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I’ve been away from Tumblr for a very long time due to Uni, my exchange program, and so many other stuff and during my hiatus, I lost so many followers (2000+ to be exact) but some of you have always been there from the begining (some are new) so I thought this is a great time to thank all my mutuals for staying with me and always being awesome. I love you all and I’m sorry I was inactive for such a long time (T_T). This FF is just for my mutuals but I love everyone else I’m following and all my other followers that have always been there THANK YOU <3 

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it’s that time of the year again, my dear friends - madeleine’s yearly follow forever/blog appreciation post/blog recommendations is here!! this year I’ve carefully picked out a bunch of talented content creators that I adore and highly suggest you to check out! I’ve also added my beloved mutuals and other blogs that I’m currently loving. These are all active blogs and they all post/reblog top quality content, enjoy! :)

💕 = mutuals, hey I love you lots!!!
bolded = active content creators (gifs/gfx/edits/art)
italics = networks/fansites

a - d
@ajinzs 💕 / @amigonew / @astroboyband 💕 / @babywoon / @btsgfx / @choigiraffe 💕 / @choiminoh / @chiqkihyun / @candyeon / @celo-mar / @crystalclearpentagon / @changkyunho / @changkleta 💕 / @deluxeditions 💕 

e - h
@fy1ao / @femaleidols / @fymxmh / @fy-jaehyun / @femadols / @gwnghyn / @gwihyonnie@hanichul 💕 / @honeypup / @history-network / @hcangkyun 💕 / @heromp3 💕 / @haecha 

i - m
@ikonis / @johnnysmamacita 💕 / @justhuiling / @jeupstan 💕 / @kookied / @kimseongkyu / @kkukkung 💕 / @kihyunswife / @kkngie / @kihyuon / @ksoosluv 💕 / @kyungiil 💕 / @kim-sangbin / @kimsjaehwan@leejinklies / @lawlliets @meiqie 💕 / @monstax-nm 💕 / @madtwn 💕 / @mauloveskpop 💕 / @minchims / @malegroups / @maerinah / @minhyukie / @monbebe-net 

n - r
@nakamotens @neotechs / @namsoogyu@neweraidols / @nugudols @papi-shownu / @princeyoungho / @pen1ag0n / @parxjimin

s - v
@shiningqueens / @shownu-plz / @senshiofwisdom 💕 / @shinhooseok 💕 / @shinspirit / @sataeminism / @s-nwoo 💕 / @seokijn 💕 / @syua / @sunmilim 💕 / @shawolsource / @sungwoona / @tuanever / @ultkpopnetwork

w - #
@woldiye 💕 / @weirdawn 💕 / @weeklynugugroups / @yooneroos / @yeo1 / @yoongiismyassthetic 💕 / @yangtizen / @yoonwang 💕 / @931103s / @2daehyun 💕 / @06pray 💕 / @6-v-6 

Hello everyone! I recently just hit 10k followers, which I honestly never expected. No amount of thank yous I give you guys will be enough. But still, I just wanna say thank you all for following me, it means a lot! Your love and support make my days so much better. I love y’all so much!

bolded = favs
💖 = special people

[ #-c ]

@10t, @ayoshidae, @baesuji, @busa-n 💖@bwisou, @celo-mar, @citrusomi

[ d-h ]

@dazzlingkai, @eunbihwang, @femaleidols, @forelris, @fyhyunah, @gfriendunited, @gidlez, @haengah, @hangeuk 💖, @hansungs, @heejean, @hyoyu

[ i-k ]

@infinitblaq, @irendescent 💖, @ireone, @itsgfriend, @jenrachi 💖, @jiae, @jieons, @jieunnie, @jmin, @joyies, @kihnos, @kimsowon, @kkuks, @krystalen

[ l-p ]

@loonaorbit, @maerinah, @minchims, @monoka, @nanssagajii, @olivhie, @parkjihyo, @pilsuks, @pingkeujin

[ q-z ]

