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i’m not responsible for any of my posts that are older than one month i exfoliate enough that all my cells have rejuvenated by then so i dont even count as the same person

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The texture of my skin has been horrible lately. Suggestions on how to deal with this?

Some of my favorite ways to combat texture,

  • An exfoliating product. Either an exfoliating toner, a mild daily scrub, a serum with vitamin C, glycolic acid, lactic acid, etc.
  • A hydrating product with oils/omega fatty acids. These can be oils, moisturizers, serums that include omega 3s/6s and essential fatty acids. Omega fatty acids help strengthen and protect skin. They’re super moisturizing and take away ANY texture that comes wth dryness/dullness and prevent future aging and help correct aging.
  • Retinol. Retinol helps with cell rejuvenation/cell turnover. This is essentially helping the damaged and textured skin die off so new, fresh skin can takes it’s place.

Exfoliators I love.. Paula’s Choice 2% BHA Toner (ride or die), Glossier Super Glow Serum (Vitamin C), Drunk Elephant TLC Sukari Baby Facial, Avene Gentle Purifying Scrub, Murad Skin Smoothing Polish, The Ordinary Lactic Acid + HA serum.

Retinols/Retinoids I love.. Paula’s Choice 1% Retinol, The Ordinary Advanced Retinoid (more gentle/retinoid is like Retinol without all the side effects). If you have a dermatologist you can also get this as a prescription! 

How to get omega fatty acids in your skin care routine…

Look for natural plant oils rich in these fats, such as flaxseed, safflower, sunflower and olive. You can use these oils directly on your face or find products with them as a main ingredient. Lately i’ve been using and loving the Paula’s Choice Omega + Complex Serum, this has lots of seed oils but comes in a really light weight lotion like consistency and it’s not oily at all.

You could also include omega fatty acids in your diet by eating more fish or taking pills like fish oil. Lot’s of skin care ingredients that are applied topically can also be found in healthy foods. 

best night ever

- ( harry x reader x simon )

request —
imagine where it’s Harry’s bday party and he’s drunk so he kisses you but your boyfriend Simon catches you two and becomes jealous so he brings you upstairs and “”“"smut”“”“! pls?

warning —
smut warning ! 4.8k+ words.

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Cake Shake

Gainer shake recipe submitted by a follower. (Edited slightly for clarity)

  • ½ box of cake mix any flavor
  • 1 quart of heavy cream
  • 1 cup of maltodextrin
  • 3 cups of whole milk

Blend well and drink quickly through a funnel with a valve such as a beer bong with a valve. Try to do it in one shot or break it up in two.

It’s about 4800 calories of fat, sugars, and carbs for a total fat cell rejuvenating experience.


Did these a while ago, but finally got around to posting the Casey and April @onthespectrumwriting and I felt Canon deserved in the Wasteland AU.

Casey is the last living human, and has to wear a custom-made gas mask to help protect him from the contaminated atmosphere. It attaches to a device in his pack that gives him extra oxygen, but it can detach and he can live.

April, exposed to the more dimension-x like atmosphere, slowly began to mutate over time. She grew small tentacles and fangs, her eyes changed, and got antennas that amplify her natural psychic powers.

She keeps herself and Casey alive by using her powers to sort of rejuvenate their cells, so to speak. They’re kickass rulers of the wasteland, defeating anyone who challenge them!!!


Jhené Aiko sat down with Into The Gloss

“I just did a DNA kit from Ancestry.com, and basically, I’m pretty mixed-up. My mom is half-Japanese, but her mother is mixed [race], too. And my dad—both of his parents are mixed. So we found out that it’s, at least with my DNA, I’m 28% Asian, 33% African, and 34% European. But it’s a little different for each of my siblings. No one in my family, my cousins or anything, really look the same. My grandmother was Japanese and my mom told us that she would wash her face with rice water, and something in the rice water helped her skin stay young. I haven’t tried it yet, but I always think of that. And my dad has a lot of Native American blood, supposedly, so he uses a lot of oils. His skin is very moisturized all the time. He’s in his 70s and everyone thinks he’s in his 40s or 50s. So I think your background can really affect what you use on your body.

