celtic dreams

Polytheist, pagan and witchy asks

1. How long have you been worshiping?
2. Do you have a deity that is particularly close to you?
3. Whats your favorite tale about your Gods?
4. Do you keep an altar?
5. Do you consider yourself an Oracle?
6. What brought you to your current path?
7. Do you believe in past lives?
8. Do you think plants, animals or stones have spirits?
9. What do you think your afterlife will look like?
10.Who’s your favorite divine power couple?
11. Do you listen to devotional music?
12. What are your views on virginity? Is it worth anything spiritually?
13. What deity do you turn to most in times of trouble?
14. What are your views on dreams? Have they anything to do with divinity or the future?
15. Do you prefer to party and celebrate or quietly observe holidays?
16. Which deity do you find has the biggest sense of humor?
17. What made you choose your religion over any others?
18. Do you have any food or drink that is spiritually important?
19. Do you have any numbers that are spiritually important?
20. Do you believe in fairies, nymphs or nature spirits?

Once upon a dream.

I dreamt about you last night.
You were sitting on my windowsill, leaning out the window, watching how the traffic drove by, down there, at the bottom.

We were talking about everything and nothing. I laughed at some joke you cracked. I smiled. Your counter-smile reached your eyes. Somewhere between everything and nothing you took my hand in yours. You held it so delicately, like something fragile and easy to break. You held my fingers so softly. It was easy. It was right.

Later on, I kissed you. Your lips were dry, but sweet nonetheless. I kissed you again. You smiled. I smiled. And then we kissed some more.

Needless to say but I cried when I woke up. ‘Cause baby, our lives have never been that easy, that smooth. We live like in a hurricane, too fast and too devastating crushing to be able to just be - like the you and the me, in that dream - to just be smiling, holding hands and kissing, softly.

in the heart
of my dreams
i rest upon
a bed of leaves
made in heaven

you are sleeping
so peacefully
right beside
with light breaths
leaving your mouth

your head rest
upon a pillow
sprinkled with
rose hips and rosebuds

we rest,
our weary souls,
in a greenleafy clearing
in the middle of
a  wonderous garden
which only exists
in my mind

adorned with
small pink cherryblossoms
with the white rays of the moon
dancing all around us

with not a single
disturbing thought
reaching us there

there is only you
there is only me
just us

nothing can reach us there

and there is only
that one moment in time;
when you wake up
smiling towards me,
that matters

and everything is fine
just fine
as beautiful and peaceful
as it only can be,

- when we spend time
in the world of dreams

—  @celtic-poetry, Enchanting Dream