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Here is Steven Universe from Jasper's point of view:

 To Jasper, Rose and Steven are the same person, and Rose is the one she can (justifiably) put the blame on. Rose killed her Diamond, leaving Jasper alone, with only gems who hated her, feared & revered her, or wanted to use her. She was born immediately into battle and raised upon it, with love for her diamond imprinted into her. Her Diamond is then shattered and she is shuffled under the command of Yellow Diamond, disgraced for failing to protect Pink and without someone to care for her, as most of her siblings are instead taken by Blue. Jasper is a character fueled by self hate. Her way of staying ahead was being the Perfect Jasper she was made to be- aggressive, strong,  fearless, and independent. She is to follow orders yet lead. 

 Then, she is sent back to Earth on a boring, insulting mission under the command of a Peridot. Then she runs into the one who destroyed her life- Rose Quartz, now in an insulting form with a bunch of off-color rebels. She kidnaps Rose Quartz and the pieces of the fusion and puts them in cells- unharmed. She gets stressed out by Sapphire’s constant singing. Then, somehow there is a jail break and she’s in a battle and LOSING. To an off color. Jasper, the supposed Perfect weapon, who CANNOT LOSE, loses. Desperate, she reaches out to Lapis, who she knows also must hates the gems. Lapis is in her element of water and is powerful and mostly uninjured, unlike Jasper who is beaten up and exhausted from the combo of the battle and the crash. Peridot is MIA. Lapis agrees. They fuse. Immediately, Lapis betrays her consent and traps and tortures her for over a year beneath the ocean. Jasper cannot escape and slowly begins to suffer Stockholm Syndrome. She becomes addicted to fusion and to being hurt by Lapis. Jasper has had to be in control her entire life and now all she has to do is let Lapis hurt her and she can give up her control without it being her fault. She can’t help being controlled by a stronger and more powerful gem. It’s intoxicating. 

 And then that fusion is ripped away by Rose Quartz and her gems again. Jasper is entirely alone, on a planet poised to explode. Peridot and Lapis both betrayed her, Yellow Diamond abandoned her to death. She is possible the most alone person on the planet, without a single person to turn to. She goes to Lapis, who rejects her again. She finds fusion monsters, who reject her. Traumatized, confused, and desperate, she bends them to her will when she sees Rose again. She reacts in fury, lashing out. She then finds them again and attacks again. If she failed, if she’s going to be shattered, she will take down Rose Quartz. That is what is driving her. That is the only purpose to her life. Shattering Rose Quartz. Revenge. 

Jasper loses it and fuses with a corrupted Jasper. Then, Rose Quartz has the gall to offer to save her. To join ROSE. Jasper is entirely helpless and it’s all her fault. So she lets herself corrupt. It’s better than giving herself up to the one who destroyed everything that makes her her- her diamond, her planet, her team, her self control, her dignity- and now her mind. 

 THAT is why she didn’t become redeemed at that moment. 

 It would have destroyed her characterization. It would have wrecked everything that Jasper went through. 

 In Jasper’s mind, she is neither the hero nor villain, but she is fighting for good. Fighting against the ones who assassinated her leader. She is flawed and complicated, and aggressive. She needs help, not condemnation.

Fungus Toxin Triggers Stem Cells to Become Bone

Imagine you’re riding your bike and an unseen tree root sends you flying over the handlebars. You stick an arm out to break your fall, except the force is too much. The bones in your forearm snap like a twig.

A trip to the hospital means you’ll either get a cast or surgery to realign the broken bones so that they can heal properly. Afterwards, it can take up to six months before the bones fully recover. Now, though, University of North Carolina School of Medicine doctors say there might be something on the horizon to significantly decrease the time it takes for bones to reform after injury. 

In an unexpected find, they watched a toxin called cytochalasin D (CytoD), which is produced by certain molds, cause stem cells to transform into new bone cells. The process can be seen in the gif above, with a stem cell exposed to CytoD beginning the process of turning into a bone cell. After seeing this change occur in cultured cells, Dr. Janet Rubin and colleagues injected it into mouse shinbones, where they witnessed “abundant bone formation” after just one week.

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Crystal of the Day: Morganite (Pink Beryl)

Appearance: Crystalline, may be striated or pointed

Properties: Morganite attracts love and maintains it. It energizes loving thoughts and actions, activating and cleaning the heart chakra. This stone brings calm in stressed life, benefiting the nervous system. It oxygenates cells, reorganizing them.

Position: Place on the heart


My muscle building smoothie recipe!

I’ve played around with smoothies since I first became vegan, they helped me hold the weight on whilst my body adjusted to absorbing plant based nutrients, and as I became more able to keep my calories, I kept them going!

I’ve gone through numerous different smoothie mixes and styles, and what we have right here is the finished product, this is the best muscle fuel smoothie combination I’ve found, and I thought I’d share my findings with you guys!

Step 1: Banana
Get into your kitchen and find the biggest, ripest banana you can find, the riper it is, the better the complex carbohydrate content, and the better it’s ability to give you long term energy and a good glycogen boost (muscle fuel).
The added bonus is that complex carbs are less likely to be burned off as heat in periods of low activity, so they allow you to hold your healthy plant based calories until you really need them!

Step 2: Almond milk
As it says on the tin! Find your creamiest and most nutritional plant based milk you can find, pick your favourite, as all will work, and all bring their own unique twist to the mix.

Step 3: Blueberdudes!
Blueberdudes are literally your best friends, along with flaxseeds (we’ll get to those absolute bros soon).
Blueberries are absolutely loaded with antioxidants, which reduce oxidative stress on cells, and they have studied and proven benefits in reducing the chances of being hit with pretty much all of the big scary names, they multiply your ability to fight cancer, heart disease, hypertension, they speed metabolism allowing you to burn off more fat, etc.
They’re literally the dietary superheroes.
Love your antioxidants, I promise that they will love you back.

Step 4: Bourbon cremes
I try to pass this off as needing more calories, that absolutely isn’t the case.
They taste amazing, I have no shame in saying that this is pretty much the only reason that they’re included.
Veganism and healthy eating aren’t the same thing, my commitment to my furry friends is full time, my commitment to keeping a low sugar content? Not so much 😉
I have my weaknesses, I’m only human after all 😅

Step 5: Flaxbros
Flaxbros are recommended by Dr Michael Greger himself to keep vegans at the top of the lifespan list!
They’re loaded with your omega 3 EFA’s (essential fatty acids), particularly ALA and DHA (in the correct ratios too!).
ALA is particularly useful, because without it, your body can’t produce the rest of the EFA’s it needs, which is why, because they have such a high ALA content, flaxseeds are in my opinion, either as good as or even better than the likes of cod liver oil or fish oil as an essential fatty acid supplement 👌 Awesome for the fish! Right?

Now what do your essential fatty acids actually do? A number of things!
They make sure that your heart stays healthy: typically, western citizens get too much omega 6 in their diet from eating foods processed with sunflower oil and other vegetable oils, now omega 6 is essential for keeping you alive, but it needs to be in the correct ratio with omega 3 or it becomes very problematic, so a big hit of omega 3 is good for everyone!

Your essential fatty acids are also very important for the gym! As they play a large role in protein metabolism, meaning that without them, no matter how much protein you consume, you’re not gonna make good use of any of it!

Like I said, flaxseeds are your bros!

Step 6: Protein!
Now I know a lot of people are against protein supplements here, but I’m averaging out at 4000 calories daily here, and I don’t have enough hours in the day to do a lot of food prep and the likes, so I’m not too fussed about my protein currently.
Once life slows down a little bit, I imagine I’m gonna be able to hit all of my macro intakes through diet alone, but until then. 😊
My recommended protein is soya protein isolate, 100% pure by Gardein, it’s 85% protein and it costs next to nothing compared to your other big names! Definitely worth the investment.
It has a comprehensive list of all of the different amino acids included on the back of the tube 💪

Step 7: top it off with more milk and blend!

