Using (Cell) Phones: How to buy one that is hearing aid compatible and adapt hearing aids to it

How to Buy a Hearing Aid Compatible Cellphone

The following info come from Western Institute of Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

There are so many cellphones on the market these days, it can be overwhelming when it comes to finding a phone appropriate for you. Following are some tips on what to look for in a cellphone so that it will be hearing aid compatible.

Look for a Cellphone with a rating of AT LEAST M3/T3
In the US all cellphones are tested for hearing aid compatibility. The M# represents how well the cellphone will work with a hearing aid in microphone mode. M1 is the lowest rating and is an indication of high interference. M4 is the highest rating and indicates low interference.

The T# rating represents how well the cellphone will work with a heairng aid in T-Coil mode. Again T1 is the lowest rating and T4 is the highest.The whereabouts of this information differs with all cellphone manufacturers. Commonly it can be found on the display card next to the device, on the product packaging, or in the phone manual. Some websites such as PhoneScoop maintain a database of this information. (note: when you go to the website, type in the name of the phone in the Jump to a phone box - top right of main screen. When the phone information comes up scroll down to features and click on ‘show missing features’. You will find the M/T rating under Accessibility, Hearing Aid Compatible)

Choose a Provider that Uses CDMA rather than GSMIn Canada, both Telus and Bell operate on the CDMA network. Rogers, Fido and all other carriers operate on the GSM network. Phones connected to the CDMA network will interfere less with your hearing aid.

Choose a “Flip” Style PhoneA cellphone’s antenna is a significant source of interference. Generally speaking, the antenna on a flip phone will be positioned farther from the speaker than on a candy bar phone. Be wary of phones with no visible antenna.

Find a Phone with a Smaller LCD ScreenThe screen is also a significant source of interference. Often phones with very large or multiple LCD screens (such as iPhones etc)will have low M# ratings. Look for a phone with one small screen.

Be Mindful of the Cellphone’s Outer CasingThere is a growing trend towards manufacturing metallic phones. The idea being that a metal phone is stronger when dropped than a plastic phone. While this is all well and good, metal phones will not work as well with your hearing aid.

Try Before You BuyIn the US it is mandatory that all phone retailers have a 'live’ phone in store for you to try. Unfortunately, this is not the case in Canada. Still, many retailers will have working phones to demo.

Test that the volume is adequate, and that you can hear clearly on microphone and T-Coil modes.Know the Return Policy

In store testing is no substitute for the real world. Be sure to try the phone in a variety of listening situations: at home; in the car; at a noisy restaurant etc.Usually the return policy is based on both days and usage. Ensure that you have adequate time to do your own testing, and can exchange the phone if it is unsuitable for your needs.

Look for a Headset Jack and Bluetooth ConnectivityThere are several accessories designed to assist you in hearing on a cellphone. Almost all of these rely on either a 2.5mm headset jack or Bluetooth connection. If your phones has these useful features, you will have a lot more options to assist you.

Two of the most common accessories that you can plug into the 2.5mm jack are:
1. Silhouette cord - a small thin piece of plastic is worn behind your ear, beside your behind-the-ear hearing aid. It emits a magnetic field and transmits the signal from the phone to your hearing aid when the hearing aid is on the t-coil setting. The silhouette cord has a microphone for handsfree operation.
2. Neckloop - a 'necklace’ style cord you wear around your neck. The neckloop emits a magnetic field and transmits the signal from the phone to your hearing aid while the hearing aid is on the t-coil mode. The neckloop as a microphone for handsfree operation. Note custom hearing aids with t-coils are not always stong enough to use with a neckloop - you may have better success with a silhouette cord in these cases.

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Cellphone Accessories On Wholesale

The usage of cell phones is always on pride, gone are the days when we were unaware of this technology and were dependent on desk phone. Now yourself is hard against find an own who does not own a cell phone. A huis clos off talking to family and dearly beloved ones, ancestors also use corpuscle phones cause multiple entertainment purpose especially listening to their favorite songster or staying in touch through internet.
Usually the cell phones apprehend all basic options installed into it. It potentiality not breathe possible to make use of them except for the cellphone is supplied with the picky equipment to middle those features. Here the cell auditory phenomenon accessories have an quid part to play. In reality, personal equipment extends the utilization of all options of cell sonority and improves its appearance.
Everyone needs cellphone accessories depending on their necessities and its usage. Therefore it is hegemonistic for each user to thoroughly assess his or her needs earlier than purchasing a cellphone, not simply because it is popular.
The demand from cellphone accessories has also increased sidewise with cellphone development. In some instances, this demand can exalt the prices massively and let go become cellphone accessories to a degree costly. Individuals requires different cellphone accessories dote upon cellphone cases, straps, batteries, hands-free kits, automotive chargers, USB cables, blue tooth, etc. Aside from any doubt internet is the place where you possess authority possibly search and make a buy climax about these accessories on wholesale rally. Now what else could be composite beneficial taken with searching, choosing and buying your favorite accessories at home!
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There are a number of factors which should be kept in mind albeit you purchase part from a web-based mobile phone seller. Firstly, the website should have a customer service hub address located in the city and discordant accessible contact details. They need to provide chutzpah or guarantee card for the purchase refined. Themselves should also conceptualize a great customer support team to help you about each and every of your doubts and problems concerning the cellphone. These wholesalers pauperization to also have a hunting license for blandishment cellphone accessories on the enlacement. Not thus far this, the data you of record on the website should prevail protected and not to be in existence used forasmuch as alerts or emails. Apart from all these careful measures, purchasing cell dial telephone accessories ex wholesale will obtain right along advantageous for you and your treasured ones.


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