How can an octopus be so colorful? 🐙 🌈

Many cephalopods have special cells in their skin tissue called chromatophores, which enable them to change color rapidly. A part of their neuromuscular system, these cells receive signals from the environment than an octopus can use to inform color change. Chromatophores can help octopodes like this one in Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary blend in with their surroundings or flash a warning to predators! 


— off limits | 02 (m)

pairing— kim seokjin x reader
genre/warnings— smut, dirty talk, dom! Jin 
words— 7,520

:: summary— you’ve been lusting after your brother’s best friend for a while now, ever since you met him at a house party, flirting it up a storm as you failed to realise who the other was. That was months ago now and things are still awkward, but you can’t ignore the sexual tension that’s simmers between the two of you…and it keeps getting worse…

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Artist Alley Gothic

(co-authored by @kytri and @spazzbot)

- You’re not sure what time it is. There are no windows. It is both noon and midnight. Time does not exist.

- The florescent lights do not change. They are eternal, they blaze upon you like stars. You saw the sun once, though you don’t really remember.

- There is food somewhere. The table next to you has food. It’s chicken nuggets and fries. You go to get food. It’s nuggets and fries. It's​ the only food for miles. You’ve never eaten anything else. You are so hungry.

- You saw a print you liked. You go to find it, but you can’t. There are so many tables, so many prints. The table is gone, the artist is nowhere to be seen. Maybe they were never there.

- You try to find table F6. You’ve been through the alley ten times. You’ve seen the same prints and plushies over and over. Table F6 is nowhere. You are growing old.

- There is a sound echoing from somewhere. It is loud and shakes the floor. You cannot find the source.

- You have no cell signal. You stand on the chair, but get nothing. The outside world ceases to exist. Your face is on a milk carton somewhere.

prompt #15 (Theo Raeken)

15. “you shouldn’t be so trusting darling, the world is a dangerous place.” “you don’t scare me.” “I should.” Requested by @thesaraaaaahpfan

this ended up being really long because I got really carried away so I hope you like it! xoxoxo​

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“Are we really sure it’s Theo or could it like be someone that just looks like him?” I questioned my brother Scott for the hundredth time.

“y/n it’s him.” Scott said rolling his eyes and handing me a helmet.

“but like did you hear him talk or just taking stilinski’s word.” I said putting on my helmet.

Scott didn’t answer me just pulled out of the driveway. Earlier we got a call from Sheriff Stilinski saying he picked up Theo along with two other werewolves. We were going to see them and hopefully get them out so we could protect them. We pulled in the station where Lydia and Malia met us. Quinn, the newest werewolf in town also joined us.

“where are they?” Scott asked rushing in the station. 

Sheriff Stilinski and Deputy Parrish sat in front of a monitor. We crowded around the monitor seeing two other werewolves along with thee Theo Raeken. I felt my heart rate racing just at the sight of him. If there was one person that could make me crazy it was him.

“I didn’t murder anyone! Come one just tell them who you killed.” Theo yelled at the two other werewolves.

“murder?” I questioned looking at my brother.

“the two other werewolves are being charged with murder. We found three bodies in pretty bad shape right near where these three were found.” Deputy Parrish explained.

“we need to get them out of here, there are hunters a lot of them.” Scott said looking at Stilinski hopeful.

“Scott their being charged with murder, they’re not going anywhere.” Sheriff Stilinski said looking at us.

I looked back at the monitor seeing the one werewolf getting in Theo’s face getting angrier. 

“look Sheriff I didn’t want to have to tell you this but one of your deputies is working with the hunters.” Scott said gesturing to Quinn.

Quinn told Stilinski of the deputy that shot her in the head.

“there is a couple of holes in your story.” Stilinski said looking at Quinn.

“well maybe because there was a hole in her head.” I sassed rolling my eyes at him.

Malia started laughing really loudly making the tension in the room rise. Our attention was turned back to the monitor when Theo and the other werewolf started yelling at each other. He finally admitted that they killed people. Theo smirked looking at the camera. Another deputy came over letting Theo out. I walked over to the window peeking out.

“uh Scott you might want to see this.” I said feeling a shiver run down my spine.

They were outside, a lot of them. Scott and the others came over looking out at the hunters.

“what’s going on guys?”

I turned around catching sight of the one person I had no desire of seeing. Theo Raeken.

“we're trapped.” Scott said looking at all of us.

“still don’t think one of your deputies is double crossing you.” I said rolling my eyes.

Stilinski walked over to the window seeing Monroe standing with Gabe and Nolan.

“I’ll go talk to them.” He said walking outside.

I stepped back from the window sitting on the empty bench. Theo glances at me making me roll my eyes at him. You might be wondering at this point what happened. Well it’s a long story so I hope you’ve got time. You see ever since Theo came to beacon hills there was always something there. I was the first one to get close to him, in fact Scott trusted him because I did. That was my first mistake. I’m usually a better judge of character but I guess his good looks and charming personality fooled me. I still remember the night he kissed me. He made me feel like I was the only girl in the world, that was my second mistake. My third mistake I regret most of all, telling him I loved him. He promised me that he loved me too but it was all a lie. Eventually the real Theo shown through and Kira sent him to hell where he rightfully belonged. He didn’t stay there unfortunately. Liam being young and dumb brought him back. He tried to use his charm on me again but I was much wiser this time around. He hasn’t let up and neither have I. I wasn’t going to let him take advantage of me, not again. I’m not the fragile girl I once was.

