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Headcanon that sometimes when Shiro walks into a room, Pidge and Lance will just make eye contact and simultaneously jump and shout "It's JOHN CENA" and play the theme music.

ok but consider….what if they did that when shiro was being introduced to new people…..

alien: omg!! that brave paladin of the black lion just saved us!!

other alien: who is he??

pidge: hIS NAME IS

lance: JOHN CENA

both: [trumpet noises]

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what instruments do you think 1a would play in a concert/marching band?


  • Flute
    • todoroki (the ice cold 1st chair flute)
      • wins all contests and gets all the solos.
      • competetive af and Has No Chill until he learns abt the magic of friendship from midoriya
    • aoyama (over the top dramatic fashion-obsessed flute; is in colorguard)
    • uraraka (bubbly cheerful flute, also plays piccolo)
  • Oboe
    • tsuyu (she also knows clarinet! in colorguard)
    • yaoyorozu (also plays piano, is in colorguard)
  • Clarinet
    • kouda (he’s surprisingly good!)
    • jirou (can also play double bass/electric guitar if needed!)
  • Bass Clarinet
    • hagakure (bc she’s invisible get it ahaHA) (also in colorguard!)
  • Alto Sax
    • kaminari (they have an ongoing countdown: “it has been 0 days since the last time denki made a sex joke involving saxophones”)
      • can also play soprano sax
  • Tenor Sax
    • ashido (plays pink panther theme unironically 24/7, Will Not Stop)
  • Bari Sax
    • sero (he, ashido, and kaminari do sax trios all the time to piss bakugou off)
  • Bassoon
    • tokoyami (is in the pit during marching season)
      • edgelord; started playing bc he thought it was a Misunderstood Emo Instrument like himself
  • Trumpet
    • bakugou (angry yet incredibly skilled)
      •  will fight tdrki for solos as well as everyone else for making shitty band jokes
    • midoriya (beginner, still learning but wants to be the best.)
      • once played the john cena theme bc he was dared to piss bkgo off. it worked nahaha
  • French Horn
    • iida (prissy music ho who hates modern music genres at first but eventually becomes more lax and accepting) 
  • Trombone
    • kirishima (the manliest instrument!! does the trombone/oven duet with kaminari to piss off bakugou)
  • Euphonium
    • satou (the sound is sweet and his name literally means ‘sugar’, you do the math)
  • Tuba
    • ojiro (idk but i feel like this fits him a lot!! im passionate abt this one)
  • Percussion
    • shouji (on drumline but lbr his multiple hands would be sick to watch in pit)
  • Other:
    • mineta plays the plastic kazoo alone on alternate weekends 

Attempt #1 (after lots of practice to figure out how to modulate the notes and the best mouth placement) of playing the John cena theme on a shofar

more and better attempts to be made after my face stops tingling
Xiumin as Your Boyfriend

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  • cares more about marshmallows than you 

  • seriously the boy tried to make up for forgetting your birthday with a deluxe bag of marshmallows like babe wtf I wanted some gucci flip flops not some jet puffed marshmallows. 

  • Will try to fix your eyebrows every five seconds 


  • will fight someone with aegyo if they say that you’re cute. He must remain as the alpha cute one. 

  • Will seethe in silent fury if you leave a shirt he j u s t washed on the floor that he j u s t cleaned, why the hell did you do that? 

  • Will set up your makeup for you, mainly because he puts everything away in places you can’t find it. The first few times he did it you thought it was adorable, but after a few months you realized he only did it so that he could have clean counters.

  • You need to let him a week in advance about company coming over so he could scrub the crap out of the entire house. It can’t look like you two live there. 

  • After a little something late at  night he’ll clean you up and, again, you thought it was so sweet and caring but in reality he didn’t want to get the sheets dirty. 

  • If you try to play fight, no matter what he’ll make you think you hurt him and when your guard is down he’ll put you in a fireman’s carry before throwing you as hard as he could on the floor. If he does that in front of the other boys expect one of them (usually Chanyeol) to start scream-singing the John Cena theme song as you lie on the couch in a crumpled mess. 

  • He would put his ringtone in your phone as something embarrassing and call you at awkward times of the day. There’s nothing more annoying than being in a public bathroom trying to pee and then your phone just starts screaming “bAAABAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY  NEGE BANHAE BEORIN NAEGE WAE IRAE-” 

  • You beg him to go into a haunted house with you thinking he would protect you but he ended up laughing every time you jumped or screamed. The man eventually got bored of you in the house and ditched you for one final scare at the very end of the house. 

  • Then when you two go home for the night, he’ll suggest watching scary movies and makes fun of the tear marks in your makeup, comparing it to his flawless face full of perfect makeup. 

  • You would start tearing up again and he’d pick you up bridal style and place you into the bed and tuck you in, not caring about the makeup stains. He would disappear for a few minutes before returning with hot coco, marshmallow free for you, before climbing into bed with you and cuddling you until the sniffling stopped. He’d kiss your cheeks until you fell asleep. Once you were asleep he would furiously scrub away your makeup and get stain remover for the sheets. He might feel bad for teasing you but no way in hell was he giving a free pass to dirty up his sheets. 
Some music AUs
  • We are stand partners and you always play that one measure wrong and if you do one more time I may scream
  • You’re always one chair ahead of me and I hate you
  • We are from opposite sections yet we always make eye contact
  • You clearly do not understand dynamics let mE DEMONSTRATE WITH My voice.
  • You just played me my favorite theme song on your instrument Thank you, I love you, give me the sheet music
  • You just played a love song on your instrument and your tempo was a little off, your flat wasn’t low enough, and you screwed up measure 16 but I love you anyway
  • You always lose your sheet music and I’m the manager I PAY FOR THESE JUST KEEP THEM
  • You’re my private lesson teacher yet you’re the same age as me and you use weird metaphors TELL ME HOW A REST IS SIMILAIR TO A FART WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING
  • When you’re concentrated on a piece your nose twitches to the rhythm and I’m trying to focus but I’m laughing 
  • I’m borrowing sheet music from you but your notes are so messy is that an accent mark or a staccato
  • Our class is typically well behaved yet here you are playing the John Cena theme in dead silence
  • You sit behind me and ALWAYS POKE ME WITH YOUR BOW 
  • No I will not have a sword fight with you THIS BOW IS EXPENSIVE
  • I’m about to perform a really important piece yet I just see you in my mind laying on my instrument case in the french girl position
  • This sounds really weird by my arms and hands are cramping can you please give them a massage
  • We are heading to a water park and I thought we were going to perform so I’m in my formal attire with my instrument and everyone is in shorts ITS NOT FUNNY
  • You’re in my math class and you always do better than me YET YOU CANT COUNT YOUR RESTS. CAN YOU COUNT?
  • You’re my accompanist and you make the most intense faces when you play and I find it hilarious
  • Your butt looks great in slacks oh my god