Reveries Lost

My mom used to be an avid fan of the soda called Pepsi Free, and when I was a child I always saw her with a can in her hand.  A few times I’d try and sneak one and be rebuffed with warnings that I was too young for those kinds of drinks.  Enjoy the fruits of my youth while I could, so they said.  Maybe one day her and I will share a Pepsi Free together.  It’s pretty easy to miss the days where I was told what to eat and drink and the extent of my worries were the length of soccer practice.  We all get a sense of longing for what we saw as a better time.

In the late 17th century the term nostalgia was coined in a Swiss student’s medical dissertation to describe the pining of soldiers for the mountains that they knew and loved while they were away from home.  Physicians of the time thought it may be due to excessive black bile building up in the brain, and along the arteries due to the ear-splitting roar of cowbells in the pastures of Switzerland.

When Americans at the turn of the twentieth century aren’t arguing about politics or shopping for the latest cell phone and accessories they are often engaging in some futile effort at staving off their deep seated  feelings of angst caused by the failure to correctly choose one out of a limitless array of choices for entertainment.  They attempt to stave these feelings off by consuming television they do not really enjoy, or following the career of celebrities that are victims to inherent popularity.

For a kid growing up in the early 2000s being interested in Led Zeppelin was certainly unique, but I consumed their lyrics like an obese kid consumes soda.  Which is why when I found out, in my late adolescence that the lead guitarist Jimmy Page got away with allegedly kidnapping and raping a fourteen year old girl I was pretty devastating.  Problematic would, of course, be an understatement.  Although after learning that I never regretted the hours I spent listening to his music and jamming out with my air guitar.  I suppose there was a bit of guilt now, but it didn’t truly lessen the experience.  Page’s awfulness could be somewhat separate from the content that he created.  Unfortunately, Page wasn’t the same person to me, more of a vehicle for entertainment now rather than a philosopher or even an artist.

It was pretty good being a kid growing up in that time, we were on the frontier of the internet during the dot com boom.  Starcraft was probably one of my favorite video games back then, it was an online strategy game where you played as one of three races in outer space.  This was pretty much before any of the large social media companies we know today took off, which meant that everybody in whatever corner of the internet you were using at that time was very much like you.  A sense of community came from these narrow interests, one that doesn’t truly exist in a world where one social media site takes up something like a third of all online traffic.

I logged on an anniversary edition of Starcraft recently, the servers were a hollow shell of what they used to be, much smaller and less populated.  People were still playing, but it doesn’t really resemble anything that it used to be.  A creeping sense of dread came over me at the venue’s changed appearance.  Much like my impression of Page the digital space where these games took place were a hollow shell of what they used to be to me.  In a few more years it wont be cost efficient enough to even pay for the server space these games run on and they’ll be shut down, the game will cease to have online functionality.  The online world that I spent hours in as a kid will eventually vanish, just like my naïve Impression of Jimmy Page.  We’ll be left with the memories of the time we spent there and the places in the digital world where we explored, and that will be fantastic.

Pepsi discontinued their line of caffeine free soda, but they occasionally release it as a promotional stunt.  You can’t really just go into a store to pick it up so any plans I have of sharing one with my mom are pretty much nonexistent.  I guess it’s really better that way, with no memory of something it’s impossible for that thing to become tainted, or tortured by disappointing experiences and it will always have a certain pure quality to it.


Aries: Buy something that reminds you of their personality; loud, flashy, exciting, and colorful. Tickets to a concert, extravagant jewelry, the newest gadgets, or a knife set for cooking.
Taurus: As lovers of pleasure and luxury, shopping for them isn’t difficult. An aged, expensive red wine, gold jewelry, fine chocolate, or anything cashmere would make them happy.
Gemini: Easily bored, you’re going to have to work a bit more to keep their attention. Books on travel and languages, cameras, or cell phone accessories would be ideal.
Cancer: They are very appreciative people, but they’ll love the extra effort you put in. Anything homemade, perhaps a bit of memorabilia such as a photograph, silver jewelry, cooking sets, or a spa kit would be lovely.
Leo: Leo’s need to feel special, but they’re also very gracious recipients. Gold jewelry, vibrant clothes, makeup, and gourmet foods have their heart.
Virgo: If they can’t use it everyday, then it’s probably not the best gift for them. Anything practical, or makes their life easier, would keep them happy. Mystery books have a special place in their life as well.
Libra: When picking something, think beautiful. Some foolproof choices include candles, LUSH products, flowers, and designer clothing.
Scorpio: Never one to get visibly excited for gifts, it’s easier to shop for them than you think. Among their many pleasures include cult classic movies, dark jewelry, lingerie, perhaps incense.
Sagittarius: Their biggest pleasure comes from the surprise and tearing open the wrapping paper. Other hits besides wrapping paper and bows include anything exotic, books, tickets to art museums, and anything unusual.
Capricorn: Literally anything but a surprise party. However, you could also get them something simple and nice, like earth toned clothing, a homemade dinner, or a monogrammed bathrobe. They love personal touches!
Aquarius: Try to avoid anything plain. They enjoy special, one of a kind gifts, such as artwork, a telescope, metallic clothing, literature, concert tickets, or maybe even a pet fish.
Pisces: Anything having to do with the arts, the metaphysical, spiritual, and intellectual will be appreciated. Try selecting something creative and unique, like canvases and paintbrushes, a Himalayan salt lamp, crystals, or vinyl music records.

