 101 links that I saw on The Huffington Post."
  • White woman: "You should loc your hair for real. My BLACK boyfriend has locs. He doesn't like locs on Black women though, but I do, sister girl. Did I mention that my boyfriend is Black?"
  • Me: **scrolls through 5-100 or more replies to find Black women's replies considering the fact my retweet reach is 500K-2M people per month and my mentions reach is 5-15M people per month, according to SumAll, with almost 30K followers**
  • Black woman: "Hey sis, yeah, just be cautious when you use certain wools because if you magnify wool under a macro lens (you're a photographer and I saw you mention macros) you'll notice it looks like our hair texture quite a bit and can lock with our hair. Find bushier acrylic yarns, (if you want a more authentic look), over wool yarns to be on the safe side. Here's a linked photo of how mine came out."
  • Me: "Thanks for the reply, sis; appreciated."

X: *something racist*

Y: that’s racist

X: stop censoring my free speech!

 Y: Me responding to your free speech ain’t me censoring you. It’s me using my free speech. If I hear something I think is racist, free speech means I get to call that out. Loudly. If you wanna argue what you said ain’t racist and I’m wrong, fine. But you can’t argue I’m hurting your free speech by responding. That makes you the one censoring free speech.

This is absolutely awful. Unless it isn’t already known, someone out there is holding a petition to censor the latest episodes “Jailbreak” and “Rose’s Scabbard” for having LGBT themes. Now I just don’t think it’s right to censor these episodes solely because it violates our constitutional rights to free speech and though Steven Universe is just a cartoon the creators and Cartoon Network have the rights so include what they please in there programming. This is just my opinion but if you agree I incourage all of you to reblog this to spread awareness of this petition.

For starters, Trump has already suggested the government may need to shutter U.S. mosques and create a mandatory registry to track Muslims in the United States. While many of his rivals took issue with those remarks, they don’t sound all that different from him on the stump. Many have called for the same type of no-Muslims religious test for Syrian refugees looking to resettle in the United States. Ben Carson has proposed a similar test for future presidents (while also likening Syrian refugees to “rabid dogs”). And Ted Cruz has vowed to “shut down the broken immigration system that is letting jihadists into our country.” The common conservative refrain on the campaign trail, meanwhile, has long been that the first step in fighting ISIS is to define it as “radical Islamic terrorism.” (Republicans feel noticeably differently, however, about terrorist attacks committed by Christians.) The GOP field, then, is already on the record that they believe the Islamic faith itself poses a threat to the United States. Trump’s proposal is the logical conclusion to the type of illogical belligerence that Republicans have increasingly directed at Muslims in the wake of last month’s terrorist attacks in Paris and last week’s massacre in San Bernardino, California.

Josh Voorhees at Slate

While many in the punditsphere are rushing to condemn Trump – and they should – keep in mind that the rest of the GOP Clown Car shares his basic views almost exactly, but they just use coded language and dog whistles to say it.

And Trump’s insanity about censoring the Internet, free speech be damned? Hillary Clinton just said pretty much the same thing.

Just stuff to think about.

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you're against Christianity? but have you tried researching about other religions?

I am not against Christianity. I am against religious wars, jihads, crusades, inquisitions, censoring of free speech, brainwashing of children, murdering of albinos, forcing girls into underage marriages, female genital mutilation, stoning, pederasty, homophobia, and rejection of science and reason.(Credit: Mike Treder)

Yes, I have researched most major religions. I am confident in my choice to not believe in any of them. 

Too many gods, too many religions, all can’t be true, but all can be false.

‘Alt-right’ online poison nearly turned me into a racist | Anonymous
It started with Sam Harris, moved on to Milo Yiannopoulos and almost led to full-scale Islamophobia. If it can happen to a lifelong liberal, it could happen to anyone
By Anonymous


Life long liberal starts listening to right wingers, realizes their points do make sense. On one occasion he even very diplomatically expressed negative sentiments on Islam to his wife but was immediately called a racist. 

Being right wing is like a cult! - he screams in shame and runs back to the left-wing cult. Now he is very-very sorry for having thought sinful thoughts and must apologize to his wife and confess his thought crimes in detail.

This is why we need to censor free speech! Being exposed to other ideas is dangerous! - he concludes.

I honestly can no longer differentiate satire from left wing journalism.