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Mistress Ep.1

Ep. 1: That one time you reunited with old friends.

Some spoilers below the cut.
Written By: Lady Sci & @sweetstrawberrycandy
Banner image credit to: @emerentis
A/N: This story is a spin-off from Tempus Vernum and contains some spoilers.

 The auditorium is packed from wall to wall between the press and the ticket-holders. The air is a little stuffy.  The pounding bass from the speakers makes your body slightly vibrate. You push through a small crowd of backstage workers, poke your head out from behind the curtain, and scan the hundreds of faces for one in particular. Hundreds of faces … you feel a little queasy.  

“Come on. Please show up … You can’t do this to me. Where are you?” You search the pocket of your robe for your cell phone. You whip it out and dial his number, shouting at him through the speaker before he can even greet you.

“Prompto! Where the hell are you?”

“Ugh. I’m SORRY I’m late… We’re almost there,” he replies apologetically.

“WE!?” Your heart starts racing. “Who else is coming!?

As you try to listen to Promoto’s response over the clamor of the auditorium, a staff member from backstage take you by the shoulder. “(Y/N,) you need to get ready. We’re about to start.”

You nod absentmindedly to the staff member and yell into your phone, “GET YOUR ASS HERE RIGHT NOW! I have to go! …” You soften your voice. Prompto is used to your dramatics, but that doesn’t stop you from feeling a little guilty. “…I miss you, Freckles… See you after the show.”

* * *

 Two blondes and a massive brunette enter the auditorium not too long after the phone call. The group consists of Luna, Prompto and Gladio. The usher at the door gives them a hypercritical glare for arriving just as the show is about to begin.

Prompto requests with a nervous chuckle, “d’ya think we could get some seats close to the runway?”

The usher sighs audibly and after rolling his eyes, leads them down a low-lit aisle way. He adds with snark; “you’re lucky the Queen is with you…”

The three, Gladio especially, shuffle awkwardly infront of a row of seated people to the only seats left close enough to the runway. As they sit down, Luna addresses the two boys.

“Thank you for letting me come along, Prompto. When I heard you were coming to see your friend, I asked Noctis if it was alright for me to come along too. So I owe you BOTH thanks. Without Gladio as our formal escort, I wouldn’t have been able to come. It’s been such a long time since anything exciting like this happened in Insomnia.”

Gladio squeezes into one of the tiny, fold down auditorium seats. He grunts. “It’s ok, Lady Luna. I’m just not used to all this noise and the …er… cramped space. Anyways, I didn’t know you were into this sort of thing.”

“I always loved fashion,” Luna smiles. “And this is event is to raise money for the children left homeless after the Starscourge. I thought it fitting to attend.”

Prompto sighs with relief. “I’m just glad we were able to get close to the runway. If she doesn’t see me here, I’ll get in real trouble.”

Luna laughs. “Sounds like a darling girl.”

“She’s the only girl that Prompto can be around besides you that doesn’t give him a nosebleed,” teases Gladio.

“Heh … well. We haven’t seen eachother in a while.”

All of the lights cave in on the runway and after a brief introduction on the spirit of the event, models one after another drift out onto the stage. Their attire fills the auditorium with eccentric colors from artful designs. Sleeves like wings lift behind them. Skirts like water flow around them. A frequency of life oscillates with each swift turn. Harmonics with the essence of Eos herself swell from plumes in their hair and the dazzle of lights that splash in reflection off sequined corsets. The crowd sits in silence, soaking in the rays of the artful display like the vegetation of the earth after the first dawn. Insomnia craves what the show is giving off.

The imaginative spectacle continues for 25 minutes or so and a casual after party is prepared for everyone who attended and all who were a part of the show.

* * *

You arrive at the afterparty in a long black dress with gold details. You feel sleek but comfortable, and the details of gold running along the seams lay a dramatic effect to your silhouette. You’ve gotten there a little bit late. Too much work on your hair, probably. You shoulder through the people and once you find an oasis of space you’re able to spot Gladio as if by a mile away towering over the crowd. You make that your focus point. People are trying to compliment you on your performance as you continue on. You say thank you here and there but you have ONE mission: find the Chocobo butt.

“There you are, sunshine!” you spring out from a cluster of people and wrap your arms around Prompto from behind. He’s holding a drink of something and almost flings it across the hall in surprise.

He turns and embraces you. “Hey there! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Yes! Because you traded me for the King, you traitor!” you mess with his hair.

“Ohh, come on!” he laments, pulling you out at arms length. “You know it wasn’t like that. You will always be like a big sister to me. You’re one of my best friends.”

Prompto lays one arm casually across the tops of your shoulders and adds, “So let me introduce you. This is the Queen, Lady Luna Nox Caelum. She and Noct got hitched, ya know? And I’m sure you remember Gladio. ”

You attempt to bow while in Prompto’s hold. “Your majesty. I’m (y/n) Valentine. It’s an honor to meet you.”

Luna lets a gentle smile spread. “Thank you. It’s a pleasure, Miss Valentine. Any friend of Prompto’s is a friend of mine.”

Your eyes jump to Gladio. “Hey there. You’re looking as large and in charge as ever.”

Gladio’s holding a beer. He brings the froth to his lips, takes a swig and grins. “The large got larger and the charge got bigger.”

“If you guys will excuse us, I’d like to kidnap Prompt for a bit. We have so much to catch up on!”

You guide Prompto to a corner where a couple of nice chairs are unaccompanied. The two of you laugh, talk and drink for over an hour, sharing the stories of how life brought you both to where you are now. His friendship with you is the epitome of a TRUE friendship; even with time and distance between you, when you’re together, it’s as if none of the ever existed. You’re able to pick right back up where you left off.

You’ve known Prompto since you were very young. You both grew up in Insomnia foster homes and went to the same school. Your young brain took note on how badly Prompto wanted to know the Prince and curiosity brought you close to him. He turned into your best friend with ease. As you grew into a young woman, he was the only one who saw you for more than just a pretty face. Prompto knew all your fears and all of your dreams. He saw you at your worst and at your best. To see him leave with Noctis all those years ago was more painful than any cliché heartbreak could offer. You were torn. He was the brother you never had.

