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Happy Birthday (Minhyuk)

a/n: this one is for our crazy vitamin minhyuk who’s already 22 years old! ps. this gif is so beautiful i want to cry. what a bias list ruiner. 

genre: fluff

word count: 1,177

You peeped your head around the corner of the hallway as discreetly as possible, making sure that no one was there, before proceeding to speed walk as fast as you could to locker #1103. You subconsciously stuck out your tongue as you struggled with the locker combination. “Twenty two…fourteen…five,” you murmured to yourself as your fingers quickly spun the dial. To your satisfaction, there was a distinct click as the door swung open. You giggled to yourself quietly as you unzipped your backpack and pulled out a big stuffed bear, banana milk, and a chocolate bar. You placed them in the locker carefully before shutting it and slipping quietly away.

“Hey, did you guys finish setting up everything at the practice room?” you whispered with your hand over your cell phone receiver. “Yeah, the decorations are all up, the cake is in place, and the pizza will be delivered later,” your friend, Kihyun replied. “Perfect, just act casual. He’ll never know,” you said before hanging up. Everything was going according to plan so far, you just had to put on your best poker face until school ended later in the afternoon. You let out a quick breath before curling your hand into a fist and giving yourself a silent “fighting” air fist bump. It was going to be a long day.

As you walked to your first class, you heard your name being called. You weren’t surprised when you saw a boy with bright blonde hair and a cheesey smile waving to you excitedly. “Hey, wait up!” he cried as he ran to catch up with you. “What’s up, Minhyuk?” you said in the most nonchalant voice you could muster. “Look at what I found in my locker!” he beamed ecstatically, waving the bear and treats in your face. “Who’s it from? Another secret admirer?” you asked. Both of you knew Minhyuk’s popularity in school attracted a plethora of fangirls. “Don’t play coy, you know what day it is today,” he replied suggestively, nudging his elbow into your arm. You stopped in your tracks and tried to look as deep in thought as possible before turning back to your boyfriend and saying, “Oh, I know! It’s Monday.” The glowing smile immediately melted off Minhyuk’s face as he came to realize that you forgot today was his birthday. It took every ounce of energy in you to not give in to his adorable pouting. “Yeah, it’s just another Monday,” he muttered to himself, his gaze drifting to his shoes. “Well, I guess I’ll see you later after school. We have dance practice with the rest of the boys today, remember?” you reminded him as you two stopped in front of your first period classroom. The usually talkative boy just nodded as he headed off to his class, leaving you with an overwhelming sense of guilt even though you knew it was for his own good.  

As soon as the bell rang at the end of the day, you made your way over to the dance practice room to check on the surprise party preparations. You were greeted by six of your best friends, all of them sporting proud smiles. “Everything’s all set here,” Hyungwon said. “Were you able to fool him?” asked Jooheon. “I was so close to getting caught because I have the worst poker face,” Wonho added. You nodded, “He hasn’t got a clue as to what’s going on. I almost feel bad for him, he looks so sad for a birthday boy.” The seven of you laughed at the thought of the moodmaker in your group being gloomy. “Alright, we have about five minutes before Minhyuk gets here. Everyone get in your places!” Shownu ordered. You shut off the lights before crouching behind a table while the rest of the boys hid behind various items in the room. After what seemed like eternity, you heard stiff footsteps coming towards you. As soon as the door swung open, all seven of you leaped out from behind your hiding spots and screamed in unison, “Surprise!” The blonde boy jumped in shock and let out a small yelp only to be squished into a group bearhug and put in several headlocks. You lit the candles on the cake as I.M started singing Happy Birthday way off key, but he was quickly joined by everyone else in the room. “Make a wish,” you said, holding the cake up to Minhyuk’s face. The birthday boy clasped his hands together and closed his eyes for a few seconds before blowing out the candles. He was then bombarded with a dozen What-Did-You-Wish-Fors, to which he replied, “If I tell you it won’t come true!” You shook your head lightly as a smile slowly spread across your lips, Minhyuk may be a year older but he was still always a child at heart.

A few hours later, it was just you and Minhyuk left in the dance room. The rest of the boys had made up miscellaneous excuses as they left you two to clean up the mess. You shut your eyes and sank into the couch, exhausted from the day’s festivities. Your peace was interrupted however by a pair of arms circling your waist. “You know, I really thought you had forgotten about my birthday this morning. Your acting was spot on. Have you considered auditioning for a movie or something?” your boyfriend teased with a mischievous smirk on his face. “I just excel in everything I do,” you hummed, leaning your head into his chest. Minhyuk chuckled as his arms tightened around you. He kissed you briefly on the forehead before letting go and walking over towards the leftover cake. “Shall we test out your claim? Whoever wins the arm wrestling match will get the rest of the cake and the loser must grant the winner a favor..” “That’s not fair! You know I have no upper body strength,” you whined. “It’s my birthday,” Minhyuk replied cooly. You groaned but decided to give in even though he pulled the Birthday Card on you. Of course, you lost and of course, Minhyuk danced in celebration of his victory. He began to eat the rest of the cake in a mocking manner. Making excessive gestures and noises to remind you that you missed out on the sweet delicacy. Being the messy eater he was, he got frosting on the tip of his nose. You reached out a finger to lightly brush it away, your face etched with disdain. “Stop acting like a child, old man,” you teased. “Hey, you owe this old man a favor, remember?” he replied smugly. “Sure your Highness, what does your heart desire?” you questioned with an exaggerated bow. Minhyuk abruptly grabbed you by the wrist and pulled you close to his body. Your breath hitched, startled at the sudden contact. His sweet breath tickled your ear as he whispered, “All I want is for my birthday next year to be even better than this one. Although, that may be an impossible favor to ask for.”



Art installation by @syntheticlivesblog applies projection mapped video to a sculpture made of found objects and consumerist items:

An edit of several angles of a projection mapping installation created while at the Chashama Chanorth artist in residency program. The installation was built with trash and heavily consumed objects such as cell phones, holiday decorations, and children’s toys. No effects have been added to this video, everything seen was captured live.