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Y'know, the image I can't get out of my head is the cell phones. The crime scene and rescue workers were coming into the club, picking their way around the carnage, and sudden one after the other, phones started ringing around them in the dark. Mamas and sweethearts and friends calling desperately, leaving messages: where are you? are you okay? please call me back. please come home. we love you, please come home.

It’s hard for me to even think about. It could have been any of us. I feel for those families.

The Blue Skull

Like many of you, this season’s skull picture in 221b has bothered me, so I set my mind to figuring it out. Truthfully, I am not absolutely sure I have, but I wanted to share my observations with you all. Who knows? Maybe something I say will spark an epiphany within someone else.

I’ve seen the post with Arwel’s tweets on the vase and how that relates to the mystery of the skull and its newfound ability to change color. Maybe they ARE doing it just to screw with our minds, but I doubt it. That would mean they chose the color of the skull in the 221b scenes at random, then? Nah.

So, I began by creating a grid and watching the episodes again, noting everything from scene content, to people in the scenes, color of skull, and even whether Sherlock was using his cell phone in the scene. Unfortunately, there are no easily recognizable patterns that I can see, but I sure could have missed something.

I did have a moment of inspiration though, related to the Shakespeare we’ve been seeing this season! 

We have a bit from MacBeth in TST, and then the fabulous Henry V scene in TLD, and I was suddenly reminded of a bit of horror story lore that I have come across in my reading.

In fact, this superstition appears in Shakespeare’s Richard III, Act 5 Scene 3. 

After dreaming of the ghosts of all of his victims, Richard says:

Give me another horse! Bind up my wounds!

Have mercy, Jesu!—Soft, I did but dream.

O coward conscience, how dost thou afflict me!

The lights burn blue. It is now dead midnight.

Cold fearful drops stand on my trembling flesh.

What do I fear? Myself? There’s none else by.

Richard loves Richard; that is, I and I.

Is there a murderer here? No. Yes, I am.

Then fly! What, from myself? Great reason why:

Lest I revenge. What, myself upon myself?

Alack, I love myself. Wherefore? For any good

That I myself have done unto myself?

O, no! Alas, I rather hate myself

For hateful deeds committed by myself.

I am a villain. Yet I lie. I am not.

Fool, of thyself speak well. Fool, do not flatter.

Essentially, Richard is haunted by the ghosts of all the people he wronged, and he has a conversation with himself about his guilt vs. innocence. (I do know that Benedict Cumberbatch has portrayed Richard in this play.)

I definitely think there are some parallels with Sherlock here, so:

What if the skull painting turning blue is a sign that “spirits” are near? Not that we have actual ghosts in the show, but we definitely do have the hallucination of Mary lurking, and we have evidence that Sherlock is being “haunted” by her as well.

Let’s look at each episode: 

(I apologize in advance for quality of the screen shots. I have the episodes on DVR.)

The Six Thatchers- Sherlock is telling us a story. We know the episode is his retelling because we see aquarium images at the beginning, and Sherlock’s voice telling us the Samarra story we hear later on from others, and that he references at the very end of the episode. He is telling the story filled with lies for John’s sake, so it makes sense that he could be haunted by Mary the whole time he tells it. 

This may explain the number of times the skull glows blue within TST, the most of any episode. It’s like a neon sign signaling the points where Sherlock is haunted by Mary’s memory during his retelling of events. It may even explain all the blue lights we see during the episode.

The first time we see the blue skull is during the scene where Sherlock learns of the Wellsborough case. The scene where he does this:

Could he be looking at his vision of Mary?

The next time the skull is blue is during the scene with Balloon John. 

What is this blurry haze that lingers during the whole scene? It’s not the red balloon.

Next, we see Sherlock in 221b waiting for Greg after his fight with Ajay. He’s fiddling with the AGRA stick (Mary is certainly at the forefront of his mind.), and his eyes appear to flick toward the fireplace.


The Lying Detective- Sherlock is out of his head, high on drugs this entire time, and the skull glows blue only once at the very beginning of the episode when he is home alone, in pain, and “Faith” comes to present her case. He keeps glancing at John’s chair here. Remembering John, or is he seeing someone else sitting in it? 

