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“Look again, Pige. Look, there’s a great big hunk of world down there, with no fence around it. Where two dogs can find adventure and excitement. And beyond those distant hills, who knows what wonderful experiences? And it’s all ours for the taking, Pige. It’s all ours.” ~ Lady and the Tramp 

Lady: @ramyakitty  Tramp: @yourfavoritescoundrel

Just a quick photoset from our Lady and the Tramp Disneybound shoot. I wanted to post for the movie’s anniversary yesterday, but close enough!

BTS Reaction to finding their SO and Child Asleep.

Anon Asked:  Hey. Can you do a BTS reaction to them coming home and fiding their kid asleep on top of their mother ~who is also asleep~. Thank you

Sure love!- Admin Cat


When he arrived home the house was in disarray. Clothes were strewn about your living room, clearly you had attempted to fold some of your laundry earlier in the day. He had wondered where you and your daughter Bo-kyung were. Typically he would be hearing his daughters tinkling laughter as so chased her around the room. But, as he walked into your shared bedroom; he smiled fondly at the scene laid out in front of him. Bo-kyung was nestled on your chest, her legs gently curled on your stomach. Your hair was fanned out over the pillow and you snored lightly. Seokjin walked over and ran his fingers over your cheek, leaning down to peck your forehead. He was truly blessed.

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It had been a long day at the studio and all Yoongi wanted was to go to bed. He clamored through the front door expecting to  hear the loud screams of your son Seonoh. But, it was quiet. He walked to the living room and found him cradled in your arms, you were still gently rocking in the rocking chair, eyes fluttered close and chest breathing evenly. He shook his head and made a note to get up more at night with your newborn son.

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Hoseok was for once cooking dinner. Tyoically he would come home from practice and you would scramble to soothe your son into eating something other than applesauce and fruit snacks. While you waited you had been reading stories to Sunwoo; When Hobi came into the living room to announce dinner had been made he found both of you asleep, a book dangling from your hand.

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Namjoon was poised on the couch, he was busy writing. Your daughter Hayin had been trying to pester him while he was working and so you took the small girl away from him. Sometimes you wished that Nams didn’t bring home his work but let him be. You sat on the couch with you daughter and held her close, she was still very upset that Daddy wasn’t paying attention to her. When Namjoon had finished his work he turned to you with a smile, he then noticed Hayin sleeping beside you, while your head was tipped back against the couch. 

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Jimin was in the kitchen doing dishes while you and your daughter Eunbi cleaned the bedroom and folded laundry. It was spring cleaning time and you were exhausted. Jimin heard the dryer go off and went to your bedroom to tell you when he discovered you and Eunbi curled in a pile of freshly folded clothes. You were snoring loudly and he fought a laugh, instead taking his cell out to snap a few photos. 

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It was early. Taehyung knew that much. He was supposed to get up to do his son Taekkwon’s feeding. But, it was eerily quiet in your house this morning. He looked over to your side of the bed and was surprised to find you and Taekwon there. He had figured you had gotten up to feed him and he nearly swooned in happiness. Your son was latched to your neck, his head resting on your pulse point. He looked so small. He guessed all newborns did…

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Jungkook and you had planned a trip to the zoo. You wanted your son Yunho to see the animals and it would be  a nice change of pace. In all his excitment, your son came bounding in your room at 8 in the morning while Jungkook was working out. He came home to fine Yunho back to sleep… only this time he slept curled up on to your chest, one hand yanking at your hair while you slept peacefully. He guessed it would be lazy day instead.

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Sleep Cuddle

Reader: 16

Going over over to Jody’s house was not a uncommon occurrence. Your brothers would go for a nearby hunt or just for special occasions. (And because she forced them)

Dean immediately went to work when he finished eating, Reading a lore book that Sam had brought with him. You ate and played a bit of video games with her adopted daughter, Sleep starting to drip over your body. You walk into the living room, Hoping to find Sam or Dean. Soft snores are heard from the far off couch, And you notice Dean flopped onto the couch. He had the book in his lap, His hand resting on it.

“Dean?” Waltzing toward him, You lightly shake him. His neck must be aching from the angle it’s in.

When you get no answer, You decide to lay next to him and snuggle up to his warmth. It was the middle of Autumn and a cabin in the woods didn’t help with the cold.

