celtic knot work

Celtic knot tutorial

This tutorial is how I make celtic knot, the method that work for me, you might found you need to change a few things here and there. I used a red pen to show new lines between steps, hope it is understandable. If something is unclear let me know.

So here are the basic tools you’ll need: a ruler (a simple one could do to), a pencil, and paper. Plus if you’re anything like me, room to rotate your paper. Obviously color, or ink or whatever is up to you.

(1) First step is too draw the frame and mark intervals. I choose a 4x4 cm square, with 1cm interval. The bigger the frame, and the smaller the interval the more complex the resulting knot, it can also be a rectangle or any other shape.

(2) Then you need to draw a grid in there, I’ve seen different way of drawing the grid. I like this way because it also serve as guidelines. I like to start in the corners as marked by the little arrow. I recommend drawing the grid as light as you can, since it needs to be erased afterwards.

(3) Now drawing the knot starts. I start by going around the frame starting in the upper left corner and going around in a clockwise motion. Think of the line as bouncing on the wall of the frame until it encounter an empty space. You can see how the grid act as a guideline as well.

(4) Once you’ve gone all around, it’s time to fill the inside. As it’s a ‘knot’, the line go under over, so using the already drawn lines all is needed is to draw the over one. I work from outside to inside until it’s full.

(5) The knot is drawn. This can be done in pencil and then gone over with pen, or straight with pen.

(6) Coloring is next. I like to use black or a dark color to fill in the space around and inside. The line (which look like a ribbon by now) can be colored in the same color or in different color. Squares are made of interlocking circles, rectangle of bands, the number depending on the dimension of the square and the grid. Here we have 4 circle, I quickly colored it to highlight the result.

If you’re comfortable you can insert “walls” inside the design, like so:

It works the same way, do the outside and start working your way in and when you encounter the “inside wall” treat then like the “frame wall” with the line bouncing on them.

This is the ‘final’ result. I added a line of red to certain loops to show the coloring potential:

I went through my archive to find examples. It can be used to just create random effect (x) or a design (x) or use it as a border like I did there (x). Or just for fun :p (x).


So today at work I am wearing my everyday Celtic knot work pentacle. Our store has things from varying cultures and religions in it by the way. I am checking out a customer and she kind of gasps and asks me if I know what I am wearing around my neck. I reply with a yes, which results in a lecture about Jesus and the devil. I did not reply or correct her ignorance as I was working. She ends our conversation with “Let Jesus into your heart”. I very much wanted to reply with, “And I hope you let Gaia and Odin into your heart.”

It truly irks me. She could have asked what my necklace meant or something of that nature, but instead she assumed I worshipped her version of the devil and that I was a bad person because of my necklace. Such ignorance! I wear my pentacle for ME and in public so my fellow Pagans and witches can identify me and befriend me if they want to.