cell senescence

although… the tougher experiment would be how i could inhibit the potential bone mets signaling pathways induced by estrogen but still allow the cell to proliferate aka not die. bc if i treat the cells with an anti-estrogen then sure, those potential pathways i’m looking at may be downregulated but then the cells will become senescent due to the lack of estrogen (and may even die). can i just overexpress cyclin d1 is that a thing……

Scientists think they can fight aging by clearing the body of damaged cells

In a study recently published in the journal Nature, researchers at the Mayo Clinic were able to improve mice’s health and increase their lifespans by up to 30% by wiping out a type of damaged cell (senescent cells) from their bodies.

The mice seen above are same age. The mouse on the left did not have its senescent cells wiped out, while the mouse on the right did. But could it work in humans?

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