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This is why girls are so much more employable than young men in all the shitty, less-than-subsistence-level service jobs they’re trying to cram young people into across Europe and America. Girls are better at pleasing other people and plastering on the pretty grin even when we’re screaming inside. That’s what being a girl is.

Girls are better at this sort of labour, often called ‘emotional labour’, not because there’s anything in the meat and matter of our living cells that makes us naturally better but because we’re trained to it from birth. Trained to make other people feel good. Trained to serve the coffee, fill in the forms, organise the parties and wipe the table afterwards. Trained to be feisty, if we must, but not strong. To be bubbly, not funny. You must at no stage appear to have a body that functions in a normal human way, that pisses and shits and sweats and farts and falters. Decorate the prison of your body. Make yourself useful. Shut up and smile.

—  Laurie Penny, Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution

Scientists just stored an entire film clip in DNA

  • In 1878, British photographer Eadweard Muybridge created the first motion picture of a trotting horse by setting up 12 cameras to capture photos in succession.
  • Muybridge’s stop-motion technique is considered to be an early form of animation that later gave birth to the motion-picture industry.
  • Now, the clip of the galloping thoroughbred mare, named Annie G., is making history once again after Harvard Medical School researchers encoded it into the DNA of a living cell. Read more (7/13/17)

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Science in Space!

What science is headed to the International Space Station with Orbital ATK’s cargo resupply launch? From investigations that study magnetic cell culturing to crystal growth, let’s take a look…

Orbital ATK is targeted to launch its Cygnus spacecraft into orbit on April 18, delivering tons of cargo, supplies and experiments to the crew onboard.

Efficacy and Metabolism of Azonafide Antibody-Drug Conjugates in Microgravity Investigation

In microgravity, cancer cells grow in 3-D. Structures that closely resemble their form in the human body, which allows us to better test the efficacy of a drug. This experiment tests new antibody drug conjugates.

These conjugates combine an immune-activating drug with antibodies and target only cancer cells, which could potentially increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy and potentially reduce the associated side-effects. Results from this investigation could help inform drug design for cancer patients, as well as more insight into how microgravity effects a drug’s performance.

Genes in Space

The Genes in Space-2 experiment aims to understand how the regulation of telomeres (protective caps on the tips of chromosomes) can change during spaceflight. Julian Rubinfien, 16-year-old DNA scientist and now space researcher, is sending his experiment to space as part of this investigation. 

3-D Cell Culturing in Space

Cells cultured in space spontaneously grow in 3-D, as opposed to cells cultured on Earth which grow in 2-D, resulting in characteristics more representative of how cells grow and function in living organisms. The Magnetic 3-D Cell Culture for Biological Research in Microgravity investigation will test magnetized cells and tools that may make it easier to handle cells and cell cultures.

This could help investigators improve the ability to reproduce similar investigations on Earth.


The Solidification Using a Baffle in Sealed Ampoules (SUBSA) investigation was originally operated successfully aboard the space station in 2002. 

Although it has been updated with modernized software, data acquisition, high definition video and communications interfaces, its objective remains the same: advance our understanding of the processes involved in semiconductor crystal growth. 

Space Debris

Out-of-function satellites, spent rocket stages and other debris frequently reenter Earth’s atmosphere, where most of it breaks up and disintegrates before hitting the ground. However, some larger objects can survive. The Thermal Protection Material Flight Test and Reentry Data Collection (RED-Data2) investigation will study a new type of recording device that rides alongside of a spacecraft reentering the Earth’s atmosphere. Along the way, it will record data about the extreme conditions it encounters, something scientists have been unable to test on a large scale thus afar.

Understanding what happens to a spacecraft as it reenters the atmosphere could lead to increased accuracy of spacecraft breakup predictions, an improved design of future spacecraft and the development of materials that can resist the extreme heat and pressure of returning to Earth. 

IceCube CubeSat

IceCube, a small satellite known as a CubeSat, will measure cloud ice using an 883-Gigahertz radiometer. Used to predict weather and climate models, IceCube will collect the first global map of cloud-induced radiances. 

The key objective for this investigation is to raise the technology readiness level, a NASA assessment that measures a technology’s maturity level.

Advanced Plant Habitat

Joining the space station’s growing list of facilities is the Advanced Plant Habitat, a fully enclosed, environmentally controlled plant habitat used to conduct plant bioscience research. This habitat integrates proven microgravity plant growth processes with newly-developed technologies to increase overall efficiency and reliability. 