 "Malia are you okay?“ Theo asked coming to stand by me.

"shut up.” Malia growled at him.

I looked at Malia than at Scott.

“we need to get the hell out of here.” Malia said pacing around the room.

“there’s only a dozen hunters out there, we could take them.” Lydia said looking out the window.

“Scott we can’t leave them, they’re the last of Satomi’s pack.” Liam said.

“Don’t worry we’ll get out of here, all of us.” Scott said looking at all of us.

I grab the keys walking over to Liam. Theo comes over grabbing my arm.

“you’re seriously letting them go?” He asked looking at me like I was crazy.

“yeah you got a problem?” I asked putting my hands on my hips.

“they killed people what if they hurt you?” Theo said looking at me.

“honestly, I trust them more than I trust you so I’m willing to take my chances.” I said turning away but Theo grabbed my arm again.

“you shouldn’t be so trusting darling, the world is a dangerous place.” He whispered dangerously close to me.

“you don’t scare me.” I said glaring at him.

“I should.” He said letting go of my arm.

“I got them.” Liam said coming out followed by the two wolves.

“everyone ready?” Scott asked looking at us.

“Ready.” Liam said showing his claws.

Everyone said they were ready but Theo. I elbowed him in the side sending him a glare.

“yeah whatever.” He said showing his claws.

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“alright on three.” Scott said preparing to run out but Stilinski came in telling us to stop.

“We can take them.” Lydia said glaring at the Sheriff.

“No one is hurting anyone, now get away from the doors and windows and Parrish take them back to their cell. They’re giving us until midnight to hand over the wolves dead or alive” He orders.

“so what do we do?” Scott asked him worrying about us.

“we prepare for a siege.” Sheriff says.

We started moving desks and cabinets to block the doors and the windows. I was trying to push a filing cabinet but it was too heavy. I put my whole body in to it and suddenly it moved with ease. I looked up to see Theo pushing it, the same stupid smirk on his face.

“I didn’t need your help you dumbass.” I said rolling my eyes.

“I think you meant to say thank you.” He said smirking at me.

“no I meant to say you’re a dumbass.” I said walking away from him.

I could hear him chuckle as I walked away. I walk over to where Quinn and Lydia were talking.

“the hunters are jamming the cell signal and the radio.” Quinn says looking out paranoid.

“there isn’t a jammer big enough to do all of that.” I said looking at both the girls.

“meaning what?” Quinn asked confused.

“meaning that someone in here is doing it.” Lydia said looking at the deputies.

As soon as she said that the lights in the station went out. The only light was the light coming from their cars outside. I move closer to Scott feeling safer next to him. A deputy comes in throwing Nolan to the floor. She holds up a pare of bolt cutters signifying that Nolan cut the power.

“Nolan? You’re a liar and sick in the head! I should just kill you now.” Liam growls.

“please don’t. Don’t make me go back outside. She’ll know I screwed up.” Nolan begs looking at all of us.

“lock him up.” Stilinski orders one of the deputies.

I had to take a step back, this was all beginning to be too much. I went to the bathroom splashing some cold water on my face. I looked up to see Theo standing behind me. I jumped a little off guard by him suddenly appearing.

“what do you want.” I asked drying my hands.

“we need to leave. now.” Theo said looking at me.

“we can’t leave, not without them.” I said crossing my arms over my chest.

“well we’re going to have too unless you want to watch everyone die.” Theo growls.

“we can’t leave them they have nobody and you of all people should know what that feels like.” I seethed.

A look of hurt crosses his facial features but only for a second.

“look I get it you lost people but your dead friends they’re dead and they aren’t coming back.” He growled again.

I smirked before punching Theo right in the face. I wasn’t that strong but when I was angry I could be a firecracker. Theo held his bloody nose glaring at me.

“by the way i’m still working on my anger.” I smirked walking out of the room.

“good to know.” He said wiping his nose and following me out.

We didn’t get very far before Parrish yelled.


I didn’t have time to think, it all happened so fast. Theo grabbed my arm pulling me to him. His hands flew to my ears putting pressure on them. The bang shook the entire room. Smoke filled the room making it hard to see. Theo held a tight grip on me.

“are you okay.” He said loudly.

I started coughing as the smoke entered my lungs. Theo picked me up dragging me back to the bathroom. My vision started to get clear again.

“y/n talk to me. are you okay?” He asked again looking at me.

I could finally see again. The first thing that I saw was blood coming from his ears. He protected my ears which left his uncovered. He also covered my body with his making sure I wouldn’t get hurt.

“your ears.” I said wiping some of the blood with my fingers.

“I’ll be okay once the ringing stops.” He said smiling a little bit.

I grabbed a paper towel wiping the blood from his ears. He didn’t say anything just studied my face with that same stupid smirk.

“this doesn’t mean anything.” I said continuing to clean off the blood.

“whatever you say.” He says smirking.

We walk back out seeing now that the smoke has cleared. I could hear Scott growling in the holding cell. I guess the wolves weren’t as innocent as they looked. Theo was right I shouldn’t trust them. Deputy Parrish takes Nolan to a different room telling another deputy to keep an eye on him.  I walk over to where Lydia was standing pulling her in a hug.