Honestly, I only got serious about skincare about three years ago. Before that, the cycle would be, I’d have a pimple and I’d need to get rid of it now. So I would just pick at it and then put toothpaste on it and do stuff like that. I thought I was serious about it because I wanted it to be off of my face. But then I started realizing it’s a process—you have to be disciplined with washing your face every night and day, and you have to eat right. Having to take pictures and stuff like that reminds you how important it is to be consistent. I wouldn’t get serious about being consistent until like two days before I had to do a photoshoot or something, and my skin would not look great. But that’s not how it works! You’ve been going to sleep with makeup on all week, doing stuff like that, and now you expect to put on a mask and the next day you’re going to look flawless…? Like, no. So I’ve been learning that I have to actually care about my skincare.

So, my skin is combination, and it really always depends on what my diet is and if I’m travelling a lot or if I’m getting enough sleep. So I literally have two drawers full of things that I go back and forth with. Circ-Cell ABO Face Rejuvenation Serum is something that was introduced to me by an esthetician in New York—I’ve really noticed it improving my skin. It supposedly—and I believe them—has more oxygen than human blood. I use that after I wash my face with a SkinCeuticals LHA Cleansing Gel with the Clarisonic and tone with the SkinCeuticals LHA Solution. Sometimes I’ll layer on Rodial Pink Diamond Instant Lifting Serum that really does lift. I also just got a NuFace that sends microcurrents into the skin—it works! I get my facials at Equinox with the stronger version, but this one you can slightly feel, too. So you run it along your jaw, under your eye, and then your forehead.

In the morning, I use Rodial Glamtox Cleansing Balm. At first I was using this cleanser with the Clarisonic too, but then my aesthetician told me that for the daytime, you don’t want to stimulate your skin too much because it’s going to react to all the stuff you do in a day. So I wash without it, tone, and then I do this Eminence Organics Stone Crop Hydrating Gel, which keeps you matte, since I can get, like, real oily in the sun. And then once a week, I use the Eminence Organics Eight Greens Phyto Masque and Stone Crop Masque. And this is really good for hormonal breakouts. When I’m PMS-ing, I do this mask.

My mom went to Hawaii for college, all four years. And she would always tell us about her sunspots. She’s like, ‘This is what happens when you lay out in the sun and try to get brown.’ And I didn’t listen for a long time, because I was a kid, and I was like, what do you know, Mom, who’s lived 30 years longer than me…? But as I got older, I started realizing that my skin was drying out, because as a teenager I would put tanning oil on and lay out for hours, and in LA especially, that’s what you do in the summertime! So once I started seeing the signs of premature aging, I was like, oh, okay. I still like the nice little tan glow, but I definitely can tell once I’ve gotten past the point of burning—it’s like, this doesn’t feel good now. That stuck with me, because she did warn us.

I don’t go out a lot, but when I do go out, I love makeup—my own makeup. And I want to make sure I have all the tools I need. I’m always asking makeup artists I work with, ‘What kind of brush is that? What kind of lipstick is that?’ The first time I went on tour, I was 14 years old. I couldn’t take a makeup artist with me, so I sat down with the makeup artist I had been seeing, and she showed me step-by-step-by-step the basics of makeup. My sister also had Kevyn Aucoin’s book and I would study the art of it. Now, I’m very picky about my makeup because I’ve been doing it myself for so long.

My eyebrows have always been really thick, and in the ‘90s, my sisters would dye theirs a lighter brown and make them pencil thin. And I just remember trying to do that myself. I had a unibrow, so I took a razor and shaved a little in elementary school. Now I wish I had those full eyebrows so I didn’t have to fill them in here and there. My daughter has beautiful eyebrows—they’re just like mine when I was younger. Thick. And I always tell her, don’t touch them! I have to use my Anastasia Brow Wiz because I used to overpluck, so I have spaces where it just doesn’t grow anymore. So I’ll just look crazy if I don’t fill in those spots. I literally have like three of these Brow Wiz’ on me at any given time.

Every morning, I put on the Eminence Organics Sun Defense Minerals in Calendula Spice. I’ll use Peaches and Cream depending on if it’s summer or winter, or I’ll mix them sometimes. It evens out your skin tone and it protects you from the sun, and that’s pretty much what I need every day. For lips, I like just a regular balm. Right now I have a Burt’s Bees Hibiscus Tinted Lip Balm. So it has like a slight color, but for the most part, I don’t like a lot of gloss. I like to put mascara just on the corner to give my eyes a wing sort of effect. My bottom lashes are as long as my top lashes, so I can’t put a lot on or it’ll just look like spiders. But I do like mascara and I learned how to apply it awhile ago…One time I got my makeup done, and the makeup artist layered on so much mascara that it looked like I had on false eyelashes.