My preferred blender is the breville blend active, it’s portable, fairly quiet, very user friendly, and cheap as chips!

Thanks for reading guys! Feel free to vary this ingredients list to suit your taste preferences and such, use this more as a template if you will 😊

Peace and love guys!

got these scars on the same ground

1k, pynch fluff


If all the noise Ronan was making in the kitchen didn’t wake those goddamn cows, then nothing would.

Carbonara was supposed to be easy.  “Super easy,” claimed the Jamie Oliver website he’d gotten the recipe from.  Two hours and four failed attempts at edible pasta later, Ronan could have strangled Jamie Oliver with a smile on his face and a song in his heart.

It wasn’t even like this was a big deal.  Not at all.  It was just that Gansey had taken Blue to D.C. for the weekend, Noah was being more incorporeal than usual, and Adam looked like he could use a decent meal for once in his life.

If “a decent meal” turned out to be a classic date food, personally cooked by Ronan in his family home, well, that was nobody’s business.

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What would it take to survive in space? (Part 2)

Prolonged space travel takes a severe toll on the human body. As we seriously consider the human species becoming space-faring, a big question stands. Even if we break free from Earth’s orbit and embark on long-duration journeys among the stars, can we adapt to the extreme environments of space?

Variation in gravitational strength is another challenge for space travelers. Until we develop artificial gravity in a space ship or on another planet, we should assume that astronauts will spend time living in microgravity

On Earth, human bone and muscle custodial cells respond to the stress of gravity’s incessant tugging by renewing old cells in processes known as remodeling and regeneration. But in a microgravity environment like Mars, human bone and muscle cells won’t get these cues, resulting in osteoporosis and muscle atrophy. So, how could we provide an artificial signal for cells to counteract bone and muscle loss?

This is speculative, but biochemically engineered microbes inside our bodies could churn out bone and muscle remodeling signaling factors. Or humans could be genetically engineered to produce more of these signals in the absence of gravity. 

Radiation exposure and microgravity are only two of the many challenges we will encounter in the hostile conditions of space. But if we’re ethically prepared to use them, gene editing and microbial engineering are two flexible tools that could be adapted to many scenarios. In the near future, we may decide to further develop and tune these genetic tools for the harsh realities of space living.

Check out what scientists have up their sleeves in the TED-Ed Lesson Could we survive prolonged space travel? - Lisa Nip

Animation by Bassam Kurdali


Ferrets DON’T smell that bad. Even when they aren’t descented.

Ferrets have A smell, just like cats, dogs, and your ARMPITS do.

But to the people who think ferrets are “disgusting” because they “smell so badly”, think of it this way:

What happens to your greasy pits when you don’t shower for a few days? Or when you eat food that doesn’t agree with you?


Chances are, if a ferret has a particularly strong odor, its litter box isn’t being cleaned often enough, the ferret is being fed food that is no good for it, or it’s actually being bathed too often (or a combination thereof). And yes, bathing a ferret too often can be a thing. There are many reasons a ferret might have an odor, but it often boils down to the owner of said ferret and the care they provide; not the ferret itself.

I can shove my nose into my girls fur and they smell almost pleasant to me. I don’t walk home after being gone 8 hours and smell a wall of ferret hit me when I enter the room. I know TWO people of dozens who have met them and noticed a smell, but they both have exceptionally sensitive schnozes (one from a lifetime of being mostly BLIND). The rest have remarked about the LACK of smell, because stereotype told them ferrets were supposed to be yucky, and mine weren’t.

Seriously tho, shut up with the incredibly rude comments about ferrets or their “smells”. It’s fine to dislike something (such as a ferret), but you don’t need to make sassy remarks about it or let stereotypes dictate how you judge it. That’s just NOT cool.

To the next person I catch who makes a huge fuss over a ferrets smell, be warned, I’m going to lock you in an undersized jail cell just to stress you out and make you miserable, feed you SHIT food that you can’t digest properly (say hello to 24/7 PARTY BUTT), and then make you use a toilet that doesn’t flush; all of that for a few weeks. Then I’m going to dump you into a crowd and see if anyone finds your smell any more attractive.

And to those who scrunch their faces at ferrets cuz you think they’re rats..

Scientists Develop Antibody to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury and Prevent Long-Term Neurodegeneration

New research led by investigators at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center (BIDMC) provides the first direct evidence linking traumatic brain injury to Alzheimer’s disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) – and offers the potential for early intervention to prevent the development of these debilitating neurodegenerative diseases. TBI can result from repetitive contact sport injuries or from exposure to military blasts, and is one of the most significant risk factors for both Alzheimer’s disease and CTE.

In a study published in the online edition of the journal Nature, the researchers found that a misshapen isoform of the tau protein can develop as soon as 12 hours after TBI, setting in motion a destructive course of events that can lead to widespread neurodegeneration. Importantly, the researchers have developed a potent antibody that can selectively detect and destroy this highly toxic protein.

“TBI is a leading cause of death and disability in children and young adults and also affects approximately 20 percent of the more than two million troops who have deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan,” said co-senior author Kun Ping Lu, MD, PhD, Chief of the Division of Translational Therapeutics in the Department of Medicine at BIDMC and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School (HMS). “Our study shows that an early neurodegenerative process induced by the toxic tau protein can begin just hours after a traumatic brain injury. In both cell models of stress and in mouse models simulating sport- and military-related TBI, the production of this pathogenic protein, called cis P-tau, disrupts normal neurological functioning, spreads to other neurons and leads to widespread neuronal death. We have developed a potent monoclonal antibody that can prevent the onset of widespread neurodegeneration by identifying and neutralizing this toxic protein and restoring neurons’ structural and functional abilities.”

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia in older individuals and currently affects more than 5 million Americans and 30 million people worldwide. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a degenerative brain disease associated with a number of neurological symptoms including risk-taking, aggression and depression. CTE can also lead to progressive dementia.

Previous research has shown that abnormal phosphorylation of the tau protein underlies Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases. In recent years, the Lu laboratory discovered that tau exists in two isoforms, or shapes – one functioning and one disease-causing.

“Healthy tau protein is found in the brain and serves to assemble and support microtubules, the ‘scaffolding systems’ that give neurons their unique shape and are integral to memory and normal brain functioning,” explained Lu. But in Alzheimer’s, CTE and other neurodegenerative diseases, collectively called tauopathies, tau becomes tangled and unable to function properly.

“Recent studies of CTE in the brains of boxers, American football players and blast-exposed veterans have identified extensive neurofibrillary tau tangles,” he said. “But, because these tangles were not detected until months or, more likely, years after TBI, it has not been known whether tauopathy is a cause or a consequence of TBI-related neurodegenerative disease. We have now shown that it is a cause of these diseases.”

Co-senior author of the new study Xiao Zhen Zhou, MD, also an investigator in BIDMC’s Division of Translational Therapeutics and Assistant Professor of Medicine at HMS, had previously developed polyclonal antibodies capable of distinguishing between two distinct isoforms of the phosphorylated tau protein. The isoform known as trans is in a relaxed shape and is important for normal brain functioning. The other isoform, known as cis, is in a twisted shape and is prone to becoming tangled. Cis P-tau is an early pathogenic protein leading to tauopathy and memory loss in Alzheimer’s disease.

“In this new study, we wanted to find out whether cis P-tau is present following TBI and, if so, how to eliminate it from the brain without disrupting the healthy functioning of trans P-tau,” said Zhou. “We generated a monoclonal antibody able to detect and eliminate cis P-tau very early in the disease process.”

Monoclonal antibody technology is a popular drug development approach. Working like a lock and key, it enabled the investigators to both detect and neutralize only the toxic cis P-tau.