Mary did sit there. (Check out how far apart those chairs are in this scene, BTW.)

Plus, during the “Unto the Breach” scene, Sherlock mentions hallucinations to Mrs. Hudson when she asks about the picture in the room. He says, 

“Oh, these pictures! Oh, you can see them too. That’s good.” 

And then he looks at the envelope from Mary on the mantle.

Now, remember “Mean Mary”? 

She appears alongside John’s nice Mary in the same hospital scene, leading me to believe that MM is Sherlock’s hallucination. 

Mean Mary. In the same scene with Nice Mary.

There is further proof that Sherlock has been seeing her himself when he speaks to her about the hat before leaving 221b at the end of the episode. 

And lastly,

The Final Problem- This entire episode is John’s dream, so there is no blue skull at all in this episode. 

 A Few Words about the Black Skull:

The skull picture appears very dark in the ‘Unto the Breach’ scene.

 I think this is symbolic of Sherlock’s descent into the drugs. Recall that Sherlock says this to John right after we see the darkened skull,

“I’m at the bottom of a pit and I’m still falling and I’m never climbing out.” 

(Can this also be a foreshadow for the well in TFP? Maybe this where John got the idea for his dream.)

The next time we see the skull picture, Sherlock is really at rock bottom. He is drugged out, dying, beaten by John, and willing to be smothered by Smith. His apartment is full of people, and Sherlock is in the hospital utterly alone.

This is the only scene where we see 221b without Sherlock in it and the skull is utterly blacked out. 

What does this mean in the context of my theory about the blue skull/lights? 

I don’t know. 

I told you I didn’t have all the answers.

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Paul split his forehead open in the middle of the shoot when a door hit him. According to Candice, it’s because Paul walks everywhere with his head buried in his cell phone. For half his scenes, he had a cut on his forehead that we had to erase with VFX. But we didn’t lose a minute of our day.
The Hook cell phone scene, from a Swan Queen Perspective
  • Elsa: What is that?
  • Hook: It's a device for... I don't know. I just push the Emma button and if she isn't busy getting fucked senseless by Regina, she answers.
  • Elsa: ...
  • Hook: She doesn't answer very often.
  • Elsa: Have you ever considered dating someone who's not a lesbian?
  • Hook: Is that an offer, love?
  • Elsa: You completely missed the "not a lesbian" part, didn't you?

I own 20 cukcoroo’s…21

You don’t own one not…one…you all are fucked.

You all are fucked

Pairing Spotlight: Captain Swan

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Betting my followers have been waiting a while for this one, huh? Sorry, I can be very forgetful…

How do I describe Captain Swan? It’s not just the pairing of Captain Hook with the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming. It’s not just a lovely case of people who have loved and lost before finding a new love. It’s just something magically well done in all respects.

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Captain Swan is made up of Emma Swan, focus character and audience surrogate of the show, and Killian Jones, the dashing pirate who comes in during the second season. And right from the get-go things are set up perfectly. The episode “Tallahassee” contrasts Emma’s every interaction with Hook with her past, failed relationship with Neal Cassidy, the older man who knocked her up as a teen and then let her take the fall for his crime, the reason Emma has her walls. Hook just seems to get Emma and she’s clearly attracted to him…which is why she leaves him chained on top of a beanstalk, because she’s not sure she can trust him and is afraid of those feelings.

Hook stays in the antagonist role for the rest of the season, however his role was shortened due to his actor breaking his leg so we don’t know what the original plan was. He initially works for the evil Cora, but even in a sword fight with Emma he’s doing more flirting than fighting. It turns out Hook has a noble reason for his villainy: Rumpelstiltskin, the Dark One, killed the woman he loved and he wants revenge…and to die too, it’s pretty clear he’s suicidal at some points. But he decides ultimately to help the heroes out when Emma’s son Henry is kidnapped and go to a place he’s never want to return to: Neverland. Now that’s dedication!

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See, it turns out Peter Pan is a jerk. How much of a jerk? He tells Hook that Neal—who has been placed in a love triangle sort of thing with Hook and Emma—is still alive, thinking Hook won’t tell the others. Turns out our Captain believes in good form and he does. Pan also put Neal in a place where people have to tell secrets to get him out. Hook’s? He loves Emma. Emma’s? She’d been hoping Neal was dead.

