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“Is this room exactly as it was then?”
“The curtains were drawn, sir. And the electric light was on.”

Past and Soulmate

Michonne’s speech is the most beautiful moment of the cell’s scene. Even more beautiful that the kiss itself (maybe because the room is too dark).
I look at this again and can’t prevent me from seeing all the symbolism of her past. It’s maybe something in her gestures, her non-verbal, the fear she seems to have of not convincing Rick…

We could talk about the fact that Rick approaches her so slowly as if he was afraid she might escape. We see in his eyes that he would like to tell her so many things but that he doesn’t know where to start …

Then, in the absence of words, he holds her in his arms, as if to tell her that the only thing that counts is that she’s there, safe and sound and that he’s just relieved to see her, that he missed her. We could also talk about this gesture.

But let’s talk about the speed at which she puts an end to their embrace and that she faces him … As if she had prepared her speech and that the safety of Rick’s arms could make her lose the thread of her thoughts…

And he also felt it when he took a step back to better capture her expression, to better anticipate what she is about to tell him.
He has this worried look because she has this look full of doubts, as if she was afraid to say what she probably repeated throughout her return to Alexandria.

And it’s at this point that we remember that she probably already had a similar conversation with Mike … A conversation where there was talk of not giving up even if everything seemed lost, words that probably sayed that they had to fight for Andre … Yeah, different contexts, different love but same fear of loosing everything. Except that Mike didn’t listen to her …

But Rick isn’t Mike, he understands what she’s trying to tell him, he understands that he has to get into the battle.
Of course this acceptance probably began when Aaron was beaten or when Negan boasted of killing two innocent people … But it’s her own words that give him the strength to stand up and fight in their own way , as they have always done for their children, for their family, for their safety.

No she doesn’t repeat the same pattern, she will not lose her family again. Unlike Mike, Rick will not become the shadow of himself. All he did was to protect them …
The man who stands before her has tried to follow the rules to PROTECT them and now he will fight to PROTECT them.
And that look of relief when she understands that he is still with her, that he’ll try for her, says a lot about the love she has for him.

He became a part of her and she became a part of him. They are one and this is what makes them say our way instead of my way.

When you find your soulmate, you tell him that you could find a way by yourself but that you don’t want it because, it’s only with him next to you that it’s worth fighting … Because from the beginning, you crossed everything together.
When you find your soulmate, you kiss her to tell her that you don’t abandon her, that you will always be there for her, that she can continue to trust in you.

You kiss her to reassure her as she did to reassure you.

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Richonne Cell Scene Observation #256119

Ok, so that scene in the jail cell has been running across my dash all day (keep it coming guys!) and it just amazes me how we got here. Michonne’s speech was amazing, the hug fantastic, the kiss forever burned in my memory.

The thing that gets me (one of the things that gets me) is that this beautiful, evolving, adult relationship that exists between Michonne and Rick has so much history behind it. 

Apart from the J*ssie debacle, we needed to go through those aggressively tense moments in season 3, that growing friendship/co-parenting in season 4, Rick’s mess in Season 5 and beginning of season 6, to get to where they did in 6x10. 

When Rick pulls Michonne into a hug, I’m reminded of when she told him to never touch her again.

When Michonne talks about fighting an overwhelming force for Judith, Carl, Alexandria, and the Hilltop, I’m reminded of when she nearly left all of that behind after the fall of the prison, but turned around because she did not want to be a monster any more. I’m reminded of when she made her case for going to Washington and Alexandria, when Rick was against both, and how she knocked him out cold when he threatened their ability to stay. When she made that decision in the woods to turn around and find Rick and Carl, she committed not only to them, but to the idea of finding a home for them. Remember, she asked Rick in that kitchen if that house would be home. Even then she was ready for that commitment and has never wavered from that. 

As a side note, this only further proves Michonne’s steadfastness and strength when faced with difficult, at times impossible situations. She has always been willing to do what it takes to make something work once she’s committed to it and Season 7 has only proved that in spades. Rick needs that strength.

When Rick watches Michonne as she talks and his eyes clearly indicate that he has just fallen more in love with her (if that’s possible) because he knows he has not just a lover and a leader before him, but a true partner who wants what’s best for herself, for him, for them, for their family, and for their community. Someone who stands by him during his low points, but also galvanizes him to move forward. I’m reminded of the time when Rick was spurned by Lori after Shane’s death. How J*ssie (useless) provided no comfort or motivation during the overtaking of Alexandria. How Michonne, who has seen him beaten (by the Governor), weak (post prison), crazy (seeing things), violent (with Joe and that group), humiliated, psychologically tortured, etc, still stands by him and sees the best in him and loves him and always manages to say just the right thing to make him see the light. 