You snuggled up to him, resting your head of his bicep and curling your legs so you can get more comfortable. He doesn’t move, his soft breaths and his beating heart lull you to sleep.

“(Y/n) We’re back!” Sam announces while walking inside the cabin.

It was oddly quiet since his brother ans sister were always the loudest. He raises an eyebrow and walks to the living room, A smile immediately adorned his face when he looks at the scene in front of him.

“Sam? What are we-” Jody stops in her tracks, Smiling. “Guess they got tired huh?” She walks toward them and drapes a blanket over them both.

Dean had his arms over her shoulder, Snuggling her closer to him. Her head was in his chest and both were snoring away. Dean’s head was laying on top of hers, The book slipping from his grasp.

“Guess we should let them sleep. Even though they’ll both have sore necks later” Jody chuckles, Walking away from the adorable scene.

Sam immediately took out his cell phone and snapped a few pictures. This is too adorable to pass by. Maybe he’ll even use it to blackmail both of you.

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Devil’s Advocate - Chanyeol X Reader AU Series - Chapter 9

Vampire!Chanyeol X Angel!Reader

Genre: Action, fluff, angst, thriller

Warnings: Violence, blood, language, attempted sexual assault

Word Count: 5,471 (halp)

Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

“The reason they needed another seraph so desperately wasn’t because they simply wanted a new one-”

“-They needed a new seraph because theirs was dying.”

You opened your mouth to answer Kyungsoo’s response, but were cut off as red lights began to flash angrily across the prison hallway.

“Shit,” Kyungsoo muttered under his breath, using his inhuman strength to pry the bolt of the metal door open, “We have to get out of here before they start to seal off the doors.”

The prison cell door snapped open, the metal resounding with a loud crack. Kyungsoo swung the door and ran inside with you following right behind him. You darted to the female seraph’s side as Kyungsoo wasted no time getting to work on breaking the her metal bindings.

You knelt down to be eye-level with her, cupping her face and examining it for signs of life.

She was barely breathing.

Bruises swelled across her pronounced cheekbones and several slices littered the rest of her cracked skin, blood mixing with dirt in several places. You did your best to support the weight of her head to let air enter her lungs better, but there was still no conscious response. Kyungsoo made quick work of the metal cuffs around her wrists, leaving you to catch the dead weight of her body. Despite your own lack of strength, you managed to support her frail body while Kyungsoo began to rip the chains locked around her ankles out of the ground. As a result of the blaring lights, the unpleasant sound of metal against concrete, and the significant shift in movement, the seraph began to stir in your arms.

“K-Kyungsoo- she’s, she’s waking up.” You did your best to keep her body sitting upright in your lap, but the relentless beating your arms and legs had taken over the past few days wore away at your strength.

Kyungsoo’s head snapped in your direction the second he was finished breaking the bolted-down chains from their locks. You flinched at how menacing his expression was, his pupils widening and his irises turning a threatening shade of crimson. In the blink of an eye he was at your side, transferring the weight of the seraph from your lap to his own with surprising tenderness. Kyungsoo brushed a sweaty clump of hair from the seraph’s face, holding her chin delicately between his thumb and index finger.

Her eyelids shifted, and the moment that they began to open, Kyungsoo’s eyes returned to normal and he visibly relaxed.

“Hey, hey, try to stay conscious, stay with me here,” Kyungsoo’s voice was deep and soft, and you looked at the way he held the female seraph with such care in confusion.

“K-Kyungsoo?” Her voice was almost too quiet for you to hear.

What- How did… She know his name?

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You’re Hot

Also on AO3
This directly follows “Staffing Issues” 

 "Hey Maman, Papa,“ Marinette waved as she trudged through the bakery.

"Good gracious, what happened to you?” her mother demanded.  The few customers joined her parents to gawk at her.

Ugh.  "Akuma,“ she said with a sigh.  God she wanted a nap.  "I guess I’ll be like this until Ladybug and Chat Noir take care of it.”  She shrugged.  "It’s not… bad, is it?“  She hadn’t had a chance to look in a mirror.  Maybe she was so tired because she was ancient.