“what happened to you and Theo?” She questioned looking at Theo who kept his eyes on me the entire time.

I was about to tell her when an arrow flew through the window right past our faces. It landed in a support beam just near Parrish. I looked out through the little hole in the window to see Gabe smirking. I grabbed the arrow in case it was poisoned with anything. A piece of fabric falls from it. I grab it seeing it as a bloody seven.

“Brett.” I said clutching the fabric.

I could feel my blood boil. I clench my fists trying not to explode. They aren’t going to get away with this.

“they’re just trying to rattle us.” Lydia says

“I think it’s working.” Theo says walking over to me.

He puts his hands on top of mine unclenching my fists.

“breath.” He says leaning closer to me.

Theo always knew what I needed, that’s what I hated most about him. I let out a deep breath squeezing his hands. We were interrupted by a loud scream. We all ran to the source to see one of the deputies hanging from the ceiling. Sherriff Stilinski and Parrish rush past us to cut him down. I suddenly felt this overwhelming fear. I didn’t know what it was but it scared the hell out of me.

“I didn’t do anything, he just lost it.” Nolan said showing that he was still handcuffed.

I could feel my breathing become heavier as the chill ran down my spine.

“oh god we’re never getting out of here.” the other deputy said rocking back and forth in the chair.

she repeats that a few more times before removing her pistol and aiming it at her own head.

“no wait.” I called lunging forward but I was too late.

blood splatters all over the wall behind her and all over me. I stand there shocked looking at her lifeless body. Scott pulls me away wiping the blood off my face. He sits me down on the bench and soon I am joined by Theo. He wraps an arm around my shoulder offering his embrace. Normally I’d push him away but I needed it right now. I leaned in to his embrace laying my head on his shoulder. I just watched someone commit suicide right in front of me and there was only ten minutes until the hunters would break down the door guns blazing. The two bodies are brought out to be disposed of later. Everyone crowds in the room wondering what to do next. Lydia walks over kneeling down beside the bodies. 

“it wasn’t just panic. It’s here with us.” Lydia says stepping away from the bodies.

“and it’s only ten minutes until midnight.” Scott said looking up at the clock.

“I already have two bodies I’m not about to give Monroe two more.” Sheriff Stilinski says.

Suddenly I had an idea.

“two bodies.” I said quickly sitting up.

Everyone looked at me confused.

“she said dead or alive right, and she’s never actually seen what the werewolves look like.” I said hoping they’d catch on.

“we have two bodies right here.” Scott finished for me.

Everyone agrees with my plan because it was the only plan that we had right now. We stripped them of their uniforms and place them in body bags. Sheriff Stilinski fires two more shots to trick the hunters.

“wait you guys can’t go outside.” Sheriff says looking at the wolves.

“I’ll go.” I said but was quickly shut down by Theo and Scott.

“Not a chance.” Scott said.

“If you’re going I am too I don’t care if they shoot at me.” Theo said coming to stand beside me.

“they only wanted them not us anyways.” Scott says.

Stilinski shakes his head in agreement. Scott, Theo, Sheriff and I drag the body bags outside. Monroe doesn’t look impressed.

“let me see their faces.” She demands looking at us.

Scott and I slowly unzip the bags so just their faces are showing.

“they tried to run and harm the deputies so I had to kill them.” Sherriff said gesturing to the body bags.

“let me see their pack tattoos.” she says glaring at us.

“their what?” Stilinski asked.

I didn’t think about that. Oh god my plan failed. Scott and I looked at each other worried.

“those aren’t the wolves.” She growled.

The hunters aimed their guns straight at us. Theo growled from beside me pushing me behind him.  Suddenly there is a ton of flashing lights and sirens. Our dad comes out from the shadows calming everyone down. He tells the hunters to put their guns down before stopping in front of Scott and I.

“what the hell are you doing here?” I growled glaring at my dad.

“I’m here to make sure no one else dies.” He says gesturing for us to go back inside.

He stays outside talking to the hunters. He soon comes in looking down.

“you guys need to leave Beacon Hills.” He said straight forward.

Everyone starts to immediately protest.

“they’ll just come after us.” Liam says earning agreements from Lydia and Quinn.

“look guys the hunters already agreed to it and I think some de-escalation is what is needed here that is why you called me right Sherriff.” Our dad argues.

I glared at him about to say something but Scott cut me off.

“fine.” He said simply.

I was shocked at his agreement.

“we’ll leave.” He says looking at his pack.

They didn’t argue because he was their alpha after all. We exited the police station that was still surrounded my hunters. They smiled sickly looking at us. I felt someone grab my hand squeezing it. I looked up to see the hand belonged to Theo. The two other wolves were led out by dad to a escort van. The girl nods her head at me and Scott before climbing in. We’re all escorted home to start packing our things.

“I guess I’ll grab the suitcases.” I told Scott as soon as we arrived at our house.

Scott quickly put an arm out stopping me.

“you’re not going.” He said looking at me.

I felt the tears well up in my eyes.

“what do you mean I’m not going yes I am.” I said glaring at him.

“No you’re not. There are people that need you here okay Mom needs you here. You’re not safe with us anymore and I can’t risk you getting hurt. You can pack and protest all you want but you’re not going and that’s final.” Scott said his face stone cold.