After confirming the existence of this toxic cis tau isoform in the brain tissue of humans who had died of CTE, the authors simulated contact-sport and blast-related injuries in mouse models, and found that the brain’s induction of cis P-tau is dependent on injury severity and frequency.

“Mild TBI, also known as a concussion, results in moderate and transient cis P-tau induction,” explained Lu. “However, repetitive concussions, as might occur in contact sports, can result in robust and persistent cis P-tau induction. This is similar to what is produced following a single severe TBI caused by a blast or impact.”
Subsequent experiments revealed that the cis P-tau protein disrupts the brain’s microtubule scaffolding systems and the transport of mitochondria, the powerhouse that provides energy for neuronal function, and eventually leads to neuron death by apoptosis. The research also showed that, over time, cis P-tau progressively spreads throughout the brain. Treating TBI with cis antibody eliminated the toxic cis P-tau, prevented widespread tauopathy and neuron death and restored brain structure and function.

“These experiments told us that cis P-tau has the ability to kill one neuron after another, eventually leading to widespread neurofibrillary tangles and brain atrophy, which are the hallmark lesions of both Alzheimer’s disease and CTE,” said Lu. “We have determined that cis P-tau is an early driver of neurodegenerative disease after brain injury and that tauopathy it is a cause of TBI-related Alzheimer’s disease and CTE. We have also determined that the cis antibody can treat TBI and prevent its long-term consequences in mouse models. The next important steps will be to establish cis P-tau as a new biomarker to help enable early detection, and to humanize the cis antibody for treating patients with TBI.”

“Alzheimer’s disease and chronic traumatic encephalopathy are terrible diseases that progressively rob individuals of their memory, judgment and ability to function,” said study coauthor Alvaro Pascual-Leone, MD, PhD, Chief of the Division of Cognitive Neurology at BIDMC and Professor of Neurology at HMS. Pascual-Leone also serves as Associate Director of the Football Players Health Study (FPHS) at Harvard University, a multi-year initiative to discover new approaches to diagnose, treat and prevent injuries in professional football players.

“High-profile cases of CTE, such as that of the late football player Junior Seau, have vividly demonstrated the tragic consequences of this affliction,” he added. “We need to learn more about CTE’s causes in order to develop better ways of diagnosing and treating it, and this study offers us a promising early intervention to prevent the pathologic consequences of this disease. These findings additionally offer us a new way to approach Alzheimer’s disease, which poses a staggering unsustainable burden throughout the world. Alzheimer’s afflicts both individuals and their families and, it deprives society of the contributions of experienced and wise elders.”

Cortisol is a major stress hormone, making skin cells churn out oily lipids from sebaceous glands. But when there’s too much of these oily lipids, called sebum, they can plug up the swollen inflamed pores and trap the bacteria inside. Et voila! A pimple is born.

From the TED-Ed Lesson Does stress cause pimples? - Claudia Aguirre

Animation by Alan Foreman

The Science Behind the Sibyl System WARNING: Slight science and geekness ahead

How does Sibyl work? How could such a mechanism work in real life? 

“Hey Frank, isn’t this just a pointless thing to think about? After all, isn’t it all just a setup for the story, and aren’t the brains in the jars are just a reference to Gulliver Travels?(In case you didn’t know) Is there any value in this question?” 

You may ask.

Well, you’ve got a point. But after some research I came to the conlusion that as unthinkable an idea as it may sound today, In a 100 years worth of Biometric science advances, the technology of Sibyl is easily a real possibility (!!!)

Before you stop reading and start thinking the PP fandom has waaaaay to many weirdos (ha!) let me dive a little deeper.

First off, we have to understand the difference between A hue check and a psycho pass check.

A Hue check is a measure of your real time stress by a cinematic scan. It’s been said that it doesn’t aim your spine to measure it (whatever it might be), but sybil can take measurements of your cinematic scans and come up with your psycho pass number but not in real time since it’s too much to process at the time. (this can only happen with a dominator.)

it’s been said that the reason Senguji didn’t get a high PP with street scans but got blown up by Kogami’s dominator is that the dominator points directly at the brain and spine, so we know the cinematic scans do two things

1) Mesure your stress and mental stability.

2) Do not aim at your spine.(it aims at your body through your clothes…)

So, is there a technology in real life that might be able to do a similar thing? Well kinda…

Enter spectophotometry….

Basically, it measures the concentration of particles in fluids, by calculating the absorption  rate of said particle to a certain wavelenght of light.

Why would we want to measure the concentration of particles in fluids? Stress is caused by a biological response to danger, and provokes a fight or flight response. Biochemically the body segregates the hormones adrenaline and cortisol to the bloodstream to help us deal with the stress signal…

Blood is a fluid, Cortisol and adrenalin are particles. If the cinematic scan was simply a DAD Spectrophotometer (it means it can measure concentration in a full wavelength spectrum of light and tell particles apart)  then we could know the concentration of Cortisol and adrenaline. If we know the blood stream concentration of those hormones then we could get a hue/stress check.

Couple of cons;  Spectophotometry needs a receptor of the light which we don’t see in the anime (might be another scanner who has a double function as a receptor.) and spectophotometry can’t go through clothes or even go through the body to go to the receptor of light that will give the measurment.

But maybe it just measures the blood at a capillary level and it has ways to compesate from the clothes and light rebound. (plausible in 100 years from now)

And a pro side of Spectophotometry… you don’t bombard people with cancer producting radiation, like I suspect the dominator does. (more on this later.)

But let’s be clear on something. Blood concentration levels of Adrenaline or cortisol don’t prove anything by themselves. There are other factors that also matter when measuring how stress affects a human. For example, cell receptor sensitivity to stress hormones, genetic predesposition to stress and genetic stress managment predesposition. All of this can’t just be measured by a cinematic scan… (also free will and values, but sibyl does not give a damn about those.)

But fear not… I have a theory for that. Remember Shougo’s plan?

Destroying food crops so that immigrants came to Japan and rendered Sibyl useless. Basically bringing immigrants ‘cause Sibyl can’t measure immigrants’ hue…

Why would that be? And also remember how Kagari was determined as a latent criminal at age 5? Sibyl does scans and checks to its population.

So that’s how it works. I imagine that every legal citizen of Japan is required to do an extensive biometric data analisis check when they are young to measure all the things I talked about (genetic predesposition measurments can be measured nowadays, and I don’t think we are that far from cell receptor measurments, maybe 15 years from now.) So that when a cinematic scans hits, it will always have comparative data to get its hue scan results right.

Now that we cleared that out, let’s talk about the dumbest weapon ever invented, the dominator. Not dumb only because it’s not %100 percent efficient, doesn’t care about the user’s will, or because it takes a a long ass time to make it’s mind. It’s really really really dumb because of the ridiculous biohazard the lethal eliminator represents.

Doctors have been known to get AIDS and hepatitis from the blood splatter on eyes, or other mucous membranes during surgeries. So imagine shooting that thing while the target is in a crowd. Not only will it raise their stress levels, but if the target had an infectious disease, you’ll be like “Hey,  guys don’t worry I killed the bad guy, sorry about getting you all infected with ebola though.”

Anyways, how the eff the dominator works? I think it’s a more direct method than photometry, but I’m pretty sure pointing that gun at someone is pretty unsafe. The working mechanisms I can imagine is comparative analisis of neurotransmitter electrical activity (the most important activity of the spine) by bombarding someone with ionizing radiation or magnetic radiation. Radiation (I don’t know exactly what) will make structures resonate in a way that can be measured and the brains of sybil will make a comparative analysis of the phsychology and decision of killing or not. (Also more brains would means a more clear comparative analysis. More on this later.) 

