cena and orton

Came for the muscles, stayed for the dorks...

In all honesty the fact that my favs are my favs does have something to do with how attractive I find them, but it has more to do with their in ring talent and the fact that they are all actually giant freaking dorks.

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So on Smackdown you've got

The Champ that runs the camp

The Chin that got the win

The Face that runs the place

The Glow that steals the show

The Lass that puns the class

The Viper whose intentions are hard to decipher

The Bitch that belongs in a ditch

And the Lunatic that i can’t think of a word that rhymes.



John Cena and Randy Orton doing that thing we love where they are so honest about their disinterest in toxic masculinity bullshit

[Cena’s ability to be straight-fowardly honest and unworriedly vulnerable in the face of someone who is essentially a bully will never cease to amaze (and delight) me

and the calm, steady way Randy simply says things he believes to be true like it’s not that complicated is wonderful (look at him, he wouldn’t even have gone on to explain that fear is nothing to be ashamed of if the audience hadn’t acted like he was shaming Bray)]

Being a wrestling fan is basically like being a parent

First, you pick your favorites. Your favorites become your children. You now have to make sure your children don’t accidentally hurt themselves, you yell at them when they do stupid things, And then you fight with other parents to protect and defend your children.

Dean Ambrose Imagine: Signing

You’re a WWE diva dating WWE superstar and current WWE World Heavy Weight Champion, Dean Ambrose. The both of you are crowd favourites and your relationship has never been acknowledged on screen. Today, the both of you as well as a few other superstars have an appearance and signing.

“Any guys try to hit on you – remind them I’m sitting just across you eh.” Dean pecked me on the lips before he walked away.

“Wow. They’re really loud today hey?” Charlotte was referring to the insane amount of noise coming from the screaming fans, just on the other side of the wall. “I know! I love it when they’re this excited!” I took my seat next to my best Friend Cesaro.

“Are you guys ready?” James, the event manager peeped his head through the door. He earned a few nods from the superstars and disappeared once again.

Dean sat at his station directly across from mine and began pulling faces at me. He really needs to learn how to keep that tongue in his mouth. I smirked. “I like that pen. I want that pen!” Cesaro attempted to pull it from my grip. “Well you can’t have it!” I placed my hand on his face, covering the entire surface and pushed him away. “Eeeeeeeeeew!” He licked my hand and I wiped his saliva on his t-shirt. Yes, we were always this childish when we were together.

“Ermaaaaaaaagaaaaaaaaaadh! Randy Orton! It’s Randy Orton!” A group of girls squealed, pulling my attention from Cesaro. “And that’s when you know an appearance has begun.” John Cena laughed. The fans swarmed the place. I lost count of how many photos I signed. My hands were cramping at this point and we were going onto our second hour.

“Is (Y/N) your girlfriend?” I heard a boy question Dean. I picked my head up from the t-shirt I was signing for fan, just a little bit to see Dean’s expression. The idiot was blushing. “Maaaaaaybe!” He did his little head bobble. “She’s really pretty!” The boy turned around to look at me and I quickly turned my attention towards a fan approaching me, “Hey there sweetheart!” I don’t think he suspected that I was eavesdropping.

“Well if she isn’t your girlfriend… is is she like… Your wife?” the little boy was so persistent with his questions. “One day she will be.” Dean handed the boy his signed photo, “I can hear you Dean.” I smiled. Dean looked at me. “I know (Y/N),” He knew I had been listening the entire time.  

“Hi. (Y/N)” a guy who looked around my age greeted me. “You’re really handsome!” Paige complimented him. She was on the other side of Cesaro. He was really handsome come to think of it. He had nice hair, gorgeous blue eyes. A really good tan… I stood up to stretch my legs a bit.

“T-t-t-thank you.” He seemed shocked that Paige complimented him. I smiled at his evident nervousness. He turned his attention back to me, and extended his hand out towards me, “Hi (Y/N), I’m Mark.” I was about to shake his hand when someone’s hand filled the position. “Hi Mark. I’m Dean,” I look at Dean stunned and he points me, “her boyfriend.”

Mark was one of the very last fans allowed to enter, as most of us were ready to leave after an extremely tiring day. After I signed Mark’s T-shirt, James cleared everyone out, leaving just the superstars.

“Ah finally.” Cesaro stretched his arms out. Him and Paige were talking about something when Dean tugged at my beanie. “So… your wife huh?” I raised my eyebrow at Dean. “yup.” “And what was that?” I was referring to his incident with Mark. “That guy was checking you out (Y/N). You’re mine!” He pulled me by my forearms, raising me to my feet and pulled me in for a kiss. “Don’t lie! You heard Paige calling him handsome – didn’t you!” Sasha yelled.  “Oh yeah and that.” Dean admitted nonchalantly, shaking his hair wildly. Damn I love this man.


Since nobody on tumblr seems to know what’s going on, I’ll update you. Randy Orton is racist trash. I know all of us will love and respect the time and effort he’s put into this biz. But there is no reason for him, a privileged white man, to be tweeting these things and stating his opinion. Yes, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion but the fact that he’s blocking people for trying to educate him is ridiculous. Please guys, don’t ignore this.