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Cemetery Coupling: Deer Protects Goose Nesting in Graveyard

BUFFALO, N.Y. - An unusual springtime friendship between a deer and a nesting goose appears to have blossomed inside a cemetery in Buffalo, N.Y. For the past week or so, the deer has been standing near an urn where the goose has taken up residence, positioning itself between the urn and any passing car or foot traffic.

Craig Cygan noticed the unlikely pair during his regular patrols with his goose-chasing border collies. He says there is no mate around the goose and he believes the deer has taken over the job of protecting the nest.

Cornell University wildlife expert Paul Curtis says deer and geese usually don’t pay any attention to each other.

Forest Lawn Cemetery officials are trying to arrange for a webcam so the curious can check in on the nest.   (04/08/2011)


My Chemical Romance Asks
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b></b> I brought you my bullets, You brought me your love<p/><b>Romance:</b> Who was your first love?<p/><b>Honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us:</b> Is there a side of yourself that no one knows about?<p/><b>Vampires will never hurt you:</b> Vampires or angry men?<p/><b>Drowning Lessons:</b> Plan on getting married?<p/><b>Our Lady of Sorrows:</b> Are you religious?<p/><b>Headfirst for Halos:</b> Are you hopeful? If so, what for?<p/><b>Skylines and Turnstiles:</b> An important event that changed your life or perspective?<p/><b>Early Sunsets Over Monroeville:</b> What's your favorite horror movie?<p/><b>This Is the Best Day Ever:</b> Ever been to the hospital?<p/><b>Cubicles:</b> Where would you be without My Chem?<p/><b>Demolition Lovers:</b> Would you die for your current lover?<p/><b></b> Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge<p/><b>Helena:</b> Have you lost a family member or friend?<p/><b>Give 'Em Hell, Kid:</b> Have you ever considered committing murder?<p/><b>To The End:</b> Corpse Bride. Yay or nay?<p/><b>You Know What They Do To Guys Like Us In Prison:</b> Ever committed a crime?<p/><b>I'm Not Okay (I Promise):</b> Ever felt out of place?<p/><b>The Ghost of You:</b> Ever cried while watching a movie?<p/><b>The Jetset Life is Gonna Kill You:</b> Ever been cheated on or have cheated?<p/><b>Interlude:</b> Favorite My Chem song?<p/><b>Thank You for the Venom:</b> Ever wrote something stupid on a t-shirt?<p/><b>Hang 'Em High:</b> Ever shot a gun?<p/><b>It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Deathwish:</b> Who's your best friend?<p/><b>Cemetery Drive:</b> What's the hardest drive you've experienced?<p/><b></b> The Black Parade<p/><b>The End:</b> Ever thought it'd be the end for you?<p/><b>Dead!:</b> Ever wanted to die?<p/><b>This Is How I Disappear:</b> Ever done something to someone that you can't forgive yourself for?<p/><b>The Sharpest Lives:</b> Are you anxious?<p/><b>Welcome to the Black Parade:</b> What's your favorite memory?<p/><b>I Don't Love You:</b> Have you ever stopped loving them?<p/><b>House of Wolves:</b> What is your favorite era?<p/><b>Cancer:</b> Old or new?<p/><b>Mama:</b> Ever disappointed your parents?<p/><b>Sleep:</b> Any bad dreams?<p/><b>Teenagers:</b> Are you scared of people your own age?<p/><b>Disenchanted:</b> What changed your life for the better?<p/><b>Famous Last Words:</b> What changed your mind about things?<p/><b>Blood:</b> Any hidden secrets no one knows?<p/><b>Danger Days:</b> The True Lives of The Fabulous Killjoys<p/><b>Look Alive, Sunshine:</b> What time do you wake up?<p/><b>Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na):</b> What gives you strength?<p/><b>Bulletproof Heart:</b> Do you miss anyone right now?<p/><b>SING:</b> Who is your idol?<p/><b>Planetary (GO!):</b> Biggest accomplishment?<p/><b>The Only Hope for Me Is:</b> Do you consider yourself hopeless?<p/><b>Jet Star and The Kobra Kid/Traffic Report:</b> What's your favorite go-to outfit?<p/><b>Party Poison:</b> Do you speak different languages?<p/><b>Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back:</b> What is your biggest wish?<p/><b>S/C/A/R/E/C/R/O/W:</b> Biggest regrets?<p/><b>Summertime:</b> Who's got you excited for the summer?<p/><b>DESTROYA:</b> If you could save anyone in the world from danger/poverty/war/etc. Who would it be?<p/><b>The Kids From Yesterday:</b> What do you wish you could tell your past self?<p/><b>Goodnite, Dr. Death:</b> Opinions on standing for the National Anthem?<p/><b>Vampire Money:</b> What is your catchphrase irl?<p/></p><p/><
the front bottoms themed asks
  • Motorcycle: what’s “cool”?
  • Summer shandy: how are things with your crush?
  • Cough it out: what makes you feel at home?
  • HELP: what do you want right now?
  • Laugh til I cry: are you like your friends?
  • Historic cemetery: have you /really/ talked to your crush yet?
  • The plan: are you impulsive or do you think before you act?
  • Ginger: have things changed?
  • 2YL: are you in a relationship?
  • West Virginia: do you still talk to your ex? If you haven’t dated anyone, have you even had your heart broken?
  • Plastic flowers: do you see yourself as a pessimist as a whole?
  • Au revoir (adios): what languages do you speak?
  • Skeleton: how was last night?
  • I swear the god the devil made me do it: are you protective of anyone?
  • Twin size mattress: are your friends your family?
  • Peach: are you in love?
  • Santa monica: are you a hopeless romantic?
  • The feud: are you proud?
  • Funny you should ask: do you feel young?
  • Tattooed tears: does love exist like in it does in the movies?
  • Lone star: do you want to grow up?
  • Backflip: are you living in the moment right now?
  • Everything I own: do you want to spend the rest of your life with anyone you know right now?

