Never Knew (Peter Parker x Reader)

You were sitting on the stage in the strings section. Row three, seat one, at the edge of the stage. The orchestra sat in a large half circle, aimed out towards the audience. The bright spotlights blinded you when they flashed on. Murmurs and quiet applauding came from the dark area to your left, the viewers of your class’ last performance. You slowly trailed your eyes across the people you could see. You scanned the seat your mother should be sitting in. It was empty. But surprisingly, the seat next to it was not. Peter Parker, your crush, was here. (Flashback) You shyly approached his locker, wondering how you should address the situation. Something you hadn’t accounted for, however, was that Peter was at his locker, smiling and waving at you. You hurried up to him, gripping the ticket tightly between your thumb and pointer finger. “Hey (Y/N)! What’s up?” Crap. I haven’t talked to him before, what the hell do I say? “Hey Peter umm… I’m … Well I’m in the … Uh …. The-the orchestra is doing a show… Performance.. thingy next week Tuesday at 7pm and uh.. I have an extra ticket and was wondering if you’d uh, come watch?” Goddamn it, (Y/N)! Why’d you have to stutter so much? You sounded so stup- “I’d love to! You play cello, right?” You nodded just as the bell rang. Quickly, you shoved the ticket into his hands and ran to class. (Flashback end) He actually came. The conductor tapped his stand with his wand. Slowly, the band began their piece. You calmed down instantly, getting lost in the music. You played perfectly. The piece had three solos, but the only one you cared about was the one for cello, which was bestowed upon you. As your moment came, the violinist in front of you adjusted a mic to the centre of your instrument. You slid your bow along the strings of the cello, creating such a beautiful melody. When you finished and were applauded, you smiled. The orchestra played a few other pieces before the show ended. You exited the backstage area after putting away your prized possession. A person came behind you and placed their arms around your waist. You tried to turn around, but then you smelled their cologne. Peter. “You played wonderfully,” he whispered in your ear with a heartfelt tone that made your heart melt. “I’ve always loved classical music, but I love it a million times more when you’re playing.” You smiled gently and whispered back, “I never knew.” “Well now that you do,” he gently pressed you even more into his embrace, “will you play for me?” “Only if it counts as a date,” you reply quietly. He turns you around to face him, keeping one hand on your waist, the other moving to cup your cheek and bring you into a sickeningly sweet kiss.

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Every year my marching band goes to Disneyland.
I can go this year only thing… I need a way to earn money.
I rarely get asked to babysit, so not that. And I just turned 15, so I can’t get a real job yet
Any ideas?
Thank you!!!!

While we just finished breakfast and are preparing ourselves for today’s show here in #poland at the #castlefest, our producer #joostvandenbroek just send word that the #cello (performed on by #DavidFaber) and #violin (performed on by #BenMathot) recordings for our upcoming album are a wrap!!

#xandrianova #newalbum #recordingnow #sandlanestudios (bij Sandlane Recording Facilities)

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Someone buy or make this for me. I have a great need. 

The sympathetic Drone Cello is a hybrid cello with 10 sympathetic strings and an automatic drone generated by a hurdy gurdy-style wheel, engineered by Fred Carlson and Suzy Norris and played by musician and composer Nathan Barr