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Okay so this year I wanted to apply for the Object Head Zine, however with the 200 applications sent in and me bungling my application, I didn’t get in this year. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t put up what would’ve been the piece I’d have sent in.

Behold my Ouija board, Mr. Letters, his assistant, Ms. Seer, and the three ghosts who currently occupy their parlor; Unlucky No. 8, a former mobster who was sent for a “swim” with a new pair of “cement shoes”, the Hangman’s Tree who was a loose end to be tied up, and the Banshee’s Comb who’s frightened wails were tragically cut short.

I’m certain if I used these characters in a comic, Mr. Letters would most certainly be a villain with Miss Comb as the specter to reveal him as such.

*Edited: Fixed a typo - I’m the one who bungled my app! Sorry for the confusion! ><;;

Lead Weights and Cement Shoes

Here’s what new readers have to contend with when trying to start into Marvel comics:

There have been Spider-Man comics since the 60’s, and Spider-Man has never gone out of print; in fact, sometimes he had three books running concurrently in a single month.  There are somewhere on the order of 700 issues of Amazing Spider-Man, and over 250 of Spectacular Spider-Man.  There are also hundreds of assorted one-shots and crossovers.

Marvel operates on a sliding timescale, meaning that the date when Peter Parker first became Spider-Man is not fixed; rather, it’s always relative to the modern day.  Spider-Man is guessed to have been active for approximately ten years or so, so instead of his origin being in 1962, it’s “ten years prior to whenever you’re reading the current issue.”

So, given both of these, that means over the course of approximately 3650 days (roughly), those one-thousand-and-change issues take place.  This would mean Peter Parker would, on average, find himself in a world-shaking adventure twice a week, every week, for a decade.  I’m not talking about muggings and fires.  I’m talking Venom, Kraven, the Green Goblin, even shit like Thanos, Galactus and the Beyonder.

In short, current continuity means Peter Parker should be a quivering mass of post-traumatic stress disorder.

But beyond the question of characterization, that level of continuity also demands that readers have a grasp of a canon so dense, twisting and convoluted it would mean what should be a hobby ends up being something akin to a second job or a graduate project.

While people pride themselves on this level of knowledge and commitment, it’s incredibly off-putting to someone who picks up an issue and finds themselves baffled by a backstory that’s not only infeasible, but also contains history that’s constantly referenced and recycled.

And that’s just Spider-Man, who’s part of an entire universe of comic lines that are just as dense, and worse, irrevocably interconnected to one another.

This is called “barrier to entry.”  It’s why issues of Spider-Man sell in the slowly dwindling tens of thousands, but Spider-Man film tickets sell in the millions.

There comes a point where story history stops providing richness and becomes baggage.  The continuity is beloved, but the trend in comics sales shows there will eventually come a point where a choice will need to be made: the characters, or the continuity.

If the films have proved anything, it’s that these characters don’t need their continuity to survive.


Alexander Wang’s Spring/Summer 2015 RTW collection running across the runway with sneaker inspiration

  • Chalk Bi Color Optical Mesh Polo Dress w/ Collar inspired by the adidas Originals Stan Smith tennis sneaker
  • “Black and Airforce” sneaker bag inspired by the NIKE Air Force 180 OG black royal basketball sneaker
  • Cement print top inspired by the NIKE Air Jordan III “Black Cement” sneaker
  • Air Force Bi Color Mesh Tee Dress w/ Engineered Stripes inspired by the NIKE Flyknit Lunar2 vivid blue/white/game royal running shoe

Air Jordan 11 Low IE “Cobalt”

Retail: $150

Colors: White/Cobalt-Zen Grey-Cement Grey

Release Date: August 1, 2015

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