One of the younger models struts past you and Prompto and gives him a little wink. Prompt turns bright red from the tip of both of his ears.

“So…” you giggle, slightly inebriated. “I see you still freak out with girls. How come? You need to get it together, Argentum! Or I will steal you and take you to one of my practice sessions. You’ll be surrounded by all the pretty girls and HAVE to teach yourself to talk properly to them!”

“What!? No! heh heh! N-no! That won’t be necessary,” he chokes a little.

“I’m just joking!” You laugh and then become very serious. “I really missed you. Please don’t go again. … Or I will KILL that King of yours!”

“Aye!” he covers your mouth so no one catches the slander. “OK! Too much to drink I think!”

You shrug innocently. “Yeah… probably better get back to the hotel.”

“Hotel?” Prompto looks confused. “Why are you staying at a hotel? I’d assume you had a nice penthouse or something uptown.”

“Uh …” you let out a sad little exhale. “I was staying with my parents. But they kicked me out.” You swirl around the cocktail you’ve been sipping. The olive has dropped in and it whirls round and round.

“Oh.My.Gods!” Prompto says excitedly out of the blue. “You should TOTALLY come stay with ME!I have an extra room! It’ll be awesome!”

You feel light swim back into your eyes. You move from the chair and tackle him with another hug. “Did I ever tell you how much I love you!? Really? You’d let me stay with you!? Yes! Ok! Ok.” You step back with a massive grin. “How about tomorrow? Is that too soon? Tomorrow? Because I’d really love to move in like … TOMORROW.”

Prompto laughs and says with a nod of his head, “Of course. I’ll text you the address. But I’d better go find Luna and Gladio. It was really great seeing you. I can’t wait for tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Prompt. You really are my sunshine.” You kiss his cheek and watch as he saunters away.

* * * 

 The following day, you show up at Prompto’s apartment a little bit earlier than scheduled. …just a little bit. You stand in the early morning sunshine and knock gently. After no response, you knock a little harder. You listen closely for footsteps to approach the other side of the door. Nothing. The only sounds are the birds chittering in the trees and the odd car here and there passing behind you on the street.

You pull out your phone and dial Prompto’s number. You coo out happily as soon as he answers the phone; “Good MORNING, Sunshine! I’m HE-ERE! Wake up and open the door, will you? I’m dying for a cup of coffee!”

Prompto responds a little groggily, “Ah? Wha … what time is it?”

“It’s 8am, sunshine! Let’s go!”

You hear a long groan and the sound of the phone’s speaker brushing up against the pillows. “It’s too early! … Just let me get some pants on.”

You wait with your arms crossed until he opens the door and gives you a huge, somewhat sleepy hug. After stepping away, he gawks at the amount of luggage that’s been sitting like the leaning tower of suitcases in the sun behind you.

“That’s – that’s all YOURS?”

“Hehehe. Yes. Why?” You say coyly

“I don’t know where we’re going to put all that.”

“It’s ok. Don’t worry about it right now!” You reply and grab a couple of suit cases, letting yourself inside. “We will figure it out. But for now; COFFEE.”

After you and Prompto reposition the tower of your things to an unaccompanied corner of the living room, he sets off to the kitchen to start brewing coffee.

“Oh! I forgot!” He calls out to you from the other room. “There’s a party tonight at the palace and you’re coming with me! No excuses, young lady! It’ll be a blast!”

“Ehh …ok. I guess it will be good to see Luna again. Aish! I mean the Queen! I’m really bad with protocol.” You grit your teeth a little and settle into the living room couch. You sweep away some chip crumbs from the cushion. There’s an opened bag of some kind of colorful snack on the coffee table.

“It’s fine!” He reenters the room with a cup of coffee for you. “Just do what you do best; look pretty.”

Prompto’s smile always gave you such comfort. And right now as you sink back into the bachelor’s leather couch, imaging being infront of a bunch of people at a royal party, you need some comfort.

Prompto picks up on your thoughts right away as he hands you your coffee. “Are you still worried about being around a bunch of people? I figured after all the modeling, you’d be good to go!”

You take a little sip. “Every time I go to walk out from backstage, it’s confronting that fear. But I know it’s only for a second. Like I walk out, stare at the furthest thing over all those heads, and turn around. At a party though … totally different story.”

“What about the party yesterday after the show?” he sits down next to you. You hear some mystery wrapper crinkling way down underneath the couch.

“Too many people in a small hall to notice me really,” was the only thing you could say. There was more to it though…

Prompto stretched and kicked his feet up on the table, knocking over an empty soda can. “You’re gonna be fine! You’ll be with me!”

For the rest of the day, you unpack in the spare room, help clean up the place, and talk about anything and everything that comes to mind. You relish in the nostalgia. Your cheeks hurt a little after a while of so much laughing. This is going to be good. A good change. Right?

* * *

 For the evening party, you decide to wear a black and silver tulle ballgown with one shoulder strap. The fabric gathers at the waist in jewels. You slip on some pretty but practical heels, they’re hidden under the skirt anyways, and curl your hair until it bounces like springs. When you exit the spare room after hours of meticulous prepping, Prompto is waiting for you in the living room. He’s got a decent suit on, but you notice a few things; the buttons are buttoned unevenly like he missed one, his dress shirt isn’t tucked in, he doesn’t have a tie on, and his hair is a MESS.

He reaches his arms out to you and examines you head to toe, “WOW! Just WOW! I will have the best date of the night!”

He’s so sweet it makes you consider not telling him what you’re about to.

…You do anyways.

“Prompto!” You reach your arms out to him too with a forced smile. “Sunshine. You need to tuck in your shirt, grab a tie, fix your buttons and brush your hair. I’m sorry.”

“Ehh … you really think so?” he scratched his head bashfully.

“Yes.” You say simply and tend to all of those things until he’s all shined up. “MUCH better.”

A royal taxi transports you both to the palace in no time. Prompto escorts you proudly inside with your arm in his. You pass through the corridors and come into a ballroom that is not nearly as crowded as you thought it would be. This was an intimate event.