“I hate you.” I screamed running up the stairs and in to my room.

I felt the tears fall down my cheeks. I didn’t really hate him. I shouldn’t have said that. I was losing my friends, my family and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I cried some more until I heard a loud thump. I looked up to see Theo standing there next to my now open window.

“you could’ve used the front door.” I said smiling a little through my tears.

Theo came over pulling me in to a bone crushing hug.

“why are you here.” I said looking up at him.

“I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye, not again. You don’t know how much I regretted not saying goodbye after we defeated the wild hunt. I stayed up all night thinking about it. I’m not going to make that mistake again.” He said pulling me in to another hug.

“goodbye Theo.” I said returning the hug.

“No matter what you think I have always and always will love you.” He said pulling away from the hug.

I was shocked at his confession. I wanted to believe him but there was still part of me that didn’t trust him. He leaned down slowly looking at my lips. I sighed heavily pulling away from him.

“goodbye y/n.” He says before exiting through the window.

That night I don’t do anything but cry. The next day is absolute hell. I didn’t want to go to school but I knew Mason needed me. He was in the same position I was. We walked in to math taking our normal seats. I looked down at my phone hoping for a text or a call from Scott but I got nothing.

“Mason would you come do problem #45?” Our teacher asks.

Mason walks up to the board starting to do the problem. I was staring down at my notebook. Suddenly my pencil is picked up and a note scribbled in my notebook. It says animal clinic now. I look around knowing Corey must be here. I glance up to Mason who is slowly backing away from the blackboard. He drops his math book taking off.

“Mason wait!’ I called running after him.

I could hear the teacher calling our names but I didn’t care. I caught up to Mason and we made our way to the animal clinic. We arrive opening the door seeing the pack standing there.

"you lied to me.” Mason said looking at Corey.

 I caught Theo’s eyes in the back. I was feeling betrayed by him as well.

“I had to.” Corey said grabbing his hand.

“We all had too, we needed everyone to think that we were really gone.” Scott said looking at us.

“yeah well it worked.” I said a tear falling down my cheek.

“what’d you think we were going to do? run?” Scott said coming over and pulling me in a hug.

“I don’t hate you, I didn’t mean that.” I said wrapping my arms around him.

“I know, I know.” Scott said kissing the top of my head.

I walked over to Theo who was leaning against the wall.

“I guess it isn’t goodbye.” I said looking up at him.

“guess you’re stuck with me.” He says shrugging his shoulders.

I grab the back of his neck pulling his lips down to mine. I kiss him surprising not only him but everyone in the room. I pull away leaving him wanting more.

“I regretted not doing that last night.” I admitted holding on to him.

“once we kick these hunters asses we’ll have all the time in the world for that.” He smirked kissing me again.

prompt from: https://radwriting.tumblr.com/post/161218974947/teen-wolf-prompt-list-2 requests are closed cause I really am trying to catch up and do all of the ones I promised people!

Neurons - Anatomy Overview

Going to be covering nerves and synapses this week so here’s a recap!

  • Soma (cell body) contains the nucleus which produces RNA to support cell functions, + organelles surrounding the nucleus which are mostly made of up endoplasmic reticulum. Supports and maintains the functioning of the neuron.
  • Dendrites - cellular extensions with many branches ‘dendritic tree’. majority of input occurs via the dendritic spine. The sum of all excitatory (neuron fires) or inhibitory (prevents firing) signals determines whether the neuron fires or not. If firing the action potential is transmitted down the axon.
  • Axon - fine, cable-like projection that can extend thousands of times the diameter of the soma in length. The axon carries nerve signals away from the soma (and also carries some types of information back to it). Can undergo branching - communication with target cells. 
  • Axon hillock - where the axon emerges from the soma. the part of the neuron that has the greatest density of voltage-dependent sodium channels - therefore the most easily excited part of the neuron and the spike initiation zone for the axon - most negative action potential threshold. Can also receive input from other neurons.
  • Axon terminal where neurotransmitters are released into the synaptic cleft to signal the next neuron

Myelin sheath

Myelin is a fatty material that wraps around axons and increases the speed of electrical transmission between neurons. It is broken up by nodes of Ranvier, between which electrical impulses jump. Myelin is produced by schwann cells in the PNS and oligodendrocytes in the CNS.

Classes of neurons

Sensory neurons bring information into the CNS so it can be processed.

Motor neurons get information from other neurons and convey commands to  muscles, organs and glands.

Interneurons,found only in the CNS, connect one neuron to another. 

Types of neuron

Multipolar neurons have one axon and many dendritic branches. These carry signals from the central nervous system to other parts of the body eg muscles and glands.

Unipolar neurons are also known as sensory neurons. They have one axon and one dendrite with branches. Pass signals from the outside of the body, such as touch, along to the central nervous system.

Bipolar neurons have one axon and one dendrite branch. They pass signals from one neuron to the next inside the central nervous system.

Pyramidal neurons have one axon and two main dendrite branches. These cells pass signals inside the brain and tell the muscles to move.

Purkinje neurons are found in the cerebellum, controlling balance, coordination, and timing of actions. They have one axon and a dense and complicated dendrite arrangement.

I started a huge fight between my ex-wife and her boyfriend.

So some back story as any good revenge story requires.