@quwons, @seonyi, @seuhgi, @seulge, @snowylifewish@sooyulti, @sparkler, @sshinhye, @sunjimins 💖, @sunjis, @sunmiah, @taeekwoon, @yeo1, @yewcn, @yoosjiae, @yoosnjin 💖@yulkwo

En la necesidad de tus caricias, marinero, me veo postrada en la orilla de este mar en celo, cobijada por las aguas cristalinas de tu incipiente gallardía. ¡Oh, que soy tuya más que mía! Enarbólame la vida con la ausencia de tu sombra, pero no me dejes sola cuando más te estoy amando que ya me he vuelto esclava de tu solitario océano.
—  Esu Emmanuel, Sirena.

anonymous asked:

Hey can you recommend some bts and exo blogs to follow ? I'm searching for blogs to follow who are not hating on bts and exo and it's really hard to find some :( btw have a nice day 💘💘

hey, sweetie! sure, here are some great friendly bts/exo blogs to follow💕

@taemcin@chanyoel, @rose-byun, @soukjins, @theseoks, @knamjoon, @jichangswooks@jpgtae@yestaeday@softjiminstan@bbhsthighs@prettytae@harmonixing, @taebaeul, @seokseoka@3cbx, @xiutaes, @daenso@celo-mar@kool-beanzz, @himawariamu, @sehunnified, @qfriend, @kjonginswife, @strawberrysuho@holyfuckmark@bamethyst, @luhan-vevo, @baehkhun, @callmeminseok, @krystal, @r-velvets, @gwiyongie, @sekaisoosgirl, @sowonis, @got7europe, @i-have-a-kawaii-unicorn, @choisullis, @yoongsins, @exolutelyx, @kaicahuetes, @wuyifanxing

Year in Review

So it’s been just over a year since I’ve started this blog, and I thought it was about time to look back at the things I’ve been most grateful for, whilst on here!

First and foremost, I would like to acknowledge all my lovely mutuals, but particularly, the ones who first followed me from the beginning when I was a nobody (lmao, I’m still a nobody, but all good!):

@mysoulsestra - no words needed, I LOVE YOU! SO MUCH 😭💖💕💞❣️

@woomeh - thank you so much for entertaining me in chats about INFINITE, when I had no other inspirit friends to talk to. You made me feel really welcome in the fandom 💖

@vavole - we’ve never spoken much, but I LOVE your edits, and I’m so thankful you followed back! I’d love to get to know you more 😁

@gyujin - girl we have the best spazz fits about INFINITE and I LOVE IT! (speaking of hmu when you’re free so we can talk about the comeback!!) 😆

@d-bsk @9095 @vefh @saramoonwolf @kokodepressed @sarap5sara @xiah @heaping-amounts-of-fuckall @witchreflection @jeronnamo @sassy-kpop-glitter @cyquerslut @igotthisimtrulyfine - thank you all for the reblogs! It is much appreciated (Thank you to EVERYONE who reblogs my things? omg 😭).

@awwfuckno - Laura I’m so glad I took a chance and messaged you randomly, asking if you were secretly a twin me. I love our random chats about Block B and the many other dorks we’re crazy about! Thank you for not being scared away by the amount of spazz and spam I leave in your inbox 😂

@ckyun - Nat! My first monbebe friend! 😭 We haven’t spoken much, but I love your edits (so much), and just want to say thank you for helping me out when I needed it! Hopefully we can get to know each other better next year! 😁 Btw, you’re gorgeous! The world needs more of your selfies 😍

@woohyan @sungyours - we don’t really know each other, but thank you both for providing quality INFINITE content on my dash! 😊

Okay, so next, I’d like to say a very special thank you to 2 beautiful people that I’ve gotten unimaginably close to, in the past few months. They’ve each helped me out on various occasions, and have been there for me when I needed someone to vent to. They’re also my favourite content creators and are the ones who endure my daily spazzes/rants. I always wanted a Tumblr friend I could tag in posts, talk to frequently, and share inside jokes with (I was always envious of seeing this with others on my dash 😭)- you’ve both given me that opportunity, so really, thank you both so much! 😭💖💕💞❣️

