How are hostages usually kept??

the kidnappers cover their eyes and muffle their mouths

After looking at the picture more, doesnt “Anti” look a bit more “worried” rather than angry?

“Save him”

what if this is actually jack, eyes covered by a censor bar (cos anti’s digital) and voice muffled with a new cut?

hence SOS in morse code??

hence “imposter” and “deciever”, cos we’re all ready to kill Anti, or at least someone who looks like him…

and of course we’ll listen to jack to not believe his lies, or at least someone who looks like jack….


((…unfortunately there are no convenient censor bars or sounds in real life, much to Joey and Henry’s dismay. Bendy gets yelled at when he swears, that’s all they can really do.

also, thanks hon! <3))

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Hey Nini, since you have a physical copy of Hidoku Shinaide. I'm just wondering if it's censored or uncensored the *you know what scenes* in the book? I'm planning to buy the physical copies of the book in japanese because maybe the English version by Sublime is censored or maybe not?! I hope it isn't because I really enjoy reading uncensored manga, the feeling is unreal and more intense. Btw, do you know any site where I can download 10 Count? Since it was licensed, they taken down all dl link.

They’re censored. The english copies are censored the same as the japanese copies.

But -sorry for being direct- this shouldn’t keep anyone from buying them. Yaoi is far more than sex and penises.
I mean I don’t like light sabers either and I very much appreciate uncensored dicks if they’re pretty, but it could be worse (hidoku isn’t completely light sabers, it has different kinds of censoring). And there’s more important stuff than censored dicks. Like… The art in general or the story, or the characters ^^
Not talking about you but in general some people are so uber focused on dicks and censoring… Use your imagination a little ;P
Again, sorry for being so direct, I don’t mean to be rude or anything. It’s just my personal opinion. To each their own. :3

I don’t know dl pages, I’m sorry. But I can HIGHLY recommend to buy the english hardcopies. They’re uncensored xD (EDIT: Only the german copies are uncensored. The english ones are slightly censored with thin white bars)