Well why the heck not?

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Some one may find your URL, and who knows, they could message you telling you where they found it.
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Happy 30th birthday Victor Fuentes.

“You’re the only thing that’s keeping me alive.” Thank you for your music. Thanks to you and Pierce The Veil, me and many other people are still alive. You make us feel worth it ♡

Don’t call her/him am attention seeker. They do what they do for a reason. If you think they do it for attention, then theres the door, no one’s asking you to stay. You don’t know what they go through at home. You don’t know what happens out side of school or work. Her head might be full of thoughts that could end her life. His tattoos may be there to cover up his scars. Their music might be the most important thing to them because without it, they’re pretty sure they wouldnt be here anymore. So before you call someone out of their name, before you make a joke about self-harm or suicide or eating disoders or even about rape, think about the people around you. Because maybe they have encounted this situation, or someone they love, has.Just because they dont say it, doesnt mean they havnt been gone through it. Enough is enough. I’m tired of people ruining peoples lives just for the heck of it. No, why don’t you grow the fuck up before someone smack you across the face and makes you realize that what you are doing is wrong.

If you have respect for Tony Perry and will NEVER turn your back in him, reblog

Tony.He deserves the best! And if you turned your back on him because he has someone he loves and you once said he was your hero, screw you. He deserves to be happy. You should be happy he is. He’s been through so much shit he deserves happiness!! He doesn’t deserve hate. Imagine him looking through twitter& Tumblr, and just reading all the horrible things. No you only make yourself look stupid, immature, & SELFISH. No, get your thoughts straight and think before you fucking speak. To all the haters.. [FUCK YOU] & to Tony.. I’m glad you’re happy & rock on! We love you man!

There are people in the world with cancer, diseases, etc. They pleade every single day to stay alive and to live to stay with their parents & family. Yet, we’re over here hating our lives because we don’t get what we want. We’re over here saying we don’t want to live. I myself, have pleaded to never wake up, and if my wish were to come true. I would happily give the years i would have remained living to someone who deserves to be living a longer time. I just wish that people… People like me, would take a moment and appreciate what they have.. A healthy life & body that we our selfs alruining by sliting our skin. A family that loves us but we’re ruining it by believing they don’t. And a shelter. Most of us have this. Our minds are taking over and making us believe the negative things. I, believe EVERYBODY is beautiful, wheather you’re a guy or girl, homosexul, gay, straight, round, skinny, tall, short, young and or old. The only thing i will not tolerate, is being rude. I could be the nicest person if you do it in return. Buti could also be the worst if you do that in return.Cherish what you have. Because someone out there is pleading to have what you dont want. I love you all okay? My ask is always open. Ill try my best to give advice. If you ever need anything just ask and ill try to do it. -celsa (r-i-p-mitchlucker

Every day, when the last bell rings at school, i play 'All Signs Point To Lauderdale' on my ipod. Plug my headphones and put it on blast, walk around and look at everything around me. It seriously feels like you're in a music video. It's so real.

I hate this town, it’s so washed up

and all my friends, don’t give a fuck

they tell me that it’s just bad luck

when will i find, where i fit in?

seriously though. Try it.