cells wallpaper

If the Straw Hat Crew had cell phones

their wallpapers would all be of Luffy. 

Zoro’s would be a picture of a sleeping Luffy. Complete with the snot bubble. 

Nami’s would be a picture of Luffy doing something in front of of Tangerine trees.

Usopps’s would be of Luffy doing one of his impressions. 

Sanji’s would be a pic of Nami and Robin reating something he made with Luffy in the background. 

Chopper’s would be of one of Luffy’s many smiles. 

Robin;s would be of one of Luff’s rare quiet moments. Maybe a pic of him sitting on Sunny’s head. 

Franky’s would be of Luffy’s star-eyes when he looks at something cool the cyborg does.

Brook’s would be a pic of Luffy listening to his music, either singing along or just enjoying the sounds.

Luffy’s wallpaper would be meat.