@kimseongkyu - Sheri, I’m tearing up just writing this. When I first messaged you, asking about palette templates, I was so nervous! I thought - wow. This person is really cool. I’ve been following them for so long, and they make such amazing edits, they’ll probably just ignore me - BEST. DECISION. I. EVER. MADE! I’m so glad I took the chance to get to know you 😭 Thank you so much for the PSDs. Thank you for your guidance. THANK YOU for being my DBSK spazzing buddy equivalent  💖💖💖💖💖 I never in my wildest dreams thought I’d find such an amazing content creator who not only loves INFINITE but ALSO REALLY LOVES DBSK?! I love how much we have in common! I love that I may be partially  fully responsible for bringing out the Jaejoong stan in you (LMFAO #noregrets). I love our daily chats, I LOVE your queued posts(teach me how to be so dedicated to making edits LMAO), and I’m so thankful we’re friends? You helped me in ways you can’t even imagine the last few months, so again, thank you so much! I really love you ok 😭💖💕💞❣️ p.s. you are the cutest little bean omg 😍

@h1mchans - SARAH!!!!! First of all, thank you for brightening up my dash with your colourful emojis - NEVER CHANGE ok?! Thank you for being my BAP AND MX spazzing buddy. You made me feel so welcome in BOTH fandoms?? I LOVE OUR CHATS - you make me smile and laugh so much! Thank you for being an amazing friend  😭 You inspire me in new ways every day, and you’re part of the reason I refrain from giving up when I’m down! 💖💖💖💖💖 THANK YOU SO MUCH for listening and enduring my stupid and random daily spazzes over how HOT to cute and RUDE Jongin, Kyungsoo, Yongguk and the rest of BAP are. I love that I have someone to talk to about literally everything! You’re my cute Muslimah sister and I just love you so much 😭💖💕💞❣️

*Wipes tears* - now that the emotional part is done, I’d like to say a big thank you to my @mxnetwork family and in particular:

@the-kingkai @the1the8 @girlinawardrobe @chillsone @mindoggo @baozi-babe @hosehun - while I was only in the group chat for a few weeks, they were the best few weeks and it’s all because of you! Thank you all so much 😭💖 I hope we get to know each other better next year!

Thank you also to: @hobibi @tohoshinkidesu and @cyyphr for providing quality DBSK content on my dash! 😊

Next, I would like to acknowledge my favourite content creators of the year. We may not be mutuals, but I just want you all to know I really love and appreciate all the time and effort that you put into your work! 😁

@kimseongkyu / @kimjaejoonq / @hakyunie (follow ALL her blogs guys!)
@h1mchans @woomeh @jdw-juseyo @kkukkung @himdaes @jeonheart @celo-mar @yooneroos @sseuregis @shinspirit @wocjiho @youngjaaes @kihqun @jonginssoo @wontaec @boopshik @dazzlingkai @kyungception @kyungso 

This is a shout out to fantastic networks (some which I belong to, and some which I follow just for good content) and fan blogs for all the amazing work you’ve done this year:

@mxnetwork @monbebe-net @babyznet @boy-idol @d6net @bapnet @networkb1a4 @fy-kimkai @fymonsta-x @bontheblock @inspirits-only @femaleidols @fyeahkard

This last shout out is a thank you to ALL of my followers across this blog + @yeongwonhii and @aitaikute - thank you for all the reblogs and cute comments in the tags! 💖💖💖

Happy New Year everyone! 😊


it’s been a while since I last made a special post for both my followers as well as friends and the people I admire. 

Also, it was like a week ago when I reached over 4,000 followers. How ??? When ??? Those are the questions I keep asking myself. I am really thankful for enjoying my blog (and maybe sometimes its owner haha) and I am sorry to everyone who has been with me from the beginning, I’ve been through too many fandoms I know hahaha.