"Nooooo.”  Her mother said hesitantly.  "Just different.“

"Would it be all right if I take a few photos?” her father asked.  "I’m curious how accurate this is.“

Marinette shrugged.  "Sure.”  She half wanted to assemble a photo album of all the odd things that had been done to her in nearly five years of superhero work.  "But if it’s super embarrassing, please don’t share it.“

Her father pulled out his cell phone and snapped a few photos, one with her mother.  Then she was released to drag herself up the steps to her room.  She toed off her shoes and crawled into her bunk.  "You doing okay Tikki?”

“Yup.”  The little red being floated into Marinette’s view, landing on her pillow.  "All charged and ready when the Chronologer shows back up.“

"Great,” Marinette mumbled.  "Wake me if she turns back up.“  She set her phone on the shelf her kwami liked to use when she had to keep an eye on the news and the Ladyblog.  

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Too slow (Yondu x reader)

Getting to the tomb Yondu and his men moved in but saw all the artifacts gone. “The hell is this?” He asked as he looked around the empty tomb. This was supposed to be his biggest heist in a while, enough to pay off his tab at the Iron Lotus. Turning to Taserface he pointed his finger at his face and backed the man up into the corner, “Yous said it was here.,, But Is don’t see a damn thing!” He yelled, his face heating up with anger. 

“Ah Cap…” Kraglin said making Yondu turn and look at his first mate. “Got something ere’ with yer name on it.”

Furrowing his brows Yondu made his way over to the man. Looking down he saw a piece of paper laying on one of the pillars. It was folded and had his name on the top. Sharing a glance with Kraglin he snatched up the paper and read it.

Yondu Udonta, Heard a lot about you. Can’t say I’m impressed. Better luck next time handsome. Kisses, y/f/i.

The Centaurian felt his face heat up at the sentence but quickly shoved the paper in his pocket and began walking out of the tomb. 


A week later The Ravager clan shot their way into a volt on a transport ship. Getting to the volt Yondu rubbed his hands together and opened the doors to see it empty of the rare gem he had been told was on it. His chest puffed up and down as his breathing picked up. Seeing another piece of paper on the table he walked over and lifted it up. 

 Do you know what’d look good on you? Me…but unfortunately I got a rare gem to sell. xoxo y/f/i

Yondu raked his hand over his face as he let out a deep breath. Pushing the paper into his pocket he waved his hand making the men follow him without a word.


Sitting at his desk in his quarters Yondu took a large swig of his drink. Scanning the letters he looked for any fingerprints or clues to tell who this stranger was. Ten notes in total she had now left him at each and every job he had went on. Somehow she was always quicker than he was. It both Infuriated him and made him smile. Reading the last note he chuckled. 

You know Yondu you are actually beginning to disappoint me…. and to think I thought we were hitting it off. y/f/i.

She was clever to say the least and her wittiness matched his own, which was saying something. Letting out a sigh he leaned back in his chair and sipped at his drink. Hearing a knock at the door he pushed the notes into his drawer and told the person to enter. Looking up he saw Kraglin standing there. 

“Sir there is a word on star fragment that just gt obtained by the Kree. It’s on their next ship out, only three jumps from here.” Kraglin said with a rise of his brows.

Grinning Yondu nodded, “Get us there and I’ll go in myself.” he said and Kraglin looked skeptical but nodded and walked away. Maybe if he was lucky he would beat her there.


The plan had not gone as he had thought it would. The Kree had been on high alert and had caught him as soon as he landed on the ship. He growled as they captured him and dragged him off to the holding bay. Stopping at the door he managed to activate the calling beacon, telling Kraglin to come get him. With a shove from the Kree guard he was thrown into the dark room. Looking over his shoulder as the door slammed shut he let out a growl and tried to calm his racing mind. When a small voice sounded in the cell with him he snapped his eyes open to see a small figure in the corner of the room.

“So we finally meet face to face. I have to say you are not quite as tall as the rumors say.” You chimed in a soft voice. Looking over the Captain you saw he wore dark red leather pants and a long matching jacket. His duster was black and it looked like he had on a white undershirt. His skin was a beautiful blue making his ruby red eyes stand out. 

Yondu was in shock as he stared at the smaller woman in the corner. Her hair was long and h/c. She wore a pair of tight black pants with black boots that laced up to her mid calf. Her shirt was nothing more than a plain white tank top that was somewhat see through, showing the outline of her black undergarments. He couldn’t deny the fact that he was turned on by her, she was quite beautiful in a rough sort of way. “So’s yer’ the reason they so high alert, got caught did ya.” he mocked as he took a few steps closer to her. 