When Michonne begins to cry after Rick tells her he “knows that now”, I remember the times when Michonne was closed off, to everyone, even Andrea. Rick was there when she cried for Andrea, probably her first really vulnerable moment that whole season. However, for both of them to find that place where they can be vulnerable alone together, took seasons of cultivation. 

For Michonne to look Rick in the eyes and tell him that all of them (Team Family, Alexandria, Hilltop, etc) could fight the Saviors, but only if RICHONNE were able to do this together as a team, and FOR HIM TO AGREE. 

The weight that this scene holds comes from the knowledge of how they got to that point. That it started with distrust and reluctant cooperation and has taken root (to use Hershel’s words) to sprout this beautiful, strong, inspiring, loving relationship full of respect, trust, friendship, is amazing.

We are truly blessed. 

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I understand that it is very important to talk about Bellamy looking at Clarke in the prison cell. 

But I also really like the little moment where Kane is talking to Bellamy, and Kane knows that Bellamy might not be fully convinced of what he’s saying, so he pulls him over and speaks to him emphatically. And Bellamy is clearly moved, but can’t fully bring himself to fully believe what Kane is saying, because he hasn’t quite reached a place of self-acceptance, so all he can say is, “I hope so.” (With big puppy dog eyes, but ok, not relevant). 

And we have Abby and Clarke just waiting for them as they have their moment. We get a close-up of her glancing up at him before moving to go off with him.

With the cell scene, where I don’t think it’s conclusive what Bellamy feels (or if he is only thinking/feeling one thing at all), there’s a bit of ambiguity to Clarke here as well. But here we have a classic example that Clarke does pay attention to Bellamy as he does her. She has known from way back in 1x08 the way he can bear guilt on his shoulders. I don’t think his ‘I hope so’ is anything unexpected for her to hear.  But she listens, she takes note. She doesn’t rush him off in that moment. 

What she’s thinking could be a myriad of things. Comfort in seeing Kane being there for Bellamy? Conviction to get to saving the world so perhaps one day both she and Bellamy will truly be able to feel like they ‘deserve to survive’? 

And I know we sometimes joke about Kabby parenting their almost-married children Bellarke, but when she glances back at Abby, knowing that Abby heard the conversation too, it did strike me a little like - Hey mum, I’m leaving now, with him, and you know, he is still struggling, he is not perfect, but that’s alright yea? And Abby let’s her go. On a level, it does feel a like she’s marrying Clarke off. But hey, might be my shipper goggles eh? 


I’ve kinda been waiting for the writers to bring this analogy back for four years (damn, that’s a lot!).

But, nope, let’s talk about the last scene (6x06) because I’m getting emotional.
When he hid the scissors and said to Emma that was doing some gardening…that’s actually TRUE.
Maybe he wasn’t doing that literally. BUT IT’S TRUE. He wasn’t lying! 
Let’s go a bit back, in season two: in the Rumple’s cell scene seems he’s talking about Emma. He mentions how she was once magical: full of hope and possibilities.
He genuinely believed that; that’s what he thought when they formed a connection during the beanstalk adventure when they let each other chink off a bit of their walls.
Until she betrayed him. It hurt him in a unexpected way; he risked his own life to help her; he had no intentions to abandon her, and he believed her…
Except—with the whole betrayal—you can see that he’s (still) willing to fix her, help her, to make her trust him, to win her heart, and “to do some gardening.”
So, he become a gardener. He become the water. 
However, he wasn’t talking about Emma. He was talking about himself, too.
Captain Hook was also once a young boy, full of hope and possibilities. “Dried up, dead, and useless” is pretty much what Killian became because of revenge.
He didn’t think anyone could ever care for him, and he never cared for anyone else in the last 300 years.
But look at that last gif at the lake nostos’s scene with Cora.
He’s smiling. It’s not just a smirk, or even a grin. This is a hopeful smile. This petrified bean reminded him that there were still possibilities for him. There was still hope, probably the first hope he’d had in 300 years.
It’s hard to deny that Emma brought Killian back to life, she regenerated him a new flame of hope, if only for the few hours they worked together on that beanstalk. She showed him he could care—and did care—only for her; enough to not give up on gardening.
Why else would he be looking so fondly at this dried up souvenir of his conquest? He wanted to bring this little, lost, beautiful and amazing woman, himself bean to life.
So, when he “lied” (*coughs: he didn’t!*) to her about the scissors: it was because he just wasn’t willing to see her dying. They haven’t come this far to get to this point, where he has to see her dying (and the other way), lose the hope and the possibilities.
If Emma ever dies, he’d become a “dried up, dead and useless” person. He’d be no one if Emma were gone. Just like it happened to her in last season.*i’m not crying you’re crying*


Favorite Hannibal Scenes
S02E06: Futamono

“The moment I convinced the Chief of Staff to put you in a cell next to me, you were stamped with an expiration date.”