I deployed in mid 2014, returned the first week of 2015, a super short easy deoloyment. I came home to an empty home, actually, someone else was living there. Check my email after finally getting cell signal turned back on, and see an email from south west with a plane ticket. I catch a ride to the airport, and fly back to my home town. I finally get home almost 13 hours later dying to see my daughter.

That night is when I found out my ex had been cheating on my for the 6 of the 7 months i was gone.

So I asked her, what do you want to do, do you want to work through this or stay here, and she couldn’t make up her mind which meant it’s gonna happen again and I left back for my duty station.

So I looked into how to make those glitter cards and just dump glitter everywhere.

I sat down and started making them, about 50 or so. And I printed out my Ex wife’s address and had to do some digging to get her boy friends address. So I printed the addresses on stickers so it couldn’t be identified by hand writing. And began mailing, 1 every day for the next 25 days to each, with each Other being the return address.

When I would Skype my daughter I would be hearing my ex bitch to her mom about the glitter. And how it’s really pissing her off that “boy friend” is doing this.

It may not be much but it’s that little fuck you I got off my chest that helped.

As If It’s Your Last

Originally posted by become-the-story

Pairing: Min Yoongi x Reader

Themes: angst | smut | zombie apocalypse!au

Word count: 13.5k

Summary: Yoongi and I are different as night and day; two completely divergent mindsets. Living too long the gloomiest scenario, I always risk my neck, while Yoongi is cautious, being on the safe side. Funny thing how polar opposites clash.

Warnings: just filthy smut ahead I guess


Today, it’s the day 521.

It’s been over a year since the world ultimately crumbled down. Almost overnight, a dangerous virus spread across the world; everything happened so fast the scientists couldn’t even trace its source. At first, I thought of it as fake news, but before I realised the threat was real, the virus had become cosmopolitan.

On the day 3, the government informed the people about the danger. The virus is being transmitted via blood. Slowly, it penetrates the person’s veins, killing the host within twelve hours. When the body temperature drops by fifteen degrees, the victim goes through the second stage—the infected human being becomes a mindless creature with a strong urge to feed on people’s brains.

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pulled the daisies fine // nurseydex

a/n: thought i’d reverse a typical fandom trope and send dex up to nursey’s for the new year. it goes about as well as you would expect. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!

word count: 4.3k

“Hm, so, this would be fun if we weren’t collegiate level hockey players who learned how to skate when we were ten,” Dex deadpans after about five minutes of skating around the Rockefeller Center ice rink.

“This is fun!” Nursey insists, squeezing Dex’s hand through his chunky mittens, “it’s relaxing.”

Off to their left about three different toddlers start crying at once, and Dex gives Nursey a look.

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During the day, everything seems normal. At night, this beach turns into something out of a fairy tale.  

By day, this beach in the Maldives islands seems like any other tropical paradise. By night, however, the beach turns into another world thanks to the bioluminescence from the phytoplankton known as dinoflagellates in the water.

The ethereal blue glow is caused by a reaction between the dinoflagellates’ cell membrane and electrical signals. 

No magic, no chemicals, just nature in all its wonder.

All about closed comedones

What are closed comedones?

A comedo (the singular form) is a clogged hair follicle (pore) in the skin. Keratin (skin debris) combines with oil to block the follicle. A comedo can be open (blackhead) or closed by skin (whitehead), and occur with or without acne. But when most people refer to closed comedones they are references bumps like the one in the image. Non inflamed, skin coloured bumps, often found on the forehead.

Caused of closed comedones

There are many causes. Pro-inflammatory cytokines (cell signalling proteins), produced by cells lining the follicle in response to activation of the innate immune system. Free fatty acids made from sebum by acne bacteria
Overhydrated skin premenstrually, from moisturisers or in humid conditions
Contact with certain chemicals including oily pomades, isopropyl myristate, propylene glycol and some dyes in cosmetics. Rupture of the follicle by injury such as squeezing pimples, abrasive washing, chemical peels or laser treatments. Smoking – comedonal acne is more common in smokers than in non-smokers. Certain dietary factors may contribute to comedonal acne, particularly milk products and high glycaemic-index foods (sugars and fats).

How to treat from the inside out

- Stop smoking if you smoke.

- Reduce the processed sugars in your diet.

- Increase consumption of anti inflammatory foods such a leafy green veggies.

- Attampt to cut out dairy from your diet.

- Ensure you stay hydrated, drinking at least 2 litres a day so that you aren’t relying on heavy moisturisers.

How to treat with skincare products

Apply one of these once or twice a day as a thin layer.

Benzoyl peroxide
Azelaic acid
Salicylic acid
Glycolic acid

If your comedonal acne persists seek advice from your doctor or dermatologist.

Hope this helps you guys! Keep treating yo skin right


If you’ve ever wondered how much of an asshole my roommate is, in the hour I spent doing calc homework without cell signal, she sent me the transcriptions of the following: The Gettysburg address, The lyrics to 5 Jon Cozart songs, And last but not least, Obama’s farewell address. (Followed quickly by a meme)

This is what I put up with.


Moving Out and Getting an Apartment, Part 3: Questions to Ask about the Damn Apartment

STOP. Before you do anything, read my posts on Preparing to Move Out (Are You Sure?) and Finding the Damn Apartment.

