cement pearls

how deciding to unbubble bismuth and fix what was done to her wouldve impacted each of the gems char development:

  • garnet learns that rose making her a leader gives her the right to go against rose and that she is a better more considerate leader than her
  • finally cements pearl resolve to move on from rose and stop idolizing her and realize how rose hurt her
  • amethyst feels less shame for not being there during the rebellion bc shes vital in fixing the aftermath. she feels less left out for not having the bond pearl n garnet had with rose, bc that bond was built on a lot of lies and her own connection with rose may have been the most honest. with bismuth around she’d have someone new to remind her of her worth
  • steven ofc gains new confidence in becoming his own person beyond and better than rose. the gems also apologize to him for holding him to her standard and their treatment of him totally changes