celtic goals


Fruits of my labors over the last few days. 16 cabochon wraps, three bracelets (though I’m still waiting on a clasp for the third one since I ran out of my 2-strand slide clasps, but I had already ordered some and they’ll be here tomorrow)

Next, some dragonscale and Byzantine bias sheet. Maybe some Celtic star stuff. My goal is to officially relaunch my shop this weekend, maybe with a giveaway since it’s happened to coincide with me having reached 1500 followers here. We’ll see.

I meant to make a post earlier, but I hope everyone had a beautiful Imbolc (or St. Brigid’s Day). It’s a time of new beginnings, fresh starts, shedding winter and welcoming the warmth, purification, and to me - hope. With so much in the world that is wrong we have to also focus on what is right. What is worth living for. Fighting for. What is worth starting anew for.

My goal for this coming year is to become closer to my roots. Closer to myself, and really strengthen myself, my energy, and my power.

Kilmarnock - 0 Celtic - 2

Great performance, big Tam Rogic doing Australia proud, he’s become a fantastic player, new boys look great too, especially like Calvin Miller - he needs to lose the fashy hairdo but he’s got bags of talent. Rugby Park’s a pure midden and that pitch can get tae fuck…it’s unacceptable imo… good to hear our fans singing the Fields of Athenrye, I think it had dropped out of the songbook for a wee while there…

at the end of the day we’ve got good options all over the park, hungry young players coming up and slotting in seamlessly, an excellent captain in Broony running the middle of the park like a general, a world class manager who’s a good Celtic man, natural goal scorers up front, and (as always) the best support in the world…

it’s a very strange situation for a Scottish football fan to have really nothing whatsoever to complain about but I honestly don’t think I do… a few shite offside calls - meh who cares, we are magnificent


Celtic 3-1 Dundee Utd (Stokes, Samaras, Commons)