You squeeze Prompto’s hand. He looks at you with a tender laugh. “You’re going to be FINE. This isn’t your first rodeo. You got this champ!” He lets go of your hand and gives you a little push right through the entrance.

The ballroom expands before your eyes, appearing larger than it looked from the outside. So huge. And yet so few people. They’re all looking at YOU. Your chest tightens. Or maybe the dress needs a little adjusting. You look for the nearest exit since Prompto is blocking the way behind you and find a nearby balcony. You escape quickly with no explanation.

1 2 3 BREATHE… 1 2 3 BREATHE…

“Why am I so frickin nervous?” You ask yourself outloud, pacing on the balcony behind the shelter of a heavy, drawn curtain. “Why!?”

You peek your head out from the curtain and examine the faces quickly. UGH. You retract back to pacing. It doesn’t take long before the taunting negative thoughts that you’ve shoved to the back of your head seep forward.

They’re judging me. Just like mom and dad.

“But I get judged on the walkway for a LIVING!” you fight with yourself, holding onto the railing of the balcony.

These royals aren’t like the audience. These royals are just like mom and dad. I’m not good enough for them.

“ – Are you ok, miss?” A cultured voice interrupts from behind you. You gasp a little and turn on your heels. You recognize the person vaguely. You know him from somewhere. He’s tall, dressed fine as hell, has tidy dark blonde hair and some nasty -looking scars plaguing the side of his face.

“Oh… yes. I’m fine … I guess.” You stutter out.

“I believe you accompanied Prompto, if I’m not mistaken,” the gentleman remarks, looking in no particular direction. Upon further examination, you discover that he’s blind. “I’m sorry to intrude. It sounded like you were in distress. Shall I fetch Promp for you?”

“No …” You say a little embarrassed. Your heart begins pounding and the anxiety thrusts itself forward in the form of a verbal explosion. “No. You know what!? I don’t need Prompto right now. I don’t need ANYONE. What I need right now is for people to stop judging me for what I do for a living! What’s wrong with being a model? Hm? Tell me.”

The gentleman’s mouth is gaping a little. He nods his head slightly and says, “I didn’t even know you were a model. But I suppose – “

“You suppose NOTHING. What makes me sooo different from someone like … like LUNA! I mean the Queen! Just because she’s a royal means she not superficial? But I am because I’m in the fashion industry?! I’m just as smart as the people out there!” You point to the curtain even though he can’t see you point. “I have a freaking degree in Ancient History! And! And! I know THREE different languages! AND! I know how to cook my own food! GOOD food because I took TWO years of culinary school!”

“That’s – that’s quite impressive miss …?”

“Valentine!” You shout at him. “It’s VALENTINE! And you won’t forget it!” You exhale angrily, pull back the curtain and start walking fast across the ball room floor.

Your heels clap madly beneath you as you go, tears pooling in your eyes. You feel a little insane. You pass through tiny clusters of people as they share drinks. You keep your stare to the floor. It looks like there’s a small corridor up ahead to run too. Run. Run. Run. Always running.

Oof! You run right into the arms of the unexpected.

“Is it really you? No way! Are you ok?”

You fix your hair and lift your gaze from beneath your eye lashes. The person helping you up is Noctis – KING Noctis Lucis Caelum.

“I am SO sorry!” You say, suddenly aware of the tears rolling down your cheeks.

“It’s ok!” He says, helping you to your feet. “I’m just shocked to see you here. I never would’ve expected it. It’s been so long!”

He smiles pleasantly at the small group of people that he was entertaining in discussion. “Please excuse me. We’ll continue this conversation later.”

Noctis takes soft hold of your hand and leads you to the small corridor that you were heading to in the first place. Beyond the noise of the hall, he pulls out a handkerchief for you. Abashedly, you wipe your eyes and see him fully for the first time in over ten years; a mature, sculpted face freshly shaved and looking as smooth as just-whipped butter, crisp blue eyes and hair that LOOKS like it wants to be touched. Whoa.

“Thank you … your Highness …” you say, wishing you could force the blood from rising in your face.

“Ahh, geez,” he scratches the back of his head the same way Prompto does. “That’s too formal coming from you. Just call me Noctis or Noct or whatever. We’re friends, right?”

“Sure … Noct – Noctis,” a smile finds its way to your lips.

“That’s better,” he sets a hand on your bare shoulder. You shiver unintentionally. “Do you want to go back to the party? Or do you need a little more time?”

Noctis smiles gently at you and you feel both relaxed and nervous at the same time. There’s a little fire rumbling eagerly in the pit of your stomach – a tiny new flame that wants you to feed it.

Go. Go with him.

You nod your head and hand him his handkerchief. “Yeah. …Thank you so much. I could really use a drink right now.”

The King offers you his arm and he accompanies you for the rest of the evening. You limit yourself to just a couple of drinks. Prompto sticks close by, taking pictures and prompting (for no better word) old memories of the three of you in high school. The entire ordeal feels like an out of body experience. Is this real life? And … where’s Luna?


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The Aging Soulmate AU

For the last couple of days we’ve been sort of collaboratively been working on this, so thought I’d compile it in one place that wasn’t so long.

With new stuff because duh.  (It was quiet at work today so of course I thought about how I’d reply to the last things.)

Tagging everyone who displayed interest at the end.

Based on this post:

AU where people age until they reach 18 and then stop aging until they meet their soul mate so they can grow old together.

Oh look at that.  I have stumbled upon a soulmate AU that I would actually write for Arrow.  Huh.

@felicity-said–yes said:
I will give all the money i have to write Arrow like this.

Could you imagine the centuries old protector Vigilante of Star City, who meets the barely 25 hacktivist? oh my god, i seriously wish i could write…





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For underage littles

If you are looking for a caregiver/daddy/mommy please do not give your personal cell phone number out to strangers! This is really important. There are so many dangers in doing this. You could attract pedophiles, people who would harm you, and other terrible things. So please do not give out your personal number it’s really important you take the right precautions in looking for a caregiver online.
Please be safe!!