Judy Garland’s new crypt at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Black-painted plywood covering her while marble front is being engraved.

dine and dash (stefan salvatore au ft klaus mikaelson, part vii)

Plot: You and Stefan dated for three years while in high school. You both thought your relationship would last, but college managed got in the way. So you two decided to break up. You left to college in Massachusetts and Stefan stayed in Mystic Falls. While you were gone, things changed between you and a certain original, but you hadn’t yet let go of Stefan. Now, almost six years later, you’re both invited to Bonnie and Kol’s wedding. It’s time for a reunion.

Pairings: no explicit pairing in this chapter

Warnings: like three seconds of violence, language

A/N: i really hope people are reading this lol. I love this series and it would mean a lot to me if you all did, too. thank you so much for your never-ending support! much love to you all XOXO (ps no gifs are mine!!) (pps even in the wolf-venom-induced-hallucinations, there are moments of proper judgement)

dine and dash~masterlist


“Y/N. We meet again,” Kol flips you around, eyes pitch black as his hands encircle your upper arms.

“Y/N? Are you there?” You hear Damon calling out for you, a small smirk on Kol’s face as he grabs the phone and answers, licking a small stripe along the side of your neck.

“She’s here, Damon,” Kol chuckles as Damon curses on the other end. “And I bet she tastes absolutely delicious.”

Kol throws the phone on the ground and rushes you against a tree, your back against the base and your heart in your throat as you notice the dark look in his eyes.

“I’m going to drain every ounce of your blood. You think that’ll teach my brother a lesson?” You barely have time to scream as Kol sinks his teeth into your neck and draining you like he promised, the pain alone causing you to black out.

“Let’s get this over with,” Klaus mutters as Stefan clenches his jaw. “Kol?!”

The odd pair walk inside the house, searching for Kol but being with chaos. The chairs were turned over, tables broken.

“What the hell is going on?” Stefan whispers under his breath as Damon steps in from the backyard. “Damon what–?”

“We have to go find Y/N!” Damon pushes past them and the duo share a confused look before quickly joining the elder Salvatore.

“Damon, my patience is running low as it is. Tell me where I can find Kol,” Klaus walks ahead of Damon, placing a hand on his chest as Damon glares at the Original.

“Wherever Y/N is, that’s where Kol is. Now get out of my way, Klaus,” Damon moves Klaus’s hand off of him as Stefan’s face pales.

“What the hell is that supposed to mean, Damon? I thought you said Kol was here!” Stefan tries keeping up with Damon as Klaus grits his teeth, wondering whether or not to follow the brothers.

“It means that Kol’s hallucinating. He’s going to kill Y/N for some reason. Kol’s with her as we speak!”

“WHAT?” Klaus’s voices comes out in a deathly whisper. “You mean to tell me that my deadly brother is out there with a helpless human, my helpless human?”

“Y/N would not be happy to hear you call her your property,” Stefan growls, shoving Klaus while Damon contemplated leaving the two of them behind.

“You two can have a dick measuring contest after we save Y/N, the girl you both claim to love. If my friend dies out there, I will murder you both in the most painful way imaginable,” Damon pushes the two away from one another and rushes out to the cemetery, the other two following close by.

“Where the hell is she?” Damon whispers as he rushes into the cemetery, terrified for his friend.

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“Here’s her phone,” Klaus whispers, feeling scared for the first time in years.

“No no no,” Damon whispers, seeing a trail of blood through the cemetery.

The three follow the trail and it leads to a dead-end. Their fear’s turned into frustration and paranoia by this point.

“Where could he have taken her?” Stefan growls, fists clenched as he thinks of what Kol may have done to you.

