cello exam

clarinetplayingpenguin  asked:

13 and 25 from the music asks thing ❤️🎶

13. Are you a march, concerto, fugue, caprice, fantasia, ode, nocturne, waltz, variation, suite, sonata, rhapsody, symphony, prelude, fanfare, or minuet?

Suite - as I suppose I can have contrasting moods at different times of the day - and I like light-hearted, humorous things, like dances in a suite (though symphony is my favourite of all the types of music 😁)

25. How often do you usually practice?

Leading up to my cello exam in March, I practised once or twice every day. But now that I currently don’t have any orchestra or exam pieces to work towards, to be honest I just play cello whenever I feel like it, several times a week (that doesn’t sound very good… I should be practising more 😂)
I tend to play keyboard on most days (and recently I’ve become quite obsessed with learning acoustic guitar and recorder 😊)

Thank you 😀😀😀