cello art

Butt music. Literally.

This is taken from the painting: The Garden of Earthly Delights

Now look closely…

And if you are curious as to what it sounds like here is the music for this artwork here it is:

You learn something new everyday ;)


“Lance, you’re holding the violin on the wrong shoulder! Keith, take off your gloves! Shiro, try to keep up!”

Voltron string chamber AU. Someone help these losers.

EDIT: galra orchestra here!

*looks into the camera like she’s on the office*
tfw when u hurt and ur boyfrend has 2 carry u lmao lyk and subrscirble 

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The Trio, Tokyo, Japan (c.1898-1901). Lilla Cabot Perry (American, 1848-1933). Oil on canvas. Fogg Museum of Art.

In 1897 Perry’s husband received a teaching position in Japan, as an English professor at the Keiogijku University. Lilla Perry met Okakura Kakuzō, one of the Imperial Art School co-founders. Perry’s involvement with the Asian art world greatly influenced her work and made it possible for her to develop a unique style that brought together western and eastern aesthetic traditions.

Michael can’t flirt but he can do this

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