The ability to cultivate plants for food and oxygen generation aboard the space station is a key step in the planning of longer-duration, deep space missions where frequent resupply missions may not be a possibility.

Watch Launch!

Orbital ATK and United Launch Alliance (ULA) are targeting Tuesday, April 18 for launch of the Cygnus cargo spacecraft to the International Space Station. Liftoff is currently slated for 11 a.m. EST.

Watch live HERE.

You can also watch the launch live in 360! This will be the world’s first live 360-degree stream of a rocket launch. Watch the 360 stream HERE.

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You probably have heard of mitochondria (the powerhouse of the cell) and of chloroplasts (gives the leaves green pigment, used in photosynthesis). But did you also know that according to the endosymbiosis hypothesis, the mitochondria & chloroplast were once free-living cells. They were “swallowed” into other larger cells and became a subcomponent. Evidence for this includes the fact that both these structures have their own DNA and can self-replicate. 

AP Bio Be Like

Collegeboard: Cinnabar eyes are recessive in fruit flies. If a female fruit fly is crossed with a wild-type male fruit fly, what is the probability of–

Me: Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell.

Collegeboard: Thats not what the question is asking about–

Me: Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell.

Collegeboard: But–

Me: MitOcHOnDRiA aRe THe PowERhOuSeS oF tHE cELL!!!!1!11

Adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

Referred to by my biology teacher in high school as a “cellular workhorse” this molecule is constantly being used and reused in the living cell to facilitate energy transfer for a wide range of metabolic processes. Cells break down the ATP to release energy for vital processes and also reform the molecule in order to transfer energy onwards, hence ATP’s nickname as the “energy currency” in cells. The breakdown process involves the removal of the phosphate group on the end (top-left in the diagram) to convert the molecule into ADP (adenosine diphosphate).

The phosphorus design is based on the 5-petal Woodland Star flower, each petal having 3 lobes.

Piece requested by @myceliumman.

In honor of black history month which starts Wednesday, I’d like to submit this fine black man named Ernest Everett Just. <3 He was a biologist and educator who pioneered multiple areas of the physiology of the development of living cells. This included fertilization, experimental parthenogenesis, hydration, cell division, dehydration in living cells, and the effects of radiation on cells. During his time, a fellow black scientist named Charles Drew called him “a biologist of unusual skill and the greatest of our original thinkers in the field.” He also looks a little like Rami Malek, so that doesn’t hurt him AT ALL.

Questions about Azriel’s childhood I would like answered in ACOWAR or the next 3 books (or in an Az novella)::

First off, what Rhys tells Feyre about Azriel’s backstory:

  • He’s the bastard son of an Illyrian lord.
  • He lived with his father and step-mother for 11 years.
  • He was kept in a lightless, windowless cell the whole time.
  • He could come out for 1 hour per day, see his mom 1 hour per week.
  • Brothers burned him when he was 8, he was saved by warriors at the camp when they heard him screaming.
  • Dumped in a camp at 11, Rhys and Cassian were there already
  • His powers as a Shadowsinger developed sometime while he was in prison, Rhysand believes perhaps as a way to cope with the loneliness

So, my questions:

  1. Why was he kept locked basically in a cell instead of just being thrown out?
  2. Why was his mother given visitations vs straight up shutting her out (I mean, if you’re just throwing her kid in a cell, why allow the courtesy of a visit?)
  3. Who was his father’s Mate- his mother, or stepmother?
  4. Why did his dad stomach one women when he had the other (why have Azriel if the other woman was his mate or vice versa)?
  5. Did his father have no mate?
  6. Why let the brothers torture him instead of just throwing him out on his ass?
  7. When did his powers first pop up? Rhys half-mentions they began showing when he was in the cell, but implies they weren’t there when he goes in
    1. So, why lock him up when his powers hadn’t manifested yet?
  8. Did Rhys kill his father?
  9. Why the frick didn’t Rhys kill Az’s brothers- by request or are they strategically important?
  10. What value did they think Az held (pre-powers) to keep him and not throw him out?
  11. Seriously, why didn’t they just throw Azriel out and disown him???
  12. Is Azriel’s mom still alive (prob not)? How did she die?
  13. Was his mom anything special- did she have the power too?
  14. What did his mother do that she was kept so near?
  15. Why would the lord acknowledge Azriel as his son but keep him locked in a cell?
  16. Did Azriel ever have a good part in his childhood, or was it just awful from the start?
  17. How young was he when he was locked in that cell? He lived with his step-father for 11 years, but at 11 he was dumped in the training camp, so was he ever NOT in the cell? 
  18. If he was seriously in that cell since birth, how long was his mother in there with him?

