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Why do they say that faeries are afraid of iron?

Thank you, that is a very good question.

Now firstly, faeries is a very general term. If you take a look at Faeries by Brian Froud or An Encyclopedia of Fairies by Katharine Brigg you will see there are hundreds of kinds of fairies.

But for simplicity’s sake lets divide them up into major types. I am using a mix of terminologies here that I believe explain things in the most simple manner.

Shining ones/Aos Sidhe: These are a divine race and/or semi-divine race of people that once ruled the British Isles, but later went underground and in the hills in a pact with the ancestors of the current residents to share the land. These fairies are usually huge and have bodies of light. Lugh, Angus, and Brigid are good examples. These are not particularly dangerous if you keep the pact with them.

Seelie fairies/Trooping fairies: These are the figures of lore seen dancing, holding feasts, and marching at the quarters as the seasons change. These creatures seem to have laws and rules in their courts. They have queens and kings and such. They sometimes kidnap beautiful and/or especially talented young people. These creatures are usually made of a kind of oily airy substance and they feed off of the spirit of foods and crops causing them to be no good for people to eat. They are usually similar to humans in build, but a little bit smaller or thinner—though most can shape change to be smaller or bigger, prettier or uglier as the case may be. They are somewhat dangerous, but sometimes can be tricked due to a moral and honor system of their own.

Unseelie fairies/The Host: These are restless undead. Perhaps fallen angels that didn’t take sides in the battle between heaven and hell. Suicides or other people who aren’t bad enough to go to hell and not good enough to get to heaven who haunt the land for whatever reason and are usually fairly solitary and are not particularly good-natured. These creatures tend to also be made of the thin oily airy substances and are also usually similar in size to regular creatures, but usually are grayer, more gaunt, and strange. They live in odd wild places like bogs and graveyards. They are very dangerous.

Primordials: This term is one that isn’t particularly celtic, but I find it describes a group of Titan like figures that are absolutely giant, the shaped the landscape itself. The Callieach is such a figure. As is Mananaan MacLear. Puck is also like this, he predates the elves and fairies and is the land of the British Isles itself. Also included in this classification (for simplicity’s sake) are the Fomorians, a race of monstrous creatures that live in the sea. They are known for being inhospitable and are often combative.  These are no more dangerous than the tooth and claw of nature itself. They foretell deaths, they are the fates of nature, but don’t play a particular role in the lives of mortals unless there is a special relationship made.

Of these various types the Seelie and Unseelie fairies are the ones that are most likely to be susceptible to iron. As they are often very airy and oily the heavy dark metal of iron is too much for them to lift or cross. I have read dozens of reasons by thinkers about why fairies can’t abide iron, and I have yet to see any such reason match the fairy tales and folklore itself. Often mythologists and historians see legends as being proto-science as having to explain something—therefore to them fairies aren’t real but they explain some sort of natural physics or biology or historical migration. I figure, certain kinds of fairies actually just can’t abide iron. I can’t handle radium, plutonium, nor nickel, and copper makes my skin turn green. So I think, they just can’t—no special reason, its just how they are it likely reacts with what their bodies are made of poorly. Whereas some of the creatures called fairies are known to be fine with iron, like the primordials and shining ones.

✨🍃We are like dwarfs on the shoulders of giants. We see more things than the ancients and things more distant, but it is due neither to the sharpness of our sight nor the greatness of out stature. It is simply because they have lent us their own"🍃✨ I snagged this book off the discount shelf! Such a great find!

Surprise (Part 2)

Shawn Mendes x Reader


Word Count- 1594

Summary- You decide to surprise Shawn with both your’s and his family on a special concert night!

Triggers- none! fluff

A/N- hello family so this is the HIGHLY REQUESTED part 2 of Surprise!!!!! enjoy!

p.s.- when I refer to TD Garden i refer to the arena of the Boston concert, that’s where the Boston Celtics play!


Shawn’s face drops. His eyes dilate as he lips separate ajar. 

“(Y/N)?” Shawn whispers. He obviously knows that it is you he is looking at, but his brain needs a moment to contemplate what is happening. He looks quickly from you to Geoff. Geoff is amused at the situation as he can’t control his laughter. “You’re joking.” Shawn laughs as he sits up from the couch. 

You unfold your arms and watch him walk slowly toward you. “Not at all sweetheart.” You giggle. 