Alright, so you’ve gotten to the point where you actually believe yourself when you say you’re adult enough to live on your own. You should probably seek psychiatric help, but on the off-chance you’re right, and you’ve already figured out what you want in an apartment and found some that look promising, I’ve compiled a list of topics to ask about when visiting possible apartments.

Yep, that’s right: you’re going to have to talk to someone. Someone who needs to think you are an adult. Someone who will determine your worthiness for that hellhole of an apartment. It’s time for an Adult Conversation.

Too fucking bad.

I’m assuming you’ve already done the research I told you to do in Part 2. God have mercy on your soul if you didn’t, because I’m not going to cover questions related to the things I told you to look up. Sucks to be you.

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Wanderer - Jared Leto x Reader Imagine

AUTHOR’S NOTE; Thank you for the request lovely! @imokay-imokay I am unaware if you wanted fluff or what so I just kind of winged it. I really hope it’s to your liking and I hope it’s ok! Please feel free to give me some feedback, message me ^_^ I didn’t mean to make it this long either it was actually supposed to be pretty short but I suck and it came out long haha. 

The distant sound of water hit your ears with the most delectable of sensations and you could feel yourself growing more and more excited at the fact that you were out in the middle of nature. You had been dying to go on this hike for over a month with Jared, but with his schedule being more hectic than a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving, you didn’t really have a chance to do it. You had originally planned to go alone during a good summer morning, but Jared insisted that you two go together since he knew the trail’s best spots. 

You may have been immensely softened by the idea of him wanting to go hiking with you, but you were keenly aware of how fragile he thought you were. His original purpose of going on this hike with you was to ensure that you didn’t get lost or hurt on your own. Jared Leto was an artist, a musician, an actor and an entrepreneur but he was also a very bad liar. 

Throughout most of your time on the trail you found him stealing long glimpses at you that you wanted to chalk up to possible admiration, but you knew better. He was keeping an eye on you to make sure you didn’t fall, trip, stumble, step on a rattle snake, or possibly end the world by taking a short breath. He was so over dramatic.

The sound of his camera lens caught you off guard and when you turned to face him he was glancing down at its screen as if you weren’t even there. You liked this side of him and more importantly you missed this side of him. He was usually so caught up in his career or his band that he never really got out like he used to. You couldn’t remember the last time he said he was going hiking or climbing, but you were glad he had finally said something. 

Your attentions were pulled away from him as you glanced around the grassy plain, and you were surprised when your eyes caught the mystic forest more than 15 feet to your right. Jared’s true interests lied in landscapes and high peak, but you personally enjoyed more of the forest atmosphere because it made you feel more at peace. This is usually where you two were put at a crossroads due to your distaste for heights and his passion for getting his way. 

Your slow wander for the forest was halted by the feeling of his hand on your forearm, and your eyes fixated on him with unease. 

“What are you doing?” He questioned and you raised a brow. 

“Headed for the trail.” You answered using your thumb to point in the direction of the forest that was now behind you. He glanced over your shoulder for a moment before returning his eyes to you.

“There is no trail in there, it’s just a forest.” He stated and you shrugged.

“So…?” You questioned in response before tugging at your forearm that he kept locked within his grasp. 

“So? You’re just gonna….run around in the woods by yourself?” He questioned while allowing the outrage and disapproval to shine clearly in his voice. 

“I’ve gone hiking by myself before, J. I’m not some barbie doll princess who needs her hand held to walk through the woods.” You chuckled slightly even though you were slightly annoyed by his response. 

“You’ll get hurt by yourself. Here, let me finish up some photos and I will go with you.” He answered tilting his camera to the side and releasing your arm. 

“Are you kidding?” You questioned only to have his eyes return to yours in a look of confusion. You couldn’t stop your annoyance from bubbling over as he stared at you through eyes of ignorance. Did he really believe you were that fragile that you couldn’t do for yourself? How many trails had you gone on without him because he was on tour or too busy engulfed in his work to spend time with you? How many times had you gotten lost only to have Shannon or your own friends fish you out and show you the way while he was gone? 

“I can manage on my own. What do you think I do when you’re not around, cower in a corner some where? You disappear for months on end touring with your band and acting, are you worried about me then too or is this something you just developed?” You asked sarcastically while snatching your arm away from him. 

“You have no idea what’s in there, and i’m just trying to help you. I said you’re not going in there by yourself and I mean that. We’ll both go.” He stated. You raised a brow and scoffed. Was he not listening?

“No, I’m going by myself if that’s ok with you dad.” You answered setting your chin and rolling your eyes. 

“You didn’t even come out here for me, you came out here for you. This wasn’t about spending time with me, it was about you watching over me like some authority figure. Well no thanks, I’ll call Shannon if I need help because he seems to be the only one that shows up when I call.” You raged. 

“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?” He questioned, and the hiss behind his voice was clear. You shrugged unapologetically as you walked backwards towards the forest only to fully turn around and leave him there. You were surprised when he didn’t come after you, but more than anything you were glad he didn’t. The sound of your name echoed through the distance but you didn’t answer. 

You needed a chance to cool off and you knew that if he’d followed you, you’d have said something you knew would hurt him. You couldn’t lie, the Shannon comment was a low blow but what hurt the most is that it was true. Some how Shannon always came to get you when you got hurt or lost while Jared was always some how “unavailable” or trying to “stay out of the public eye” which did nothing but piss you off further. 

