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Halloween series #1

In Ireland the night of 31 October (Halloween) is called Oíche Shamhna (pronounced EE-hyeh HOW-nuh) meaning "Samhain night".
1 November, or the whole festival, may be called Lá Samhna (pronounced Law HOW-nuh) meaning "Samhain day".

To wish someone a happy Halloween, you can say:

Oíche Shamhna Shona Duit (EE-hyeh HOW-nuh HAWN-uh ditch)

If you’re talking to more than one person, you would say:

Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh (EE-hyeh HOW-nuh HAWN-uh DEE-iv)

  • Baby nephew:[about the dinosaur statues he saw yesterday, being slightly afraid of dinosaurs] But they weren't scary! They were my pets. I was the...owner of the pets.
  • Me:Ah, I guess that makes you the...master of the dinosaurs? [reconsiders, hating that word] Actually, maybe you're the COMMANDER of the dinosaurs!
  • Baby nephew:[eyes light up] Yes! I'm the commander and we're all on a spaceship! Well, not the T-Rex. And the Apatosaurus will need to curl up her neck a little.
  • Me:Oh yeah? Where are you traveling to?
  • Baby nephew:To Mars! To find the lost rover!
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anonymous asked:

Do you know any good non-fictional books about Boudica?

I really enjoyed Boudica: The Life and Legends of Britain’s Warrior Queen by Vanessa Collingridge while doing my research and actually drew quite a bit of stuff about her legacy from it (hint: you can read large chunks via google books if you want a taster). 

Also, if you want the context of Iron Age Britain (and I believe there’s a bit on Boudica in there) I also highly highly recommend A History of Ancient Britain by Neil Oliver. That book is my everything; I have been on many rambles following in his footsteps (oh god, the Ridgeway walks, particularly near Oxford, and the S. Dorset Ridgeway are possibly the most magical places on earth. Lexa will definitely take Clarke to the Uffington White Horse and along the ancient chalk ridgeway to the longbarrow). I think there’s even a tv series that goes along with it. And Neil Oliver has such a lovely soothing Scottish accent.. 

Ooh.  This one’s going in the grimoire.

Caim Is a Celtic word. It means an invisible circle you put around yourself for immediate protection if you feel under threat. Draw an invisible circle around yourself with your right index finger by extending your arm towards the ground and turning clockwise. As you do this, become aware that you are safe and encompassed by the powers you believe in; that you are encircled, enfolded and protected.