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If you could make it work with his character at all, could you fuck me up and write something post mj about haymitch being completely heartbroken over losing Effie

It’s chapter 600! And since it’s crazy, let’s have something equally crazy to go with :p [X}

Heart Beats Still

Medics were running around in the corridors, their resources stretched thin, and Haymitch was vaguely aware of orders being shouted left and right, of statics coming on and off the radios, of celebratory smiles that clashed with grim looks as if people couldn’t decide what they were feeling.

Haymitch hadn’t smiled at all since news of Snow’s surrender had arrived.

His ears were still ringing from the bombing of the City Circle. He had been too far to do anything but too close not to see. Even if hadn’t been in Command… It had been broadcasted live on every screen still working in Panem. The children

He kept on walking, following the dark bulletproof jacket of the soldiers in front of him. Plutarch was talking, going on and on about the assets the soldiers had found in the recess of the prison. Agents of his or influent contacts that might help the rebels secure power more quickly. He wasn’t sure. He didn’t care. He wasn’t hearing a word of what the Head Gamemaker had to say. He hadn’t been hearing a word since he had realized who had really dropped the bombs on the kids.

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One minute you’re standing in a crowded room looking at a strange girl as she sips on bourbon. Then the next minute you find yourself smiling, helplessly, wondering what you could possibly do to just get one kiss from her. Love overwhelms your body, it shoots heart-shaped arrows flying through your core. Infecting every living cell with the feeling of certainty, with the feeling of finally, the feeling of wanting something greater than you’ve ever had before. Love comes easily but in the process of falling in love, you learn that love does not stay as it once started. Love only stays if want it to stay.
You are, two human beings, two people coming from a completely different family. A different past, a past that didn’t include you. You cannot fret on the past actions your love once did. Because there should be no doubt, no fear, no judgement on what they did to once feel whole, to once feel less abandoned. Two different people who deal with problems a lot differently. You are all not cut with the same cookie cutter and everyone has their own flaws, their own scars, and their own stories. In the last year, I’ve learned to fight for what you want but do not fight against her. She can be hard headed, stubborn, always on edge, but I’ve learned to agree to disagree and move on. In the last year, I’ve learned the foods she does not like and the foods that make her feel comfort. I’ve learned the wrinkles of her hands and which fingers she likes caressed. I’ve learned that she will not react to certain scenarios in the same manner that I would, and that’s okay, because I love her. This year that I’ve spent with her has taught me to be patient when shopping, to look through every rack for her because she is so stressed out about finding the perfect dress. So just find it for her, find it for her and make sure she tries it on because she needs to see what you see every time you look at her. I have learned the importance of communication. We might be in love but that does not mean we will reach the same agreement every single day. There is going to be days when we both want to walk away, say fuck it all, I’m leaving, but deep inside you know that one heated discussion is not worth losing the love of your life. We are two different people who have fallen so deeply for one another. I am so in love, that I’ve learned to wait, to just wait, wait for her in the car or the room or the living room, as she spends hours doing her makeup. I’ve learned to wait when she cannot make up her mind on what she wants to do. To wait, when she can’t find her earrings, or her shoes, or her bra. I’ve just learned to wait because that’s what love is. Patience. Love is loving the flaws, the ticks, the habits, that annoy you the most but still you can find beauty in them. In one year of being with her, I’ve learned so much. Love is not easy and that is okay. We are all going at our own pace. I’ve learned to stay up with her late at night as she finishes doing her homework, even though she waited till the last minute. I’ve learned to hold her hand when we walk into a crowded room because she’ll feel solace knowing I’m right there to protect her. I’ve learned to cuddle with her, even on hot days. To tell her, she’s beautiful because sometimes she needs to be reminded. I’ve learned to not yell or get impatient to just sit there until she’s ready to go or talk or just be. I’ve learned to love her family as my own and to pet her dogs every time you walk in through that door because if you don’t they’ll be sad for the rest of the night. I’ve learned to stay out of the kitchen while she cooks because she’s got it and doesn’t need someone looking over her shoulder. I’ve learned to always have a book ready to read, in case, she just wants to stay home and do absolutely nothing. I’ve learned to always grab her hips and pull her towards mine after she’s fallen asleep. She needs that feeling of safety, she needs to know you have her when she’s the most vulnerable. She might cry some days and want to talk for hours and there will be other days where she doesn’t want to say a word, so just be there. I’ve learned to always be there for her, to be her best friend, above everything. In one year that I’ve spent with her, I’ve learned nothing in life comes easy but if you fight for what you believe in, the rest will follow.
—  Happy Anniversary, K.J. You are a never ending book and I want to read you all my days. (V.I.T.)