Not so much of a fuck-customers as a moment of compassion. There was a woman in our restaurant lobby screaming into her cell phone. The manager went out to tell her that she was being too loud. Two hours later, I’m on my break, and she’s still there but she’s crying. Hard. She’s sobbing into her phone, and I’m sitting there eating trying to decide what to do.

Finally, I decide to take the chance and walked over. I said hello and she asked if she was being too loud again, and I told she wasn’t. She noticed my name tag, and it turned out that we had the same name. I asked her if there was anything I could do to help her feel a little better, refill her coffee or bring her cookies or something. She said cookies would be fine, and she was so sweet and grateful that I offered her a hug.

As I was going back in from my break, another woman came in and sat with her. I don’t know if it was a friend or a relative, but it was good to see that whatever that woman was going through, she wouldn’t be alone for it.

Coffee Shop Bodhicassian AU based on a headcanon sent to rookandor, but I don’t feel like sifting through her blog to find it and link it because i’m lazy.

Anyway, I took a break from the angst and suffering that I noramally write and present you with *drum roll* FLUFF.

“Hi, my name’s Bodhi, would you like to get coffee sometime?” Bodhi paused in his pacing and shook his head. “No. Bodhi, no. He works in a coffee shop, he probably hates coffee by now.”

Bodhi took a deep breath and ran his fingers through his loose hair. He pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and peered into the screen, trying to see if his hair looked okay. “Okay. Okay. You got this, Bodhi. Just go in there… and ask him to a movie. It’s not hard.”

Bodhi nodded his head and rocked on the ball of his feet a little bit to hype himself before walking into the café. He could do this. He could do this. He was feeling confident. He would finally ask that cute barista out on a date. Easy.

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Dominant - Jungkook (BTS)

Everyone thought that Jungkook was the youngest, innocent member of BTS, only you knew how wrong that was. You’re the only one he slammed against your apartment door and fucked till you were screaming his name, you’re the only one whom he demanded call him daddy and you’re the only person who  if you didn’t listen he’d make your ass red and you loved it. Yes he was sweet and caring and probably the best boyfriend in the world but he was so good in bed and definitely not innocent. He was aggressive and dominant, in a good way.

You were currently at home all alone because Jungkook had a meeting to go to with BTS and his managers and staff. However, you were feeling a bit mischievous and very horny. You laid in your bed and got your cell phone out quickly texting him, “Daddy, I’m horny.”  You smirked and waited for his response, it came within a minute, “I’ll be home in about two hours, the meeting is still going on.”

You sighed and rolled your eyes sending him, “But I’m horny now.” He didn’t respond and you knew it was on purpose. You groaned and stripped all of your clothes deciding to up the game and you snapped a picture of your naked body, ensuring that he got a good look at your wet pussy and you sent it to him. You knew this would anger him. You waited and waited and finally after about five minutes he messaged back, “I’ll be home in ten be naked and ready.” You smiled as your stomach flipped in excitement for you knew you were in for it tonight. 

You laid back in bed waiting anxiously for him to come home. Finally he did. You heard the front door open and slam and within two minutes the bedroom door opened and there stood Jungkook, hands in fists, and jaw clenched as he glared at you from the doorway. 

“Come.” was all he said and you got up quickly from the bed and walked over to him, your knees almost giving out from how anxious you were. You stood in front of him, looking at him, admiring how sexy he truly was as you closed your fists trying not to reach out and touch him, for you knew if you did without his permission your punishment would be increased. His eyes studied your body before they were back on yours.

“Kneel.” he ordered and you did as he asked kneeling right in front of him, which was when you came face to face with his bulge hidden beneath his jeans. You couldn’t stop the moan that escaped your lips.

He slowly began to take of his belt, you could feel your core becoming wetter with every second that passed. His belt was now off and he unbuttoned his pants, unzipping it soon after. In a flash his cock was out and in your face making another desperate moan leave your lips. “You’ve been fucking naughty now haven’t you baby girl?” he asked his voice dark and sexy.

“Yes daddy.” you said with a pout looking up at him with innocent eyes.

He glared back down at you, his eyes dark with lust and anger. “Now you’re going to suck me and if you do it well maybe I wouldn’t punish you.” he said and you nodded quickly just wanting it in your mouth, you wanted to please him.

He wrapped one of his hands in your hair tugging it a bit, causing a small amount of pain in your head but that just made you wetter and he knew it. He pulled your head closer to his body by your hair and you opened your mouth instinctively as he pushed his cock in. 

You began to suck it instantly, making sure that he felt good. His hand was still in your hair but he was letting you do your thing. You sucked on what was in your mouth, which was about half of him. You then swirled your tongue around him, pulling back a little so that your tongue played with the head which was his most sensitive area. You felt his grip on your hair tighten a bit which was a sign that he was enjoying it.

You let your tongue slowly circle his head paying extra attention to his prominent vein before you sucked hard on the head and began bobbing your head slowly on him. You looked up at him and saw that he was looking at you, his lip sucked between his teeth as he studied what you did, it was obvious that he was loving it.

He tugged on your hair hard making you moan around him, the vibrations making him feel even more pleasured. “Fuck.” he groaned his eyes never leaving yours. 

You began to bob your head faster on him, determined to make him feel great and orgasm. You hollowed your cheeks so that your mouth felt tighter around him and made him feel even better as you continued to move your mouth on him, back and forth.

Suddenly his hand tightened as much as it could on your hair stopping your movements fully. Your head was now still on him. He now began to thrust into your mouth, fully fucking it making you moan, you loved to be manhandled by him so much. You kept your cheeks hollowed as he fucked your mouth knowing that he loved it.

He pushed his cock a little too far in your mouth and you gagged around him making him moan softly as his tip hit the back of your throat. He was loosing it and you could tell that he was very close to cumming. You moaned around him again making him groan and begin fucking you faster. You felt him twitch in your mouth and you prepared yourself to swallow his cum however he pulled his cock out of your mouth.