Cutting your eyes at the male you tilted your head up, “Well if it wasn’t for your loud ship I wouldn’t have got caught. Any idiot would know not to fly so close to the ship you are trying to sneak up on.”

Yondu felt his lip twitch in anger and let out a low breath, “Or maybe yer not as good as ya think ya are.” he snarled, his eyes scanning up her body.

Smirking you raised one brow and crossed your hands over your chest. Getting up to him you looked up into his red eyes. “Good enough to best you.” She said with a click of her tongue. When he said nothing she turned, “No matter this heist, I have other interests. There is a certain man I have been trying to get the attention of for some time and I think this is working out for me in the long run.”

Hearing her mention another man Yondu became tense. Three months he had been tracking her and he had found himself falling for her. So when she talked about another man he couldn’t help the twig of jealousy that picked at his stomach. “A man?” he asked.

“Yes, quite charming he is. Strong, intelligent. Really knows how to keep a girl wanting more, if you know what I mean.” you said with a wink of your eye. 

Yondu tightened his fists as she went on about this man. When she winked at him he couldn’t hold back any longer. Grabbing hold of her hair and hip he slammed her against the metal wall, pushing his lips to hers. Keeping a firm grip on her he tightened his hand in her hair making her gasp out. Taking the opportunity to shove his tongue into her mouth he explored her mouth. She tasted so good to him, sweet and clean. Working her mouth he moved his hands to her shirt and ripped it down the middle. When he felt her trying to break away from his lips he bit down on her bottom lip making her cry out. Feeling her move her hands to his jacket she pulled on it and gave a whine. Chuckling into her mouth he threw the jacket to the floor followed by his duster and shirt. When the two had nothing on but their pants and boots he grabbed hold of her ass and lifted her up. Without breaking from her mouth he laid her down on the pile of clothes. 

Hovering above her he kissed down to her neck and sucked marks into her skin, leaving proof she was his. Getting to her breasts he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth while his fingers pulled her pants down her legs. Feeling her hands rub over his head and fin he let out a growl and bit down on her skin. 

Moaning out as he sucked at your nipples you moved your hands to his head and held onto him. Running one of your hands over his fin you saw as it glowed red making a noise between a growl and a moan leave his throat. Feeling his hands fumbling with his own pants you could feel the wetness dripping down your legs. 

When he finally got his member out of his pants he looked up to see her pupils blown and looking at him in want. Covering her mouth with his own he shoved himself into her sex. He felt as her back arched up off the floor and gripped her hip with one hand to hold her still under him. Holding her hands above her head with the other he made quick hard thrusts into her. Yondu showed no mercy as he fucked her as hard as he could. He swallowed down her cries of pleasure, not wanting to bring the Kree guards to them. When she pulled at her hands he let go of them and felt as she grabbed his back and shoulders. Leaning up some he pushed into her , hitting all new angles. Her legs wrapped around his waist and her nails clawed down his back. Letting out a loud groan when her nails cut into his skin he felt her fluttering around him. Biting down on her neck and shoulder he gave a smirk, “ya gonna cum fur me girl. Now.” he said in a deep voice. When her pussy squeezed his cock he had to cover her mouth with his hand as she screamed for him. Burying his face into the nook of her neck he grunted as he filled her with his seed. 

They stayed their for a time catching their breaths and calming down from their highs. Hearing his crew making a ruckus down the hall he let out a deep breath. Lifting his head Yondu looked down at her hooded eyes “Time fur me ta go Darlin’. Guess I best let ya get back ta yer man.” he said through clenched teeth.

Tilting your head to the side you smiled at him, “But my man’s already here." 

Hearing her words Yondu couldn’t stop the large smirk that formed over his face. Standing he tucked his member back in his pants and threw his shirt over his shoulder. Looking down at her he wrapped her in his jacket and hosted her up into his arms. "Hope ya know what yer gettin’ yerself inta baby.” he said.

“I think I can handle it.” you said with a smile and saw him chuckle before the doors were blasted open.

