Have you guys seen this fancy new… cell phone? You can literally take your phone with you and call people from wherever you go. #TBT#ThrowBackThursday

It was 1990 and RadioShack introduced its first transportable cellular phone for $799. 25 years later, struggling to bring customers into its stores over the last few years, the tech store is reportedly preparing to file for bankruptcy protection: http://abcn.ws/1AjMQwF

as you may or may not know, we are swimming in cancerous radiation on a daily basis here on the surface of Earth. I’m noticing kids being inundated with wireless gadgets at younger and younger ages. I am guilty as well! We let our 4 year old have iPad time as long as he is surrounded by orgonite. But I think it’s wise to not have them around any wireless technology if we can help it. Society cloaks all this technology as “innovative and cutting edge”. “Go get the new #iphone6! Get one for the whole family!” Their skulls are not thick enough to fend off that radiation and if we continue at this “wireless” pace, more kids will have brain cancer by the time they’re teenagers. This is by design folks! #EMF #cancer #cellphones #radiation #ipad #iphone #icancer

You know, cell phones have ruined everything. They’ve ruined every plot, seriously. You used to have this plot where the girl is getting these frightening phone calls and she’s trying to figure out who’s calling her. You can’t do that story anymore [because the name is] right there on the phone.
—  R.L. Stine, talking about technology and horror stories.

Do Cellphones Give You Cancer? By Discovery News

Let’s end this age-old question once and for all: Is that cell phone in your pocket giving you cancer?

anonymous asked:

Hello, do you know what members uses iPhone? And what color?😁

i think they all still use iphones (hyuk too still. i think?) not too certain which models tho :c (i’m not an iphone user so i’m not the greatest at telling these apart @.@)

Hakyeon: iphone 6 silver? (or actually i think its space grey…)

Taekwoon: iphone 6 space grey

(i think the one in front is an mp3 or smething. his phone is behind it…)

Jaehwan: iphone 5 black?

Wonshik: iphone 6 space grey…? or silver i cant tell :/

Hongbin: iphone 6 silver? space grey

Hyuk: ??? i honestly have no idea. it almost looks like a samsung or lg too ;;; (and i dont have many recent pics with him holding onto his phone ;n;)

special thank you to my twitter fam for helping me tell some of these apart omg ilu

The mystery of the power bank phone taking over Ghana
This phone serves a dual communications and power base purpose...

Emmanuel Quartey:

Arguably, a smartphone that lasts for a full week on one charge would do more to accelerate smartphone adoption in emerging markets than Google Loon or Facebook’s Internet.org.

One of the hardest adjustments for me when making the switch from my trusty Nokia feature phone to a smartphone was realizing that I now needed to charge my phone at least once a day, instead of once a week. For parts of the world without reliable internet access (i.e. the vast majority of the planet) the need to constantly recharge contributes to making smartphones a non-starter.

An interesting sub-plot in the race to connect the world.

Situation: Missing Cellphone

Leo: Going from annoyed to very irritated
“Guys, seriously. Where’s my phone? WHERE IS IT?”

Pisces: Slightly worried on outside. Freaking out inside.
“Oh dear. Ummm. Anyone seen my phone? Anyone?”

Aries: Talking with a calm voice but anger in their eyes.
“Where the hell did that phone disappear to?”

Libra: Confused and sighing a lot.
“Nope, I’m pretty sure I left it here. No? Okay, how about over here?”

Cancer: Not all that worried yet ‘till something important comes up.
“It’s okay. It’ll show up eventually. Wait…Isn’t something going on today?”

Virgo: Gets upset but over quickly.
“Damn! I can’t believe it’s gone. Well, that’s it.”

Taurus: Frustrated and questioning someone.
“Hey, have you seen my phone? I’m pretty sure you did.”

Capricorn: Knows exactly where it is.
“Now where did that- OH! See, I knew I left it right here.”

Scorpio: Trying to stay calm but starting to get teary eyed.
“Aw man. Awww maaan! Why? It was RIGHT HERE.”

Aquarius: Starting to shut down.
“That’s just great . Someone probably stole it. Whatever.”

Gemini: In their hand always.
“Me? Lose my phone? Unlikely. But you never know!”

Sagittarius: Snapping at people and upset with themselves.
“Stop standing there and help me! I know it’s my phone but come onnn.”