“Looking for someone, are you?” A delusional Kol appears behind the already angry trio.

“Kol what have you–?”

“Oh, brother, you have such little faith in me. I haven’t killed her,” Kol smirks, eyes dark and gait drunk. “Well not yet. She’s got to suffer first.”

“Kol if anything happens to her–”

“Damon, you’re adorable,” Kol laughs and shakes his head. “Some horrible things have already happened to her. You lot made sure of that.”

“What are you talking about? You hurt her, Kol. You did, not–”

“For once, stop thinking of yourself, Stefan! You two–” he points between Stefan and Klaus, “You two hurt her! Broke her heart! She reeked of pain. And she tasted delicious.”

“Kol,” Klaus’s eyes flash gold as he pins his brother down and force feeds him the cure. “Tell me where Y/N is right now.”

“Y/N,” Kol whispers, tired and disgusted with himself. “Oh God what have I done? Oh no oh no oh–”

“Tell us where she is and we won’t kill you,” Stefan pulls Kol out of Klaus’s grip, digging a hand into the groom-to-be’s chest.

“She-she’s in the Salvatore crypt, oh god,” Kol whispers, painfully pulling himself away from Stefan running ahead of the others to get you. “Y/N?”

You’re lying against the cold stone in the furthest corners of the crypt. Damon’s eyes land on you and he rushes over, checking your pulse and then your breathing.

“No no no,” he whispers, shaking your head as he can’t seem to find either. “NO! Don’t fucking do this to me.”

Damon bites into his wrist and brings it over to your mouth, forcing some blood into your mouth as Klaus and Stefan watch with wide eyes.

“What is it?” Kol whispers, scared to come closer.

“If this blood doesn’t go down her throat, she’s dead,” Damon whispers, unable to look away from you. “This is your fault.”

“I know. Fuck,” Kol punches a wall and Damon shakes his head, standing up.

“No, not you. This was Klaus and Stefan’s fault,” Damon is shaking with anger as het turns to face the two.

“You’re both so caught up in what you want and how to get it that you won’t for a second think of someone else, not even the girl you both claim to be madly in love with,” he punches Stefan and shoves Klaus against a wall. Klaus doesn’t fight back, eyes on you as Damon reaches into his chest cavity. “THIS IS YOUR FAULT! If she dies, you die.”

“I guess it’s a good thing I’m not dead,” you sit up, croaking and shying away from the sunlight. “Well I’m not alive but still.”

Kol lets out a sigh of relief and runs over to you, sitting next to you with tears in his eyes. Damon pulls his hands out of Klaus’s chest and stops a foot away from you.

“I’m so sorry,” Kol whispers and you cup his face, smiling softly. “I know you didn’t want this. I’m so so sorry.”

“Hey, even in your deranged state, you were thinking of me. That’s sweet,” you chuckle as Kol wraps his arms around you.

“You’re alive,” Damon smiles, finally letting out a breath of relief as he picks you up in his arms. “Oh my god!”

“Did someone miss me?” You laugh as Damon spins you around.

“More than you fucking know,” he kisses the side of your head and lets you down.

Your eyes meet Klaus’s and you look at his chest.

“How bad does it hurt?”

“Not nearly as bad as the thought of living without you,” he whispers and you give him a light nod.

“And how are you?” You look over to Stefan, some blood trickling down the side of his face.

“Better now,” he whispers, eyes not leaving you.

“Well I’ll need a daylight ring and then we’ll be good to go. After all, we’ve got a wedding to plan,” you dust yourself off and crack your neck as the guys stare at you wide-eyed. “What?”

“I just drained your blood. How are you fine with all this?” Kol runs a hand through his hair and you shrug.

“You were delusional. And you ended up saving my life in a way, so we’re good,” you put your hair up in a ponytail, but that wide-eyed look doesn’t go away. “What? We live in Mystic Falls. Wierder things have happened here.”

“Kol turned you. Your blood thirst–”

“Is gonna be insane. I know. That’s what I have you for, Damon.”

“What about–?”

“Enough! For the love of God, someone get me a daylight ring. And a blood bag. Please,” you cross your arms over your chest and the guys all nod. “Damon you go make sure Caroline is okay. I don’t want her any more stressed than she already is. Kol you go to Bonnie and tell her I am okay. Please remind her of that. Stefan I need you to ask Kai to get me a daylight ring. Klaus, you and I need to talk. Is everyone good?”

Once again, they all nod and Damon pulls you into a hug.

“Don’t ever die. Please,” he whispers into your hair and you smile, squeezing him before pulling away.

“I won’t if you don’t. Now off you all go. Please,” you chuckle as they all salute you and leave. Except for Klaus. “Right. Where were we?”