…Well, that’s one way to spell out who wins the love triangle. Subtle this show is not.

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The ship also gets a time travel plot where, as a distraction, Emma seduces Killian’s past self. It is exactly as hilarious as it sounds, not in the least because present!Killian gets jealous. I’m not even kidding.

The best thing about the relationship is how well they play off each other. Hook is one of the few characters not included in the curse, so modern things often baffle him. The cell phone scenes in season 4A are all utterly awesome and downright hilarious, and it’s always good if a ship ca make me laugh. Emma, in contrast, has found someone she can really let in, someone who sees her as Emma first, not as the Savior, not as a problem, not as a fixer, just as Emma. She’s clearly just as invested in him as he is in her and it’s great.

Captain Swan is just a lovely bundle of fluff, love, and drama that really makes it a wonderful paring to ship. Doesn’t hurt that they really have a ship, too. Well, unless Hook needs to give it up to save Emma…

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Seriously these guys can be so cute it might be a heath hazard. Make sure your D’aw Meter can withstand it.


I’ve done a bang up job at avoiding shipping in this series.

Really I have.

Aside from the canon ships (Dan and Matt. Aaron and Katelyn(?). Nicky and Erik.) I was doing great not thinking about romances.

But when Andrew just….???? Touched Neil’s back discreetly??

Andrew is the first person to give Neil a gift?

Neil told Andrew more truth than he had in his entire life???

Aka Andrew knows more about Neil than any other living human????

(If that anon wasn’t yanking my chain then it might just be canon)

Nicky saying Andrew only lets people he wants to protect into his “family” when poof Neil is part of it.

Neil actively trying to understand Andrew when everyone else is mostly doesn’t want to know anything.

Also it doesn’t help that there is an actual line in the first book that says “Andrew only had eyes for Neil.” WTF 

Anyway this is absolutely not fair. 

You can’t do this to me. 

I really really really don’t want to ship this. Like at all. It cannot go well for anyone involved. But here I am gushing when at this fucking cell phone scene and the chin and the whole thing is just so borderline sweet?????

I can’t deal. Especially when I’m pretty sure endgame ship is either no ship, death, Neil and Someone I haven’t seen yet, or Neil and Kevin or something idk.

REALLY wanna talk about Sherlolly in ASiB.

So, if they choose to borrow the dead fiancee from TPLoSH, how extra cruel and hard was Irene faking her death on Sherlock?

I mean, for real. For those that don’t know, in The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, his love life was discussed. A string of affairs that ended badly including a fiancee that died a week before their wedding of influenza.

This makes me ship sherlolly harder.

Think about ASiB, though, and how they said it was about Sherlock and love.

So much sherlolly in there.

At the Christmas party, she’s expecting him to be alone. She shows up, all dressed up.

There are a lot of reasons he bites in to her.

  1. He’s jealous she appears to have a boyfriend
  2. He feels rejected by Irene or knows it wouldn’t work
  3. He doesn’t feel he deserves anyone
  4. If I’m right and he has depression, he may already be going through a lower level episode. He doesn’t seem happy to have visitors in the first place.

Then, she makes him apologize. The present, I believe, very firmly, is the pivot point in the evolution of their relationship.

He realizes that not only are her feelings genuine but, also, when he goes to identify Irenes body, that she cares for him unconditionally. She knows he had feelings for Irene and respected them.

This is also the scene where he knows for sure she either cancelled her plans for the holiday or never made any.

“Everyone else was busy with Christmas.”

Then, the whole cell phone scene.

“We all do silly things.”

They do, don’t they.”

He doesn’t include her.

Sherlock shows his love in small, different ways, like wanting to protect her from Jim from IT because he knew Jim was somehow using her…somehow. He’s very guarded and discreet and, since the gift, he’s been trying to be less guarded with her.

ASiB did teach us about Sherlock in love. With both of these women, he is knocked off balance and embarrasses himself somehow. But, in the end, he makes sure they know he cares and either seeks forgiveness or willingly gives it.

What do you think?Do you guys agree?