“You see my girlfriend, her name is (Y/N), she is in New York for school, or at least that is what she tricked me into believing.” Shawn steps as close to you as he possibly can without making his bandmates uncomfortable. 

“She sounds amazing.” You swell. “I’m sure she is just the sweetest girl you have ever met!”

“Yeah I guess.” Shawn shrugs. “Most of the time at least.” Shawn laughs before he finally pulls you in for a sweet, but quick kiss. You then openly accept his embrace. You have positioned yourself very strategically so when Shawn went in for a hug, his family and your family would be directly in his eyeline. 

“Wait…” Shawn draws out once again confused, “Mum? Dad? Matt!”

“JAX!” Jackson yells out his own name because he wanted to get Shawn’s attention. You are honestly proud him that he didn’t ruin the surprise of the families beforehand when only you and Geoff were with Shawn. 

“Matt!” Shawn cheers once again as he jumps into his arms. Yeah his family is great and he hasn’t seen them in a couple of weeks and yes he adores your family as well, but Matt has acted as the older brother Shawn never got to have.  Shawn has been with you for so many heart wrenching tears shed over the absence of Matt in the past nine months that it is not only exciting for him to see Matt himself, but it is a weight lifted off of his shoulders that he has been carrying for a long time. Knowing that for at least now, your heart is whole, makes his heart whole as well. You catch his teary eyed glance as a smile bursts from his face. His eyes are full of happiness and they only reflect to you. “You have no idea how good it is to see you man!” Shawn laughs. He pulls away from Matt and turns to his parents. Giving them quick hugs and between each time he turns around he looks back to Matt to make sure he is actually there. 

“Hey Liyah.” Shawn laughs, tears still welling in his eyes as he gives Aaliyah a side hug. He gives a few more quick hugs to your sisters and parents. 

“Don’t forget me, Jackson!” Jackson calls from behind your parents. 

Your dad turns round to see Jackson standing with his back pressed up against the wall behind him. “Jax, Shawn will get to you, why don’t you let him catch up with Matt and (Y/N) really fast.”

“You are not allowed to call me that!” Jax almost yells, “Only Matty, Shawny, and (Y/N) are allowed to call me that!” Your dad rolls his eyes as he has heard Jackson’s little spiel multiple times. 

Shawn crouches down to meet Jackson’s eyes. “What’s up little man?” He picks up Jackson and places his on his hip. Jackson’s head falls directly to Shawn’s shoulder. In the midst of the craziness and everyone finally getting to see each other you get to share a sweet moment with shawn. His cheeks are flushed as he smiles at Jackson’s cuddling against him. You lean into his open arm and watch him as he smiles lovingly at your little brother. You catch eyes with him and you bring your thumb up to his cheek to wipe the tear from his lash line. 

“I love you.” You whisper into his ear. 

Instead of replying to you he kisses your cheek and turns back to Jax. “Do you want a pair of headphones for tonight?”

“No! I can handle it!” Jackson says confidently.

“Yeah we’ll have a pair just in case, right Jax?” Matt chimes in. 

After an hour and a half of catching up with all of the crew and families you all prepare for Shawn’s concert. 

“Alright bubs I’m gonna go get the families in their spots for the concert.” You say to Shawn as you lift yourself up from the spot on the couch you had next to him. You have a tendency to give new nicknames to everyone every few months. There have been three nicknames that have sustained years of different names. You have always called Matt ‘bigs’ because he is your big brother, Jackson has always been ‘Jax’, and (weirdly) Shawn has always been ‘bubs’. 

“Where can I find you?” Shawn asks. What he means by this is that he wants to know where he can look for you while he is on stage. He likes to glance over to where you are in the middle of the stage to reaffirm that you are safe and honestly… he likes to see your pretty face (especially when he is on his performance high). 

“Well I have to set my parents and sisters up at the tech booth and I think your family is going to go over there too.” You sat on the coffee table across from him. 

“You never answered my question.” Shawn smiles. 

“I’ll be in my usual spot.” You laugh, “I would never watch one of your concerts from any other spot!” You poke his cute little scar underneath his right eye. 

