Los Angeles is the only major American city where street vending is illegal, but that will soon change.

A campaign to legalize the city’s sidewalk sellers, which has been in the works for years, is finally gaining strength from President Trump — or rather, from local resistance to his immigration policies.

In the city’s Piñata District, southeast of downtown, tabletop shops offer everything from baby clothes to cellphone accessories to lunch. Estela Peralta flips tortillas on a hot plancha. She chops succulent carnitas and offers a variety of homemade salsas.

Mira,” Peralta says, pointing to a tub of guacamole and describing its ingredients. “Avocado, tomato y chile.”

Her husband, Enrique, is known for making crispy pork skins. When he left Mexico for the United States, his father gave him one piece of advice: “You should dedicate yourself to what you know — making chicharrón and making carnitas,” he says in Spanish. “A pig always has feet and a head. There you’ll have no problem.”

The Peraltas do have one problem though — their little street food operation is illegal.

Selling on LA’s sidewalks isn’t allowed, even though 50,000 vendors do it openly. For years, vendors have had their wares confiscated, been ticketed, even charged with misdemeanor crimes. Peralta thinks the penalties are unfair.

Los Angeles Moves Closer To Legalizing Sidewalk Food Vendors

Photos: Parker Yesko for NPR

Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card Arc Chapter 10 Translation

Thank you again to @chibiyuuto​ for posting the scans earlier this week.

And shout outs once again to @meimi-haneoka and @syaoransama for being awesome and helping/chatting with me while translating.  You guys are great! \o/

☆★Translation Notes Reminder★☆

Disclaimer: These are just fan translations. Please support the official release.

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Free! cellphone model list, compiled:

- Haruka: SoftBank PANTONE SLIDE Sharp 825SH in Aqua Blue
- Makoto: SoftBank PANTONE SLIDE Sharp 825SH in Lime green
- Nagisa: docomo SMART series NEC N-04A in Ultimate Pink
- Rei: docomo PRO series Sharp SH-04A in White
- Rin: Closest I was able to find was au Toshiba W65T in Jet Black. The color of the dial and the four buttons on the top keypad are different.
- Gou: SoftBank Samsung 920SC in non-existent black ✕ pink color combination
- Gou’s camera: Olympus Camedia FE-330 in Diamond Pink, released in February 2008.

All known phones so far had a JP release date of 2008 through February 2009.
Everyone had silder phones.

Was Free! really set in 2009…?

Yamato Ishida: Random Facts

  • Yamato’s name is written in katakana and is the ancient name for Japan, but the way it is usually written in kanji means “Large/Great Peace/Harmony”. Yama is also “Mountain” in Japanese. Ishida means “Stone Rice Field”.
  • He was born between 2 April 1988 and 1 April 1989 – most likely in Hikarigaoka, Nerima. Because of this, he is more likely to be 10 years old rather than 11 years old in the first season of Digimon. Thus, in the second season he is more likely to be 13 throughout the season and 14 by the end of the season (in the 02 movie: Diablomon Strikes Back).
  • He is in the 5th grade in the first season and the 8th grade in the second season.
  • His father, Hiroaki Ishida, is the director/producer of the news division at Fuji TV. His mother, Natsuko Takaishi, is a journalist and writer.
  • His parents divorced in 1996 because his mother got fed up with his father being a workaholic. It was Yamato who decided that he was going to live with their father and that Takeru was going to live with their mother, since their parents couldn’t decide. He figured that since Takeru was younger he needed their mother more.
  • He is probably, at the very least, a quarter French.
  • His French grandfather is named Michel (who is most likely Natsuko’s father), and his Japanese grandmother is named Kinu (who is most likely Hiroaki’s mother). Michel lives in Paris, France and Kinu lives in Shimane, Japan.
  • His schools include: Dai-yon Elementary School, Odaiba Elementary School, Odaiba Middle School, Tsukishima High School. He also most likely got a university degree in Engineering to eventually become an astronaut.
  • He lives with his father in Odaiba, Tokyo in apartment 202.
  • “I live alone with my dad, but since he’s busy with work, I do most of the housework. Of course that means I cook meals every day. We have a lot of condiments and tablewear. I cooked when Takeru came over recently, too. But since it’s just us guys, the place is kind of messy, which is embarrassing.” (Digimon Adventure Character File)
  • His official Toei Animation profile states that he excels in both academics and sports.
  • His best friend is Gabumon.

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Full list of main P4 characters’ cellphones

- Narukami: au Casio CA003 in Turquoise Green
- Yosuke: Possibly based on docomo Samsung Galaxy S II SC-02C in an orange case
- Chie: au Casio G’zONE TYPE-X (CAY01) in Green
- Yukiko: docomo STYLE series NEC N-05B in Pink
- Kanji: Possibly based on docomo PRIME series Fujitsu F-06B in non-existent blue color & with mirrored layout
- Rise: docomo STYLE series Fujitsu F-05C in Rose Gold
- Teddie: Same as Yosuke
- Naoto: Based on a mix of docomo Optimus chat LG L-04C and docomo PRO series Sharp SH-03B (both in White)

I think Kanji only used his phone on-screen once in the entire anime.


The incredibly strange and awkward moment when you realize that Chie and Yamato had the same phone, an au G'zOne TYPE-X (CAY01) in Green for Chie and Black (a non-existent gold trim model) for Yamato.

I guess the director-san really loved this phone. Durable, waterproof, can take a high heel stomp or kick.

Update: I see now, Director-san personally owns the phone. No wonder he likes to (self-)insert it into his works.


Genos’ cellphone is a docomo PRIME series SH-01B in Black from Sharp. Originally debuted in November 2009.

Easily identifiable for Sharp’s classic flip phone keyboard layout and the embellished corner on the shell, the manga version made it even more distinct by leaving the docomo logo in.

See Mumen Rider’s cellphone here

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