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Boadicea- Rebel Queen of the Celts

Boadicea, (Boudicca-Bodicca), was the wife of the the ruler of the celtic Iceni Tribe in AD 60/61 who led an uprising against the invading and occupying Roman Empire. The Iceni Ruler  Prasutagus had been a voluntary independent ally to the Roman Empire, who left his kingdom jointly to his daughters in his will. When he died the will was ignored, and Boadicea was flogged and her daughters raped, along with the Romans calling in on their loans. Shortly after, Queen Boadicea managed to rally together all the tribes and led a revolt against the Empire, destroying a temple and a capital of a roman soldier settlement. The Queens next target was evacuated upon the Romans hearing the news of the rebellion.

“ Boudica led 100,000 IceniTrinovantes and others to fight the Legio IX Hispana and burned and destroyed Londinium, and Verulamium (modern-day St Albans).[3][4] An estimated 70,000–80,000 Romans and British were killed in the three cities by those led by Boudica.”. 

Boadicea had nearly driven the Romans out of Scotland, when she was finally defeated by the Roman army. She was never captured and her cause of death remains unknown.