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Killer - (A Chanyeol One Shot)

You stood in front of your mirror with a frown. You didn’t usually wear dresses but this one was so cute at the store and your best friend Mara convinced you that it looked great on you. Now that you were home you were beginning to feel self conscious.

It was yellow, flouncy, and fun and on a different girl with smaller boobs or maybe smaller hips it would be cute and festive. But you felt exposed. It was too short and your legs went on for days before reaching the ground. The heels only made it worse. You pulled out your cell phone and snapped a picture, sending it to Mara with a frown.

“Killer!” Was her reply and you scoffed. The girl was delusional. You steeled your resolve, pushed down the negative voice inside your head and embraced your inner woman. The one with curves and an ass and calves that looked great in heels. You could do this.

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Girly (Yondu x Reader)

I had never thought of writing a Yondu fanfic until I was scrolling through Tumblr and saw some fanfics. Why did I stumble across these?!?! Not that I’m entirely complaining! ;p

Hope you all enjoy! ;p

Synopsis: You’re found by Yondu’s crew and taken in because he believes you can be of use to him. Maybe in more ways than one … 

Warnings: Some swearing, very mild sexual stuff, some death.

Word count: 7k

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Title: Just Go With it (Reader x Steve Rogers)

Summary: Natasha and Tony plan to set the reader and Steve up by putting them in coordinating outfits.

Word Count: 1751

A/N: I love Stevie my lil heart can’t take it. I hope you enjoy this, happy Sunday! :) 

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Always & Forever (One Shot)

 Summary: It’s your 6th wedding anniversary and Bucky wants to surprise you with something special. Only problem is, he’s absolutely clueless. Time to call in the Cavalry!

Warnings: NONE

A/N: This is my first one shot. I’m truly a sap for Bucky Barnes and romance. Happy reading!!!

7 years. That’s how long you and James Buchanan Barnes have been together. 2 years dating and 5 years married. No one knew the impact [Y/N] had on the brooding super soldier. She managed to creep inside his scrambled mind, knock out the darkness and replace it with happiness, self-worth, and unyielding love fierce as a lion and gentle as a lamb. That’s why Bucky knew your upcoming anniversary had to be nothing short of amazing!!!

However, one MAJOR obstacle stood between him and the coveted “Husband of the Year” award…….James Buchanan Barnes didn’t know diddly-squat about planning an anniversary shindig!! Sure picking out flowers and candy were easy, along with ordering pizza or going out to dinner at ‘The Cre8tion Station’, a quaint little bistro [Y/N] loved, specializing in mouthwatering sushi, a vast array of soup and delicious chicken salad.  

But your wedding anniversary wasn’t some mediocre occasion and everything had to be on a grander scale. Bucky wanted to have the dinner on the Tower’s rooftop!! In order to make this elegant evening come to life, he enlisted the help of some real heavy hitters; Pepper for her event planning expertise. She knew the best decorators, florists and caterers in the world! Nat and Wanda volunteered for shopping duty. They knew [Y/N’s] taste in clothing and Bucky trusted their flair for fashion.

Let’s not forget Daddy Warbucks himself, Anthony Edward Stark. His fondness for her meant nothing was too expensive. That made Nat and Wanda simply giddy because running amuck in New York with limitless credit was every woman’s dream.

[Y/N], Steve, Scott, Thor and Rhodey were on a 5 day mission, scheduled to return on Friday. This afforded Pepper, Nat, Wanda, and Tony time to plan without interference. It would be a total surprise!!! Tears pooled in Bucky’s azure blue-grey eyes simply thinking about your wedding anniversary. Never in a million years could he have dreamt love would overtake the demons in his mind and ground him. He loved [Y/N] with every fiber of his being and wanted nothing short of perfection to make this night memorable!!!


By the time Wednesday rolled around, ‘Operation Anniversary Surprise’ was in full effect. Bucky checked the weather forecast for the 100th time. Nat and Wanda’s tasks were complete. [Y/N’s] dress was stunning; a charcoal grey Kaufman Franco Studded Sleeveless V-Neck Cocktail dress, paired with black stiletto’s to accentuate [Y/N]’s long legs. Although Bucky wanted to see her dress, Nat and Wanda forbid him from peeking until Friday.


Bucky and Tony visited “DuBose & Son Atelier.” Francois chose a Charcoal grey fitted suit, deep purple tie and pocket square. He said it brought out Bucky’s blue eyes. “Monsieur Barnes, c’est magnifique and might I add, no outfit is complete without a pair of black shoes.”