Also consider this, the radiation used in the analysis could be used in a more concentrated way to knock the spinal activity momentarily (non-lethal paralizer) or even more to make every water molecule on the body go nuts and make somone explode, just like a microwave does with water. (biohazardous lethal eliminator.) Also Sibyl might be able to measure the activity of electriclal circuits to determine a threat in a robot and activate the Destroyer decomposer. It really doesn’t seem that far fetched. 

But every kind of radiation might be damaging to cells, especially neurons. So perhaps it’s only reserved to dominators which won’t be pointed at someone for more than a few seconds so most scans are spectophotometric.

Anyways… fear for your grandchildren, the “future” might be a dystopia after all.

As parting words, let’s talk about Shougo and Rikako.

If my theory is correct, then it would mean that Makashima would have a complete stress and neural control of himself and also has a very profound rationalizing nature that would help him keep it that way. If you look at wim hof, you’ll see that is not complety impossible for a human to do so. It would also mean why he would be such a good candidate to be in Sibyl, since he can really give meaning to measurements.

Rikako on the other hand, while she doesn’t seem to stress a lot, she isn’t as delusional and detached as Shougo to completely master her body’s response. She knows to a more or less degree that she’s evil and she even showed fear before getting killed. Something Shougo did not. Think about why that matters ;)

Anyways that’s my theory. In case you are curious, I’m a chem tech for all it’s worth.. but whatever, this is just pure speculation.

Don’t forget to hate on immigrants. They render Sibyl useless. Just kidding :)

Immortal pleasure (part 2)

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Jin - Poseidon

Part 1: Namjoon - Zeus
Part 3: Yoongi - Hypnos
Part 4: Jimin - Eros
Part 5: Hoseok - Dionysus
Part 6: Taehyung - Apollo
Part 7: Jungkook - Ares

Warnings: Sea shore sex. Skinny dipping. Fingering.

I strip myself from the little ivory cocktail dress that the sun has been obsessed with all morning. I stand there, scan through my suitcase until I find the perfect string bikini with the light shade of flamingo. It fits the curve of my body perfect, showing my solid thighs and round ass cheeks. Looking at the mirror, I see a satisfied girl, ready to get herself some souvenirs from the sun.

There isn’t a particular adjective to describe Greek oceans, since none of them are completely precised and accurate. The water is a little bit of everything: a little bit of blue, a little bit of green, a little bit of turquoise. Sometimes you see freshness in it, dazzling under the sky as if someone spread diamonds on it. Other times it’s transparent and subtle, like a piece of glass with no capability to reflect. It changes with the rhythm of time and the tempo of seasons. I dip my body into the water, head to toes. As I emerge from the quiet ocean, my skin twinkle like glitters. The ocean takes away every stressful cells on me, leaving me mesmerized with the feeling of being refreshed. Drops of water slide from my shoulders down to the tips of my fingers. Crests of waves form shields around me, ripple outward and expand their magnitude. Out of a sudden, water seems to wrap tightly around my body. Or maybe it’s just my imagination…




I manage to escape myself from the wild singing and dancing. People started to drink more than they should and I was sure that I would not allow myself to hop on that train. My bare feet wander aimlessly on the sand, leaving footprints behind so that tides can bring them back to the ocean. It was hard to see but hearing the symphony of wind mating with the water isn’t an obstacle. Under the moonlight, my footprints find their companions. They aren’t lonely anymore but it takes me a while to recognize someone has been walking besides me for a long time. Loud but subtle, as if he is the ocean himself.

“What brings your footsteps to the ocean?” He says. I can barely figure out his features but his silhouette is large, especially his shoulders. The strong built body shape catches my curiosity. He doesn’t scare me, not even a little. However, my guards are up and my senses become more sensitive.

“Escaping. You?” I reply shortly without any emotions added, securing the invisible wall between us.

“The ocean just calls me out here…” His answer mixes with an exhale. Somehow, the movement of his Adam’s Apple shoots an arrow straight to the bull’s eye of my heart. Waves clash to our feet and strangely enough, they seems livelier than ever.

He takes me to the top of a rock, where I can feel wind tugging into my tangled hair. He smells like salt, sharp enough to cut my throat in half. His hair floats gently in the air. His toes always touch the ocean. It makes me think that water is the fuel to his engine, without it he can’t survive. Before I could notice, he stands up and throws away the cloth covering him. He heads to the water, so naturally as if he isn’t going towards but returning to where he came from. The thick figure sparkle under the moonlight. He glows in my hallucinated eyes. The view itself is immortal, even I start to question myself if any parts of him are human.

“Come down here.” His voice echos on the rocks. But I should be hesitating, asking myself how am I getting wet without a swimsuit or any alternative clothes when I get back on dry land. He calls me again, like sirens that wrap me around with tarty offerings of the devils. My mind doesn’t buy those, but my body is head over heel convinced. The silk gown falls down on my feet and so are my underwear. I dive into the cold water and swim to where he is. My nipples harden under the touch of the ocean. He looks at them, carefully with all of his concentration.

“Don’t look at me like that.” I whisper. My eyes avert his eyes by staring at the ripples around me. His hand touches one of my buds, draws circular patterns around it and feels the tension when it hardens. I bite my lips, tasting the salt on the top of my tongue. He takes my whole breast into his hand, squeezes it like he’s honking a toy. The view of him caressing my breast is clear under my nose. I watch it with fascination and arousal.

“Come here.” He demands me. After our bodies are just millimeters from each other, he grabs my shoulders and turns me around. I feel his wide chest against my back, how his heart is beating and how his breaths are moving. From the water, his strong hand reaches my core. He sneaks his index finger between my folds and rubs my clit. Just as before, my clit is caressed in circular motion. He slips the same finger into me. Everything seems so easy underwater. My moan shoots up the stars.

“Ahhh… I can’t do this… I should go…” My mind try to stop my body before it gets in deeper.

“Where do you think you’re going? You’re not allowed to disobey a god.” He smirks against my earlobe as he gives it a long lick.

“God?… ahhhh…”

“I’m Seokjin, god of the seas. And you’re not going anywhere, not if you’re this wet already.”

My mouth gasps. I wonder if it was out of surprise of because of what his finger is doing to me. The way he curls up and touches the walls inside leaves me breathless. I can’t tell how wet I am, but my body guarantees that the ocean won’t be clean tomorrow. He inserts his middle finger in. The fingers work their way to touch my orgasm, whether they’re pumping in and out or sink deeper into me. My toes curl, grabbing the sand below. Sweat mixes with water, even I can’t distinguish them.

Seokjin releases me from my misery after my first orgasm. I can barely stand on my own. He carries me in his muscular arms and I sit perfectly in that crib. My eyes see the bright stars and my back feels the bumpy surface of the rock. I see his silhouette again, this time, on top of me.

“Spread out your legs.” I am too exhausted to protest or refuse, but I can’t deny the fact my sinful body loves the thrill his touched have given. My legs tremble and spread out at the same time, offering him a clear view of my womanhood. He plugs his big cock into me, slowly so that my entrance can adjust itself without feeling painful. The moment he is fully sunk in sends lustful vibes all over my body. I feel complete, just like the full moon above our head. He thrusts into me, pushing uncontrollably into the button that releases my orgasm. My eyes shut tight but there is no way to zip my mouth. I can’t hold in any more moans. They start slipping through my lips one by one and let the wind take them far away into the ocean.

“Say my name.” He commands me.

“Seokjin.” A small whisper is my response to him.

“Say it louder. Scream to Olympia how good this makes you feel.” The waves splash into the shore angrily.

“Seokjin. Fuck me harder… Ah… This feels amazing…” I scream on the top of my lungs, with the hope that at this hour of the night, nobody can hear us. His thrusts accelerate until I cum. My juice mixes with the wet sand but soon is taken away by the ocean. He dips his finger into my folds and take a lick of my orgasm. I sit there, leaning against the rock huffing out the breath I’ve been keeping in my lungs. He takes me to he water and washes me clean. Exhaustion takes the best out of me. My eyes close.