“Okay, then I will see you on stage beautiful.” And with a kiss on the cheek you were gone 

You helped your family get situated in the tech booth only before yelling a quick, “Take care of them!” to Brian behind the table. You ignored the screaming fans as you made your way back to the side of the stage, your home at Shawn’s shows. It gives you the best angle and he always knows that you are safe. Plus you can always enjoy a quick-sweats-happy kiss while he runs to the center stage. 

Right after Shawn runs back onto the main stage from his center stage under the moon you were enjoying Shawn’s music when someone placed their hand on your shoulder. After screaming and turning around faster than you thought possible you found a laughing Matt and Jax. 

“WE WANTED TO COME DANCE WITH YOU!” Matty yells over the music. Jax plays with the ginormous headphones that take over his head. 

“YOU SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF ME!” You yelled back, you could barely hear what Matt had said. 

“Okay…so”, Shawn begins a little speech on stage, “I had a very special surprise before the show today from some very special people. I got to see my family (crowd screams). I got to see my girlfriend (Y/N) and her family. And something that is really, really special is… as some of you may know… (Y/N) has an older brother named Matt. So Matt, is a Navy Seal which is… the coolest thing ever and he is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Matt has been gone on active duty for about umm… like nine months now and he came back home yesterday and he surprised me today. I have this song that is very special to me, it was originally, and of course still is, for my girlfriend and the fact that I leave for a long time and we don’t get to see each other, but for tonight I want to dedicate this to anyone serving on duty out there. No matter what country you are from, if you are on active duty, or if you are a veteran, or if you have a loved one that has given their life for their country… this is for you. This is Never be Alone”

“WHAT ABOUT ME!” Jax screams as you walk to the edge of the stage. He folds his arms over the top of the stage and rests his chin on the top of his arms. “ME ME ME ME ME!” He begins to wave his arms. 

Shawn laughs at the sight of Jackson on the side of the stage. “Wait I’m sorry one second.” He pauses before walking to the side of the stage and he grabs jackson. As he walks back into the fans view the screams are louder than you thought possible. “So this is Jackson. Jackson is almost four years old, right bud? Jackson loves attention and he loves the stage so he is going to perform this one for me. Boston is a very very special town to me so I might as well make this performance special as well. Again, for real this time, this is Never be Alone.” Shawn winks to you as he lets Jax down to run around the stage. 

Seeing Shawn with Jax always makes your heart melt. You little brother is having the time of his life, the man you love is pouring his heart out on stage, and your big brother is home and by your side. Right now, this is all you need in life.”


It was a long time of studying before I came across this name.  Tailtiu, despite her importance, is rarely mentioned in texts on Irish and Celtic mythology.  I find this incredibly strange since there is an entire festival, celebrated by many different kind of pagans, surrounding her and her death and sacrifice: Lughnasadh.

Because of a lack of her story’s presence, I thought I would share what I know of her, and pass the torch on to others who wish to add their own knowledge and resources. So far, my knowledge of her is this:

Tailtiu was the daughter of a Spanish king.  She was married to Eochaid mac Eirc, the Fir Bolg high king of Ireland. I assume this marriage took place in order to create peace and good will between these two kingdoms, as is often the case.  This is where the story gets fuzzy for me.  I haven’t found any sources that describe what her life was like, living in a new land with new culture and customs.  She is also noted to be the foster mother of Lugh, but how did this come to be?
Her main story tells of the sacrifice she made to create farmland for the people of Ireland, but again, I cannot find any text that goes into detail about what happened.  We know that she work herself to exhaustion and died to clear the land so it could be farmed.  The holiday we know as Lughnasadh was a festival Lugh put together to honor Tailtiu and her sacrifice to the people of Ireland.

As a separate tidbit, Ireland used to hold a sporting event called the Tailteann Games, like an Irish Olympics, just like the festival Lugh created to honor his foster mother.  The games died out, but resurfaced in the 1920′s, after Ireland gained indepenence, in order to help create cultural pride and remembrance.

I would love to learn more about Tailtiu, so please if you have any information or resources to check out, please add them!

The Demon In Him (Vol. V)

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A/N: I want to thank @panic-angel3314 Without her, the story would have died on me. Thanks for helping me brainstorm!

She woke up on a bed. In the middle of the dimly lit gazebo. She can’t recall ever seen a gazebo here before. She wonders where it came from. But again she reliazes that it’s a dream. One that she sadly can not control but her own feelings.