If I’m really doing my makeup, I’ll use Nars Sheer Glow Foundation—it feels like lotion on your face, but it gives really good coverage. I don’t use too much—it’s sheer anyway—because I like my skin to breathe. Then I like to use the Laura Mercier Contour Kit. It comes with little cards that tell you where to use each section, but I don’t really need them anymore. I like it personally for me, because it matches my skin tone really well. And it’s got a light consistency, too. I feel like a lot of the time people use really thick things to do contour but this is very, very light. Also, Kevyn Aucoin’s concealer! I just have a tester of it, because one day I was in Barneys, and I was like, "This looks like it would be really good and really creamy!” And they gave me a really big sample, and it’s lasted me for a long time. That’s what I use at a photoshoot—it’s too glamorous for every day.

I also really like the OCC line because it’s all vegan. A couple years ago, I went vegan for six months because I hadn’t been feeling well and ended up in the hospital. Changing my diet like that made me feel like I had so much more energy. But it’s a lot of work to live like that. At one point, I was going to a place that’s really far from my house to get all-vegan everything. One day I went and got everything I would need—makeup, all of that, and then when I ran out, I thought, am I going to really do this every month? My goal is to totally be completely vegan and only use vegan products, but I’m human and I have to work on it daily.

When I’m traveling, I like the bath because at the end of the day I want to come to the hotel room and soak. Also I’m usually doing interviews and photoshoots all day so I like to get my makeup done and then sit in the bath and still have that glow before I take it off. Especially if I have my hair styled, I don’t want to put a shower cap over it or get it wet. But when I’m home, I like to take showers. Especially since my daughter likes taking baths, she’s usually hogging up the bath anyway. I love all of Dr. Bronner’s soaps, but the lavender is my favorite one. Sometimes I even wash my face with that when I’m in the shower. I’ll just like do a tiny bit in my hands and then rinse off whatever happened when I was asleep, sweat or whatever. And then I use Nutiva Coconut Oil all over my body. But you have to be careful that you don’t put on your clothes right away because you will have coconut streaks all on your clothes. I tell myself that all the time, but I always am impatient and I put on leggings and then there’s coconut everywhere. But I really like how it treats my skin, and there’s a slight scent, but it’s good.

I am in the natural days of my life right now. My hair’s naturally very curly, but sometimes I like it slicked back. I don’t have to do anything but just take a brush to it to get a look like this. I’ve been going between curly, and French braids, and then slick with a bun. But for each of those styles, I don’t have to put heat on my hair. And the real goal is to not even have to brush my hair because it does something weird to my curl pattern. The DevaCurl line is what I’ve been using. The No-Poo is sulfate-free and it doesn’t suds up, so it helps you keep your natural oils and your curls really nice. And it’s something that I use even if I’m not going to wear my hair out and curly. And then the DevaCurl SuperCream is what I use when I’m wearing my hair out and curly—I comb that through wet hair with my fingers to hold all the curls together and help with frizz and humidity.

The Nature’s Answer Sambucus Black Elderberry Extract Spray is something I found while I was on tour and now I use it daily. It’s just good for your immune system—you spray it directly into the back of your throat, which is good for me because I’m a singer. And then I love Tom’s deodorant and toothpaste. The toothpaste is fluoride-free, and the deodorant is aluminum-free. Those things are bad for you! So I like Tom’s.

When I go out, I like Chanel Coco because I really like how it smells when it wears off. I’ll spray a jacket with it and the next day, it smells perfect. Then there’s this little gem called Essential Faith. I only know two places that have it. One is on Abbot Kinney near Venice Beach. And it’s such a subtle thing that mixes well with any type of actual perfume. It’s one of those scents that will mix with my smell and I’ll get a whiff of it that’s just the best. Because you know, sometimes you can get a perfume that you thought smelled good…but when you wear it, it’s different. My friend and I bought the same perfume once—we were in the store like, “This smells good, let’s both get a bottle!” And it smells so much better on her. On me it just smelled like an old lady. I had to give her my new bottle! It was clearly her fragrance.“

—as told to ITG

Love is fresh like dewdrops on rose petals on a misty morning.
It is crisp and sharp like green blades of grass in a sunny meadow.
Love is a bird’s song early in the morning, breaking the silence of night.
It is the ocean breeze, healing and nurturing as it caresses my face.
Love is abundant like the needles on a pine tree, always there, always numerous.
Your love is so pure and fresh, it wakes me up in a way I never before knew.
I feel heightened awareness, sensing in a new way, the world around me.
Colors are more vibrant, sounds more pleasant and all makes me smile.
The love you injected into my heart pumps deeply through my veins,
And heals every sad cell, rejuvenates the life in my body.
You have set me free with your love.
And I will spend my life doing the same for you.

