cena theme

the tension around the dinner table is high. chan’s jaw is clenched, the muscle in the side of his face twitching. everyone is waiting.

jeonghan opens his mouth but chan cuts him off.

“jeonghan, whose mother are you?”

there’s a moment of silence as chan stares directly at jeonghan who appears to have stopped working. the silence is broken first by food falling out of someone’s chopsticks, and then all hell breaks loose.

cries of “OH SHIT” and “FUCKIN REKT” sound around the room, the other members are jumping up and down as chan and jeonghan are still frozen in place. seokmin somehow has a kazoo and is using it to play a poor rendition of john cena’s theme tune. jeonghan starts to fade. seungcheol’s face has been drained of all colour. joshua is wiping away tears of joy. 

finally, among the chaos, chan allows himself the hint of a triumphant smile. he is jeonghan’s baby no more. 

the live ep of the adventure zone is so fucking choice, im literally choking w/ laughter

  • griffin mcelroy revealing that he had to help his dad get dressed backstage bc he couldn’t figure out his costume
  • griffin asking merle to pick out a wrestling costume & persona. and like. he’s quiet for a bit and then just says “stripes”. and everyone onstage is just like “what the fuck does that mean? STRIPE MAN???”
  • griffin playing music he composed for his fantasy wrestling OC. halfway thru the song it turns into a chiptune cover of john cena’s theme song
  • griffin getting mad when his dad talks over the music. “dad don’t talk over the DROP!”
  • magnus is really excited to wrestle. then when he finds out he’s supposed to be a villain and people are booing him he gets really sad
  • “we’ll be selling those in the lobby after the show!” every time a strange object is mentioned
  • taako’s hysterical giggling when he gets called a mighty wizard
  • angus saves the day with the MAGIC TAAKO TAUGHT HIM and everyones just screaming THAT’S MY BOY! THAT’S MY BOY! my beautiful magic BOY!
  • “angus! play keep away! just like we do with your books!”
  • griffin won’t let magnus eat the ancient magic orb no matter how much he wants to
  • “thanks taako! it’s nice to get positive reinforcement from you for literally the first time in my entire life!”
  • klaarg angrily inviting the boys to a vacation in aspen
2016 Memes

Let’s take the time to reminisce on all the memes that got us through 2016…
(Feel free to add more btw)

- Damn Daniel
- Harambae
- The Zodiac Killer
- Crying Jordan
- Yea Boi
- Dat Boi - O shit waddup
- SpongeGar
- Bottle Flip Challenge
- Haters Gonna Say It’s Fake
- Mannequin Challenge
- Andy’s Coming!
- Trump’s Coming!
- Trump
- Feel The Bern
- Arthur’s Fist
- Joe Biden
- Pokémon Go
- Persuadable Bouncer
- Triggered
- It’s time to stop
- John Cena
- Little Einsteins Theme
- Beautiful Cinnamon Roll
- LeBron James
- Dab
- Cheeky Nandos
- Mic Drop

Hetalia characters and what they think of all day
  • America: The John Cena theme repeated over and over
  • England: Rainbows and unicorns
  • France: Hundreds of frogs
  • Canada: Gay shit
  • China: Really intense stories with amazing plots that he should probably write down
  • Russia: I am Gay for 10 hours
  • North Italy: Endless sparkles and strange dancing
  • South Italy: Cats rolling around
  • Germany: Gay shit
  • Japan: Anime openings
  • Prussia: Birdsbirdsbirds soft birds. Fuzzy birds. Petting birds. Piyo piyo motherfucker. Any cute animal
  • -Admin Canako (I'm so sorry)

thank god no one lives below me because i’ve just been listening to john cena’s entrance theme on blast for like 15 minutes