                          you know what i’m still really curious about?

                                   how Daryl went from no jacket

                                                    to jacket

                                       in the blink of a fucking eye ;)

  so did Daryl and Carol happen to detour to his cell before the fence scene?


(continuity error or not it’s my headcanon forever that they did go to get his jacket and Carol flirted with him the whole way there yesyesitis :P )

Rewatching that cell scene...

And listening to Michonne’s speech, I don’t think she was rallying the troops, there.  She wasn’t there to give him strength or to convince him to fight.

She was asking him to fight beside her.  

To me, she was saying that one way or another, there was going to be a fight, whether he participated or not.  But she wanted him there with her, because she didn’t feel as if she could win unless he was there, too.  In fact, to her it would have been an immediate loss if he had said no. 

I can’t recall the exact ep, scene or dialogue, but I know this is in direct correlation to a moment Rick had with Lori, when he and Shane were at odds about that kid, or maybe it was when they were at odds about Sophia–I’m not sure.  And Rick looks at her and says point blank, “You agree with Shane,” when they both knew that Rick needed Lori to be on his side, even if he wasn’t necessarily right.  It wasn’t about right or wrong; it was about support.  He needed her support.

Rick gives that to Michonne here without hesitation.  She even looks shocked when he says, “Yeah, I know that, now.”

Her disbelief is so great, that he says it again, firmly, “I know that, now.”

They have a very much give and take relationship.  While Michonne speaks in absolutes oftentimes, here, Rick knows it’s an ask, and not a demand.

“ You’ll need help to get them back to the prison or to go back in there for Daryl. Either way, you need me.” ]

This moment is a mirror to their scene in “Conquer,” when Rick hands over his gun.  Here, the fight–the war–is Michonne’s weapon of choice.  She’s placing it in Rick’s hand.  It cannot be done in her mind without him.  And he gives that to her, without hesitation.

Even if it doesn’t pan out, the bottom line is still the same: it’s them, and they’re together.

That’s love.

[Forgive me if any of this has been stated already; I’ve been away]


Oops I did it again. 😍😁😘

Is there such a thing as too many videos about the Richonne cell scene? NO? Good, LOL. I did one with not a lot of bells and whistles.  A simplistic edit of the original scene with no added music, Michonne in her own words, with some imagery to add to the backstory.

A video meta?


 The Stranger I Love

This video is about the concepts Rick Grimes has about what love and commitment look like, act like. He has had to learn and unlearn some powerful lessons in a very short period of time.

@fangirlnovel created an excellent post about The Cell scene of 7x08. I came across a scene in 1x05, Wildfire that so completely mirrored The Cell that I had to make a video response instead of a thesis paper sized reblog.

Some observations for this video: 

Notice when the speakers use pronouns. “You” vs “Us” “Them” vs “We” It’s powerful.

Notice how Lori makes no promises but asks for certainty.

Notice the physical contact and how it changes as the trust changes.

I have enough material from this scene in 1x05 to create several comparisons to Richonne in 7a. So, I might post another video. Addressing all the issues in one video was getting muddled.

@musethedead THANK YOU for your help!

Day 162: did you guys see last nights ep of legends????? mick was sO EXCITEd about those ninjas!! Imagine him telling len about these when he returns fhsjwodisbqjodoshajld

The Urgency of Now by MsWriterTee

This is a remix of the cell scene from “Hearts Still Beating.” Written from Michonne’s point of view, it has a little angst, drama, and a bit of romance. 

Rated M

Palm Trees by cakebythepound

Rick and Michonne have been friends for years. They’ve seen one another through everything – marriage, divorce, new life, and even death. Now, as they look to leave the past behind, an island getaway with their closest friends may prove to be a second chance at life. And a first chance at romance… if they’re willing to take it. (AU.) 

Rated M

Deception by severelybabykryptonite

Rick Grimes is former military/special ops and tasked with protecting a famous actress, the one and only Michonne.  Inspired by the movie The Bodyguard. 

Rated M

Dirty by samanddianefan10

Set immediately after the events of the fateful encounter with Negan, where Abe and Glenn lost their lives. Michonne would always be the soft place for Rick to fall, no matter how dirty or imperfect their world would become. 

Rated T