Thank you so much for making my days brighter. As a part of the k-pop fandom I have met so many amazing people I would have never had the chance to meet if it wasn’t for this blog.

Here’s to everyone I follow and talked to:

[0-9 + a-i ]

@95scoups @-blackjack @acciomyungsoo @affxtionism @agustd @ahh-choo @ahjoomas @ahjuicy @alatarielz @amberlius @amigonew @astrospace @baechys @bamaro @bangtanbighit @baobbei @bbyvn @bearseulgi @bigbnags @blondetuan @boahani @boms-wings @boy-jinseok @brandinator @busanplayboy @bwikooks @bwiyomi @cataerpie @celo-mar @chaearin @chaelins @chewytzuyu @chnjis @choijaes @choissul @choisullis @csmcgrls @cuteyas @cypherkookie @cypherslut @daenso @dahyun @daisynous @deagu @defsouljb @deurim @dimpledjoon @domino-fx @donghyuk-ah @eatjin @empresshoneybunny @eovoo @eteru @favoun @femaleidols @florensic @fourwals @fqzpocky @functiongirls- @fxsdiamond @fyeahbangtaned @girls1k @girlsqeneration @guxk @gyuseu @gyuuri @gyuzizis @gzbrin @hani-ah @hellojungkookie @hiphoplosers @hiraimomo-s @hohsi @honeyqtae @hoshoi @huailang @huneybun @hyeonwoo @hyoris @hyosong @hyoyu @icepearls @idiotae @ilhoon @infinitblaq @isnotcosmic @itsgirlsday

[ j - p ]

@jengkook @jenlin21 @jeonghanii @jeonify @jeonsshi @jessicajuns @jeunbi @jgguks @jiamengs @jikeuk @jimineh @jinmark @jitokkies @jjeoreo @jjk97 @jjks @jjongsta @jjuko @jondae @jonghyunar @jooyhuns @joyaes @jungkoohk @jungkooksgf @jungxook @junqkook @junxkook @justmyperfectgoddess @jwxngs @kairrot @kamikoy @kangs @katypery @key-goon @kihyeun @kihyonie @killergzb @kimhvuna @kintaeyeon @kittenluna @kkuks @kookie-time @kookstals @ladyidols @lalinie @leader-jb @leesunkyus @leeuji @loveoptionsmp3 @lxvelyz @m0nstax @malegroups @markjestic @marktuant @marktuat @markyien @markyieuns @milkeu @minoism @minseok-tea @minsugapd @mlntyoonqi @mohirais @monoka @moodbreakers @mumoos @mywonho @n-yongs @naekibum @naliz @namnambunny @nicekey @ohmgirls @ohmygirlz @okayjimin @omigirls @onleeace @oppartment @orangcaramel @otjinki @pangguk @pilsuks @pingkeujin @pinklightstick @pitapateu @pohroro​ @poongpoongbom @princechann @princesseokjins

[q - z ]

@qaerin @qianin @qirl-qroups @qtaepai @queenhyo @rachae @rosyjins @s0nggyu @sccjung @seolangel @seujoy @seulge @shiningqueens @shinspirit @sighjongs @simjeon @sirjinki @smtownbaby @sn-sd @sngqyu @solosuho @soojng @sooyoungss @sowonis @sowuon @soysuga @stellasistar @suga-desu @sugki @sunmiah @syaedou @syubbed @syubguk @syuby @taeblush @taeguk @taekmeout @taemout @taendelion @taenggyu @taengouls @taenine @taenthusiast @taenuts @taracakes @themany-faces @tohososhi @tokki-teeth @tresmin @ttae @tteonajimara @ughjacksonwang @unnieverse @vikooks @vkuuk @voonbora @vvips @waeireoni @wahlien52 @wangjackseons @whatskookn @wonkyuns @woohyan @woohyeons @woojiseoks @yadoong @yehet-me-love-you @yeoja-idols @yeoli @yesung @yewngi @ygdomination @yghigh @yitaem @yoo-kihyeon @yooji @yoojoeng @yoonkooks @yoonqiz @yooseok @yosics @yuhwan @yulkwo @zionqt

A huge shoutout to @girlgroupnet @palstelnet and @maleidolnet that I’m a part of  ♡

I just wanted to say thank you for those (almost) 4 years and I hope only good things happen to you ♡


Maria ♡


~ Hi everyone. it hasn’t been that long since I did my 1st follow forever but I thought it’s time to let you all know again how much I love and appreciate all of you, and that’s why i’m doing my second follow forever :). Thank you all for being so nice, I love you all. I know i’ve only followed some of you recently but I love your blogs so I’m including you here. 