He then began to pump it quickly aiming the tip at your face. You bit your lip seductively knowing how much that turned him on. Within a minute he came, coating your face in his sticky cum. He stood above you looking down at you, his white juices dripping off of your chin and onto your boobs. It was burning your eyes slightly but you didn’t care. “That’s a good girl.” he whispered and you smiled at him. “Now go wash it off and come back.” he said.

“Yes daddy.” you whispered standing up and running to the bathroom to clean off yourself. You washed your face and upper chest quickly before wiping it. When you re entered the bedroom Jungkook was sat on the edge of the bed completely naked and eyeing you. He motioned with his hands for you to come to him. You slowly walked towards him till you were right in front of him. 

“Over my knees.” he ordered and you frowned. “What?” he asked cocking his eyebrows at you.

“I thought you said if I sucked you good there’d be no punishment.” you whined pouting at him which only made him smirk.

“I know, you did suck me so good princess but you’ve been too naughty.” he responded smugly. You folded your arms and huffed. “Over my knees now.” he ordered again and you just huffed at him again.

He reached forward quickly, grabbing your arm and pulling you to lay over his knees. “You’re very bratty tonight aren’t you?” he asked his voice husky now, you knew you had angered him further. “I will just have to spank that out of you now won’t I.” he said and as soon as he was done speaking his hand came down and spanked you hard making you cry out.

He didn’t wait a second before he hit you again in the exact same spot. You cried out again, however with every hit a spark of pleasure was sent to your core. You and him both knew that even tough this was a punishment you enjoyed it as well. He would never actually do anything to you that you didn’t like. 

Another smack went to your ass and this time instead of crying out you moaned. He chuckled and hit you again. “Are you liking your punishment baby?” he asked as his hand came down again.

“No Daddy.” you moaned out feeling your juices moistening you up even more. He hit you again.

“I know you’re lying.” he whispered before hitting you extra hard which caused a strong wave of pleasure to surge through you. 

“Daddy.” you moaned making him chuckle darkly yet again as his hand smacked you again and again and again. You didn’t know how many times he had hit you, you had lost count from all of the pleasure and also slight pain he put you through. His rough hands were now on your reddened bum rubbing it slowly, soothing the pain a bit. 

“You’ve been so good.” he praised as he gently touched your skin. “Do you want your reward now?” he asked.

“Yes please.” you said, your voice sounding more desperate than you wanted it too.

“Ok stand up.” he said and you quickly got up off of him and stood in front of him biting your lip. He stood up as well and pulled you in close by your waist pressing his lips hard onto yours and immediately dominating the kiss. You kissed back and wrapped your arms around his neck as he forced his tongue into your mouth and began wrestling yours. You moaned into the kiss rubbing your thighs together needing some friction, you were so horny for him you couldn’t help it. He harshly bit on your bottom lip before pulling away. “Hands and knees.” he ordered and you nodded climbing onto the bed and getting into position.

You felt the mattress dip behind you as he climbed on and then his hands were on your hips. “Ready?” he asked.

“Yes.” you moaned, you were beyond ready.

His grip on your hips tightened a second before he slammed right into you. “Oh fuck Daddy!” you screamed gripping the sheets around you tightly. You heard him groan as he began moving deeply and roughly inside of you, fucking you with all the anger and lust you had caused within him earlier that night. It felt so good, it always felt so good when he fucked you like this and you both enjoyed it fully.

He was thrusting into you so quickly and deeply you swear you were about to see stars. You couldn’t control the countless amounts of moans, groans and whimpers of pleasure that left your lips as you clawed at the sheets needing something more stable to hold onto but all there was were the flimsy sheets.

You feel him go so very deep inside of you with each precise thrust that it had you going crazy. “Jungkook” you moaned. 

“What baby girl?” he breathed out and you could tell from his voice how much he was enjoying this as well.

“You feel so good inside of me.” you moaned loudly clenching hard around him and making him grunt. He reached forward and placed a hand around your stomach pulling you up so that you stood on your knees and your back was flush against his toned chest.

“Fuck I love you so much.” he groaned as he buried his face into your neck and began suck on it very hard making you cry out as his harsh thrusts into you never eased up even for a second.  You moaned loudly as his mouth assaulted your neck, he was determined to leave a mark to remember the night, not like you’d forget it anyways.

You clenched around him again as he picked up even more speed with his thrusts. He was trying to draw out your orgasm now. His hips and lips on you worked at the same speed trying to get you to scream his name and it was working. You felt your orgasm start to build in the pit of your stomach. 

“I’m so close.” you whimpered out as he bit down on your neck before gently licking it. You could feel his thrusts start to become shaky a signal that he was also very close. He reached one hand around your body to your clit where he began to rub it roughly causing you to cry out in pleasure as your orgasm drew even nearer. 

“JUNGKOOK!” you screamed as you came undone. You clenched hard around him as you came and he kept thrusting into you until he groaned your name into your neck and came as well, filling you with his seed as he did so. He rode out your highs before you both collapsed on the bed completely exhausted. He tiredly pulled you into his arms so that your face was close to his.

You placed a hand on his cheek and pecked his lips lazily. “I love you.” you whispered against his lips. He began rubbing circles on your back. 

“I love you too baby girl.” he whispered. 

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Last Love (Bucky x reader)

Warning: angst

(Y/N) succumbed to the knowledge of her death when she realized the bar of metal keeping her from moving was much too heavy, and the gaping wound cut across her leg wouldn’t magically stop bleeding.

She accepted her fate as she used her one free arm to pry the cell phone out of her pocket. She was going to call him. Not for him to come rescue her, no, there was no time for that. She wanted to have one more conversation with the love of her life.

The whole reason she was in this hell was to find the flash drive of his life with hydra. She knew every missing detail bothered him, and even though Bucky would never ask her to do this she wanted to surprise him. She had it planned that she would give it to him for his birthday in the next few days.

She slid the lock screen open and dialed his number. He answered on the second ring and she sighed in relief, she really hadn’t wanted to leave a voicemail. “Hello?” He asked, not knowing death was lurking just behind the phone.

“Hi Buck,” she said as tears ran down her face, “ I just really wanted to tell you I love you.” She squeezed her eyes shut at how hard it was to do this.

