cellophane rose


this is VERY LONG AND HAS MANY WORDS ON IT im sorry i tried to squish as much basic information into 10 slides as i possibly could 

THIS I S an attempt at explaining what even the heck cellophane rose is. it is a very strange and very complicated storything and is REALLY DIFFICULT TO EXPLAIN in any kind of not-ridiculously-long-and-involved kind of way. or maybe that’s me being unable to explain things without writing an essay. i dont know :’)

aNYWAY!!! here’s links

masterpost of information and links and everything you need to know

the cellophane rose blog where u can read the whole story/find even MORE information

a page about my askblogs 

Cellophane Rose

A/N: Here’s my entry for the Valentine’s Fic Off, staring James D'Arcy.  Thanks to crescent-moon-rising for the beta!

Original photo prompt here.

At least it wasn’t snow, I thought to myself as I huddledunder the awning of a recently closed café, the For Lease sign hung in the window the agent’s photo still unfaded by the sun.  

I was being stood up, on Valentine’s Day and to add insult to injury the café we were supposed to meet at had gone out of business, leaving me shivering in the icy February rain. Normally I’d have taken out my book and at least treated myself to a cuppa and the most decadent chocolate cake on offer. No luck today, I stamped my feet in a futile attempt to keep warm and release some of my anger.  

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ive been working on this thing for like 3 days straight and i never want to look at it again how do comic artists do this every day. do me a favor and pretend u dont notice how shitty the backgrounds are ok :’) and also the fact that i blatantly gave up on them halfway through

anyways. this is half an experimental “can i do comics” project and half just bonus backstory

realistically lex probably went through several different male identities/faces/names before he settled in with what he has going now, but. i wanted him to be recognizable