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Yes friends, I did a thing! I’m really close to my next milestone and it’s the end of the year so I thought I’d recommend/give a shoutout to my favorite blogs for you guys. So here we go! Thank you all so much for making my 2016 this great 😘  also, I’m so impressed that I made that graphic!!! like it’s not perfect but I made the tumblr sidebar thingy all by myself and it looks alright! 👏🎉🎊

bold = F A V O R I T E S!! like these blogs are goals!!
❤︎ = mutuals/friends
* little side note, I’m only mentioning active blogs and my favorites as of now, so don’t worry if you’re not on here, I still love you! (and hopefully you do the same)*

a - d
@amigonew, @atomative ❤︎, @astroboyband ❤︎, @cheoli, @crystalclearpentagon ❤︎, @chu-mins@chiqkihyun, @choi-giraffe ❤︎, @choajoah@choiminoh@celo-mar, @candyeon@doyoung ❤︎
e - h
@exolightly ❤︎, @flowerboyshownu, @femaleidols@gyuzizis, @gdwho ❤︎, @hypertone, @honeyxxxmoon ❤︎, @history-network@hostoria ❤︎, @honeypup, @hanichul ❤︎
i - m
@iam-imchangkyun ❤︎, @inpinitaize@jeonthegreat, @jooheonl@jaetaeme ❤︎, @jooheonsbooty@jinne@junmyeonsexual ❤︎, @katypery, @knkinky@kimswonpil ❤︎, @maerinah@mauloveskpop ❤︎, @monoka, @madtwn ❤︎, @monstax-nm ❤︎, @m-onstax ❤︎, @monstaxmemes, @meiqie, @mangaetteok, @malegroups
n - r
@nikittysan, @ohhsenshine@parxjimin, @poutygguk ❤︎, @ravi-shment ❤︎
s - v
@santaeminism, @shiningqueens@starlight-starbright-goddess ❤︎, @sinsoghi, @sehunsbulgingboner❤︎, @senshiofwisdom ❤︎, @sleepyikoala ❤︎, @santagustd@shinspirit, @tvixx ❤︎, @twices@ttae@vvonho ❤︎
w - #
@woozeok, @wonhobe ❤︎, @w-ooshine ❤︎, @winwins ❤︎, @wonhard ❤︎, @wonhuff❤︎, @wonkyuns, @xiuminsdreams@yugyeomism@yimkugyeom ❤︎, @yeo1, @yooneroos@yewcn@yoongimmin

And here’s a big thank you to all of my followers! You’re always so kind to me, sending me all those sweet messages, requests and writing cute things in the tags on stuff I’ve made. I love you guys endlessly, thank you for sticking with me this year! ❤︎ 

Hello cuties! ^^ I recently reached a personal goal, so I figured it was time for another follow forever. (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ I’m so thankful for all of your support and grateful for the friendships I made here on this website. You’re all amazing and talented people and i’m glad to see you on my dash. ❤ Listed here are all the incredible blogs I follow (main and side blogs). These people is kind, talented, and very dear to me. If you gonna follow them … please be nice and respectful. (✿◠‿◠)

bold: extra faves.