Truth be told, you felt like some well kept secret when it came to him because he was always so hell bent on keeping his personal life under wraps from everyone, including you. It was like he wasn’t there even when he was, and moments like this where you were supposed to be together were always spent apart. He didn’t bring you here to spend time with you like he said, he brought you here because he knew you were coming and didn’t want you to get lost or hurt. They were not the same thing. 

Your legs stomped below you lifelessly as you made your way through the thickness of the forest and you chuckled at the fact that you had spent more than 15 minutes in it already and hadn’t realized it. You had stomped off so quickly that you didn’t manage to remember your path, but at the moment that didn’t concern you.

“What a fucking asshole. Bring me on a hike because you plucked up the common sense to want to spend time with me NOT because you want to watch me. Like what the actual fuck? Is it too much to want your boyfriend to pay attention to you, or was I fucking cracked?” Your grumbled angrily as you continued to stomp through the dryness of the forest floor. You tried to wrap your mind around it but you simply couldn’t. 

Your time was mostly spent gazing at the plants that you crossed paths with and admiring the trees. Trees were always your favorite because people tended to underestimate them. Trees started out as small plants, but eventually they grew in stature to become one of our main resources for shade, air, and other much needed organics. If memory serves right, they were actually the first bringers of life, before women of course. Trees were able to create fruit, fruit is a living substance, so technically trees were mothers long before humans were. This fact made them extremely fascinating to you. Add that, to the common conception that the souls of trees have lived longer than 400 hundred years, and you’ve created a fascination for them for yourself. 

It wasn’t until the darkness came that you realized how late it had actually gotten, and you immediately turned towards your cell phone. No signal. That wasn’t much of a surprised, but if you could find a bar or two you could at least text someone to let them know you were fine. Your stubborn ideals knew no bounds and you found yourself refusing to text anyone but Jared. 

Your fingers wrapped elegantly around the base of your phone as you held it up towards the sky in an attempt to gain some form of a signal. You absently wandered hoping to see a line or two but found yourself trapped by a tree root that snagged your foot. You hurled towards the ground faster than you could catch yourself, and the ruthless scrape to your knee caused you to groan. The pain wasn’t too bad, but it still stung more than you’d have liked. The small smell of copper in the air informed you that you were bleeding, but you refused to look at it. Blood wasn’t exactly your favorite thing in the world to see.

Pushing your hand down in the direction of the pain, you felt the liquid hit your fingers with a warm after tone. It was a scrape and it didn’t feel serious. Standing to your feet, you dusted yourself off and proceeded to look through your pockets for some form of a cloth to cover the injury. It didn’t take long for you to find a cloth in your bag and without any hesitation you wrapped it around your knee to stop whatever bleeding you had. 

Returning to your phone, you smiled when you saw that there was a signal. You searched for Shannon’s name and began typing. Your eyes stayed glued to the screen for some form of a response only to find that the message was not going through. Sighing deeply, you found his name once more and clicked call. It rang twice before he answered. 

“Shan?” you questioned.

“Yeah, what’s up, where are you?” He questioned. 

“I’m in the woods, on a trail. Just hiking.” you answered.

“You lost?” he chuckled and you frowned. 

“No….it’s just dark and I got separated from J, but i’m ok. Just needed a favor?” You chimed in.

“You need me to come get you?” He questioned and you nodded.

“Yeeeeep.” you answered adding a small squeak to your voice. 

“I’m on my way. Send me the GPS and meet me on the outskirts.” He demanded before hanging up the phone. It was strange, it didn’t sound like himself but you dismissed it. 

Your small walk back to the clearing took you longer than you expected, but it was refreshing nonetheless. The small puttering of an engine caught your ear and you smiled. A small glance down at your watch caused you to smile as you realized it wasn’t too late at night, but still early enough to get food.

You found yourself in slight shock when Jared emerged from the car and Shannon was no where to be found. 

“What are you doing here?” You questioned while folding your arms across your chest. He didn’t answer, but continued to walk toward you. 

“Where is Shannon?” You asked.

“He’s not here, and he’s not coming.” He stated simply stopping a few feet away from you. 

“I don’t wanna fight right now, I know… you’re always right. That what you wanna hear?” You question only to have his eyebrow cock in response. His features fixed into an expression that you’ve never seen before and it radiated with the sense of rage and concern. You attempted to walk passed him only to have his fingers graze the inside of your elbow.

“Oh blow me.” He answered angrily before turning away from you. 

Your eyes were confused as they graced his face, but he was unaffected by your stare. His cologne still lingered but it couldn’t hide the small of alcohol on his breath. Poor man, he was so worried that you had drove him to drink. 

“And your drunk. That’s ….that’s exactly what I need.” you answered but he scoffed. 

“I’ll walk home.” You continued while pulling away from him only to have him tighten his grasp on your arm. You groaned in protest but he still didn’t let you go. 

“You’er done making decisions for today. Get in the car.” He grumbled, and although he spoke casually it felt as if he was screaming at you on the inside. You opened your mouth to say no only to have him actually scream at you.

“Get in the fucking car!” You shivered in response and felt yourself recoil from him. 

“What is your problem?” You asked scolding him. 

