can i get some uhhhh playlists

yo dionysus wanna party? - timeless hubris through the ages

[beats away sadness with a stick] - go! away! i’m! trying! to have! a good time!

calliope bae gimme a hand wouldn’t ya - a tale of poets: young tragedies and cursed gods; laughs and fights; transcendental roadtrips and hellhounds; parties and their aftermath.

urban youth: from zero to hero in 11 easy steps - a tale of angst and power

chill in archaic - i have no idea where i found these

chill in celthicc - breeng thy begpeipe lads

chill in classickal - when the music gets so good u wanna straight up eat it

chloe eliz4bet2 price m0od - hella punk but also hella sad

rachel amber mood - hey i’ve just met you and this is crazy but heres my number so let’s burn down a forest maybe

update: new playlists!

tis fkin feelin - i don’t know ok? a bit of pop, a bit of indie, a bit of classical, a bit of whothefuckknows i just feel this way. this is like… january-february mood. not chronologic tho

soft - when all you wanna do is hit pause and daydream