cenaco asked:

um is your tumblr name rockthe40oz because you like LOC? Because I fucking love LOC. And if so let's be tumblr friends.

Holy shit,
your name is Carolyn, I’m Caroline
you love Left Over Crack & recognized it as my url.

We’re gonna be friends forever! :’)

cenaco asked:

happpppppppppppppy birthday David! Hope its fabulous and you like meet sharon needles or something grandiose and lovely like taht ;3

thank you thank you thank you!

I have met her! but can you imagine if I got to see her again or something? AH!!


She is a beauty that no one can hold,
With eyes like water twenty fathoms deep,
Oh! How I long to touch such skin of gold!
Yet her beauty lies dead, as if in sleep.

Oh! Please wake up my dear, and let death be!
And all of this darkness shall fade away,
My love, like a storm rules over the sea,
Will fight for you and keep evil at bay

[Sighing] The blue in your eyes fades as you still lay
How death smiles, as the end grows so near
Twisting, changing your face from Gold to Gray
A face of stone, the reaper chose, my dear…

In this tomb is where I shall sit and cry
Motionless, waiting for this love to die.

—  The Lover’s Face, a sonnet I wrote in 9th grade (all in Iambic Pentameter), Carolyn C.