12x02 CODA

Take care of your brother has been Dean’s motto since he was four years old. Now he’s thirty-seven and Sam is thirty-three and they both just almost died for maybe the thousandth time. Dean isn’t sure, he doesn’t keep track any more.

But he realizes one thing–somewhere between now and three decades ago, Dean stopped just caring for Sam and started looking up to him.

His little brother, who’s been bent so many times and is still stronger than anyone he knows.

His goddamn little brother, who has saved the world more than once but still only thinks he almost ended it.

His little brother, who wakes up every day and tries to be good. Dean gave up the pretenses long ago, not bothering to hide all the booze, the occasional pill, the anger, the constant straddling of the morality fence. But Sam just bends, never breaks. Sam reminds Dean who he is.

We keep each other human. Well, Sam keeps Dean human. Dean doesn’t think Sam could ever be anything less; he’s too good.

Somewhere along the way, Dean stopped just needing to protect Sam and started needing Sam to be okay.

There’s a difference, Dean thinks.

Somewhere along the way, Dean stopped.

He’s leaning against the liquor cabinet, not even paying attention to which bottle he’s grabbing. His head is hurting, but he doesn’t have a headache. It’s just…too full. His head’s too full of thoughts, the bunker’s too full of people, his life is too full of people that are still alive, which is good, he knows, but it feels uncomfortable. Like his skin is stretched too thin, trying to cover all these bodies when it was only made to cover him and Sam.

Dean takes a swig of his freshly poured drink, one he doesn’t remember pouring, then realizes he needs something more substantial, so he goes to find his brother.

He sees Sam leaving their mother’s (that’s so weird to say) room, and Sam honest-to-god smiles. How? Dean wonders. How can Sam smile after everything?

“Hey, Dean,” Sam sighs, like he’s been holding his breath for who knows how long.

Dean’s chest hurts, and he tries not to touch: his stinging eyes, his neck where he can feel the pulse of his too-fast beating heart, his stomach that hasn’t stopped churning since he ran into their dead mother and came back to a blood-spattered and Sam-less bunker; he tries not to reach out across the impossible space between him and his brother and touch Sam’s shoulder, his elbow, his hand. It seems like it’s been forever since he hugged Sam in that cemetery, their enemies-now-friends surrounding them, and he can’t figure out why. Why their enemies are now their friends; why it’s been so long since he hugged his brother; why he ever left him there in the first place.

It was Sam’s cuts and bruises and bleeding body, although that’s never stopped them before; besides, Cas fixed Sam’s injuries as well as he could hours ago. It was Toni and Mickey, strangers being there to witness something that private, that made Dean hesitate, except it didn’t. It never has, and it never would. It was their mother, she was the new addition to the equation, and it makes Dean momentarily want to pull his hair out in disgust. Not at her, at himself; how he could let anything keep him from what he–what they–needed, what they always did? Who they were?

Dean stares at his hands. “Sammy, I-”

Sam’s standing in front of Dean, just inside his bubble, like always. He has an expectant look on his face: puppy-dog eyes on full display and a sad smile at his lips. Even when Sam smiles–How does he still smile? Dean wonders–he looks kind of sad. This thought makes Dean’s chest stop hurting and break completely.

Dean reaches out and pulls Sam into a bone-crushing hug, but Sam is already there against him, chest pressed against Dean’s and hair tickling Dean’s face and arms wrapped around Dean right where they’re supposed to be. Where they should stay forever, Dean thinks.

Thank god, Sammy.

“Thank god, Sammy,” Dean says. He presses his lips to Sam’s neck, his jaw, his cheek, and Dean doesn’t know what he’s doing, but maybe he does. Because Sam turns his face so Dean can press a kiss to Sam’s lips. He can feel Sam smile and he finally doesn’t wonder how Sam can be smiling.

Somewhere along the way, Dean stopped just loving Sam and fell in love with him.

happy new year, I fixed the missing hug in 12.02 (and added a tad more to make up for it)


Gombotz on Reddit posted these photos of an unusual doll and a cryptic note that his friend, a cemetery gardener, discovered while doing his cleaning duties. A few people on Reddit pointed out that the note looked somewhat like a Punnett square, while other suggested that the doll was used to put a hex on somebody. Digging deeper, somebody else commented that the characters in the note were East Arabic numerals that added up to 165: “This number corresponds with a demon called Naamah,” they said. Whether an innocent prank or something more sinister, it’s a very odd thing to stumble across in a cemetery.



Today was a pretty good day! Its supposed to rain all week so I decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather today! I went and walked around the cemetery with my friend, its the only really good Pokemon spot around.

I FINALLY hit level 30 after being stuck for a couple months lol.

They cut down all the woods surrounding the cemetery and its so sad.. Acres of trees just gone. So many cool paths and little streams and bridges and super old trees.. 😢

I still have not weighed myself for this month, I’ve been extremely bloated the last couple days. Maybe tomorrow?