“I… I love you, too. Is something wrong?” He replied hesitantly. Her voice was off, and random calls were normal, but never like this.

“Nothing, I just wanted you to know,” her voice was getting faint and she knew she would black out for the last time pretty soon. She named off her current address and added, “I love you James.”

By this point Bucky was concerned as to why she was at a hydra base, and began to ask more questions as he caressed the velvet box in his palm. The questions though, would have no answer. He called out an emergency for the avengers and quickly left for the base.

They arrived to find a flash drive in her hand, her skin already cold.

Sorry that this was so short, I have had some insane writer’s block.

Just Try pt.3

“You promised.” 

You continued to ignore Jimin and scroll through your phone, a half eaten twizzler hanging out of your mouth and the muffled noise of the television in the background. You heard a sigh before your cell phone was snatched out of your hand and the television switched off. 

“Hey!” You whined, looking up at a pouting Jimin, “God, seriously?” 

“Yes. Seriously.” He said before muttering, “You promised.” 

“Fine.” You said, turning in your seat on the couch on to face him. You were sitting cross legged in a an old pair of gym shorts from high school and a v neck t shirts, hardly the sexiest attire you could’ve worn for tonight but you didn’t really care. “You have my undivided attention.” 

Jimin’s face lit up and he looked so child like in that moment someone would’ve thought you told him you were taking him to get ice cream instead of agreeing to have sex with him. You raised an eyebrow at him, “Well, go ahead.” 

Jimin hurriedly scooted closer to you on the couch and licked his lips. It was a beat before he finally spoke, a frown marring his handsome face as if he was in serious contemplation over what he wanted. “Sit on my lap.” 

You got up from your seat without a trace of hesitance and plopped down on Jimin’s lap, straddling him, your legs pressed tight on either side of his thick thighs. He groaned, “My dick.” 

“Really? Already?” You leaned back surprised at your own sexual prowess. Huh, maybe this wouldn’t be so ba- 

“No you idiot. You sat down too hard.” He said a look of anguish crossing his face, he slid a hand between the two of you to cup his crotch and let out a hiss of pain, “You’re not riding a fucking mechanical bull, what are you doing? Jesus that hurt.” 

You raised both eyebrows at him, “Are you calling me fat?” 

He gave you a bored expression before pointing a finger in your face, “You are not responding in the way I imagined you’d respond when I acted out this situation in my head. Stop it.” 

You rolled your eyes at him, “Maybe we’re just meant to be friends Jimin did you ever think of tha-” 

“We’re doing this.” He deadpanned. 

“Fine, fine whatever.” You sighed, raising your hands in defeat. “But when shit hits the fan I don’t want to hear any kind of crying…” 

You had lost Jimin’s attention long ago, his main focus was on the deep v of your shirt, and the soft globes of your chest that was exposed. Without thinking he buried his face between your breast, his arms wrapped around you waist. You stilled in the middle of your tangent. “What are you doing?” 

Jimin pressed a soft kiss to the middle of your chest before speaking, “I may not have loved you our entire friendship, but I’ve definitely been in love with these.” 

He paused to massage your breasts, you stared down at him, it was as if he was entranced, “Jesus when did they get so big?” 

“I…” You stammered, not really sure what you were going to say but you felt like you had to say something. Your body felt hot where he touched you. It was strange, but so erotic. His thumbs rubbed over the hard peaks of your nipples, so lovingly and full of tender affection that you definitely believed that he was in love with your tits if not you all the while you two had been growing up. 

“Nevermind, I know exactly when,” He looked up at you with a soft smile, “The Summer of sophomore year. Do you remember? When we went to that water park?” 

You remembered vaguely. It was like any other Summer with Jimin, but it was in the middle of a heatwave and you two had done tens of thousands of chores to save up for those park passes only for Jimin to ditch you thirty minutes in. 

“I got a hard on. One of the worst of my existence thanks.” He chuckled, still playing with your breasts, he leaned down to press a kiss to your nipples. You inhaled sharply, your back arching in response. It was too short of a kiss. You wanted his tongue, you wanted there to be less clothes between the two of you and you wanted him now. “I’m still pissed about that to this day. You were having so much fun in your two piece, shoving me under the water, bouncing around, shoving these in my face…” 

You gasped when he squeezed both your breasts in the palm of his hands. Jimin shook his head before his hands went to your hips, your eyes followed to where they went. “Stay still.” 

You hadn’t even realized you were dry humping his crotch. You were so turned on, whether it was talking about your past or the way he was touching your breast or what you didn’t know but you had never seen this side of him. Part of the reason you were able to keep your attraction for Jimin turned off like a switch was because he had never treated you like a woman

Sure he was a great friend, but it was a platonic friendship. Not one in the books where he went chasing down every one of your ex boyfriends and beating them up for breaking your heart and you didn’t want him to. That wasn’t real, that wasn’t Jimin. He shit talked with you until three in the morning over cheap beer until you felt better, he made fun of you until you got out whatever pity party you had fallen into, he made sure you were you. He kept you grounded. 

But this Jimin, was new, a whole entirely different side you had never seen before. He was dominant and denying and looking at you as if you were his last meal. 

“What are you thinking so hard about?” He whispered, pressing a kiss to your neck. “You should only be thinking about me.” 

You shivered as he pressed his erection and ground it into your clit, the thin fabric of your boxer shorts the only thing between the two of you. You felt his fingers play with the elastic of your shorts, “Take this off for me. I want to see what kind of panties you’re wearing.” 

You couldn’t respond to his command fast enough, as soon as you lifted your ass to take your shorts off they were torn from your body and somewhere across the room. You winced as you stared at the plain cotton panties with a little bow on them. You really wish you had put more thought into this, but you hadn’t expected to actually be into it! 

“You know I used to steal your panties when we were in high school too.” He said lazily a hand trailing down your stomach and past your underwear. You gasped, whether it was at his confession or the feel of him finally delving between your wet folds you didn’t know but you didn’t give two shits right now as long as he kept on. Jimin gave you a cute eye smile and you gawked at how inappropriate it was right now, “Are you surprised I was pervert back then too?” 