# - c

@-chanhyuks @128j @21bpm@26byg@2ne1ish@98cw@aff-xed@antihanbin@bandhyukoh@banqhim@baobbei @bap-ftw@bapscrt@bigbnags@bigbongz@boahani@bobhwa @bomblast@btsvteen@celo-mar@chaearin@chaelins @chaelinssi@changsoup@choiwens@clthighs @crushallornothing

d - h

@daeiji@daesbulge@deer-gyu@dohdoro @dspapril@endlessikon@eunoos @femaleidol@femaleidols @florensic@flowerkook@fluffybap@flyhayi@fotonci@fy-cl@fy-winner@gfriendunited@girls1k@goojunes @goojunwhore@guhwe@gzbae @hahsol@hanbenz@hanbindoors@hanbins-mic@hanbiwon@hanna-yah@hhanbin@himdaes@hitais @hoeok@hoseoke@hoshoi@hyosong

i - j

@ikonine @ikonis@ilhoon @inclestellar @inrcle @irohino@itsbap@jihossi@jihwons@jinhwn@jinseungs@jinsobs@jisooy @jitaewon@jitokkies @jiwwon@jonqup@joohyucks@jung-koook@junghwe@jungshans@junhang@junhwegu@junhweism@junhwejpg @junnhoe@jungtaek @jyujis

k - m

@kangs @kangsnam @katypery @kayunji @kconet @kiiuii @kimjix @kkreators-net @koojunhwes @koojunoe @kpophqpictures @krystaltrash @kurohaya @kyuunqsoo @ladysprinq @ik0n @lockedaces @lovesoptions @menb0ng @meulku @miirors @mijigos @minjwo @mino-sonq @minooreo @minzees @monoka @moodbreakers@mytaehyun

n - s

@naamjoo @nachaerin @nalizzy @namdiva @namtae @netkon @nilirian @ohseungri @okjiyong @ouinner @parksoijn @pledisofficial @psrkbom @pyomb @qaerin @rhythmta @rninsong @s-innercircle @seohyyun @seokm-n @seolangel @seoulene @seuldwy @seulge @seulogi @seunqyoon @shiningqueens @shovelqueen @sinoshijakh @softhuns @sohyun @songminnos@sowonis @sshinhye@stfnys @suga-desu @sughyun @sunjis

t - z

@taehyunss @taehyunss @topford @tuansgiving @twoseungs @ummide @uwendy @winneor @winner-13 @winnerbutts @winnercty @winnerikon-net @wlnners @wohees @wordsnquotes @wthanbin @wu-fan @yesung @yg-boys @ygdomination @ygfamilyy @yggirlsdomination @yghigh @ygmino @ygnewgirlgroup @ygwinner @yongbyul @yoongivevo @yoonjih @youngjis @yvlsic @zelo @zunhwe

Check out my blogroll because probably I forgot someone. 
love you all (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

I’ve reached 12k followers! (how? why?) As a thank you to everyone who follows me and to everyone who makes my dash pretty, I’ve decided to make my 2nd follow forever. 

bold = favorite blogs 
♡ = people I’ve talked to/my loves


@2ne1ish, @2ne1n, @aerinchae, @ahjummajiyong, @asdfghjiyong, @-blackjack, @bbcsls, @bi-ai, @blondeseungri, @bobbykims, @bo-bbypin, @bobbyteam, @bobhwa, @bom-zy, @-chanhyuks, @celo-mar, @chaemojis, @chaerining, @chaelinsus, @cheonjaes, @chnwo, @choikw, @cl-gizibe, @clthighs, @cutebom


@daesungstrash, @daesungsdelight, @daeseungie, @dara-ssi, @epikcry, @epikdorks, @fresh-vocal, @gderp, @gkachu, @gz-b, @gzblicious, @hanbn, @hanbins-mic, @h-anbin, @hanna-yah, @hbi-n, @hanbiwon, @hello-akmu, @hwan-tastic, @hoonsgf


@incendir, @inclestellar, @innerw1nner, @ilhoon, @ikonope, @j1nwoo♡, @jiclass, @jitokkies, @jiyongpng, @junhoenuna, @junbinhwan, @kwon-jyong, @koojuneh, @kkwonn, @lalinie, @leehidata, @lipbalmprince♡, @mannoban, @mino-sonq, @minoswhore, @michigzb, @moschaeno, @moistmino, @mochiwon


