i’m only an expert in
what I pretend to be an expert on
but no one ever listens to me
old enough of experience against my last childhood
i enter a soft female voice, it brings me to my sermons
blackness in absence of pitch black corpus uniform

hard panic pavilion: tongues on tongues
lady vessel is acrylics on paper mouthed
directly the head covers me whole and a cold
deity depiction tends toward the negative
protectors, springs wells and rivers
atraments for a challenge to come unspeakable

for where cementum is, there trauma or crowding is
and deserted tenements host a breeding ground
without knowledge of damaged daguerreotypes
what does the word now mean you get one track anima nostra
a brutal eponym echoes inseparable from six impurities
that’s why there is the quintessence plus one too many
industrious in dictionaries of the melding of minds
but always up to five… correspondances


The Cementum
Looking back on my oral histology drawings, Ten cate’s book for reference. I used faber castell watercolor pencils and a fine tip brush pen. Details using pigment pen.
You can ask me for the labels! Flooding soon 〰