I’ve ranted about this here once before, but Moonlighten’sDeva Victrix is still probably one of the best fanfics I have ever read - hell, probably one of the best stories. If it was published I would buy it in a heartbeat. The fic has been going since early 2014, and it’s been well worth the wait for every update from a fantastic writer - and as the second to last chapter was recently posted I figured a little more fan art was in order, especially since I’m not much for words when it comes to expressing how much I love something.

(Also a huge shoutout to @celtic-clay (aka Nekoian) the co-writer/ partner writer of the fic,and to @losthitsu who’s comments are always an adventure to read)

If you guys get the chance you should give it a read and throw some Kudos its way - I guarantee it’s well worth doing. I’ll post some better quality art for this when I’m not quite so bogged down with college work.