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Acceptance - Taeyong (M)

A/N: I know… it’s pretty rushed… honestly I could’ve made a series out of this prompt but I don’t got time for that so it’s a one-shot… and referring to the baby was weird af bc i didn’t wanna make up a name… tried to keep it general but asdfghjkl

and Happy Belated Birthday Zey! @taeyongbelviso

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Pairing: Reader x Taeyong ft. Mark

Genre: Angst, Smut

Word Count: 2,505

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I’m just saying. We have all this technology but we don’t have any way to make 0 calorie food or pills that destroy fat cells. Like. Priorities pls. Thanks.

Don’t get sciencey with me and say it’s impossible. Or unsafe. Shhh. Let me live life


MERRY CHRISTMAS @parasite-ghost U HUGE MEME i think this took me… at most 10+ hours to do…  from start to finish holy sh ti but bruh it was worth every hour and minute and second >w0/ i hope you like it!!

me: *dissociates during school*

my parents: why can’t you control your dissociation you keep missing school and you keep falling behind why can’t you just be normal we want to fix you but you don’t want to be fixed we’re tired of all of this and just want you to get better you have too many problems and you need to get this stuff under control


i had a preliminary phone interview for a scientist position today at 9:30 and got a call back for an in-person interview less than two hours later!! ill be interviewing on monday 😆

send prayers/good vibes/extra brain cells my way pls