cell scanning


Here are some screenshots from a game simply titled TENCHI MUYO! RYO-OHKI… so the title isn’t very helpful to differentiate it from the anime itself.

But it’s an OAV based game and as far as I can tell, plays like an in-between OAV episode.  It was released for the PC engine May 26, 1995, so right after the OAV2 run finished iirc.

Some of the art has been seen around in the west, some in higher resolutions than here because of cell or other art scans, but these pic resolutions shown here are the native game graphics.

We didn’t compile this group of pics.  AFAIK that is “9JCHyhd83hks”, but if it is not, thanks to those that did.

We’ll do a few more hilights while trying to put together scans of the covers/etc with it and release it all in one download.

Problems with my pituitary gland in my brain, probable (99% sure from my doctor) PCOS syndrome and neutropenia (body can’t create enough white blood cells) CT scan on brain and pelvic scan and more blood tests to come in the next few weeks.

Could my day get any worse? Hmm I wonder

Scan - Klaus Voormann‘s drawing of the wrong Beatle in the Davidwache cell, scanned from Warum spielst du Imagine nicht auf dem weißen Klavier, John?

“I had no idea that this would become my most time-consuming oil painting. The reason being that I had stuck the wrong Beatle in the prison cell. Just in time, before the picture went to the printers, George cleared up the mistake, and I could spend another three weeks at the easel in order to correct the mistake. Because when I showed him the picture, very emotionally and a bit proud as well, and asked, ‘do you remember?“, he was overcome with the memory as well.

'Oh, great picture… but who is it?’ George gave me a questioning look.

'That’s you. That’s you, remember? Back then, when they threw you in prison, little Georgie, you were just seventeen, lonely and alone you cowered on that prison bed, freezing and far from home. I felt so sorry for you!’

'Did you really? Oh Klaus, I think that’s wonderful. You’re a true friend… only… I wasn’t in prison.’


'No, it was Paul!’

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He could still hear Steve’s words echoing in his ears.

The mission went bad. Our cover got blown. They’ve got [f/n].

Bucky shut his eyes for a long moment, trying to bring his emotions under control. He was angry but he couldn’t help the little seed of fear that kept growing in his stomach. He knew what they would be doing to you. He knew Hydra far too well and the thought of you enduring what he had been through was terrifying.

Coming back to himself, Bucky continued through the winding corridors of the Hydra base. He could hear Natasha in his earpiece, telling him where to go, and he obeyed without question. He came to a heavy locked door and practically tore it from its hinges. “[f/n]?” he called, eyes scanning the cell. You were huddled in the corner, eyes wide but you sprang to your feet when you realized it was him.

“Bucky!” you cried, voice hoarse as you embraced him.

“We’ve gotta go,” he explained, taking your hand and leading you quickly back through the halls. “We don’t have much time.”

The two of you were almost to freedom and it seemed like maybe you were going to get away without any issues. However, Hydra wasn’t ready to give up so easily and a squad of guards intercepted you.

“Get back!” Bucky ordered, pushing you behind him. He was a blur of motion as he dispatched the Hydra agents, venting his anger on your behalf and the fear he had felt.

“Let’s go!” he shouted, grabbing you again and taking off at a run, making sure you were ahead of him so he could stay between you and danger. He would not let Hydra hurt you any more.

*not my gif