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Emma Dumont to Play Polaris in Fox's X-Men TV Series
According to The Hollywood Reporter, Emma Dumont and Percy Hynes White have also joined the cast [...]

Lorna better gain more respect from those of you who like to talk rubbish. She’s finally made it to the screen to only sooner or later be dragged to the big screen.

This is one of the most exciting moments and feelings to hear the beauty Lorna is going to be on screen. Played by the beauty Emma Dumont. I found out through my cell phone while working and couldn’t wait to get home to post it. It’s very late (so I won’t be commenting much) but I didn’t want to go to bed without commenting how happy I am. I can only imagine how many of your jaws dropped lol :)


some tao kittens <3


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I got tagged by avatarsarny to show my face. Thank you so much for the tag! (you look amazing btw :3 :3 :3).

Also, yes, I was in a gym when I took the picture, but no, I wasn’t working out like most people do when they take these awkward gym selfies. I was walking past the gym to do my laundry. *shrug* Oh well. Those stick arms are just going to be sticks forever!

I’ve seen so many people get tagged that I’m not going to retag. But if anyone wants to share their face, you’re free to do so and tag me. It’s really cool to see the faces of the community.