“My….My problem? You disappear for hours in the middle of mother fucking no where and i’m the one with the problem? Do you have any idea how worried I’ve been or did you just not care?” He questioned. Before you could respond, he continued.

“Of course you didn’t care because that would mean you actually consider someone else’s feelings when you make decisions. There are rattlesnakes out there, you’re allergic bees; what if you were stung? Do you have a pen on you in those pretty little blue jean shorts? Do you?” He questioned while releasing your arm and pulling at your blue jean pockets.

“Stop it!” You protested slapping his hands away. 

“You don’t, do you because that would require responsibility something you seem to keep struggling with!” He yelled and you pushed him. 

“Oh fuck you. How dare you lecture me about responsibility mister i’m only around 1 month at a time. You’re so goddamn scared of responsibility that you can’t even tell tabloids you’re dating someone, and don’t even get me started on your back. You think you’re fooling anyone? Pulling out a cane and a knee brace doesn’t fix the problem. I saw your x-rays and your doctor’s notes. You’re not even supposed to be out here hiking, or twirling around on stage like you’re doing yet some how you are. Dunking yourself in ice baths isn’t going to keep working, and god forbid you check in with me to tell me if you’re ok. I barely even hear from you when you’re out there, so fuck that. Those in glass huts Mr. Leto.” You countered only to have him grab your chin. 

“That is not the same.” he hissed and you rose a brow. 

“Of course not, because when it’s you, it’s always different right?” You question and he narrowed his eyes.

“No, it’s different because I have Shannon, Tomo and an entire time around me to help me with anything that I need. While you wander into the woods equipped with nothing but a stupid phone that has no signal and can die at any moment. The difference is what you did was stupid and reckless and you don’t even care how it affects other people. You don’t care how it affects me. Then you call Shannon, SHANNON? Shannon is not your boyfriend, Shannon is not the one who was pacing around furious and worried about you. you are mine and you should have called me.” He grumbled releasing your chin and you couldn’t help your slight feeling of guilt. 

“I am a capable person, and for some reason everyone knows it but you. I was an independent, strong, and capable person before I met you, and I still am. So, do you have any idea how it makes me feel when you compare me to a brainless child? Well it pisses me off, obviously, but you still do it. So who isn’t considering who’s feelings here?” you question only for him to laugh. 

“I never said you were brainless, but to say you aren’t stubborn and childish would be a lie. My back, is fine. I do my checkups and I take care of myself because i have responsibilities and obligations. I wont stop what I enjoy because of a little pain that I know I can maintain. You, intentionally called Shannon knowing that it would just piss me off more, and you know I was worried beyond reason wondering if you were ok. I had all these thoughts about you being bitten by something, or falling some where and legit hurting yourself only for you to call Shannon and completely ignore me knowing that I was waiting to hear from you.” He stated and you frowned. 

“Oh, what’s a matter? You were so proud of yourself before.” He taunted. You folded your arms across your chest and rolled your eyes. You were aware that he had a point, but you would not admit it. 

“Yeah well, you’re still an ass hole.” You answer shrugging. 

“Don’t ever, do that to me again.” He demanded, and although he seemed more calm than before, his tone was serious. 

You mumbled an ‘ok’ only to have him chuckle. 

“Oh i’m going to punish you. Don’t worry.” he urged while wrapping his arm around your waist forcefully and pulling you to the car. You felt yourself protesting against his grip only to have him pull you more. You were still upset and you weren’t going to back down, but you knew more than anyone that he was not going to stop until he had you home. You sighed in defeat and surrendered to being put in the car and taken home. 

Did I ever tell about how, back when I used to go to church, I used to bullshit at chess so hard I became the chess god?

I know how to play. Like, the basics. And theoretically I know strategies. But I absolutely do not have the patience or attention span to focus on them and bring them into play.

At the youth group, all the kids used to play. We had this mountain retreat with no cell or internet signal, and besides pool it was all there was to do in free time.

And I used to beat. Everyone.

And I never let on that I was bullshitting. Everyone thought I was super clever, using advanced tactics. And I let them.

I remember sitting in the library, when three kids rushed in to yell at me. “Shawn just beat like 4 people in a row at chess in the dining hall! He knows like all the tricks! Come quick and do something about it!”

So I walked calmly in there, sat down, and trashed him.

This was my last retreat before I aged out though, and probably my last game. So when he asked me “how did you do that? You never did what I expected you to.”

I was like “dude, I never planned a single move ahead. I never tried to predict what you were gonna do. I just moved a piece as I noticed it was in a good position and you fucked yourself by assuming I had a plan.”

My baby brothers go now and apparently this is still a story there.

What if I tell you “morphine or cocaine” in Sherlock Holmes stories have absolutely nothing to do with the actual drugs, but everything to do with deciphering the allegories and allusions Doyle used in telling the many different incarnations of a love story between two men?


Cell Signaling 
Requested by oceanliquidation
(Cliffnotes AP Biology Workbook 4th Edition)

Please note there are 2 more types of signal receptors: 
Protein Kinase Receptors: transmembrane-protein enzymes that are kinases, that add a phosphate group to  protein. The best understood of these are Receptor Tyrosine Kinases.
Intracellular Receptors: receptors positioned in the cytoplasm or nucleus, and are able to pass through the phospholipid membrane.