The next morning I wake up, finding myself all dressed with the same clothes from yesterday on my own bed. I can’t remember how I get back here but I am certain that it isn’t just a silly dream. My body, my breasts, my core, everything still feel so real. I get off my bed and look out to the sea from my balcony. It is still indescribable. At least I have a better picture about it, locked up safely in my memory.

Jin the Poseidon needs to baptize me in holy water because I don’t even know what I just wrote.

Welcome to A&E

I have no idea what it is that I like about Emergency Medicine.

The hours are terrible. The rota is indecipherable. You cannot plan to attend a friend’s birthday or a family gathering. Your social life is non-existent. The patients are largely rude, drunk, smelly and irreverent. There are never enough staff on shift. The urgent care centre referrals are sometimes ludicrous. The GPs send in UTIs as renal colic, PID as appendicitis, persistent patients that they can no longer placate. The specialty doctors think we are either lazy or lobotomised. You spend more time than you should at the centre of “specialty tennis”.

The four hour wait is a travesty. There are never enough observation beds. The pressure is immense. The clock never stops. There is always another patient waiting, another test to order, another result to check. There is always a diagnosis to be made, and treatment to initiate, a conversation to be had. You go from renal colic to brain tumours to heart attacks. You see depressed people, drunk people, old people, children. You see people at their worst. You see time wasters and hypochondriacs and then sepsis and deaths. You don’t have time to process. You don’t have time to think. You see, treat, refer, discharge.

People complain about the waiting time, disagree with your assessment, believe google before they believe you. You go home at night paranoid about the patient you sent home; constantly questioning your decisions, your abilities and your sanity. You see multiple patients simultaneously, you are a porter, a nurse, a cleaner, a friend, a confidant. You tell people good news, bad news, sad news.

You are charged with the unhappy job of treating people’s liver disease from excessive alcohol, lung disease from smoking, diabetes from overindulgence. People expect you to take responsibility for their lifestyle choices. You endure the abusive drunkards, the psychotic schizophrenics, the deranged elderly. You put up with the people who have neither an accident nor an emergency.

You exhaust yourself looking after these people, so much so that you go without food, without bathroom breaks, without the most basic of human needs. You are vilified by the media, who feel you are paid too much for what you do. You are misunderstood by friends and family who watch too much ER and Casualty. You become unacceptably irked by poor resuscitation techniques on TV shows. You complain about unnecessary attendances and then carry out wholly unwarranted tests because you are scared of being sued. You will inevitably have complaints filed against you for merely doing your job. You will make poor management decisions and people will die. You will make excellent management decisions and people will still die. You will defy the odds: CPR will work; the patient will recover from sepsis; be discharged from hospital, and then die at home a week later.

You will miss things. You will be wrong on a daily basis. Everyone thinks they know more than you. You finish a shift and barely have the energy to walk to the car; let alone drive home. You spend at least half of your days off comatose in bed. You don’t see your housemates for weeks due to opposing shift patterns. You do locum shifts during your time off because there are never enough doctors and you know how awful it is to work when they’re short staffed. The barista at Costa knows what sort of day you’re having based on whether you order a medio cappuccino or a double espresso. The packed lunch you brought 3 days ago is still sat in the refrigerator. Once you leave work you are unable to make the smallest of decisions because you have used up all of your brain cells.

You are stressed out, overworked and rarely thanked. And I can’t think of any specialty that I would enjoy more.

Foxhollow Chapter Two

Chapter Two: Claws and Teeth

           King Nicholas’s bedchamber was much bigger than the room Judith shared with her siblings.

Instead of making a circle it formed a perfect rectangle. Where the walls floor and ceiling of the burrow consisted of dirt, this consisted of gray brick.

At her left was a large four poster bed covered in deep reds, on her right was a large fireplace that already had a roaring inferno lighting up the room. Beside the fireplace was a small and comfy looking couch.

Across from Judith, on the other side of the room, were two large glass doors that led out into a miniature balcony where beyond you could see the fields, forests, and even a few lakes, of Foxhollow.

And in the middle of the room, atop a intricately detailed rug, sat a pile of presents, coronation gifts for the brand new king. And Judy belonged in that pile of objects.

Though she suspected she’d fit in soon enough.

           Still bound she was roughly pushed into the chamber by one of the antelope guards, causing her to trip and fall to her knees next to the gifts. The antelopes shut the door behind them.

Now all Judith had was her terrified, sporadic thoughts to keep her company. And they kept jumping from her home, to her mourning family that she would probably never see again, to the glass case above the fireplace that held an antique looking sword; to the king she had just met.

Nicholas Wilde was younger than she had thought, his russet fur had been well-groomed, the green eyes that had stared at her with confusion then indifference striking. He hadn’t looked like he would want to hurt her…but she shouldn’t let herself relax. It could have been a trick to make her let her guard down so she didn’t try to run when he went for her throat. Judith swallowed past the lump in her throat, her limbs shivering.

           Suddenly the chamber door opened, Judy jolted to attention, her heart hammering, expecting it to be the king.

But no, it was…a sheep?

An ewe, dressed in the blue dress of a castle servant and a bell around her neck, walking into the bedchamber like it was her own. When her bored eyes met Judith’s she halted in her steps, blinking a few times as if it took her a moment to register what she was seeing.

And then she spoke, “Those guards were telling the truth.”

“H-huh?” Judy stammered, wondering what the sheep was doing in the king’s chamber. She wondered if she too was a present to the fox.

“They told me the king had received a bunny for a coronation gift,” the sheep explained walking over, examining Judith. “I just didn’t believe them.”

“I’m afraid it’s true,” she tried to keep her voice from coming out as a terrified moan. “I had to become a gift to the king so my family wouldn’t become homeless.”

“Hm,” the sheep replied in a disinterested tone. She had a feather duster in hoof and was cleaning up the corners of the room, Judy watched her.

“Are you a maid?” she asked the ewe.

“Unfortunately,” the sheep groaned. “You can call me Bellwether.”

The rabbit nodded, “I’m Judith Hopps.”  

           Bellwether didn’t clean for long, eventually placing her feather duster on the floor and walking over to examine the array of gifts. “Well, Judith Hopps, I am afraid your luck has officially run out.”

Her words sent Judith’s ears falling to her shoulders, her eyes widening in fright. If her wrists weren’t bound she would rub them across her arms, she couldn’t help but imagine claws grazing across her flesh.

“What is he going to do with me?” Judith asked in a frightened whisper.

Her terror had Bellwether looking up from a wrapped gift box, giving the bunny a funny look. She shrugged, “I haven’t the faintest idea. But no need to be so horrified, we’re prey. Our luck runs out sooner or later.” She opened a box, despite that it belonged to King Nicholas, and pulled out a tapestry of a fox being crowned. Without further ado Bellwether ripped it in half with a satisfied sneer.

“We’re prey living in a predator world.”

Judith gasped in dismay, couldn’t the sheep be beheaded for destroying the king’s property. “Why did you do that?” she asked, breathless with fright.

“It’s my coping mechanism,” the sheep stated proudly. “It’s how I handle living under the clawed feet of the sharp-teethed.”

“But won’t he found out what you did?” Judith wondered. Or worse, would Nicholas assume his new gift did it?

“Not if I throw it in the fire,” Bellwether replied, doing exactly that. She wiped her hooves together in an accomplished manner, watching the beautifully designed tapestry burn. “He hasn’t looked through his presents. He won’t even know it ever existed.”

