¿Estamos seguros de querer seguir por este camino?
Llegará el punto sin retorno
De donde no podremos volver

Tallaremos recuerdos
En el corazón
Y nunca seremos los mismos

Aún estamos a tiempo de parar
Y de quedar como una breve historia
Como tú

Así que si vamos a hacerlo
Que valga la pena
Tomémonos de las manos
Y saltemos juntos
Al vacío

Encendamos todo el universo
Con nuestro fuego
Y que ninguna estrella olvide nunca
Que lo intentamos

—  Cenote Cósmico

Welcome to our third #TruthwitchTuesday!!! 🎉

As requested, we’ll be introducing you to the main, point of view characters in Truthwitch, and we’re starting off with…

Merik Nihar.

He’s the prince of Nubrevna, the admiral (temporarily) to the Royal Nubrevnan navy, a ship’s captain, and a really, really short-tempered Windwitch – meaning, when his rage gets out of control, so do his winds…

I found a few images from my Truthwitch inspiration Pinterest board, and I’ve shared those along with our Merik graphic – just to give you a feel for who our Nubrevnan prince is. (Illustrations, from top to bottom, are Fortune Cenote Entrance by BlakeZ, Way of Kings Kaladin by zippo514, unknown title by Donglu Yu, and finally a smokin’ hot picture of young Henry Cavill. Because, duh.)

And of course, if you want to read the opening chapter, make sure you’re signed up for the Misfits & Daydreamers! I’ll be sharing with subscribers soon. 😉

I love the textures of the sunrises here and listening to the ocean while the breeze drifts through the windows as we wander off to sleep. The food is so delicious and fresh. After long, hot bike rides in the scorching sun, the cenotes feel like a cold shower to your skin. During the day the ocean feels like warm bath water on your skin. At night the stars light up the sky with so much vibrancy while in deep sleep the mind is filled with colorful landscapes. Bare feet grow tougher running through the sand. The body warms up so much faster on the mat. My heart feels full and my body and content. So #grateful this life. #citizentakestulum #yogawithsb #yogaeveryblessedday (at Amansala Eco Chic Resort)

big Cave by HenriqueNascimento taken in “El Pit” cenote…. Mexico, near Playa del Carmen… amazing Gallery with a deep of more than 30m… and a diameter around 40m…. is an magic place….

Con toda tu fuerza

He sobrevivido tanto
Puedo resistir

Cuando todo termine
Te seguire llevando
En cicatrices

—  Cenote Cósmico

I went snorkling in the Tulum vicnity and IT WAS GREAT!

I tried taking photos with the disposable snap-and-shot camera (15USD! for 27 shots) but I think it did not work out. Halfway through, there was strange condensation and the lens became super foggy. sighz. 

Anyway, these are just pictures of Tulum- famous because it is (I think) the only Maya ruin by the sea, so it looks really cool. I have also taken photos of the Yal Kul lagoon- my last snorkling destination

I saw beautiful fishies (nemo!),  giant turtles, carpet-like stingrays and super intriguing random creatures. The main highlight is the Dos Ojos Cenote- an underwater cave with super cool rock formations and pristine waters.

OH, and I learnt a super cool but slighty yucky trick to keep my snorkel goggles from fogging up- LOL, basically, you should SPIT into the lenses and kind of rub it around a bit. Then pls rinse it off in the water. (er dont wear it directly LOL) 

And it really works! haw haw haw. But I felt really awkward spitting the first time round. Think I looked really uncomfortable because the guy who gave me the advice was laughing at me. But it feels so straange right!?

Las flores que más me gustan son las que brotan en el concreto o pavimento; pues son muestra de que la belleza no puede ser contenida.
—  Cenote Cósmico