“God no.” Your eyes closed slightly as he thumbed your clit gently, his fingers slipping and sliding in your juices. You tugged the hem of your shirt up and pulled it over your head, feeling too hot, wearing too much

“I remember when you got your first thong too.” He laughed, “It was a milestone for both of us. I came so hard into them I couldn’t even wash and return them.” 

You moaned as Jimin stuck a finger inside you, finally, you thought. You rocked your hips against his hand, hoping for more friction, anything at this point because his trip down memory lane was doing more for you than any foreplay you’ve ever had with any other guy. “You.. dick…” you groaned as he added another finger, your eyes glued shut, a prisoner to the pleasure he was giving you. “That was my first pair of Victoria Secret panties. I thought my mom threw them away.” 

Jimin increased the pressure on your clit and yelped, pressing your tits in face, his mouth latched onto one of your nipples and you could feel him smiling around the peak and you wanted to slap him and ride his face at the same time. 

“They’re in a better place now.” he said around your nipple, the vibrations taking you closer to the edge of your orgasm. 

“Hurry up, I want to cum.” You said, your fingers lacing in his hair and tugging gently on the strands. You felt his fingers retract completely and you cried out at the loss, feeling completely and utterly empty without him. 

Jimin’s wet fingers clutched your face, somewhere in the back of your head you had the mind to be grossed out that he was using the same hand to finger you with to touch your face but you didn’t care. Jimin’s face was darkly serious when you stared at him, no longer looking like the sloth like, irresponsible friend you had grown up with but looking like someone completely lost on you, “I’ll let it go for now because it’s our first time but I tell you when you cum, you don’t tell me.” 

You felt your lip quiver and you leaned forward to press a soft, gentle kiss to his lips. Your tongue traced the seam of his lips before he let you inside of his mouth, but it was all a hoax because as soon as your tongue entered his mouth it was no longer a battle for dominance. Jimin kissed you hot and wet and senseless until you were panting. You pulled back first, your fingers brushing his longish hair behind his ears, “Please Jiminnie.” 

You felt a smile against your lips, “How can I say no to that? When’s the last time you called me Jiminnie? The third grade?” 

“Who cares?” You panted, “I want you now, please.” 

“You got me he whispered, before you felt him undoing his belt buckle and tugging down his zipper. You helped him rid himself of his shirt and boxers until he was finally, gloriously naked and pressed against, skin to skin, all the important parts of you lined up. You felt him reach around and pat the couch until he found his jeans, he pulled away from your kiss and grabbed his wallet, taking a condom out. 

He let out a shocked moan when you shoved your tongue back in his mouth, kiss him long and deep. He looked up at you with a slight grin, “What was that for?” 

“I’ve never actually seen a boy pull a condom out of their wallet. It was really hot.” You shrugged, a little breathless. 

Jimin gave a soft chuckle and you appreciated this. The intimacy of sex with your best friend, of being able to laugh with him in the middle, of not feeling so self conscious and being lost in the feeling of Jimin. To the point where your thoughts were just blur and all you could focus on was feeling. 

“Are you ready?” He whispered, pressing soft kiss to the side of your mouth. You nodded as you felt the head of his erection slide over your clit teasingly. You moaned, tilting your hips so he slipped the head in by accident. 

“Ah ah ah.” He said teasingly, “What did I say? I’m in charge. Not you. Now be good for me.” 

You nodded your head but you wished he would hurry up and- 

Jimin.” You nearly yelled as he slid balls deep into you, impaling you on his cock. Your eyes rolled to the back of your head and you felt your hips tip forward as if they had a mind of their own. Anything to get your closer to orgasm. Jimin shifts in his seat and slowly rolls his hips forward so he’s hitting the spot, the only he would know about because you had ranted and raved to him about all the men before who had missed it. 

“I want to draw this out but I don’t think i’m gonna last that long.” He whispered hotly. 

You thanked God and all the apostles because you needed to cum yesterday. Jimin grips your waist tighter and pulls you closer to him so every time you ride your clit bumps teasingly against his hard abdomen, you moan at the sensation overload. Somewhere in the back of your mind you remember to clench, but as soon as you do you feel nails dig into your hips. 

“Are you trying to make me cum first?” He mutters, “Don’t do that.” 

And then suddenly it’s a challenge, and Jimin sees it in your eyes. His thumb makes it’s way to your hard nub and he’s rubbing, drawing you closer and closer to orgasm. You’re not giving up yet though, you ride him for everything your worth, satisfied when you finally see his head drop back against the couch. 

“Hurry up.” He mutters. 

“I’m almost there.” You panted out, suddenly losing sight of the competition and greedily searching for your own release. Your back arched and your head dropped as your orgasm peaks. Your orgasm crashed into you, wave after wave of pleasure hitting every nerve of your body. Your nails dig into Jimin’s back, clawing your way up and you hear his muffled groan of release follow your own. “Shit Jiminnie.” 

There’s only the sounds of your labored breathing for a moment and then you feel Jimin’s light pats on your naked ass, “I used to hate that nickname growing up but I think it’ll grow on me if you keep moaning it during sex.” 


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The Deleted Ending of Arrow Season 5 Episode 9

Laurel: Hi Ollie…

Oliver: … One second. *brings out cell phone*

Laurel: Uh… w-what are you doing?

Oliver: Calling every single person I know who can time travel so I can yell at them, starting with your sister. You might want to grab a chair, this could take a while. Great to see you, by the way.

Preparation: Honeymoon Vacation fanfic

On a bright, sunny day in July, there was a lot of activity in the streets of Zootopia. Mammals of all sizes walked them. From porcupines, to the timber wolves with their shedding spring fur, to the weasel within the shadows. Cars honked whom were close to being rear ended, mammals shouted and talked on their cell phones. Shop owners yelled out their businesses name , traffic officers blew there whistles at cars to stop or go, and birds chirped in the sky.

But none was more hectic than apartment number 57, on the third floor, that was directly in the middle of it all. Doors opened and closed, drawers slammed hard, making the small table shake, bags zipped and dropped on the floor, and fast pacing paws raced across the floor.

