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day eighteen! i have a loooot of newsies ocs, and im p sure ive only shared like a quarter of them, so i figured id draw one i havent before. this is actually an oc i created for my modern au, in which hes called john cena, but sadly john cena didnt exist back in the day so tangles the name they gave him back then (cus of his hair). hes had some rough times! but thats ok, hes doing good now. he has a big old crush on bart, we’ll see how that goes.


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Reader x Jungkook

The Suburbs: pt 1

Genre: Angst

Words: 1.8K

He listens to you cry, head pressed to the glass of the window, silent and solemn with understanding because all of them have felt it, every last kid their age; the underlying, omnipresent fear of the future and what is to come. Because they have reached the turning point; the age of all or nothing.

You sit up when the car door opens, hands sliding around your waist, and he’s burying his head in your neck, lips against your pulse when he says. “Let me drive,”

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Okay but can we stop acting like calling Cena a part timer is insulting…???? Cena’s not Rock, first of all. Rock left for 7 years and didn’t want to be mentioned in the same sentence as WWE. Cena leaves to do other projects and comes back. Cena’s no longer in his prime, believe it or not. He’s 40 and has carried the company the past decade. He’s more than deserving of time off. Cena isn’t Brock Lesnar. This man went to China, literally begged WWE to let him go there for the live event this past weekend. He does live events when he doesn’t even have to, stop doubting his love for wrestling and using the same old tired ass insults, my god….

It’s honestly sad that some fans still shit on and disrespect Nikki Bella and John Cena. Nikki came back from a potentially career ending injury. She came back because she has so much passion for wrestling. She improved so much over the past 4 years. Cena carried the damn company for over a decade and worked his off to get to where he is, but you still got people shitting on them. I mean I understand you don’t have to like them, but at least be a decent person and have some respect for them….


This??? Funniest thing ever

I … have to, it is a must for my self-esteem,sorry  T_T