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your evolution au is super cool! do you have anymore random headcannons about it? :o

I have lots, thank you for asking~! 

Evolution AU Headcanons: 

  1. This AU is set about 3 years from where the show takes place. 
  2. Lance’s species is unnamed so I’m calling them Me’revids.
  3. Lance cannot eat beef or pork (not that they have much of it in space). 
  4. Keith’s tail is almost fully prehensile and if necessary he can use it to grip things with it. 
  5. Keith’s ears are so sensitive no one can whisper without him hearing. It takes weeks for him to get used to the noises so he can get proper sleep.
  6. Shiro doesn’t need to sleep but he does so out of routine.
  7. Hunk has to run every morning as fast and as hard as he can or he gets naturally restless. 
  8. Hunk’s hooves are very expressive, if he is angry he’ll stomp, if he’s nervous he’ll plod the ground, and if he’s excited he’ll jump and clop quickly. 
  9. Hunk can lift 5xs what he could as a human. 
  10. Shiro’s species are known only as Void Walkers and are made entirely of energy. His species is highly sought after by the Galra Elite, but it’s impossible to contain him.
  11. Zarkon is directly responsible for the release of the virus which evolved the paladins- he intended to kill them, not knowing humans would react differently. 
  12. The virus which caused the evolution was considered a plague for Alteans which devastated their people thousands of years ago, but when the vaccine was found, it was considered non-threatening. Allura was terrified to learn the paladins had been exposed to it because she assumed that as humans they might die. 
  13. It took a week for them to change- Lance was first, then Pidge, Keith, Hunk and Shiro.
  14. Keith can read people’s emotions by how they smell. 
  15. It took a lot of meditating before Shiro could calm his mind from the thoughts of everyone freaking out.
  16. The Evolution AU is a completely multishipping AU. Typically I draw Hance, Klunk, Heith, and Sheith, but everyone loves everyone, Pidge is asexual, and Coran is genuinely pleased for everyone. 
  17. Pidge talks to the Castle and Allura is a little jealous of this. If Allura is not around to pilot the Castle, Pidge can. 
  18. Lance’s gills are in his ribcage. His mouth is purely for eating and he can unhinge his jaw. He has an organ in the back of his nose which allows for both smell and echolocation. Because of this, when he laughs sometimes you hear little clicks. 
  19. Keith has pink paw pads on his feet and his hands. 
  20. In this AU Galra connect through scent and share memories through forehead touches. 
  21. Hunk has two ribcages; his primary lungs are in his horse chest, his heart and secondary lungs (backups for extra oxygen during heavy running) are in his human chest. Because of this he typically doesn’t appear to breathe from his human chest unless he’s exercising. 
  22. Keith can’t sweat; he pants. It’s really annoying. 
  23. Lance has to lotion a lot when outside of the water or his skin cracks. 
  24. Keith really likes to brush Hunk’s hair, fur and tail; Hunk really likes having himself brushed since he can’t reach himself. 
  25. Pidge’s bones are made of a self-repairing sentient metal. Every part of her body is capable of self diagnostics and she even grows her own cells that are made of living metal alloys. She is a scientific enigma to Coran and Hunk, but she’s loving every second of it. 
  26. Pidge can alter her voice to sound like anyone so long as she has heard them enough to picture them in her mind.
  27. The moment Zarkon finds out that Keith is Galra (and more amazingly has a tail, which is considered a mark of high breeding) he sets out to catch him which is why Lotor kidnaps Lance to use as bait (and also to flirt).


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hp mood board: ginny weasley x luna lovegood

“before i kissed you, i learned what it’s like to crave with every single living cell in my body. when i kissed you, i finally figured out why chatoic hurricanes are named after people. after i kissed you, i realized that i have been waiting for you since before i was born.”