Tony pointed to a pair of black Hugo Boss Italian Leather shoes. “Excellent choice Monsieur Stark.” Bucky stepped out of the fitting room. Tony and Francois were absolutely floored. “I gotta admit Buckaroo, you look dashing. Not as handsome as I am, but it’s a close fifth.”

Turning his gaze towards the full length mirror, Bucky couldn’t believe his eyes. Gone were the shadows that outlined his scarred body; gone were the voices that ran rampant through his thoughts.

“Hmmm, not bad Barnes,” he mumbled.

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Happy Beginnings: A Rumbelle/Gold Family Fic

Summary: In the aftermath of the OUAT Season 6 finale, The Final Battle, Belle and Rumple bring baby Gideon home and celebrate the second chance to raise their child and be a happy family. Featuring emotion, a nursery, reunion smut, fluff, and a special visit from Baelfire. 
Word Count: 6,045
Rating: M for smut
A/N: Hi friends. Here’s a post-finale fic I’ve been mulling over for a while. Took me some time to collect myself but here it is. Tremendous thanks to @maplesyrupao3 for being an extraordinary beta on this story, and to @virgidearie for this art. <3

{On AO3}

Just let that word wash over you
It’s all right now
Love’s healing hands have pulled you through
So get back up, take step one
Leave the darkness, feel the sun
‘Cause your story’s far from over
And your journey’s just begun.”

Their family is going home.

Belle leans against the soft leather passenger seat of the Cadillac, cradling Gideon against her ribs. He lifts a dimpled hand, reaching for a fistful of her hair. Lips parted, she marvels at the perfection of those tiny, pink fingers. “Ouch.” Gingerly, she unwraps auburn strands from around his wrist. Perhaps it would be best to switch to ponytails and braids for a while.

“Our son has a strong grip,” Rumple says, his voice choked with paternal pride.

“Yes.” Belle whispers, mesmerized by the image of Gideon being lulled to sleep by the motion of the car, his breathy coos turning into hums as he drifted off. Was it last evening or the one before, when she was glancing at him in the rearview mirror, a lanky young man draped over the back half of the car? Now he’s a bitty thing, cozy and bundled in Belle’s arms for the short ride home.

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anonymous asked:

1 with johnny? 😊

prompt: “If you had asked me to stay, I would’ve.”

johnny x reader ft. taeyong; angst/light fluff; 1.6k words
drabble prompt game!

The night was silent, still as unmoved oceans amidst the bitter coldness outdoors. You were seated on a barstool, arms glued to the surface as another shot glass joined the others. You ached to ask for another drink, because on a night of solitude like this you wanted to drown out the present issues. It was as if that no matter how much potent that filled each shot glass was never enough, and whenever you downed its content it was immediately replaced with lonesome sentiments.

Your mind was slow, vision was doubled, and you were barely able to pay mind to your surroundings, no matter how vivacious they were. You were at a bar on a Tuesday night—at the dead of the morning as well. Typically citizens who roam the city and awake to their fullest ability would be the ones in search of something or someone. In your case, you wanted a solace. And somehow drinking endlessly at a bar would provide you with what you wanted.

You wanted to rid yourself of the horrid feeling of lonesomeness, to have the dejection wither away like flowers neglecting cold weather. But most importantly, you wanted to rid yourself of the thoughts of Lee Taeyong—the root of your woe.

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His Treasure | Part 4

Pirate!Baekhyun x Reader

Summary: It’s either on your knees and beg for your life or your walking the plank.

No plagiarizing my story please….

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You stared at the tray of food by the foot of the cell door as you remained huddled in your little corner, refusing to move or eat anything made by the pirates.

Almost two days have gone by, and you have neither heard or seen from Baekhyun. But let’s just be honest, you didn’t WANT to see or hear from him. Not ever since you found out who he was…

The only people you’ve been seeing are his pirate crew who come by every now and then, mostly seeing if you’re still in your cell and not trying any funny business like escaping or either bringing you you’re food to eat, all of which you refused to touch.