           The sheep turned to Judith, apparently finally noticing the rope binding the rabbit. “I imagine he wouldn’t be overly pleased when he finds you unbound.” She walked over and knelt beside the rabbit, starting to untie the ropes around her wrists, “Are you a runner? I won’t stop you, just curious.”
Judith wanted to say yes, that as soon as she was free she would run out of that unlocked door and not stop until she made it back to Bunnyburrow, to the loving arms of her family. But then she imagined King Nicholas hunting his new possession down, dragging her back, maybe even taking a few of her siblings along for the fun of it. And even if the king didn’t, even if he didn’t care if she ran away, she would have to worry about Gideon Grey. If she went home Gideon Grey would throw the Hopps family out into the cold.

           Judith shook her head, she would not be running anywhere.

Bellwether didn’t seem surprised by that, stepping back once Judith’s wrist were free. She turned back to the gifts while the bunny untied her ankles.

Judith stood up, her legs cramped and numb from the long carriage ride there, she looked around the room, despite herself she ended up admiring the room. It really was beautiful, fit for a king. Speaking of…

“When will King Nicholas return?” she asked the sheep who found a box of sweets, she placed them in the bosom of her dress, her wool hiding its rectangular shape.

“I don’t know,” Bellwether replied. “And I really couldn’t care less.” She looked back at Judith, “But you should probably stay in here all the same, until the fox decides what to do with you.”
“You’re leaving?” Judith asked in horror as she watched the sheep head to the door.

“I’m going to eat these sweets then go to bed,” Bellwether replied. She glanced over her shoulder, “I bring the fox his breakfast. I’ll see you in the morning.”

But I could be dead by then, Judith bit her tongue to keep from screaming the words. Watching, silent save for her pounding heart as Bellwether closed the door behind her. Judith was left with her blood-drenched fantasies once again.


           The coronation party was over, the guests bidding farewell as they headed to their own homes. Amelia and Maxmilian had gone off to bed but Nicholas was in no hurry to return to his bedchamber. Not when there was a tied up rabbit waiting for him.

           Instead he sat in the kitchen with Finnick, both enjoying mugs of ale while the red fox talked of his dilemma: “What am I suppose to do with a rabbit? Why did that farmer even bother bringing her?”

“He wants sucker up to you just like every other gift giver you’ve met tonight,” Finnick informed before taking a large swig of his drink.

“It’s been years and years since prey were given as coronation gifts,” Nicholas reminded his friend. “I can’t even recall what royalty did with them.”

“Lucky for us both I actually remember what I read,” Finnick replied, “Ready for a history lesson?”

“Wait,” Nick took a long sip of his ale. “Go on then.”

           “Most prey were used as personal helpers,” Finnick began. “They’d clean the royalty’s room; hold up the trail of their dresses and capes so they wouldn’t drag in the dirt, little things like that.”

“But others?” Nicholas inquired.

Finnick bore an uncomfortable expression, “Some were used as…to put it in a light-hearted term: scratching posts.”

Nicholas flinched at the words, “How’s that light-hearted?”

“Fine, some were abused, frequently, by the predators that owned them, for fun. And since they were above the law they didn’t get punished, even when the prey died. Do you remember reading about King Lionheart’s ancestor: Skar?”

Nicholas nodded, that lion had been nothing more than a tyrant and both Kingsland and it’s neighboring Regions had let out a breath of relief when he fell in battle.

“He had a flock of sheep he kept in a cell, whenever he was stressed he let his aggression out on them. He’d run his claws across their faces, scar them, and he didn’t bother to bath them so their blood was stained in their wool.”

Nicholas shuddered in revulsion, “I’m not going to do that to the rabbit.”

“No, you won’t,” Finnick replied. “And of course you won’t do the other thing prey were sometimes used for so there’s no point bringing it up.”

The fennec’s words had Nicholas’s brows narrowing in curiosity, “It can’t be as bad as using a prey as…a scratching post.”

“It isn’t its just…unusual, not something predators do often.”

“Finnick,” Nick grumbled in annoyance, “Don’t make me go to the castle’s library and hunt down a history book. I’ve already done my time in there.”

Finnick snickered, his eyes glinting with dry humor. “Fine, Your Highness. There were times, though rare, that prey became consorts to royalty.”

The words had Nicholas pricking his ears up, “Consorts?”

“Or a mistress…a harem if there was more than one…whatever word you prefer.”

“I don’t prefer any of them!” Nicholas replied, pressing his ears back against his skull and his tail bristling. “I’m not making that rabbit my mistress!”

“It’s not any of my business what you do with her,” Finnick replied, chuckling at his friend’s flustered expression. “I’m just telling you what kings before you have done.” He took another swig of his ale.

Nicholas guzzled an even larger amount.


           An hour or so later Nicholas finally found his way back to his chamber, more than a little sloshed. Stepped inside his mind was full of scratching posts and mistresses as he made it to his wardrobe, pulling off his coronation cape and shirt as he did so.

He had thrown his wardrobe open with much fanfare, humming a tune that had played at his party while he decided which of his evening wear he desired.

           “Ex-excuse me?”

The soft voice made Nicholas jump and whirl around; blinking to clear his fuzzy vision to see it was the bunny who had spoken. He had forgotten she was sent here.

She crawled out from under his couch, her lowered ears slightly red as if she was flustered, and her violet eyes big with fear.

“Were you hiding under my couch?” his voice was slightly slurred.

The rabbit shrunk into herself, “I didn’t know what else to do. I’m not sure were I’m supposed to sleep.”

Nicholas snorted rudely, “There’s a couch right there.” He pointed to said object before turning around and pulling out one of his night shirts, he threw it over his head without bothering to take off his breeches.

He moved toward his bed but the bunny’s voice stopped him, it was still quiet, frightened: “Sir?”

He glanced back at her, she still looked like she wanted to hide, but along with the fear in her eyes there was curiosity. “What are you going to do with me?”

Nick’s eyes narrowed at her words, he took a step forward, “What am I going to do with you?”

She flinched when he stepped forward, and it annoyed the fox, incredibly so. “What do you think I’m going to do with you?” he growled the question.

The rabbit just looked at him, her eyes brimming with fright and melancholy and it made Nick’s insides twist with discomfort and anger. He had done nothing to earn this rabbit’s fear…at least not yet.

He smiled his alcohol-addled mind sure to show off his sharp teeth as he did so, he walked over to the rabbit who stepped back as far as she could go, the back of the couch bringing her to a halt.

Nicholas knelt to be at eye level with the rabbit, “I actually asked the same question to a friend of mine. What did a king do when given a prey as a tribute?”

She slammed her eyes shut as Nicholas leaned closer, his breath rustling her whiskers. “I could make you my own little servant. Though as a new king odds are a stress reliever would be more useful.” His eyes narrowed, becoming green slits, “There are two kinds of ways I could do this.” He lifted a claw and traced it along her jaw line, making the rabbit let out a small squeak of fright. “I could sharpen my claws on your bones. I bet that’s what you expect; I bet you think I’m going to eat you.”

The rabbit forced her eyes open to meet his gaze, “A-aren’t you?” she asked softly, breathlessly.

“Maybe,” his claw lifted her chin up and he leaned even closer, his nose bumping against hers. “But I was told prey were sometimes taken as consorts as well.”
The bunny’s eyes bulged and Nicholas could no longer keep up the façade. He pulled away, bursting into drunken laughter. “Too bad for me,” he said between bursts of mirth, “That not only do you smell like dirt you’re also one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen.” He stood up and tripped over to his bed, shaking his head as he continued to chuckle.

           Nicholas threw one of his many pillows to the rabbit, the lacy mound smacking her stunned face. Still grinned Nicholas crawled under his covers, curling into himself. In a matter of seconds his conscious slipped away, leaving behind a rattling, drunken, snore.


           The smell of hot food roused Judith, her eyes blinking open and her stomach grumbling.