“Come on, Carrots!” A familiar red foxes voice called out from the living room of the apartment. “We’re gonna miss the train at the pace you’re going!”

“I’m still faster than you slick!” another voice answered back.

Nick grinned, allowing a slight chuckle to escape his chest. He watched the doorway of the bedroom, the body of his wife darting back and forth across the room, her silhouette barely visible through the small crack.

Judy folded a few of her favorite shirts on the bed that her and Nick now shared. Judy had finally moved out of that dreary apartment complex named The Grand Pangolin Arms. And boy was it worth it. No nosey neighbors, a better smelling and a much larger apartment. And she had a kitchen as well, not just some old used microwave. Now, her and her husband, Nick Wilde, lived together.

It had been two weeks since their wedding. Judy, dressed in a beautiful and quite fluffy white dress, walking her way down the aisle to her soon to be, her future husband. It was one of the best days of her life, followed months after the hardest weeks of her life. After she had been drugged, unknowingly, by her own sister, Nick and Judy had split up. But after an almost fatal gunshot wound, and many hardships before then, the truth was finally told.

But now, it was as if those days had never happened. She was married to the love of her life, starting a new life with him… And a family.

She lightly rubbed her stomach, that was now starting to buldge ever so slightly. She found out about her pregnancy only a couple days ago. She hadn’t told anyone, not even Nick. She wanted to surprise him while they were on their honeymoon. And the day she took the test, her emotions skyrocketed.

She had no idea how it had happened. A fox and a bunny, two completely different species, had created a new life. But she didn’t care how it happened. It happened. And she was filled with joy and she couldn’t wait to tell Nick that they were going to be parents.

In the beginning of their relationship, she was scared of what would happen if they had sex, due to the fact that they were different species. She didn’t know how it was gonna feel, whether it was gonna hurt or not. But after her time in the hospital, and explaining to Nick why she was so nervous when the topic came up, they compromised.

He took it slow for her, just like he had promised. Every time they tried, her nerves got less and less fearful, and she began to enjoy their partial love making. And when the day finally arrived when they actually made love, it was like nothing either of them had ever experienced before. The body heat of each other filling the room, the many different sounds each one made, while they bathed in each other’s scent. It was intoxicating.

Judy had totally forgotten why she was nervous. She loved it. Every single second of it. When she looked into Nicks eyes, those emerald eyes that glistened every time they looked at her, she could feel their bond harden, as they held each other’s paw.

And for Nick? Well, he loved it. Even more so than Judy. When Judy told him that she was ready, she wasn’t exaggerating.

With her being more comfortable, she almost took control. It was like she wanted to take over the dominance that was Nicks job, which in turn made his senses even more heightened.

He liked a challenge. Part of his ancient instincts kicked in, but oh so slightly, not wanting to scare Judy off. Not now. Not when she was now ready to take that big step. And they made love. Deeper, and more sensual than the word actually meant.

The creaking of the old hinges from their bedroom door broke her daydreaming and made her ears perk up in attention. She turned around to see Nick, smiling widely at her as he paced towards her. She returned one just as big as his, probably bigger. The happiness she was feeling doubled when the father of their unborn child walked up to her with that sly grin that she loved so much.

“How’s my favorite dumb bunny doing?” He asked cheekily, wrapping his arms around her shoulders. He placed his muzzle in between her ears, placing his lips on her soft gray fur.

She wrapped her arms around his waste, barely touching her own fingertips. She loved those kisses. The sensual ‘I love you’ mixed with them. She embedded herself in his scent, rubbing her fur against his red Hawaiian shirt.

“Just folding the last of my clothes, my handsome sly fox.” She smiled widely, looking deep into Nicks emerald eyes with her amethyst jewels.

Without hesitation, she moved her paw down the middle of his back, and grabbed his bushy tail. She felt the sensation of his body react to her loving touch. She was feeling more frisky by the second, due to her increase in pheromones from the pregnancy.

Nick could feel his hair stand up on end from the electricity he was feeling. She had grabbed one of his most sensitive spots on his body, well, other than his neck and his lips, and touched it very passionately, almost teasing him.

“Woah now,” he warned, whispering in Judy’s ear. He took hold to Judy’s shirt. “You know what that does to me, Carrots” he said in a teasing tone. He kneeled down, taking his muzzle and placing his nose right on hers, feeling the warmth of her body escaping.

“You want to start this now?” He raised a questioning, bushy eyebrow with a sly smirk. “Cuz we’ll definitely miss the train then.” Not that he would have cared. A little passionate time with his love before their big trip would all be worth it.

He reached around instinctively and grabbed his bunnies fluffy tail.

The little moan-squeak she let out sent a warmness feeling through him, down to his very core. That was also a sensitive spot for his mate as well.

To his touch, she practically jumped into Nick, wrapping her legs around his waste, forcing them both to collapse onto the wooden floor. With her on top, and Nick staring with surprised eyes, she leaned in and placed a hard, loving kiss onto his lips.

That caught him more off guard. But his surprise turned into passion as he pushed his kiss deeper into hers. She parted her lips, very slightly, to inhale his scent with a hot breath, their tongues playing tug of war. She caressed his lips all around his, and started moving down to his neck.

He couldn’t help but let out a slight sigh of happiness and infatuation

To read the rest go here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/8831143/chapters/20247130


“I miss you.”

I held off on getting a cell phone for as long as possible. I didn’t really have a good reason, I guess, other than the cost. When I was just setting out on my own, there was no way I could afford the monthly plan. I was the only one of my friends to still rely on a landline, and it drove everyone nuts. I managed to wait until my twenty-fifth birthday, when I finally felt financially secure enough to justify buying one for myself. My friends all laughed about my change of heart, but I could tell they were relieved. To be honest, I was pretty pleased, too. As it turns out, cell phones are ridiculously convenient – who knew?

I didn’t start getting the texts until about a month after I bought my phone. It was the first message from an unknown number that I’d received, and it read simply, “I miss you.”

I was confused at first – what kind of introductory text was that? It seemed a little overdramatic to me… and that was when I made the connection. []