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Dealing With the Monthlies

AN: I should be working on something else (an ongoing story, that essay I have to do if I want to go to college next year, etc.), but I’m writing this instead because I’m on a plane heading for Texas and my uterus is being an enormous bitch. Don’t have your period on an airplane, children, it’s absolutely horrible. Anyway, this is for my friend @tyranny-mutt, who has helped me improve my writing in many areas. And by ‘many’ I mean 'one’, but it was one that sorely needed improving. This is for you, dude.

Title: Dealing With the Monthlies

Summary: Kaiba and Yuugi aren’t dating. Really. They’re not. Yuugi’s only over there so often because Kaiba wants to Duel. They only slept together a couple times. Okay, maybe a lot more than, that but they aren’t a couple! Too bad Anzu isn’t buying it. (In which Yuugi suffers and Anzu forces Kaiba to be a better not-boyfriend)

Genre: Humor/Romance (for a… given definition of those words)

Characters: Kaiba Seto, Mutou Yuugi, Mazaki Anzu, Kaiba Mokuba Thief King Bakura

Pairings: Rivalshipping (Kaiba x Yuugi), implied Slateshipping (TKB x Anzu) (leave me alone I need this)

Warnings: Trans male character (Yuugi), not-straight people (everyone), a complete and total loser (Kaiba), and the Ultimate Mom Friend™ (Anzu)

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Hidden Pleasures (Orson Krennic x Reader) - Smut Part 1

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Requested by anon: Reader is a captured rebel and he goes into see her but she’s asleep so he wanks over her without her knowing.

Part 2

A/N: I changed the prompt a bit, I hope that`s alright :) This will be a two part story. 

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Warnings: Smut, Harsh Language, Sexual Suggestions, Wanking off. 

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Pairing: past Sam x Reader, Dean x fiance!Reader
Word count: 983

Part 3 of Outside Looking In

You had a spare room in your house, and as awkward as it was at first, you offered it to Sam. This way, he could play catch up with everything Harrison. It was nice when you needed to run errands, and Dean was at work. Sam was more than happy to get the one on one time with him.

Harrison took to him right away, but you knew it hurt Sam that he was called ‘Am’. He understood that’s how it had to be for now. When he was introduced to people, his heart broke when he was called Uncle Sam. You promised that when he was older, and could understand better, that you would tell him everything. Harrison would know the truth, but for now…this was life. He took what he could get.

Dean got a call in the middle of the night, waking you up, and making you look at him confused. “Babe?” You yawned, confused. “Who was that?” There was no reason for him to be called that late.

He got out of bed, sighing. “Buddy needs some emergency help. I won’t be long, baby.” Dean leaned over, kissing you gently. “I’ll bring home those muffins you like so much to make up for it.”

You nodded slightly, worried. Dean wasn’t the cheating type, but what woman wouldn’t think that in this situation?

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Allison: I think I’m going to explode, Lala. I can’t stop this anger. I want to go back in there and rip her to shreds.

Lala: Breathe deep, Allie. That’s what helps me. Take deep breaths and look out at the water. At the sky. But you can’t go back in there. 

Allison: What the hell was I thinking? If she tells Nico…

Lala: You weren’t thinking. And that’s okay. Tell Nico first before she gets a chance. He’ll understand. He won’t be happy, but he’ll understand. But you have to apologize. To him…to Ivory…to Nicole. Not today or even tomorrow, but someday. 

Allison sadly: I can’t believe what a mess I’ve made, Lala. I’m so glad to have you.

Lala: Messes can be cleaned up. They might leave behind stains, but they can be cleaned. And I’m glad to have you too. So much, okay? Oh, this is Remy! Wait for me in the car, Allie, and then we can go.

Lala takes a deep breath herself then answers her cell. 

Remy snaps: Where the f*ck are you? I’m back at the penthouse and you’re not here. It’s late and you’re pregnant. Pregnant ladies should be home at this hour, not out in the f*cking streets.

Lala quietly: I’m not in the streets. I went out with Allie, Remy. I told you I was.

Remy: And I told you to stay home. I like to come home and find you here, that’s what I like. You get me angry just this fast, Lala. We’re going to have a real talk tonight about this Allie situation. I’m hanging up.

Lala rubs her temples. Great…Allison is upset and is probably going to want me to stay with her again all night but now Remy’s angry and I’ll have to hear his mouth all night. What a mess is right, Allie. And I just want to sleep.