It was amazing she got any sleep last night, after the fox’s threats, she was only half sure he was only joking. Not wanting to sleep on the cold stone floor she had dared to lie on the bed, resting her head on the pillow the fox had thrown at her.

The rest of the night was spent listening to the snores of the fox and his words running over and over through her brain until finally, exhaustion had her nodding off.

           But now she sat up, the couch was much comfier than the floor she slept in at the burrows, and saw Bellwether walk in, carrying a tray of steaming bread, cheese, and a handful of blueberries, along with a drink that carried the scent of honey.

Bellwether smirked at Judith before walking toward Nicholas’s bed, placing the tray on his bedside table. “Your Highness,” she spoke loudly, “Your breakfast.”

Nicholas had flinched at the sheep’s volume. “I hear you, Bellwether. What’s my morning schedule?”

“Nothing yet, Your Highness,” Bellwether replied.

“Then I’m going to spend the morning sleeping off this hangover,” Nick burrowed further into his pillows.

“As you wish,” Dawn said in an uncaring tone, heading toward the door.

“Bellwether,” Nicholas’s voice halted her. “Take the rabbit with you.”

Judith’s ears popped up in surprise, she looked to the sheep who seemed just as surprised. “And do what with her?” Bellwether asked.

Nicholas lifted his paw and waved it in an uncaring fashion, “Feed her, bath her, put her in a dress with less patches, make her help you with her chores, I don’t care, just get her out of here. I can’t sleep with her fear stinking up my room.”

Judith’s ears flushed but she didn’t hesitate to follow Bellwether out of the room, letting out a sigh of relief when they walked out into the hallway.

           “He’s crazy,” Judith whispered in fright as Bellwether shut the chamber door. She didn’t look surprised by the rabbit’s words as she led her down the hall. “What did he do?”

“He-he threatened to eat me,” Judith moaned in fright, “Or m-make me his mistress!”

Bellwether threw her head back and laughed, “Oh I wouldn’t take those words to heart. Nicholas obviously had a keg or two before going to sleep.”

Judith did recall the smell of ale on his breath, “So…he’s usually kinder?”

“Oh no, he’s still a complete ass. I’m partly convinced his mother had an affair with a mule. But he doesn’t make the habit of ‘eating’ prey if you understand me.”

Judith did and the words made her ears flush red once again.

           “So,” Bellwether changed the subject, “Is there anything specific you want to do?”

“I really need to relieve myself,” Judith admitted, pressing her legs together.


           After Judith handled that pressing matter she told the sheep she was also starving, having not even eaten dinner before she was taken from her home. Bellwether informed her she was about to attend breakfast too and led the rabbit to the kitchens.

Judith had to hold back a moan as the scent of doughy bread and steaming vegetables filled her nostrils, though she was less pleased to see that some of the kitchen staff was predators.

Bellwether and Judith got plates that had slices of bread and cabbage soup, Judith unable to help snatching a few baby carrots. They sat at an empty table, away from the other servants enjoying their breakfast. Judith took a few moments to scarf down the bread and carrots before starting a conversation with Bellwether.

“Would it be okay if I helped you with your chores?” she asked the sheep. “I really don’t want to go back to that room.”

Bellwether smirked at her pitiful tone, “I won’t say no to an offer of help, it’ll get my job done quicker. But first we are going to get you bathed and in a dress that fits the castle.”

           “Who’s your friend, Bellwether?” a new friendly voice spoke up.

Judith looked up and nearly jumped out of her seat to see a chubby cheetah standing by their table, smiling widely all his sharp teeth on display.

Bellwether nodded to the cheetah who was adorned in the outfit of a baker, “Clawhauser, this is Judith. She’s the king’s new…guest.”

What an amusing term to use but she supposed until Nicholas decided what to do with her there was no other way to put it besides words like ‘gift’ or ‘tribute’.

“Hello there,” Clawhauser friendly smile grew, “I heard the king got a bunny but I didn’t think you’d be so adorable.”

Judy cringed, never liking that term of endearment from animals that weren’t rabbits. It made her feel more inferior than usual. But if she was being fair she doubted that was the cheetah’s intent.

So she forced a polite smile on her lips, “A pleasure to meet you.”


           It took Judith and Bellwether longer than expected to leave the kitchen, after finishing their breakfast Clawhauser, who had announced himself as the castle’s head baker, refused to let them leave. He had to show them his latest sweets, introduce Judith to the other cooks, and made the rabbit promise to come visit him.

By the time she followed the sheep out of the kitchen Judith was pretty positive she had involuntarily made a friend out of a predator.

           Bellwether led the bunny downstairs to the bath area, not wanting to fetch the necessary buckets of hot water to fill one of the servants’ tubs she simply handed Judith a wet rag for her to wash of the dirt caked in her fur. While Judith did that the sheep fetched an old servant’s dress that was purple.

“May as well look nice while slaving away to spoiled predators,” the sheep stated, throwing the dress to Judith who swiped to catch it before it hit the ground. Unlike her other dress this one was in better condition, no patches or dirt stains could be seen. Slipping it over her head she found it draped over her shoulders an inch and it completely covered her feet. She held up the skirts so she wouldn’t flinch as she followed Bellwether to the laundry room.

“We’re fetching the clothes for the castle’s apothecary,” Bellwether told her, picking up a basket and indicating to Judith to grab the one beside it.

Arms full of fresh smelling linen she followed Bellwether up one of the towers of the castle, she had met an apothecary in town but she had heard the Wilde family had a personal one who intended to the royal family, nobles, and their servants.

           The room was full of medicines, the air thick with herbs. Judith swallowed when she saw the apothecary, sitting at a desk and writing furiously. It was a jaguar.

“Good morning, Manchas,” Bellwether greeted politely, placing the basket of laundry by the bed, Judith did the same. “Here is your clothes.”

“Thank you,” the jaguar said distractedly, still scribbling. The two females made their way toward the door when Manchas shot his head up, nose twitching; he turned to look a them. Judith started when she saw that one of his eyes was sealed shut by three nasty look claw marks. His one working eye widened in surprise, “So the rumors were true. King Nicholas was given a rabbit as tribute.”

Judith tried for a polite curtsy, “Pleased to m-meet you, sir. My name is Judith.”

Manchas looked her up and down before turning back to his parchment, “Some mammals will do anything to please royalty.” With that final mutter he went back to work and Bellwether pulled Judith out of the room.

           The rest of the day was spent similar to that, Judith helped Bellwether with her chores whilst being introduced to random servants of the castle, thankfully not all of them were predators. Though she had to admit the prey to leave the biggest impact were the gardeners known as Bucky and Prong. One could hear their fervent arguments from across the castle.

Judith spotted Nicholas only once; they passed an open door that looked like a meeting room, the fox pouring over a large piece of parchment, muttering something to a lynx who wore the clothes of a merchant. A guard spotted her peeping and closed the door with a disgusted snort. Though the rabbit had no qualms with staying away from the fox, even if last night had just been a joke it didn’t ease her fears of living with him. A cruel trickster would be no less likable than a bloodthirsty or lecherous, beast.

           But the sun went behind the trees and with it Judith’s luck.

“Thank you for all your help,” Bellwether told the rabbit as they stopped before the king’s bedchamber. “I will see you tomorrow.”

“Can’t I stay in your room tonight?” Judith begged, not wanting to go back into that dreadful room.

The sheep smirked, “I live in the servants quarters, trust me, it’s crowded enough as it is. You wouldn’t be comfortable.”

Bellwether was wrong; a crowded place was probably the one thing that could ease her nerves as she had slept in cramped rooms since the day she was born. But the sheep kept talking before Judith could say such. “Besides, Nicholas didn’t say you could move to the servants’ quarters. Best to stay here until he decides where to keep you… I like you Judith, but I’m not going to risk the new king’s anger for you.” With those final words she opened the door and urged the rabbit in, closing the door behind her.