Hide and Seek Alone Real-Life Experience #3

Read more about the game here.

This happened three years ago when I was in 5th grade. While home alone that night, I came upon this game while surfing the Internet after 1 AM. I didn’t feel scared or anything, so I decided to play the game. I used a country girl doll and performed the steps, but I didn’t include anything from my body.  I was late with the preparations, so by the time I got the knife and saltwater ready, it was already two minutes before 3 AM. Once the computer and all of the lights were turned off, I went into the bathroom and recited the chants. Afterward, I proceeded into the guest room next to the bathroom, counted to ten, and went out to stab the doll. Then I went back to the guest room, closed the door, turned the TV on, and hid in the closet with my saltwater and cell phone. I could hear the TV while I was waiting, but I don’t remember how much time had passed. Soon, I heard static noise mixed in with the audio of some show, then it switched back to static. It was pretty creepy, but the TV in the guest room did that a lot so I tried not to pay much attention to it. That is until; I heard a sound coming from the TV.

“Knock, knock, knock, knock”

It was mixed with the static noise, but it sounded as if a hand had come out of the television (It was next to the closet) and was knocking on the closet door. That knocking continued ten more times before stopping. I was so nervous; I couldn’t breathe even after the sound had stopped.  Soon, the noise level started to decrease and increase. It would get loud enough to burst my eardrums and then quiet as if the TV was off. Then suddenly, the TV turned off. As a result, I stopped breathing and waited. The TV turned on again, this time with sound.

“Where” “Are” “You” “Hiding”

[TV on and off]

“Are” “You” “Here”

[TV on and off]

“I” “Know” “You” “Are “There”

[TV on and off]


[TV off, and after a while turns on]

“I” “Guess” “Not” “Here”

As the channel was flipping, one word would sound out (at channel A, “Where” then at channel B, “Are” and so on). The middle “Come out!” sounded as if it came from a drama. It didn’t come out one word at a time, but rather like a scene where a woman was screaming.

The TV turned off again and didn’t turn on for quite some time. I was so scared that I didn’t want to leave my hiding place. I wanted to call someone, so I took out my cell phone. My phone accessory made a clinking sound as they hit each other, and at that moment, the TV turned on.





Then it turned off. I felt that I shouldn’t make any sound, so I clutched my phone and stayed still.

It turned on again…


After that loud sound, the TV didn’t turn off and the static noise returned. Along with the static noise, I heard:









I was terrified, but it sounded like it hadn’t found me since all it talked about was finding me. So, with the saltwater in my mouth, I ran out of the closet. I didn’t know it at the time, but the TV was off when I came out…I had turned it on when I first entered the room. I opened the door and turned on the bathroom light, and found the doll on the floor with the knife. The soaked doll looked as if it were trying to crawl out of the basin and the knife was thrown across the floor. I was so shocked, that my mouth fell open. Luckily, the saltwater fell on the doll. I took the knife and disposed of the doll by ripping it to pieces. I then turned on every light in the house. I went to the kitchen to get a wrap, white plastic bag, and a black trash bag that I used to wrap the doll in and proceeded to stab it a few times. Then along with the knife, I wrapped about five more plastic bags around it. Only after wrapping it with tape could I finally relax.

 I looked at the time as I walked out into the living room and the clock was pointing at 3:05.

All this happened in only five minutes!

Five minutes should have passed with I started hearing the knocking. No, taking care of the doll after the game should have taken longer than five minutes…

But all of this combined in only five minutes?

hoshidanramen  asked:

Imagine a modern AU where Pocket Fi is Link's cell phone accessory, occasionally spouting stuff like, "Master, you have received a text message from Zelda" or "Master, your cell phone battery is low"

Idk if you ever read Chobits but I always like to imagine Pocket Fi to be one of those tiny little persocoms in a modern setting. Except Pocket Fi can fly and she’s magic.