At the entrance of the gazebo, she saw the creature. It was walking towards her.
She opened her mouth to speak. It felt dry and she needed to clear her throat several times before a sound came out of it.
“Who are you?” She ask him, hugging her knees close to her chest.

It came closer to her, so close that she could feel its breath on her.

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Some days it feels like I’ll never find you. Or at least find someone remotely like you. I don’t believe in faith. Every little thing that happening in life is a matter of coincidences. I don’t believe in true love or love a first sight. Love isn’t appearances or to like someone’s face the first time you see them. Love isn’t to feel some kind of attraction to another persons body. Love is deeper. Love is infinite. Love is bigger than we can fathom.

I don’t even know if would love you if I met you, I mean, you could be so wrong. Think about it, you could totally be the wrong person and how would I know. I could find and think of you like attractive or maybe kind and believe that’s it, that’s love at first sight…without even knowing if that is how love is supposed to be….is supposed to feel like.

It will probably happen like some totally random occurrence, you know, running into you at the bus station or collide with you in a door - you going out, me going in - or maybe just maybe I would see you one day when I’m out walking my non existent dog, you would be there running in the park all sweaty and…

Nah, I would probably just be introduced to you at some party and not thinking about you ever again until I do because you actually are a nice person that’s really nice to talk too and we share some interests and everything would just click.

And I would have found you. I would be in love. I would be happy. And you would be right.

—  will I ever find you though, celtic-poetry

Celtic Goddesses Collection

Cailleach is a Celtic goddess of cycles and death, weather and wilderness, a divine hag, and an ancestor deity. Cailleach (“old woman” or “hag” in modern Irish and Scottish Gaelic) comes from the Old Gaelic Caillech (“veiled one”), and in Scottish folklore she represents more of a wailing spirit, similar to banshees from Ireland. In mythology, she is seen as a seasonal deity or spirit, ruling the winter months between Samhain (1 November or first day of winter) and Beltane (1 May or first day of summer), while Brìghde rules the summer months. Some interpretations have the Cailleach and Brìghde as two faces of the same goddess, while others describe the Cailleach as turning to stone on Beltane and reverting to humanoid form on Samhain in time to rule over the winter months. Some folklorists even suggest that Cailleach was a goddess inherited from those who lived in the UK and Ireland before the Celtic invasion, finding inspiration from the Irish Triads that says, “There are three great ages; the age of the yew tree, the age of the eagle, the age of the Cailleach.”

Romans return

I know a lot of ppl r upset about Roman returning to Raw after his brothers death. But try to use common sense. Ppl deal with these type of situations differently than others. Take the basketball player from the Boston Celtics. After finding out that his sister was killed in a car accident, he was devastated. But he continued to play in honor of his sister. He was pictured crying on the bench with his friends comforting him. Returning to the ring is probably what will comfort Roman and be close to his brother who was also a wrestler. He also has his coworkers to relay on, to have a shoulder to cry on or be a punching bag to vent out his anger, sorrow etc. so Roman will be fine, remember his the locker room leader.

In which I can’t sleep, so I’m studying the Celtic pantheon. This is just one version of the pantheon. I’m comparing “family trees” and checking how the deities are related to one another in the Invasion stories. It’s very difficult because only fragments of concrete truths are left. You guys don’t see everything I study because I’m afraid of boring you but I’m still working on my Grimoire when I have time. It requires studying in the blank spots where my knowledge is lacking. My upbringing was based in practical applications of magic and energy work to daily life while deities and mythology where mostly abstract concepts in the background. This is fairly common in older family traditions of “pagan” belief systems. Heavier focus on deity worship is a much more modern construct found in Wicca and similar traditions. I do have a lengthy relationship with the goddess Brigid but there are plenty of people who never work with deities at all. But given that I’m also a historian, I find studying Celtic history as a whole is enjoyable and, above all, necessary in understanding the cultural and historical context behind the system of magic that I inherited from my kin. When I’m at work like this, I sort of compare it to Christians doing Bible study. That comparison helped my friends understand my research habits better than anything.

5 Shows to Watch Now That REIGN Is Over
How many games of Hide & Seek can these grown-ass adults play per season?

Is the ghost that lives in the palace walls there to help Mary or hurt Mary, and hey it’s not a ghost it’s been a lovechild this whole time?