           The first thing Judith noticed was that the room was empty, her bones sagged in relief. The second thing she noticed was a new piece of furniture. Curious she stepped toward where it stood by the fireplace, her jaw going slack.

It was a bed fit for a rabbit.

Sorry for only one chapter this time guys, I’ve been on a St. Zoo roll.

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Have you ever been out hunting for fireflies on a hot summer evening and caught yourself wondering how those little bugs work? Well fireflies are bioluminescent, meaning that they emit light via a chemical reaction.

Professor Julie talked about bioluminescence when she covered Lanturn, but that was a long time ago so we’re going to talk about it again!

There are many organisms that use bioluminescence to produce light, including some fungi and many deep sea fish. Most of these creatures produce a light-emitting pigment called luciferin [L] and an enzyme called luciferase (apparently glowing is satanic?), when these two chemicals react with oxygen and ATP they produce light along with some other waste products.

The reaction above is the basic one that fireflies use to glow their yellowish-green color. Our glowing stars have other colors that we have to account for. The color of the bioluminescence can be determined by two different mechanisms, either a filter of sorts or by different protein composition in the reaction.

Since Staryu only shines red, we can assume that its ‘gem’ has some sort of red colored filter that gives the light such a vibrant color as well as remaining red when the bioluminescence is not active. In the case of Starmie, however, we have to assume that it has cells that make different proteins that change the color of the light. It’s not stated but I think it’s safe to say that Starmie’s light color is somehow linked with it’s endocrine system, emitting different lights based upon the hormone levels in its blood.

For example, in a time of high stress these cells would detect high amounts of epinephrine and signal the cells to emit a protein for a specific color.

There are countless different reasons that different organisms use bioluminescence, from defense to attraction. There’s the angler fish is a deep sea dweller who uses a light on his head to lure his prey.

We also have many different species of fungi who glow at night. We don’t really understand why they glow, but many scientists believe that it is to attract insects that will spread their fungal spores.

As far as these sea-stars go, I’m going to make a guess that they use it for communication. If Starmie’s light color is really linked up to its endocrine system, then it would make sense for the different colors to have different meanings that could be interpreted. In the case of Staryu, perhaps it is able to flash its light in different patterns, mimicking Morse code.

Staryu and Starmie glow due to chemical reactions in their bodies that may be linked with their hormone levels, and they use these lights to communicate with others of their species. 

I risked my Highschool Graduation just to make a point.

In Washington state there is a project that every student must turn in, in order to graduate. It is basically just a bunch of info on how school has helped you, what your career goals are, ect. And even though i live on the more “liberal” side of WA, my town and school was extremely picky and has even failed students for this project.

I hate this project. I hate it so much that i made my opening line, “Now that the year almost is over I have thought long and hard about what my life will erect into once I graduate.” i put penis jokes and sarcasm in the whole thing. I even made a fake certificate that says im the meme queen.

I filled it with memes and a selfie of me eating pizza. And im seen as a clown type of student. I have tattoos and piercings and blue hair.

But at the end, i switched my tone and wrote this:

This project is hypocritical.
While this page is not on the required list of documents you need to have in your portfolio, it does say to personalize and make it your own. So that is what I have done, by taking any seriousness out of this project. I have presented all required pages, and then some. My point is not to disrespect teachers and staff, (I hold educators on a very high level and greatly respect them.) but to show the point that this project is is hypocritical. The base of this project is to prove that a student has been properly educated and is ready for the future. To create a facade that the school system did their job in creating little adults, so the educators feel as if they did something good. I had to fill out forms about my direction of career path, how the classes I was forced to take some how magically have guided me along this magical non existent path that I have been prepped for my whole four years of high school.
I am forced to lie about how I am a prepared young adult, and I asked multiple teachers and my old advisor teacher about what do I do I do if I am unaware of what I want to do or how any of these classes have guide me into my career and they all said it doesn’t matter, to just make something up. What is the point in making students lie and then taking credit for a great education they supposedly had. This project (while it has been shorted, and thank goodness it was.) is still a stress inducing shot to the self esteem.
The American School System is not allowed to take credit for anything I ever accomplish.
I say this whole heartedly, while I love a few teachers, and respect them for honestly caring about students, a majority of staff are just playing by the rules, even if they don’t agree with them. A young student named David Brown wrote a rap about the current education system, some of they lyrics include, “I was shown the wavelengths of different hues of light But I was never taught my human rights” and “I was never taught how to recognize the most deadly Mental disorders or Diseases with preventable causes ‘cause abstract maths was deemed more important Than advice that would literally save thousands of lives But it’s cool, ‘cause now I could tell you if the number of unnecessary deaths caused by that choice was prime”
These lyrics speak volumes for the priorities of the education system, the only reason I know all 27 amendments is because I went out of my own way to learn my own basic rights, something that was failed to be taught. Yes, I took civics like everyone else, but my teacher tossed packets and powerpoint slides at us. I dare you to take a poll of how many students even know who our vice president is.
We are not taught how to function in society or how to prepare for or even figure out what career path we want. But I can tell you the dates of every major war that america has been a part of. Students don’t know how politics work, they don’t know why they should care, they don’t understand why it even matters to have a set career goal (and honestly it doesn’t matter.) They are having their childhood wasted on stripping their creativity away and pushing them through low level education (I mean there is the option of AP, but that’s no better). The moment they turn 18 they have no idea what they are doing. Did you know that individuals ages 18-29 make up 21% of the eligible voter population, but only 17% of these individuals are actual part of the voting population, and how much of that 17% understand the basic foundation of the political parties that they are even voting for.
Anything I know, anything I ever accomplish in my life, is in no way because I was given a good education. In fact the best choice I have ever made was taking running start, because at least my last year of school wasn’t wasted.
This project is a complete lie.
You want a student to put together a book that shows that they are prepared for the real world, then teach them about it. Teach me why I should care about my future. Teach me about basic human rights. Teach me about how to prepare for my career. And don’t put so much pressure on students to pick something at the age of 17/18. I don’t even know what I want for dinner, but I should know what college I’m going to spend $60,000 on, for a major that I should already have planned. And to say that is a parents job is not the correct answer, the hard truth is some parents are absent in their child’s life, some are flat out bad parents or not even educated themselves and many students have parents who are too busy or have passed away to help them out.
I love school, I love to learn, but what I don’t love is wasting what could have been 4 years that really helped me out on trying to learn the layout of a plant cell. I can not stress this enough, you make students feel horrible about that fact that they are unaware of what they want to do, make students lie about what they want to do, take credit for a “great education” and pass them off as proper young adults who are ready for the world based on a few papers in a binder.
The directions told me to “Personalize it to make it your own” and this is how I choose to personalize my Senior Portfolio.  I have also put this in a sparkly pink binder because that’s pretty cute.
“But I won’t take it. I’ll tell everyone my childhood was wasted, I’ll share it everywhere how I was “educated” And insist these pointless things. Don’t stay in school” -David Brown

I willingly risked my graduation to make a point. And i just wanted to let you also know that my teachers are passing my portfolio around and reading it. My superintendent has now read it. I was unaware of this and i don’t go to school often because i take my classes at college. But i went in for a meeting with my counselor and i asked if mine was graded. She said yes. But that i wont be getting mine back for a while because the staff are not done reading it. 

She told me that during a staff meeting someone actually brought my portfolio to the meeting to talk about it. My old debate coach came up to me and said “I knew you’d do something like that. Thank you.”

The whole time writing it i felt so scared because i remember a student who didn’t graduate because she forgot to put just one paper in. My mother told me it was a really bad idea and it was not worth messing around with. The risk was not worth it.

But i have a habit of not listening. And now that i have caused a fuss in my school and even some parts of my district, I’m glad i didn’t listen