Lugh of the Long-Arm: The Martial and Sovereign Reach of Lugh Lama-fada

One of the most prominent characters of Irish mythology and literature, Lugh Lama-fada served as the High King of Ireland for 20 years before his unfortunate death at the hands of the sons of Cermait. Born of the union between the daughter of Balor of the Fomorians and Cian of the Tuatha de Danann, he quickly rose to a position of power. What made Lugh such a key character in Irish myth? What was the cause of his downfall?

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How to celebrate Lammas when where you live isn’t ready to celebrate the first harvest.

Or maybe you have already had your first harvest of the season.

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Want to celebrate Lammas, but you’re not in a geographic location that makes celebrating the first harvest of grain feasible around the beginning of August? You have two options:

1) Wait. Nothing says that you have to follow a fixed calendar for holidays, nature sure doesn’t.

2) Celebrate one of your skills. On the surface Lugh is viewed as a Celtic Sun God, but he’s also patron to the toilers and craftspeople. 

Ways to participate:: 

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