But my love for this show grew along with the tangle of plotlines, and over the last few years I developed a genuine affection for Reign. I’ve spent a good number of Friday nights watching and livetweeting and yelling at the screen when yet another episode has gone by without Mary getting a happy storyline, or without enough Catherine one-liners, or when they’ve killed off characters I’ve come to care for.

So where do we go from here? Where can we get that rare mix of adventure, romance, pseudo-history, and most importantly high-stakes costume drama? I’ve assembled a list of shows to help fill the void, where to watch them, and a semi-biased guide to appeal-level of each one.

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Imagine that you're an archaeologist who's working on an ancient Celtic dig site.

Imagine that you’re an archaeologist who’s working on an ancient Celtic dig site. 

You find a necklace buried deep in the ground and you show it to your supervisor. He says it’s worthless and they have many more like it. You can keep it, he says, so you go back to work with the necklace around your neck. you keep it on every day for 5 months you love it so much and one day you notice a small bump. You press down on it wondering what could have caused it. 

You ignore the small bump, and having decided that you’ve just put on some weight you go to work like normal. 

1 month later when you begin to get worried. The bump is getting bigger and bigger and you don’t know what has caused it when you feel something inside. it was a kick! you realise that you are pregnant and you are very scared. you decide to take the necklace off for the first time since you found it and suddenly the bump disappears! 

You put the necklace back on and almost immediately you belly swells up again. over the next few months you wear the necklace on and off, enjoying being able to come home, put the necklace on and feel the weight of your huge, round belly. you feel so swollen now that you can barely move and you love it. you spend most days in bed with the necklace on and your gigantic belly stretched out in front of you.

It’s posts like those that remind me how much white Americans don’t care about their roots or value themselves. They are capable of being creative and making their own shit but this country thrives on them feeling like they are disconnected and can’t make anything authentic on their own so it forces them into this position of parasitic survival where they will appropriate and push down other people for new ideas or spiritual connection instead of finding their own. And of course this extends to things that are more than just spirituality.

(Also to add I’ll never forget a post on here that was an ask from an Irish American asking if she could work with the dead lady in Santeria cause she felt a connection and the blog was like.. why not something from Irish culture and this person dead ass said: I don’t feel a connection cause Irish culture isn’t as colorful… I stared at my screen for a good 5 minutes. Like already it’s a red flag cause you really will dig into another culture cause you find it ‘colorful??’ And also how could you not find Irish Celtic magic interesting especially when so much western magic is influenced by it? And also we literally got fucking Halloween in this country due to that culture. Like I’m not even going to get into the fact that Brigid exists but anyway…)

It’s just wild to me cause there are so many white American folk practices like braucheri was founded by German and Dutch immigrants that settled in PA that mixed a few practices from their homeland with the new environment of Pennsylvania. There’s the faerie faith founded by white American magic practitioners that worship nature. Like it’s not illegal to make your own path or forge your own local practice.

And like if you really feel that disconnection then ancestor veneration is something you should do. Like they are always there for you just chillin. If you elevate them there wouldn’t be needs for foreign gods they will help you out.

And it stresses me out cause like I don’t want new witches to see posts like that and feel like their own path has no worth unless they dive into something old and foreign cause it’s ~mysterious~. I also don’t want newly practicing white witches to feel like they have no where to go and have no value on their own because everyone should understand that folk practices are simply practices that are born from a certain place and people and they are closed because it would not make sense for someone raised outside of that culture to get it. Also it’s connections established with spirits that have been working with families of that community over generations. Demanding access to them is like seeing a strangers family friend that doesn’t even speak your language and barging into their space demanding they help you in English. It’s not gatekeeping it’s like.. common sense.

It’s not like other people with foreign folk practices have some secret lock and key that only they can create folk practices you can too. You can establish your own connection with local spirits and if they are good to you and your practice has helped you, you can pass it down to your children and the friendship/loyalty of those spirit bonds to your children and then viola hereditary local magical practice.

Also I’ll finish with a witch’s power comes from their self before their local environment or their culture. If you had no magic in you regardless of whatever culture you’re born into that shit will not work for you cause.. you have no magic in you. One folk practice is not more powerful than the other what gives it power is the authenticity of the witch their self and the passion behind their magic. Don’t fall into the need to dig into another culture to feel more validated cause that power comes within and going into another culture that you’re not apart of is doing a major disservice to yourself and how you value your own potential.