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hello sweeties! this is a special follow forever for 2k15. first of all I want to say that I love each and every single one of my followers and following, and that’s why I’ll be sharing them with everyone! every blog in this list means a lot to me in many ways, such as amazing person, amazing blog, amazing works and so on. I wish to be this kind of person too! some people in this list I follow since ever (at least 2012 or before) and I love everyone <3

note: I won’t bold mutuals or italicize favorites because everyone here, even if I follow you for like 2 days, are special people and my favorites (even the ones that doesn’t know I exist lmao)

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Hey friends! Thanks so much for following my blog and being so friendly and nice :-) To celebrate you guys, I put together a list of the coolest 17/k-pop blogs I follow (on my main cell0phanes) so you can check them out, too :—-)

164cmwoozi - 17-carat - 17-percent  - 17dad - 17shiningdiamonds - 24ksmom - 7teenhansol - americanhyung - andthatxx - angel-junghan - asslord - baby-mingyu - bsbsuju17trash - bxtchrinlee - camera-seventeen - celo-mar - chenchinchilla - chocovernon - choihansoltbh - choishansol - choivernon - chwe-vernon - dinochans - dkjisoo - do-u-got7 - eomchina - everyday-is-a-kpop-day - fightmewoozi - gotnofeel - gyuwoo - hansol7teen - hansolc - hansvc - hansvernon - headphonics - hearteyehansol - hjisoos - honqjisoos - httpwang  - jeonghang - jeonghansmother - jeonghanss - jeonnghan - jkmusicthefan - jnhui - junghanbby - junhuihui - junhuin - junhuisbutt - korean-summer - kvvonyuri - kwon-hoshi - kwonhoshie - l-eechan - laidbylay - like-sebeuntin - low-qual17y - lullacrybaby - mingyu-smintokkies - mnigyus - mvngyu - pink-haneulpihachu - pumpkinspiceboba - schlongbin - sebeuntin-minutes - sebeuntinshits - seokmint - seungheol - seungkwhat - seventeenaf - seventeenfluffs - seventene - seventns - shiningjeonghan - sm17ey - smollpup - strawberrypurin - sugatrash - svnteen-idiots - taeblush - the8ght - thewoozinator - unicornjimin - v-ollet - vern-off - vernchoi - vernon420 - vernonie - vernonope - vernonsbabe - vernonstop - vernony - verrnon - versacevernon - verseols - w-oooozi - w-ozi - watermelonsonnet - wo-ozi - wonwoozi - wonwoozizi - woopyun - wooziiii - woozisl - woozistop wooziu - xseokmin - yaboyjeonghan 

bold - bUDS / very nice & funny ppl :-)

bold + italics = my fuckin family :’)



Hello baes, sorry for tho weird gifs, but park slayoung is too pretty so you should forgive me… well but i’ve reached 2k+ followers, and i love to make follow forever, this time, there are so much more blogs than the first and the second! //actually just a little bit lol// //idk if you guys like me to share my psd so haha, i will not share this time due my personal reasons//

But let’s just start this party follow forever, i just want to shout out my lovely baes right now and stop talking shit… (゚∀゚ )

  • bold // i want to marry your blogs a.k.a my favourite blogs
  • italic // cutie poops a.k.a friends or mutuals or yeas, my baes 
  • boldlic (bold+italic) // my wifeus or bffs/unnies a.k.a rv to my joy

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please forgive me again lol bc i included my own blog joengeuk there lol, i just created it few days ago, mostly boy groups and a lot of things, follow or not is just your optional choice lol, and a big big big shout out to my pretty baes: shauna, kate, kim, alex, katie unnie. jennifer ((it’s probably not me, we have the same name)), cera, armar and the list comes comes comes //actually they’re all my unnies lol// and please message me if i missed somebody! i cant list all ((actually this is almost all of my following blogs lol)), check my blogroll for more!