Graeystone: Yes, Derpy is that old. Because Changelings are shapeshifters (physical + magical) their cells constantly rejuvenate and the Healing Puddle does slow down the aging process making them able to live for at least 2000 years before their cells can no longer rejuvenate. At that point the cellular rejuvenation becomes like any other normal life form and changeling then has a normal lifespan.

Fitzsimmons - Jupiter Ascending AU

When Jemma Simmons creates a serum with the ability to revive and rejuvenate dead cells, she becomes the target of a ruthless intergalactic corporation who wants to control the serum for profit. Enter Aegis agents Leo Fitz and Grant Ward, tasked with keeping her safe until the threat is dealt with. Jemma finds herself drawn into a whirlwind of science, intrigue, and betrayal, trying to stay afloat in a brand new world that is far larger than she could have possibly imagined.


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I really think she looks super natural

She does. No matter what sort of infrared facials and injections or scrubs or cell rejuvenation or nutrition or serum treatments she’s getting, she is the foundation and the treatments only enhance and support her radiance.

Morning Poem or Waking up Trans

I scramble for bravery 

pulling at the bedsheets of my life

wrapping myself up in dark light

subtle glints of progress

illuminate the clicking parts of my body

that snap and creak



finding their natural rhythms

and allowing me to receive, feel and re-member

the rejuvenated cells of my future


One year while in London, I was introduced to Michaella Bolder, a miracle worker when it comes to facials. She uses a facial massage technique that changed my beauty game forever and was kind enough to write up some of her tips and tricks for the perfect at home facial massage here. Enjoy!

(And if you’re ever in London or when she comes to LA, look her up to experience the real deal from the master!)

The Ultimate At Home Face Massage #SkinByMB

Facial massage has been around since 1472 foundered by Asians to stay looking young. Massaging the face has many effective results, from improving skin texture and tone, aid hydration levels, rejuvenate blood circulation, sinus decongestion and generally enhance the skins appearance.

Using vigorous massage on typical areas that show aging can help to combat the aging process, begin by cleansing your skin thoroughly then spritz with toner to give you a fresh even surface to work on.

Allow yourself 20 minutes in the evening for your facial massage, using an oil on your skin has many uplifting benefits. Not only does oil hydrate deeper than creams, but it improves skin cell rejuvenation and relaxes your mind and body with its divine scent. 

My favorite oil to massage is Rodial Skin-Food Facial Oil. This product gives you enough slip to move around the face. 

1. Squeeze 6 to 8 drops of oil into the palms of your hands rub them together to warm and activate the essential oils 

2. Press the palms onto your skin from the chest area upwards to the forehead (add more oil if you need) 

3. Slide down to the middle of your chin

Using your index finger above and thumb below your jaw pinch firmly along to your ears - Repeat 6 times

4. Press your palms over your cheek bones sweep outwards and upwards to the hair line (using firm pressure) repeat 6 times. 

5. Slide up to the forehead, and again slide your palms from the centre outwards applying a firm pressure repeat 6 times. 

6. Spread your first three fingers over your brows (index finger being at the end of your brow) press down and hold for 10 seconds. 

7. Gently tap the face all over with two fingers then finally slide your hands down to your chest and sweep upwards and outwards towards your shoulders 

8. Then finish up your neck to stimulate lymphatic drainage. 

Try and get to know your face, work on any pressure points that feel good to touch using a comfortable pressure and remember you want your skin to appear pinky after you have massaged, this way you know you’ve worked your facial muscles! 

Twitter: @michaellabolder

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Can you just brief me about the story of doctor who? Please? Thanks.

Doctor Who is a science fiction show that revolves around an alien called the Doctor who is the last of his species, the Time Lords. He travels through time and space, sometimes preventing a disaster or, helping people of a certain time, era, planet, place, country etc.

Instead of dying the Doctor regenerates which is basically him rejuvenating his cells and replacing them with new, working ones hence the fact there are 12 reincarnations of the Doctor all with different character traits and faces. He often has companions who are his friends (or in some cases his family) who travel alongside him.

Basically he’s a space man with a fancy space ship that’s bigger on the inside who often beats the bad guys and saves the universe and has awesome friends.