dashwilder  asked:

1, 21 & 36

1.) What got you into wrestling? - My friend and his action figures honestly. I had the Cena & Batista JAKKS figures before I’d ever watched a match. 

21.) Most annoying? - Dean Ambrose by a landslide.

36.) Who should turn face? - Kevin maybe? Everybody seems good in their roles right now honestly 


In the six year history of Extreme Rules, 24 times has a Championship been up for grabs, but just 10 times has it left with who carried it in. Kofi Kingston was the only of six Champions to keep hold of their Title in 2009, where he opened the night by retaining the US Championship in a Fatal 4-Way. Both World Champions retained in 2010 when Jack Swagger used the hardcore element to upset Randy Orton and John Cena outsmarted Batista with duct tape to be the Last Man Standing. Kane & Big Show took care of business against The Corre in a Lumberjack match for their Tag Team gold in 2011 before Santino Marella would kick off the 2012 event by topping a slumping Miz for the US Title. Later on in the night, Sheamus held on to his World Heavyweight Title by outlasting Daniel Bryan 2 falls to 1, and CM Punk put an emphatic end to his feud with Jericho over the WWE Championship in a Chicago Street Fight. 2013′s edition saw John Cena once again leave with the WWE Title in a Last Man Standing match, but only after neither he nor Ryback could answer the count of 10. In back to back matches at the 2014 edition, Paige began her PPV career by successfully defending the Divas Title against Tamina, just as Daniel Bryan would do with his WWE World Heavyweight Championship against former partner Kane in the night’s main event.