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anglosaxoncelt  asked:

What is a good starting point for someone new to the Celtic polytheism? What sources should I read first? Thanks

Alrighty, so here are some sources that have helped me:

1. hearth fires and death pyres resource post which focuses on Gaelic and Irish Polytheism. It goes pretty indepth in terms of Dé Ocus Andé (Gods and Ungods), offerings, the basics of IP and GP as well as reconstructionism, what authors to avoid, and lists numerous books on folklore, mythology, etc. Overall, it is a pretty awesome source for beginners and for people who have been practicing for a while. 

2. An (updated) List of Celtic Resources post. In my opinion, this is another great source for beginners. It covers history, mythology, languages, and gives a comprehensive list of websites to check out. 

3. A Celtic Studies Starter Kit. I highly recommend looking through this short list. I have read most of the books listed and the books below really helped me understand which path I wanted to follow:

  • Gantz, Jeffrey. Early Irish Myths and Sagas. London: Penguin Books, 1981. 
  • Thomas Kinsella. The Tain. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1970. 
  • T. G. E. Powell. The Celts. Thames and Hudson: New York, 1980. Second ed; reprint. 1991. 
  • Sjoestedt, M. L. Gods and Heroes of the Celts. 1949; translated by Myles Dillon. repr. Dover Publications, 2000. 
  • Cunliffe, Barry. The Ancient Celts. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1997; Penguin 2000.

The books I listed above aren’t the end all be all in things you should read first. However like I said before, these are the ones that helped me in the beginning to get a good grasp of who the Celts were. Often times, you can get a better understanding of the people you are learning about by reading about their deities and religion. 

With all of the being said, the best advice I can give you is to pick a resource and if it seems too advanced, put it away for another day and choose another one. We all started somewhere and at the beginning, I depended on modern translations of myths and newer academic works to help me understand because I just couldn’t grasp the original translations of these works. 

Anyhow, I hope this helps you! If you have anymore questions, let me know :)  

hella-celtic  asked:

Hey there I'm a stage management major and wanted to know Do you have advice for making a stage managers kit? Supplies? Organizing?

Ah, stage management kits. 

They are a point of contention around these parts and different stage managers have different views. Heck, I’d wager that different SMs’ opinions on them even change over time – I know mine has. 

Advice for GETTING/HAVING a kit: If you’re freelance (like, super freelance and working with tons of different, very small companies), go ahead and put something together. If you’re just starting out: give it time. Don’t blow all your money putting together a crazy kit for your first ever gig. Do what you can within your means. If you are set with a steady job at an established theater company, probably don’t do it. Odds are the company is providing everything you need – if they’re not, and it’s within reason, speak to someone about getting those supplies. The theater should be providing them; not you. Unless you’re being paid to help replenish/keep up with stock. But that’s between you and the company. 

I have a kit! What do I put in it? Rather than listing out ideas here, I’m going to point you towards some excellent reference posts that have already done that. The lesson here, kids, is “Work smarter, not harder.”

Hope that helps!