Hey Guys,

So I noticed the other day that there is very little info/printables to help music students out and so I thought that I’d make one. This is a score analysis sheet and the point of it is to help breakdown exactly what you need to write about when analysing scores. We use a version similar to this at school but I made it into a format that is easier to read. Hopefully this is helpful to all of you and if I have made any mistakes please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Thanks all,

Annoyinglycraftydinosaur :)

Thanks for all the LOVE everybody!!

Because of Ben’s recent signal boost I now have more followers than people I follow. Keep on reading, cause I’m gonna keep on writing (and running and swimming and biking).

Don’t get too excited…it’s actually only one more follower than followed. But I’m still giddy about it.


Make that a double day!

Yesterday’s 30-45 minute ride became today’s 54 minute one. I had the time and the energy, so why not?

I’ve really been dreading bike lately, don’t know why, but its just been sucking the energy out of me. But today, it was pretty effortless, and kept a pretty good pace (for me) for much of the ride.

BONUS: ran into IRL orchestra friends who were out biking and have decided to start triathlon training!!! They’ve already printed out schedules and everything. Maybe the Arkansas Symphony will become the first triathlon orchestra?

Maybe not.


Today I…

…biked 90 minutes. Low-medium effort, kept on the low side since I had a long day. I get frustrated when I’m slow, but not every ride needs to be my fastest ever. You’d think I would have learned that by now.

…played the 2nd of two Cirque de la Symphony concerts. Great music, amazing performers AND I even got a few solos. My mind was wandering during the concert (after a very stressful meeting pre-concert) and I almost forgot to play my big solo…realized just in time. Ended up being the best I’ve played it. Go figure.

…ran around and around the park next to my building, interspersed with sets of 10 push-ups every 5 minutes. I think tridad is trying to kill me. It wasn’t actually as hard as I thought it would be. Guess I’m in better shape than I thought.

…ate a burger and drank beer (not pictured)


The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra “runs out” our INC series (intimate neighborhood concert) to Garvan Gardens in Hot Springs, AR.

Elgar: Introduction and Allegro
Higdon: Soliloquy for English Horn and Strings
Vaughn-Williams: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis
Bartok: Romanian Folk Dances

Anthony Chapel at 6:30pm


A double day of a different kind…

Left Little Rock at 9:30 to play 3 outreach programs with the Quapaw Quartet in Heber Springs. (And enjoyed lunch at a Mexican/Chinese restaurant where I only had about 7 tortilla chips instead of 3 baskets…)

Made it back home a little after 4:30…squeezed in a set of push-ups and sit-ups during my one hour off and jumped in the shower and was on the road to Hot Springs by 5:30.

Played a concert with the Muses Creative Artistry Project. I played the Sarabande from the 2nd Bach Suite and the Rutter Requiem.

Back home now and enjoying a glass of Cupcake Chardonnay. I’m tired!!! Teaching starts at 9am tomorrow!

Performed Brahms B Major Trio this evening with ARmusica. Definitely one if the harder pieces in the trio repertoire for cello. Good thing I’ve already performed it several times!

We had fun and had a good crowd despite the sever storms and threats if tornadoes! (I think the lightning and thunder added dramatic effect)


5 (more) miles done.

Yes, I do realize I took (almost) the exact same picture this morning in the exact same clothes. But I barely sweat at all on this morning’s two miles, and I really don’t need to smell great when I’m running on my own. And frankly, thats just too much laundry.

I’m feeling really good about myself today. Up early to run with Beth, healthy oatmeal breakfast, picked up healthy groceries, a few nice walks with Diays, a few hours of good practice time (Rococo Variations, Ligeti Sonata, and Lyric Excerpts) and now a quick dinner, a few minutes of down time, and then our 2nd performance of the Nutcracker.

Hope everyone is having a great Saturday!

Flashback Friday

…last night during the Quapaw Quarter performance at the Capital Hotel. I was talking about the 4th movement of Bartok: String Quartet No. 4 (which is all pizzicato) and demonstrating some if the effects.

But somehow it looks like I’m about to crush my cello and attack somebody.


I spent my afternoon trying to figure out how to play a tricky passage in George Crumb’s “Black Angels”…he asks you to play with the bow on the opposite side of your hand (so everything gets reversed)…its supposed to sound like a “consort of viols”…

It sounds pretty cool if you do it right, most quartets don’t even try cause its difficult…last time I played the piece we were on a time crunch, so we didn’t even try this method of playing, but this time around we have a bit more time to make it work, so we are giving it a shot…